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wandering endlessly

It's not a bad thing. I just felt like a stalker, that's all.

And then there was the DG forum, which I was on before I met you :P

But ily Amy! You were the, what, 3rd person I spoke to on ff?

9/23/2010 #31

You make me feel cool, Jade, you make me feel cool ;)

9/25/2010 #32
Luna Rapunzel

So I'm going to take a page out of Amy's book and dedicate little messages to you all because I love you guys so much.

In no particular order!

Amy: You seriously have no idea how glad I am that you came to the RLt to begin with. Wendy hit the nail on the head when she said that you're basically the reason we revitalized this past summer, but even beyond that, you're just such an awesome person, and I love that we've become friends. You're such a positive person, and you're caring and funny and adorable, and I love you, and I love you even more for being an awesomecakes newbie-turned-regular.

SiriuslyPeeved: You don't come on randomness very often, and I know you're crazybusy with your kids and your life and everything and probably don't have the time to come chat in marathon sessions like the rest of us tend to, but I wish you would! Seriously, I always love reading your posts--they're long, and I'm long-winded, so obviously I love that, but you're just so thoughtful and seem like a really great/cool person. And you're SUCH a good writer, and I love that you keep up with SOTW and different forum threads and stuff even though you don't just hang out very often. So basically, thanks for being awesome, and I'd love to get to know you better!!

Jade: I'm very excited about us being matching PotterPuff twins for however long it ends up lasting. ;D You're like crazyawesome, and I love that you understand my mad love for James Potter, and I love that Amy brought you here, and I love you, and I love us. :DD

Fingers & Echo & Essie: Lumped together because y'all are newbies and I basically have the same thing to say to you guys. Don't be offended ily y/y? Basically, I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER happy that Amy brought you all here and that you seem to be sticking around, and you're all really fantastic, and ily already, and I'm excited, and I really hope you girls stick around for the long haul because this is a pretty awesome place and I really hope that you guys have started to realize that/will understand exactly why in time!

Time: My newbie fiance! Haven't talked to you since the night of our one night stand engagement, and I miss you already, lol. You seem so smart and thoughtful and kind and considerate, and you're basically adorable, and I basically love you to DEATH even after knowing you for the whole of a two-hour conversation, and you'd better come back here so that (a) we can get married and (b) I can get to know you better soon because I already have the feeling that I'd absolutely love to!

Blake: You make me LOL. Nuff said. Seriously, though, at first you seem like a crazyawesome witty guy with a great sense of humor, but then once you get to know you, you totally turn out to be the crazyawesome witty guy with a great sense of humor AND a huge heart WHO just so happens to be a total softie sweetheart on the inside, and ily so much, and I love our banter, and it's all just really fantastic, and I love you!!!

Cass: First things first: you're doing a crazyawesome job at modding so far, and I'm super glad you agreed to come on and am just very very excited about the whole thing. Business aside, you're like super cool amazing, and I love you to death. WE ARE AMAZING FIGHT CLUB FIANCES AND IT IS AMAZING. No kidding. You have no idea how much I LOL'd at our Skype the other day. And the proposal. OMG. I honestly have no idea why you people think I'm funny, but I get a huge kick out of you, Cass, I'll have it be known. You are hilarious. It's hysterical. AND you're like really smart and a really great author and I totally fangirl over that one-shot you wrote. AND you're an epic friend. The list goes on. MY POINT IS, you're awesome. Penguins. Marla. Slide. Soap. Imagine your pain as a glowing ball of white light that surrounds you and carries you into the entrance to your cave. That was a misquote. That is all.

Ari: First of all, I love you to death. Second of all, I want you to know that I really admire a lot of things about you--seriously, I take so many things for granted as a sighted person, and I can't even imagine how flat-out annoying or inconvenient a lot of things are for you that I wouldn't even think about. The way you use the Internet, for one thing. LOL. And the fact that you have to stop whatever else you're doing to listen to music--I would go crazy if I couldn't listen to music constantly. Just little things like that. And you put up with so much with your parents all the time, and you're always just such a sweet person in spite of everything and don't complain nearly as much as a lot of people would, and I really respect that. Also, you're a really awesome and compassionate friend, and I love you for it!


