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Wendy Brune


Hello, and welcome to the next generation of the Reviews Lounge! Read on to learn the history, mantras, and rules of the Reviews Lounge, Too, affectionately known as the RLt. If you are new, we ask that you read this thread in its entirety.

What are we? We are a forum that, foremost, promotes and reviews quality, under-reviewed stories. Along the way, we seem to get into all sorts of fun and randomness, but this forum is primarily about graduating under-reviewed stories in the archive and spreading the review love across this site without the promise of getting a review in return. We believe in reviewing every story, no matter what, with honest and well-meaning compliments or concrit.

There's lots of good work on fanfic that deserve reviews. So many stories, in fact, that it's hard to give all the attention they deserve. The Reviews Lounge, Too, chooses to focus on a few stories on a time and give them enough reviews that they're no longer "underreviewed." We pool our resources as a group to give quality stories (and authors!) the attention and kindness they deserve without expecting anything in return. It's about the group effort and the impact our reviews as a whole can have on one story at a time, often ones written by non-members in what you could think of as a random act of kindness.

The stories we focus on are those that belong to our three archives: one-shots and two-shots, WIPs, and M-rated. These archives are populated with stories chosen by our mods and staffers from member recommendations and from their own favorite stories that they come across while browsing the site. As our forum has grown, we've expanded into other areas as well, such as our reviewing- and writing-based events and our writing threads and games, but the archives have always remained our primary focus and resource. If you're looking to find well-written stories and show them some unconditional review love, then this is the forum for you!

Table of Contents

I. Rules

---A. Forum Rules

-------i. General Etiquette

-------ii. Conflict Resolution

-------iii. Consequences

---B. Community Rules

-------i. Submitting to the archive

II.The RLt Team

---A. The RLt Team System

---B. Meet the RLt Team

---C. RLt Team Rules

III. A History of the RL

---A. The Reviews Revolution Pledge

---B. Previous versions

---C. Our past

IV. What's What?

---A. Interesting/Helpful Threads

---B. Story of the Week Feature!

V. Traditions and Jokes

---A. The Moosen and Moose

---B. Running Gags

---C. Old Jokes

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Wendy Brune


Forum Rules

We ask that you please adhere to these rules whenever you post on our threads. Failure to do so will result in a warning (see below).

1.) Please respect everyone. You don't have to be best friends with someone - or even like them - but we do ask that you treat them with respect. Take personal problems elsewhere. This applies to newbies, as well. We are a forum that prides itself on embracing change. Just because someone is new doesn't mean they deserve your scorn.

2.) Please use correct spelling and grammar. A mistake every now and then is fine. talkin lyk tis iz not OkAy.

3.) Please don't double post (or triple post or so on, for that matter). Instead, click the silver gear icon at the bottom right of your post, then click Edit, and edit your original post to add what you'd like to say to it.

4.) Keep it PG-13. The filters are currently OFF; therefore, while you may curse, keep in mind that we do have younger members.

5.) Post in the appropriate topics. Don't recommend your story for our archive in Randomness when we already have a special thread for that. Any posts that do so will be deleted.

6.) No trash-talking other forums or members.

7.) Keep your troll!fics out of our rec threads. They're never funny and will result in a ban.

8.) Please, no self-promoting posts. You can request help on a story in the Beta thread or ask if someone might read over something for you in Much Ado, but self-promoting posts are, themselves prohibited and will be deleted. Repeated instances of self-pimping could lead to warnings and a possible ban from the forums.

9.) We welcome comments, questions and critiques of the archive and our mission, but we ask that you keep this to Archive Madness, Nitty Gritty, and/or the Super Idea threads. Please keep archive-related complaints out of Randomness or other areas to ensure that any complaints are voiced in a constructive fashion and that Randomness remains a friendly, welcoming place to all members.


Here at RLt, we ask that you please treat every member here with the same amount of respect you'd like to be given. However, sometimes that just doesn't happen. If you have a problem with another poster, please first try to resolve your problem other places than our forum. If you feel someone is treating you with disrespect and doesn't want to work it out, you may come to any forum moderator for "Conflict-Resolution." Please be aware that such an action can end in compromises, restrictions, or even temporary banning.


We work on a "three strikes" basis, with some exceptions. The first time you break our rules, you will receive a warning from a forum moderator. Three warnings result in a temporary banning. At our discretion, we reserve the right to forgo the three warnings or ban members permanently. Three temporary bannings results in permanent blocking from our forum.

