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Wendy Brune

Please read this entire message, as it's very important. We've been having some very interesting discussion about what to do with the RLt, and it's time to implement some new things. But of course, we're going to need everyone's help, big or small!

1.) It seems like the overwhelming majority agrees that it's still important to follow the reviews mission. But we need help. Therefore we're looking for volunteers who can read just a few stories one day a week. It doesn't matter if you've been at the forum since the very beginning or two days, so long as you can give up just one day a week. Volunteers (we need 4-5!) will be assigned one day of the week. It will be their duty to read any stories rec'd on their day of the week within a week of the stories being posted. (So, if you're day is Monday, you should have read last Monday's stories by then.) These volunteers will be given access to the archive and can choose whether to add the story or not. Hopefully this will relieve rec backlog that occurs so easily without a very big time commitment. Because come on - surely you can read one or two stories a week, right?

2.) To start with a clean slate, we are locking the recommendation threads and starting them afresh. Sadly, any stories that were not reviewed in those threads will have to be re-posted to be considered, but this way our new volunteers (and your wonderful mods who will also be assigned a day of the week) can have a fresh start. New threads will be made in a couple of days once we've figured out who will be doing what day, so if you have a recommendation, please bear with us for a few days!

3.) We will be starting story of the week back up - however, we might adjust the period to help us ease back into reviewing. (So, get ready for Story of Two Weeks, or Story of the Month. Any input on time frames are appreciated!)

4.) We are casually seeking a new moderator, though I say casually because we have no deadline or time frame. It can take two days to two years. If you're interested, please go here for an application. Please PM the RLt account or Wendy for more information.

Feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, or reactions below! If you have any idea on how to make the RLt a better and once again thriving place, we'd love to hear it.

AND, if you're interested in volunteering with the recs thread, please just quickly fill out the form below and post it. (If you'd rather keep it private, for whatever reason, you can also PM Wendy!)


Day(s) of the week you would prefer to be assigned:

Are there any stories you absolutely /won't/ read?:




Tentative Schedule (Can be changed!)

Monday: EHWIES

Tuesday: Wendy Brune

Wednesday: xoxcrescentmoonxox

Thursday: Blake (aka Mister Pig aka Blendy)

Friday: eSJa

Saturday: Misty

Sunday: Mottsnave

Substitutes: SP and Cass

4/8/2011 . Edited 10/23/2011 #1

Name: Luuk or Alex

Day(s) of the week you would prefer to be assigned: Tuesdays and Thursdays (I have no classes then)

Are there any stories you absolutely /won't/ read?: I can't think of anything I wouldn't be willing to read.

4/8/2011 #2

I think I'd be interested in signing up for Sundays... but well, how do you deal with a fandom you're really unfamiliar with?

Let's say, like Naruto, I don't really have a clue about the characters and plot. Should the reviewer then just evaluate the stories on writing quality? Or should they be passed off to someone who is familiar with that fandom?

Second question, if I need to take a hiatus (I already know I'll be on a trip far away from computer access for a couple of weeks in June)... should we then have someone else on the board take over, or just check out the backlog afterwards?

4/10/2011 #3
Wendy Brune

Thanks, you two, for volunteering!

Alex: I'll hold off on assigning you a day until I see when other people want to do it, since you're flexible between two. =)

Mottsnave: Sunday it is! As to what to do with fandoms you aren't familiar with, it's really up to you, I suppose. Personally, I usually wikipedia that fandom, then judge best I can based on writing style and character development within the story. But I mean, if you don't feel comfortable reading something you don't know, I'm not going to make you do it. You can find someone else to pass it on to, or do whatever.

As to hiatus - yeah, I can probably take over for anyone who needs a break, so it shouldn't be a problem.

4/10/2011 #4
Cerulean City

Hey, so if we're on Archive staff already (lolz what Blake you suck) how does that factor into this?

4/13/2011 #5
Wendy Brune

Pick a day, any day! =)

4/13/2011 #6
Luna Rapunzel

I thought you wanted me to hold off on picking a day until more people had volunteered who might have limited availability or whatever, but in that case--I can do any day, really. Preferably--well, based on what my schedule is going to look like this summer (three jobs plus a night class equals no free time for EHWIES--and I'm living on campus and NOBODY else is living on campus so that's going to be kind of lonely--though some of my friends, including K who's basically my bestie atm, are going to be commuting and will keep me company at least some of the time, which helps--and K and I have epic plans to party hard and I'm going to teach her piano and she's going to try to teach me how to sing and I bet she's going to fail because I have no voice but we'll see what happens and other things, and that'll be cool)--TANGENTS ARE FUN. Anyway, based on my summer schedule, Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be godawful, so don't give me either of those. Monday and/or Wednesday would probably be best because I'm going home on weekends and will have more stuff to do at home than on campus, so Monday and Wednesday evenings will probably be boring and awful and a perfect opportunity to get my RLt reading in--but if necessary, I can take Friday/Saturday/Sunday/some combination of those instead.