Ben/SJ/Debatable/WTF is your name: So basically, ily so much that it's not even funny. I legit wish that I'd known you in high school. I had a lame butt face boyfriend who completely underappreciated me and wasn't right for me whom I cared way too much about for the better part of two years, and a year after I got out of that, I started really getting to know you, and we're just so similar on so many levels and so freaking compatible and would have been EPIC high school sweethearts in another life where we were the same age and grew up in the same town and went to high school together. You're honest to goodness completely adorable, and I think you're incredibly brave and noble and awesome for everything you do in the military, and I love you so much, you have no idea.

Maddie: Seriously, girl, you are one half of the reason I stuck around this forum at all. Even though I'd always regret it in the morning when I had to get up for school and was kicking on three hours of sleep, I used to love the late-night conversations (well, not late night for you!) that you and Wendy and I would have back when this forum was still getting off the ground, and you ought to know that I seriously am so grateful that I met you and got to know you when I did because it's legit the reason behind why I've gotten to be so involved here and why I've met so many great people and everything. PLUS I'M CRAZY HAPPY THAT I GOT TO KNOW YOU! I seriously LOL at just about every statement that comes out of your mouth (fingertips?). You are so upbeat and hilarious and never fail to put me in a good mood, and I love that so much about you, and I love you so much, in all your sticky keys, fourteen year old goodness. You're incredible, and I hate time zones for stopping me from talking to you as much as I'd like because you're such a good friend and ILYYYYY!

Wendy: Sorry, hun, but you'll have to read the vows to get the full scoop. ;) Seriously, though, you are just... squee. We've had so many fluff conversations that I don't even think it's necessary to get into it, but just to reiterate, you are legit one of my very best friends, and I honestly love you so much and cannot wait to hopefully finally for sure meet you someday. I am SO grateful that I've had you to get through so much stuff I've dealt with in the last few months, and I just feel really lucky and honored to have gotten to know you as well as I do. You're amazing, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise! Wenwies forever! Pants! Branflakes! Apple Jacks! LOL!

EVERYBODY COLLECTIVELY: I've said this before, probably more than once, but the transition into college life for the first week or two was really rocky for me, and I legit completely credit you all for getting me through it. I know I don't know any of you in person, but I honestly feel like that doesn't matter; you guys are the people who were there for me, whether it was to talk or just to take my mind off things and cheer me up, without fail every day and night, and I honestly am so, so, so grateful to all of you for that. You're awesome, and I LOVE you all, and I love this forum so much, and you just have no idea how ecstatic I am to be here and to be a MOD, I mean seriously how the heck did that one happen, and that you people somehow appreciate my sense of humor and mod skills and just everything. Because I really feel liked and respected and appreciated when I come here, and I don't know if I deserve half of it, but I'm not even complaining because y'all are such amazing influences in my life and I love you guys so much. So thank you to each and every one of you for that! ILY all!!!!

9/28/2010 #33

Awww...That's a very, very, very long post.

I feel like doing one :)

9/28/2010 #34
Wendy Brune

I love you, too, bb! Fo' reals. I don't think I could even do justice to how much you mean to me on this thread, so perhaps I shouldn't try. I will always be here for you, though, ok? Don't ever forget it. EVEN IF YOU KILL SOMEONE!

9/28/2010 #35

So I was gonna study, but then you had to go and post this epic new post, didn't you?

hehe, this is the fluffy forum, isn't it?

Everybody should write little messages when they get bored ;)


That sums up everything I had to say about that and squashes it into one sentence. Whooooo!



9/28/2010 #36

I suppose I should go more in-depth on my utter adoration of Ehwies, so she doesn't overreact if, say, I'm trying to get back to studying... hehe ;)

I'm so glad that you love all of us so much that you can sit here and point out traits about each and every one of us that you love, E. I love you guys so much,a nd you've all helped me through tough times too, and I don't even mention it at the time =D.

You're probably one of the reasons I come on here so frequently, plus, some of your rants make me smile.

Let's not forget that you're an eptastic writer, shall we?

And when you get published I expect you to send me a free copy of your book to an adress that I'll give you whenever you say you're getting pusblished.


9/28/2010 #37
wandering endlessly


9/28/2010 #38
wandering endlessly

And I will make one of these. But it may take a while.

9/28/2010 #39
Dejsha's World

Wendy: I adore you, you are a great conversationalest, you have a caring heart and I love you for that. Love you, beautiful.

E: I loved the mesage you wrote for me, its really touching. I adore you; your grammar-ness makes me cringe with shame and Darkley? FTW! I really connect with you. I love you!

Amy: When are we getting married? I want our new pairing of Amy/Mista Cheesecake/Legolas/Draco/Lamatre to finally be world wide knolladge! I love you babe.