If you feel you deserved to be unbanned, you must talk to the moderator who banned you. If the two of you can not reach an agreement, please PM Wendy Brune, and the moderators will hold a vote to determine whether you deserve to be unbanned or not. Please note that we will almost always side with the moderator who banned you.

----Event Rules

The RLt periodically hosts forum-wide events for members centered on writing and reviewing. Some examples of events held in the past include one-shot collaborations, archive awards, and gift fic exchanges. Rules for events will be specific to the event currently taking place and listed in the first post for the event thread. One additional, global rule also applies: if you fail to follow through with a commitment that you make to another member of the forum during an event, you will be banned from participating in the next event hosted on the RLt. For example, if you commit to writing a one-shot for a collab but fail to submit a story, you won't be penalized, but if you commit to writing a one-shot as a gift to another member during a gift exchange, you will be banned from participating in the RLt's next event.

Community Rules

The RLt is committed to the plight of quality, under-reviewed stories. To belong in one of our archives, a story must be one of the following:

a.) A good, quality one or two-shot with less than 20 reviews. (40 if a two-shot.)

b.) A good, quality multi-chaptered fic with three chapters or more that has less than 10 reviews per chapter.

c.) A story that we have already graduated from our archives.

We have four communities devoted to the cause.The Reviews Lounge, Too C2 hosts under-reviewed one and two-shots. The Reviews Lounge, Too WIPS community holds our collection of under-reviewed multi-chaptered fics. The Reviews Lounge, Too M-Rated Content hosts all M-rated stories, chaptered or not. Finally, The Reviews Lounge, Too Graduates archive is home to the stories that were once in our archives but are no longer under-reviewed. We are very proud of how fast this archive is growing!

We accept any and all fandoms! However, we do not accept stories that are:

a.) Against rules. (This includes chatroom script, MA content, lists, non-stories, original fiction, etc.)

b.) Relatively still new on the site. Give it some time! You might not be under-reviewed in a few weeks!

----Submitting to the archive

To recommend someone else's story for addition to one of the archives, please do so here. Please fill out every part of the form and remember to adhere to our community guidelines. We are not currently accepting submission of stories written by the recommender themselves.

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Wendy Brune

The RLt Team

The RLt Team System

Our leadership system is compromised of three parts. Want to be involved? Look for announcements regarding applications! Every now and then we realize we need more help and will post applications for jobs we need filling. If applications are not currently up, please do not ask us for a position.

Forum Moderators: Your forum mods watch over the forums to make sure everyone is following the rules and having fun. Serving as moderators on the forum and staffers at the archives, they also are in charge of forum rules, regulations, and other "administrative" business If you have a forum-related problem, don't be afraid to go to them. They're known for being social, friendly, and helpful.

Community Staffers: Your community staffers have a definite eye for good, quality stories. Besides weeding through the recs list, they're also known to add wonderful, under-reviewed stories they find on their own adventures through fanfiction. Need a good reading recommendation? These are the people to come to!

Temp!Mods: Because we all have real lives (or pretend to, anyway), sometimes moderators will go on hiatus. When this occurs, usually a temp!mod will be given moderator powers to help out. These individuals have been hand picked for being awesome regulars with a strong knowledge of the rules, so while you don't have to listen to them when there's no shield beside their name, you'd probably benefit from doing so.

Meet the RLt Team!


  • Wendy Brune (Wendy): You may know Wendy as creator and head-mod of the RLt, the Lois Lane of fanfiction, or a real, live, actual adult now? Giggly, friendly, and only sometimes random, she works in social media and beauty content creation, is addicted to Netflix, and dreams of making the world a better place, even if it sounds cliched.
  • Madam'zelleGiry (Giry, Madame): All hail Queen of the Archives, for that is what Giry is; we'll have to make her a crown soon. Not only is she an excellent writer, but Giry is a wonderful judge of quality, under-reviewed stories and a very devoted member of this team. She oversees the rec threads, other staffers, and of course, the archives.


  • ShadedRogue (Cass): Cass is known for her diverse fandom interests and, incidentally, is the first member of the RLt Team whose primary interest is not Harry Potter. Cass lives in an igloo, rides polar bears everywhere, and drinks maple syrup straight from the tree because she is Canadian. One of the older members of the forum, she's super friendly and a very talented writer.
  • MissScorp (Scorp): Resident physician, Dr. Scorp, F.D. And Chief of Neurology at F.F.netversity Hospital is the one who keeps us all in line. She's an incredible reviewer, and is always there to make us laugh.
  • Luna Rapunzel (-EHWIES, E): Previously second-in-command of the RLt team, E is the only RLt member thus far to be a regular at all three incarnations of The Reviews Lounge. She knows a lot about pi, writes huge walls of text, and is the resident genius on all things James/Lily. Her favorite fandom to write for is the Harry Potter series, which are also her favorite books of all time. Highly intelligent, she is the resident Hermione Granger, but MUCH less irritating and a THOUSAND times more lovable.
  • GeorgyannWayson (Georgy): As winner of the 2015 RCA Kill 'Em Kindness award, Miss Georgy is the sweetheart of the forum. She started as a Staffer and worked her way up to moderator, delighting us with her thoughtful reviews and sunny personality.