4/13/2011 #7
Wendy Brune

Okay, I've posted a few days based on what people are saying. I can switch these around, so they might change. Let me know if something isn't working.

I'm holding off until everyone else picks.

4/13/2011 #8
Cerulean City

Name: Blake/Mister Pig/Blakeyboo/Blendy2/Tex

Day(s) of the week you would prefer to be assigned: Thursday

Are there any stories you absolutely /won't/ read?: Gorey stories, tortureporn, anything with a zombie in it.

4/14/2011 #9
Wendy Brune

Alright Mister Pig, you've been given Thursday.

And ew. None of those types of stories should even be NEAR our archive.

4/14/2011 #10

Hi. I'm new. *immediately gets shoved into locker* I'd like to sign up, if that's alright? Um, Thursdays or Saturdays. Preferably Thursday. PM me with info and stuff, if I'm accepted.

Oh, and I'm Alex.

4/18/2011 #11
Cerulean City

And ew. None of those types of stories should even be NEAR our archive. LOL well, you asked. ;)

4/19/2011 #12

I can take Wenesdays, Wendy!

4/23/2011 #13
Luna Rapunzel

That brings us to six people--Wendy, do you want to take Fridays to round it out?

4/23/2011 #14

Nay say I! I'll take Friday's and leave our industrious leader to more important things! =P

4/23/2011 #15
Luna Rapunzel

LOL, I'll add you! Hopefully we can get this up and running soon--we'll let you guys know more details once everything is finalized. Thanks to all of you for volunteering!

4/23/2011 #16

Hey all,

This is exciting, an RLt rennaissance!

4/23/2011 #17
Wendy Brune


I was seriously signing on to call the whole thing off, as I assumed no one was actually interested. I LOVE YOU ALL. -huggles-

But yeah. I can take a day, if needed! =)

4/23/2011 #18

I am back in the happy land of make-believe (having escaped the tendrils of RL that were trying to suck the fun out of my life last winter :) ) so I'm available to do reviewing on a substitute basis or catch-as-catch-can. :) (will go post in chitchat thread now...)

ETA: And I guess I should add my availability!

Name: SP

Day(s) of the week you would prefer to be assigned: Not too important but usually I'm least busy on Monday/Wednesday. You can PM me if you need a substitute, just in case I don't make it back to the board.

Are there any stories you absolutely /won't/ read?: Not really, I have pretty broad fandom interests :)

4/24/2011 . Edited 4/26/2011 #19
Wendy Brune

Okay, I am private messaging everybody who has signed up with more information. I will finalize the schedule and open the threads once I have heard from everyone, so please respond in a timely fashion! =)

5/1/2011 #20
Wendy Brune

Messages have been sent. If I messed up something, do let me know. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE confirm when you have received your message and that you're still up for the job!

5/1/2011 #21
I PM'd you, Wendy :)
5/3/2011 #22
Cerulean City

Ohey I apparently suck at reading my inbox.

Text me and make sure I reply tomorrow kthnx.

5/5/2011 #23
Wendy Brune

Or you could be responsible. You know, whatever. JKILY

NOTICE: I will be taking over Tuesday. Our subs will be SP and Cass. Though I can sub when they can't.

5/5/2011 . Edited 5/5/2011 #24
Wendy Brune

HEY Y'ALL. So, I haven't heard from the person who was supposed to cover Saturday - can anybody pick that up?

5/10/2011 #25

If it's still on, I'd take a day, any day. I got net on my phone, so it shouldn't be too difficult to do my "job" even if I'm on vacation or something.

Name: Well, just call me TBP

Day(s) of the week you would prefer to be assigned: any works

Are there any stories you absolutely /won't/ read?: Highly OOC(unless it's intended), mother of all Mary-Sues in it and poorly written (can I haz lunch wiz u?). I could still somewhat read those, but expect me to butcher the author for that kind of awful writing. And really, I've seen such terrible writing around here, the example with the random bold font on words included!

7/11/2011 #26
Avora SaDiablo

Name: Ara, Av, SaDi (or anything really, my own grandfather calls me a different name each day and he was the one who named me lol)

Day(s) of the week you would prefer to be assigned: Any but friday - thats when I feed my other addiction WoW and raid all night long. I'm studying from home so life is pretty good

Are there any stories you absolutely /won't/ read?:

Those who do not want constructive critisim or don't know how to take it.

Unfamilar fandoms - I've tried, it never ends well.

L33T speak (Ironic, given that I'm a gamer and "pwn" everyone but I honestly cannot stand it.

7/20/2011 #27

I see that all the days have been filled-- do you still need volunteers? If so--

Name: Kor

Day(s) of the week you would prefer to be assigned: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Are there any stories you absolutely /won't/ read?: Fandoms I'm unfamiliar with.

8/20/2011 #28
Wendy Brune

I think we will need volunteers, actually. Let me message everyone and see who is still in and who isn't - then we can change things around and add you in, if needed! =)

8/21/2011 #29

Sounds great, thanks :D

8/21/2011 #30
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