Cass: You have a great personality, your a great friend and I want to get to get to know you better.

Blake and SJ: (the two men of the forum, apart from our dear Mista cheesecake) I love you (and uh, please, don't laugh, cause I freaking do okay?) you are great guys and I don't think there are many guys I'd say that about. Trust me, I've known pretty bad guys (mister bad romance, for example).

Jade and Maddie: my two Australian sisters. I love you so darn much, I really do. You both are fantastic ladies and I am going to always hold you in my heart.

SiriuslyPeeved: I'd love to get to know you better;) Love you.

"Fingers & Echo & Essie: Lumped together because y'all are newbies and I basically have the same thing to say to you guys. Don't be offended ily y/y? Basically, I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER happy that Amy brought you all here and that you seem to be sticking around, and you're all really fantastic, and ily already, and I'm excited, and I really hope you girls stick around for the long haul because this is a pretty awesome place and I really hope that you guys have started to realize that/will understand exactly why in time!"

I second this, I love you all.

Time: You are really great and I'd love to get to know you better, x

Cass: I freaking love you girl and don't you forget that. xox

I adore each and every one of you, and I am saying this from the bottom of my heart. I love you!

9/28/2010 #40
Wendy Brune

Wendy: I adore you, you are a great conversationalest, you have a caring heart and I love you for that. Love you, beautiful.

Awh, I love you too, dear! I've very flattered that you mistake my random outbursts for good conversation, hehe! You have the cutest voice!

9/28/2010 #41
Luna Rapunzel

I love you girls!!

9/28/2010 #42
Dejsha's World

I could kiss you right now, I love randomness (you ever wondered why I joined? - partly to review, but because of you lovely people and the randomness) and I love you more!

9/28/2010 #43

AMY!: OMFG WHERE TO START WITH YOU? Sseriously, you are basically the reason why this forum got a big boost during your summertime, and I love you for that. Your tumblr post always make me laugh, and our memories of talking about marrying Mister Cheesecake and wondering whether or not everyone else would think that we'd gone loopy always make me smile! You deserved the Best Newbie Award, and I love you! ♥

Cass-man!: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. You are the best NEW!MOD EVER! Cass-man & Mobin will always save the day, no matter what. We sign babies fooool ;) I love you, and talking to you always makes me giggle! We need to get Batman & Robin outfits, yes yes? ;) ♥

Blake/whatever!: I've never really talked to you much, but you seem like a terrific guy, and I adore you for being one of the two men that dare enter this den of femaleism! ♥

SJ: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You're a cool guy, and your kids sound amazing! Loveyouuuuu

JADE!: I love you so freaking much! I used to be the only Australian on here, but then Dejsha joined and then you, and now I have people to talk to whenever the silly Americans aren't on. I love you! ♥

Dejsha: You seem like an amazing girl, and I realllllllllly would like to meet you in real life. You always make me laugh! ♥

NEWBIES: Hopefully you won't think I'm like mentally challenged when you talk to me, and get scared off, 'cause I'm preeeeeeeeetty cool. Without everyone that's been joining lately, this forum would slowly die of, and I love you for joining. You all seem amazing! ♥

Time: Only ever talk to you the one time, but you seem cool! Hopefully will get to know you better ♥

WENDYANDEHWIES: Seriously, gals, I freaaaaaaaaking love you. You put up with all my randomness and crazy thoughts, and I adore you for that. A trip to America in the future will be planned, and I reaaaaaaaallly always smile when I read back over our old Randomness topics. You two are amazing girls, and I seriously love you! Without you, this forum would be nothing, and yeah, I love you! ♥ ♥


9/28/2010 #44
Dejsha's World

It is my mission for us all to meat.

9/28/2010 #45
Luna Rapunzel

It will happen! Hopefully!

*kiss kiss* ;)

MADDIE - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

9/28/2010 #46

That would be seriously awesome :)

9/28/2010 #47

LOL! I love all you fine gals (and guys)! XD

9/28/2010 #48

Hardly any guys ;)

9/28/2010 #49

Yeah, but we have Blake and SJ, and I can't just leave them out!

9/28/2010 #50

Claim on you WITH LOVE

9/28/2010 . Edited 9/28/2010 #51

You make a good point Cass-man.

9/28/2010 #52
Luna Rapunzel

And Time. Haven't you heard that we're newly engaged? After knowing each other for two hours? Blake's minister and Wendy's MOH. LOL

9/28/2010 #53
Dejsha's World

Don't forget Mista Cheesecake, Draco, Legolas and Lamatre. Oh and our mascot... Isn't the little kitty a boy?