  • Luna Rapunzel (-EHWIES, E): Previously second-in-command of the RLt team, E is the only RLt member thus far to be a regular at all three incarnations of The Reviews Lounge. She knows a lot about pi, writes huge walls of text, and is the resident genius on all things James/Lily. Her favorite fandom to write for is the Harry Potter series, which are also her favorite books of all time. Highly intelligent, she is the resident Hermione Granger, but MUCH less irritating and a THOUSAND times more lovable.


  • ShadowDeity'sFire (Fire)
  • Book 'em Again (Book 'em)
  • Lexik


  • IrishPanther (IP, Pan)
  • Legendary Biologist (LB)


(i.e. the people who are no longer helping out but made a HUGE impact)

  • StoryGirl02 (Maddie): TBA
  • Desktop Warrior (Time): A former moderator - and the first male in charge - Time is one of our more thoughtful members who is great at giving advice. He's another Canadian who is one day going to open up a cafe that we will all party at when we're old and gray. His favorite fandom is Pokémon, so you'd better get that accent mark right. Time has an excellent grasp of the English language, making him a much sought out beta reader around the forum.

The RLt Team Rules and Responsibilities

Besides following general forum rules, team members also have other rules to comply with.

  • Do not abuse your power. Follow the consequences system when trouble arises. Abusing responsibilities to meet personal needs WILL result in loss of position.
  • Please announce any and all hiatuses. If, failing to do so, you are inactive after four months, your position will be cleared for others. Failure to re-appear, or at least update, six months after an announced hiatus may result in a demotion. Each circumstance will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • If you plan to go on a hiatus that will be a week or longer, please utilize a temp!mod. PM Wendy to help set this up.
  • Especially when working for the archive, try to meet your duties in a timely fashion. Not only are other team members relying on you, but so are the members of this forum.

Additional rules and responsibilities apply for each position.


  • Monitor Review Tag for expired or improperly filled placeholders, the I Need a Mod thread for members in need of assistance, and the general forum for conflicts, questions, and newbies trying to find their way around.
  • Help keep Archive Madness stats and Story of the Week review counts up-to-date.
  • Periodically choose a Story of the Week from the archives as part of the SOTW rotation.
  • Manage other threads or aspects of the forum as assigned.
  • Issue warnings and bans for the forum or for Review Tag as needed, and log all warnings, bans, and incidents in the appropriate form.
  • Stay timely with mod emails, replying to messages within a maximum of a week after they've been sent.
  • Make any necessary announcements, changes, event contributions, etc. as per email discussions.
  • Be a friendly, welcoming role model for others on the forum!


  • Gain moderation powers for a short period of time to help regulate the RLt forum. In addition to their usual responsibilities, active temp!mods should keep an eye out for conflicts in forum threads, newbies trying to find their way around, and members needing assistance in the I Need a Mod thread, and mods may request extra help as needed. (Contact the mod bar if you're not sure how to answer an I Need a Mod thread query or if a situation arises that requires disciplinary action.)
  • Aid in RLt events, prizes, and other special circumstances.
  • Serve as a good role model for others, whether they currently have the crown or not. (Specifically, if something is going down and none of the moderators are around, a temp!mod would be a good person to listen to!)
  • Monitor certain threads as assigned by the mods and admins.


  • Read and review stories posted in the rec thread, and add the stories you believe are archive-quality to the appropriate archive.
  • Please remember to ONLY add under-reviewed stories, as defined above, to the archives.
  • Be sure to review at least one chapter of a story before adding it to the archives.
  • We operate on a one story per author per fandom per archive rule. Simply put, Author A can have a Harry Potter and a Disney story in the one shot archive, as well as one Harry Potter and one Disney story in the WIP archive. However, they could not have two Harry Potter stories in the one shot archive.
  • Staffers, moderators, and anyone else with access to the archive MAY NOT add their own stories. Someone else may add your story if they deem it worthy, but please never add it yourself. This is to maintain the integrity and quality of our archive.
  • If you plan to go on a hiatus longer than a week, please be sure to PM Giry so that the rest of the team can be informed.
  • Any questions, comments, concerns about the rec threads should be PM'd to Giry, who will take them to the mods if necessary.
  • When you're considering whether or not to add a story (particularly if it's not one from the rec threads), please make sure that you are adding it only because of the quality, not because it's written by your friend, someone you beta'd, your sister, etc. Focus only on the story, not the author. It's okay to reject a friend's story because it's not up to archive standards. If you're worried about how they might react, PM Giry and she'll help you sort it out.
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Wendy Brune