9/28/2010 #54

Awwwwwwwwww, yes he is!

9/28/2010 #55

Ari & Maddie- Whoooo I love you guys! So so much ;) You're both amazing.


And Ari, we must get married soon. =D and me and Mister Cheesecake =O

9/29/2010 #56
Wendy Brune

I feel super bad, actually, that as admin of this lovely forum, I haven't shared my own fluffy!love with you guys. I waited, though, because I wanted to make it superawesomeamazing - mostly since all of /you/ are superawesomeamazing. This list is in absolutely no particular order, other than maybe whichever people randomly sprung to my mind. (And omg. I realize that I ended basically everyone's love!post with "I love youuu," or some other variation. This makes me sound really unbelievable, I'm sure, but it's true. I basically love you all.)

Crescent/Twinsie: TWINSIEEEE! You will always be my twin, even if your school is lame and is no longer doing Peter Pan. (You would have made an amazinggggg Wendy! AND WE COULD HAVE HAD MATCHING AVATARS, Y/Y?) I miss you so, so much. I know you're totally busy, but I need to talk to you more, ASAP. We have oh so much in common, and I really miss our squealing and giggling! I really hope you get into Middlebury, but I don't really have any doubt in my mind that you'll have any trouble. You are an amazing, wonderful writer, and one of the very, very few on my favorite author's list. You've done such a good job at working the archive and serving as a temp!mod. I feel really guilty that you're first time temping, you had to handle some pretty silly drama, but you did such a good job! Please come back super soon, ok? Talking to you Thursday made me super, super happy, even in my flu-deluded state. I need that again! And I'll never forget how much you made me feel better when my Grandmother died this summer. I'm always here for you, you know? (If you don't come back soon, Imma hunt you down myself!) I loveeeee you!

EHWIES: I could write so so much about you and my fluffy!love, but I shall refrain because not only would that take up a lot of room in this post, but also it would ruin my vows! I feel like I can tell you anything, and I pretty much have. I love our random text conversations, our hilarious skype convos, and our pretending-to-be-official e-mails. I remember when I first net!met you, and I thought you were just the coolest person around. I remember that I /really/ wanted to get to know you better, because it seemed like we had so much in commom - boyfriends who were lame, brain!smarts, France!, etc. You've become one of my very best friends, and I love you. ♥ Know that I will always be here for you - I really mean it when I say that I'll still love you, even if you kill someone, mkay? (Just try not to! I think it would be a little hard to keep up our friendship if you were in jail! But I'd still do it for you! I'd send you a razor blade in a cake and give you cigarettes to trade as money in the slammer!)

Maddddddieeeee: I remember that first night that you, EHWIES, and I were all talking about Big Bang. We were having so much fun, and I basically haven't stopped having fun with you since then. You make me smile when I really need it with your silliness and sticky keys. You're absolutely gorgeous, you have the best kitty-cat ever, and I loveeeeeeeeeee all of your Quinn/Puck one shots. PLUS, IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY, YOU UNDERSTAND MY SECRET, SHAMEFUL LOVE OF ST. BERRY! I really, really hope you come to America one day! You can stay in the RLt Party Dorm. (Which, actually, I no longer live in anymore! Maybe we need to change that, yes?) I love you, you amazing, silly girl. I don't care what anyone says; don't ever change, mkay? I'm sure serious!Maddie would be nice, but I love silly!Maddie to pieces. I really think that without you (and E, too, but still) the RLt would have died in a week. You are 1/2 the reason I kept going, even if we weren't attracting lots of people at first! OH! AND WE CAN ALWAYS GANG UP ON EHWIES TOGETHER, BECAUSE ANDROMEDA/LUCIUS AS AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE BEATS ANDROMEDA/RAB AS AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE ANY DAY! LOVE YOU!

Cass: I am so, so happy that I know you. When I first net!met you in Lala's forum, I remember thinking that you seemed so cool and intimidating. I wanted to say hi, but I don't even know that I ever did - I think I just kept replying to things you said without ever making any formal introductions. How stupid I feel now; you're still oh so cool but definitely no intimidating. As a fellow member of the Golden Oldie's Club, I love our silly conversations about jobs, legal drinking ages, and massive amounts of college school work. You definitely bring something special to the modding team table, and I hope you enjoyed your picture as a lion! You've made me want to go watch Fight Club so that, if for no other reason, I can finally read and fully appreciate your work! (Teehee!) Get a tumblr, and then we can stay even more connected! Bascially, I love you , you're awesome, and don't ever change. Oh, and I'm still waiting for the chips and dip! When are you going to crawl into my window and finally deliver?

Amy!: Although we were starting to come back on our own, you definitely sped up the RLt revitalization process, and for that I am ever grateful. You definitely bring a very bubbly essence to our randomness, and I think Maddie is the only one who beats you out in the silliness department. (I love both of you and your silly.) You've had such a big impact here - the RLt would obviously not be the same RLt at this very moment if you'd never popped into to post! (For starters, this thread wouldn't exist. Neither would the birthday thread, actually. Way to have lots of superawesomeamazing ideas like whoa.) I love your spirit, I love your energy, and I love you! I'm glad I made such a good first impression on you, but you made one on me too. You'll always be best newbie, dear! ♥

Blakey-Boo: Ha. There is soooo much I could put here for you, but I'd better restrain myself for space reasons. We definitely hit it off way back when, didn't we? You know all about my not-so-secret hate of corn and all corn farmers. Now we have the very best pre-nup ever - Now with 65% more door slamming! - and I honestly can't wait to get our cat, Chainsaw. You're funny, you're smart, you're sweet, and you're an amazing writer. Seriously. I want your writing talent like whoa. You definitely enhance our randomness conversation with your own, ahem, unique brand of conversation. Whether it's scaring newbies or showing some bromance love, I really love when you're around. If you ever disappeared, I would be totes full of sad tiemz. =( DON'T FORGET THAT I'M DOING YOUR PR! Loveeee you. (Oh, and Blendy basically for the win. It's pretty much the best shipname ever! I'm very, very proud to be 1/2 half of such a kick-arse ship name!)

SJ/Ben/Debatable/Sugar Daddy: I THINK I STILL OWE YOU SOME ICONS THAT I PROMISED YOU FOR GRADUATING THAT ONE STORY OF THE WEEK A LONG, LONG TIME AGO. Gawd I suck. But you sure don't! You are probably the sweetest person I know, and that's no lie. You always make me feel sooo good about myself when I'm feeling down; I think it's the way you word things. No one else can really measure up, it seems. AND YOU WROTE ME SOME DISNEY PRINCESS STORIES LIKE WHOA. I really, really don't know how I would feel if you just poofed on us. You're often the voice of reason around here, and when you're not, then you sure make me giggle. (I will NEVER, EVER forget your jean comment from the other night. You and Blakey-boo are simply too much!) I can't wait for you to give me away at my "wedding" with EHWIES. I LOVE YOUUUU! (Also, I'm listening to music and "Why Should I Worry?" just came on from Oliver and Company. That makes me think of you, too!)

Ping: I pretty much gave you the best nickname ever. I am oh so jealous that you are going to Disney World/Harry Potter Land soon. Pack me in your suitcase so I can go, too? I'm very honored that you want me to continuing beta your story! You are such a friendly and fun person, and I'm really glad that you popped in here to say hello! You seem so much older than your young years. I hope I don't ever offend you with my PG-13ness. (Just tell me if I do, ok?) You'd better not disappear, mkay? I'd have to hunt you down and make you come back to talk to us some more! ILY! ♥

Ariana: You're probably one of the regulars whose been around the longest, now that I think about it! I'm really glad I've gotten to know you better. It sounds like you've had some real hard times in your life, and I'm so impressed how you've overcome them. I know I honestly couldn't handle being blind or having to have a complicated computer program read out everything on the screen! I know that you've had some hard times with guys, but don't let that get you down! You are a sweet, kind person, and I know Mr. Right will be there for you one day! Stay positive! I lurveee you, dear!

Time!: Ah! I'm really, really glad you've stopped by before! I was running out of things to say about Pokémon, but I still wanted to be able to talk to you! Thanks for putting up with all my n00by-ness. Hopefully one day I'll catch on! I realize we're somewhat big over here, and we seemed to be posting like crazy when you first came on, but I promise we're not always like that. You seem like a very nice, friendly guy; basically, you're superamazing awesome, and I can't wait to talk to you more again! ♥ (I hope I haven't scared you away, either! I feel like I've only ever talked to you when I was at the delusional, I-need-sleep level!) I know I don't know you very well, but I pretty much already lurve you. XD

SiriuslyPeeved: You don't come to chat much - understandable, since it sounds like you're a very busy mother. However, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate how dedicated you are to Story of the Week. It seems like you've reviewed pretty much everyone since you first posted here. I don't know that even /I/ or any of the mods can say the same, sadly. And you're oh so friendly; you're always greeting newbies in the introduction thread! I just thought you should know that I definitely notice your presence on the RLt and would greatly miss you if you poofed! (Oh, and you are an AMAZING writer. I absolutely adored 'Obliviate!' It was extremely well-written and thought out!)