A History of the Reviews Lounge

The Reviews Revolution Pledge

This was a little movement that began before the RL was even dreamt of - (and we take no credit for it) - however, we encourage you all to join! Simply copy and paste this into your profile, and help spread the word! :

I, [insert name here], do solemnly swear to review all the fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the review revolution.

Previous Versions

The Reviews Lounge began on April 21, 2007 as a community dedicated to promoting under-reviewed authors and their stories in the Harry Potter fandom. It grew into not only a rather large and very dynamic archive but also a forum by the same name that promoted reviewing and fostered interesting conversations on everything from Harry Potter to a Reviews Lounge island. In its first year, it was the fastest growing Harry Potter forum on

The Reviews Lounge, affectionately known as the RL, aimed to encourage readers to review every story they read and was formed after the founder, Lexie-H, became particularly alarmed at the strange phenomenon which indicated that many people on this site were too lazy to review. Reviews are a very important aspect of posting a story/poem on, and the forum encouraged each and every member to review.

In the summer of 2008, Lexie stepped down as head mod, effectively handing the reigns over to Cuba and a kick-butt modding staff. The RL continued to spread the word of reviewing through the archive and forum. Other projects included collaborative pieces, a fic exchange, and numerous challenges and games.

Finally, in January 2010, Cuba retired from the modding, as did the rest of the staff. After realizing that the Harry Potter fandom was beginning to trickle out, a decision was made to expand the Review Lounge to all of fanfiction. Going under the name of The Reviews Lounge, Too, the forum and archive still honors the original mission and hopes to encourage all readers to review.

Our Past

Under construction. Check back soon!

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Wendy Brune

What's what?

Interesting and Helpful Threads

Now that you've read through this entire thread, you should be ready (and excited =D) to begin posting on the forum. Not sure where to start or what to do next? See the list below to give you some ideas.

• Make sure you've introduced yourself at the Welcome to the Dark Side thread!

• Check out The Noticeboard for any recent announcements related to the forum or communities.

• The best way to get to know the group is to pop into the current Randomness thread. Don't worry, we don't bite!

• Under-reviewed or not, try joining in at Review Tag to get more reviews and read some of our member's stories.

• We love giving reviews, but we've all had our own share of head scratchers. Share some your more LULzy reivews at the "What the heck?" Review thread.

• For advice on both giving and receiving reviews, check out the How to Write Better Reviews and Accepting Critiques threads.

• Join in on a few fun games, like the Character Development Game or Show and Tell!

• Check out Fanfiction Brainstorming and Discussion to discuss your favorite story or get some help on a piece you're writing.

• Squeeing about characters and fandoms your thing? Let's all squee together at the "OMGZ HE GLITTERS" thread.

• Read some of our forum-wide collaborations at The Reviews Lounge, Too profile page!

• Take a peek and see if you're interested in joining the latest event!

Story of the Week

Each week, a mod will post a story from the Reviews Lounge archive that they think is worthy of more reviews. Everyone is encouraged to then review the story and discuss it in the Story of the Week thread. This is the best way to explore our archive, and we strongly suggest you check it out.

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The Reviews Lounge Too

Traditions and Jokes

Here at the RLt, we have a lot of inside jokes. Like, a lot. So much so that we probably sound like a bunch of crazy people in Randomness sometimes to those not in on the lingo. So to help explain just what the heck we're talking about, we have complied a list here of many of the biggest and most memorable jokes and traditions that have happened here over the years.

The Moosen and Moose

The moosen is the official mascot of the RLt. See that picture at the top left corner of every page on the forum? Yup, that's a picture of a moosen. Ain't he cute? The moosen is a huge part of the forum and also the source of lots of jokes, so knowing about it is a must for any RLter.