Jade: I love your new Potter Puff icon! James FTW, y/y? (Seriously, though. He's a hottie like whoaaaa!) I'm so glad you chat with us often. You always bring interesting conversation with you! And, you get to keep Maddie and Ari company as another resident Aussie! You're a very good writer, too. I really enjoyed your Neville freeverse. If I remember correctly, you were worried you were doing it wrong, right? Well, it came out very well! You're pretty much superamazingawesome, and I love youuuu! Don't get grounded from the computer anymore, ok? It makes me sad. =(

Essie/Echo/Any other newbies: I didn't want to group y'all (ya'll!) together, but you are all so awesome that I would basically be saying the same thing to each of you! I'm glad you listend to Amy (or whoever else told you to stop by here!), because you guys definitely add some special to our little forum! I hope I get to know all of you even better, because you all seem very awesome and friendly! I hope we don't scare you away! Love to you all!

Lala, Wordy, Shuna, lyin', and the rest of you who don't get to post much anymore: This really makes me sad tiemz. You all added something very special and loveable to the RLt. I hope that everything is alright! I miss you guys! ♥

Everyone! In conclusion, I'm so impressed and honored that you guys still choose to post here. I realize I can't take much credit for the RLt. After all, our mission statement and many of our threads/activities/goals come from the absolutely impressive generations before us. Heck, even more so, everyone here has contributed such wonderful ideas! Still, I'd like to think that a part of me is buried somewhere in this forum, and it makes me feel...idk. Loved? Special? I guess just honored? that you guys enjoy being here. I know I'm not perfect. I'm not the greatest admin/mod in the world, but you guys truly are the best regulars/newbies a forum could ever have. You guys really forgave me when I poofed on you this summer. I really apologize for that: I was oh so busy and going through a rough time myself. I'd like to think that we turned it all around, though. Know that I'm here for any of you whenever you need it; know that I still run this forum because of you all. You all are smart, amazing people, and I know that you will all succeed in life, whatever your dreams may be. Thank you for putting up with my craziness. Thank you for submitting great ideas and always being receptive and open to new ideas for this forum. Just...thank you. I love being here, even when I know I shouldn't be because of homework. Heck, even when I'm not around much - i.e, pretty much every weekend - know that I'm still thinking about the RLt. Isn't that a little sad and lame? I'm out with my friends, yet I still think about an internet forum? Oh dear. Take it as testament to how much I love you all.

OK. IMMA STOP NOW. I apologize if this is uber sappy or doesn't make any sense. In my defense, I'm recovering from the flu, ok? Love you guys!

10/1/2010 . Edited 10/1/2010 #57
Dejsha's World

@Wendy:I love you so much and you are a fantastic mod (and this goes to all the other mods too) and if you ever need any help, please, don't hesitate to mention it to me.

Yeah, the bad-mister-romance (which is what I like to call him, though it wasn't really romance) thing has made me different, I think, but thanks Wendy my love, you put a smile on my face. I want a future just like veveryone else. Yeah, I believe I was around near the time of the creation of the Old RL. I know I was there for the first randomness.

I love you Wendy and all of you.

10/1/2010 #58

aww! *huggles back* Wendy, you are very sweet. I'm very glad I found this place and all of you! (thanks to Crescent!) I wish I had more time to write/review/waste time chatting (I've had to cut back on my regular HP board lately as well -- ugh!) but I'm only a PM away if I do seem to evaporate.

You are all really creative people and great writers. Thanks for helping to spread quality reviews and good storytelling around FFN, which can definitely be a wilderness. ;)

10/1/2010 #59
Desktop Warrior

-blushes profusely-

Thanks, guys. You're all awesome.

I think I'll wait a little longer, though, before typing up a long!post for each one of you. I want to spend some more time here and get to know you better so I can get a feel for each member's unique qualities. For now, though, I just want to say that I love you all. Really. All of you have made me feel welcome from the start, like I was coming home instead of going onto a new forum for the first time. I appreciate it.

10/1/2010 #60
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