  • So what's the difference between a moose and a moosen? Well, moosen has an "n" at the end of it, obviously. Plus, it sounds cute. So there.
  • Wendy has a moosen army. It was founded during a debate over whether or not moose were cute or a menace. Sides were chosen. Thus, in defense of the moose, Wendy formed an army of moosen to defend them. Notably, the argument was about moose and not moosen, because everyone is in agreement that moosen are amazing. Today, the moosen army is mostly used as a joking threat by Wendy whenever someone is misbehaving or having grammar problemz.
  • Moose stew is also considered a delicacy that almost everyone at the RLt enjoys partaking in (besides Wendy), and is usually given in a gesture of friendship by a Canadian. It is very delicious.

Running Gags

Of course, we do more than sit around and joke about Moosen all day long. Here are just a few of some other huge traditions and gags that everyone should know about.

  • Claims: It is a long-standing tradition at the RLt that the user who gets the first post on a page in Randomness may claim it for something in that post, be it relavant to the conversation or not. Usually they're very random or silly.
  • Last post racing: Sort of like getting the first post on a new page in Randomness, getting the very last post of the thread is also considered to be an amazing accomplishment, and as such people tend to have fierce post races whenever Randomness is about to come to an end to see who will forever end up with the last post in the thread. Usually the posts during this time are all silly as people try to think up whatever to try to claim the final slot in the thread.
  • After Dark: After Dark is the time after the sun goes down and the kiddies go to sleep. Usually it's late at night in North America, although "It's After Dark somewhere" jokes are common too. This time is usually marked by joking posts with innuendos galore and occasional smexy talk (although we do try to keep it somewhat T-rated, since it is a public forum and all).
  • The Love Bucket: If someone dumps a Love Bucket on you, it means they like you, unlike pretty much any other time someone might dump a bucket of whatever on you. Love can also be put in the Love Bucket by people, since we have to fill the bucket with something. It is also apparently rainbow colored.
  • S & M: Yup, that's right. S and M. And no, it's probably not what you're thinking. Alright, it might sort of be what you're thinking. S and M is a running gag from the anime Inu x Boku SS and was first introduced to the forum by Time. To get an idea of the joke, here's a fancy link to an informative video. Everything can either be classified as an S or an M, and so don't be surprised if someone on the forum randomly declares that something is one or the other. For example, the FFN admins are all S!
  • Canadian!confetti: It is superior to regular confetti or any other kinds of confetti in every which way, for it is Canadian. Canadian!confetti is mostly used in celebrations or congratulatory posts by members, so use that instead of the plain stuff.
  • Long!posts: Sometimes, a few of our members will backlog through Randomness, which is basically going and reading through the posts they missed while they were not on and picking things to respond or comment on. The result is usually a long!post, which is a post that is very long and amazing. Long!posts usually have lots of jokes in them and are great at summarizing past conversations, so it's always a good idea to read through them.
  • The world of Randomness is filled with a ton of awesome places. We've got all sorts of stuff, including a lurker's lounge for people who are lurk!writing, a lake where the Loch RLt monster Snappers lives, a giant tower where the temp!mod crowns and other crown jewels are held, the love shack, a hot tub, a swimming pool, a picnic area, a computer room, and basically pretty much whatever else you can think of. What, you don't see it? Trust me, it's all there, and pretty much constantly changing and expanding too.

Old Jokes

With the passage of Time, many members come and go from the forum, and the same applies to jokes as well. The following are some older traditions that have become rarely if ever used for various reasons, but still left a huge mark on the RLt and are worth mentioning and including in this list.

  • Time!jokes: Back when Time was a mod, any mention of the word "time" would automatically be capitalized as a reference to him. There were all sorts of different jokes used with his name, such as the Time!zone to describe the time zone where he lived and funny double-meaning sentences such as "I need more Time!" Sadly, this practice has fallen out of use since Time stepped down as a mod.
  • Mr. Cheesecake: Once upon a time there was a lovely piece of cheesecake that became sentient. He was thus dubbed Mr. Cheesecake and became the first "unofficial" mascot of the RLt. Mr. Cheesecake also got around and had many wives. We even had a wedding for him. No, we don't quite understand why, either.
  • The Wedding Chapel: It used to be a big tradition here where people would decide to get married to one another. Some proposals were heartfelt (Wenwies!), some were absolute silliness (EHWIES and Cass's fight club proposal), and everyone was essentially polygamists. Luckily we contained all the silliness to just one thread. Mostly.
  • Mildred LeProut: If you ever need a dumpy character who is absolutely pitiful, feel free to use Mildred LeProut, a very sad OC created by Wendy, EHWIES, and StoryGirl02. Little is known about this miserable character other than that her last name means fart and she smells of stale bread.

(We're still working on this list of course, so more things are sure to be added soon, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled, yeah?)

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