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Wendy Brune

New one. But I'm up for a better title if needed.

edit: jk best title ever

5/4/2011 . Edited 5/4/2011 #1
Luna Rapunzel

Potential thread title: BACKSTREET'S BACK ALL RIGHT!

loljk I think we're the only ones here who still reminisce about BSB.

5/4/2011 #2
Wendy Brune


5/4/2011 #3
Mistical Ninja
Lol, Cute Ewwie, Cute. And Nice win. ^_^ -sigh- derpy phone. And gah, I just thought of something, but I don't wanna rain on the parade. So, I'll let ya'll get the convo moving.
5/4/2011 #4
Luna Rapunzel


5/4/2011 #5
Luna Rapunzel

Aw. If you need to vent about something, Misty, go right ahead--I'm about to, lol.

5/4/2011 #6
Wendy Brune

Um, Wenwies forever. You better work.

But what's up, Misty? You can totally talk to us.

5/4/2011 #7
Mistical Ninja
-sigh- to put it in Glee Terms... I just realized what this feeling is. To put it simply, I feel like Arty, without the wheelchair.
5/4/2011 #8
Wendy Brune

Is that good or bad? Do you mean Artie in the dream sequence or Artie when he's stranded?

5/4/2011 #9
Luna Rapunzel

:/ How so?

5/4/2011 #10
Mistical Ninja
Well, considering I'm only in the first season, I have no clue what you're talking about Wendy. XD but... Like when Tina Revealed the fact that she didn't actually have a stutter. What he said in response, "I try to be as open and welcoming as possibly. The Wheelchair does enough to keep people at bay." I feel like that, only I don't have a wheelchair. Just little ol me.
5/4/2011 #11
Luna Rapunzel

Except that you don't actually keep anybody at bay because you're incredible and I love you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥

5/4/2011 #12
Wendy Brune

Exactly. You are an incredible person, m'dear. You're sweet, funny, and always so energetic. You really do make this place a much brighter and friendlier place. I know there was some weird falling out times, but the RLt can't be the same without you because you bring your own light to this place. Even when you're sad, you give the randomness thread a cheeriness that I haven't seen a single other user be able to achieve. We need you. ♥

5/4/2011 #13
Luna Rapunzel

Seriously, I love your creeper dead people jokes and your nuzzles and your love and support for everybody here. You're such a sweet and genuine person, and I'm SO SO SO glad to know you and have you back at the RLt!

5/4/2011 #14
Wendy Brune

Stop trying to one-up my sweet posts, E.


5/4/2011 #15
Luna Rapunzel

I'm not trying to one-up you, I'm trying to match you because I was just like DERP YOU'RE AWESOME and you gave a legit paragraph and I don't want Misty to think that I don't love him enough to put effort into his self-esteem boosts DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT ILYT! Mind if I whine about K now? lol

5/4/2011 . Edited 5/4/2011 #16
Mistical Ninja
Thanks you two. Heh... -hugs-
5/4/2011 #17
Luna Rapunzel

*glomp glomp glomp!*

5/4/2011 #18
Wendy Brune

I was just like DERP YOU'RE AWESOME and you gave a legit paragraph and I don't want Misty to think that I don't love him enough to put effort into his self-esteem boosts



Yes, please do, E!

5/4/2011 #19
Wendy Brune


But I really do smell puppies.

5/4/2011 #20
wandering endlessly

noo I was half an hour away from being here for the ending of the randomness :'(

If only I had gotten up on time

anyways I'm off to school

bye and have fun ♥

5/4/2011 #21
Mistical Ninja
-glomps back- so now it's just about self esteem boosts, and not about me? -cries manly tears of woe and hides in corner of shame- ;P Jjjuuust kidding. Anyways, yesh my good Ewwie, talk all you need about K, S, And all the others. I'm here to listen, cuz that's what friends do for each other. Aside from, occasionally, breaking some d*cks bones for hurting said friend.^_^;;
5/4/2011 #22
Luna Rapunzel


So you know K? And you know how she's a girl and she's really adorable and she's my best uni friend and I'm very very attracted to her and she's very very straight? Derp. So she knows that I like her, and unlike J, she didn't flip out when I told her so--apparently every time in the past when somebody's asked her out that she didn't like she freaked out and cut off all contact, so this is the first time that hormones haven't screwed up the friendship for her, which is probably because I'm a girl and she has trouble talking to guys lol, but still. I mean, obviously things aren't perfect because she's REALLY pretty and I REALLY like her and she's one of the most loyal and kindest and most incredible friends I've ever made so we have a really close emotional platonic bond and this strongly intensifies my attraction to her, so even though I know there's no chance of anything happening, I REALLY REALLY REALLY like her. And also we hug all the time--like excessively--like it's the kind of hugging that looks suspiciously not-platonic so we'll be snuggling in her room or whatever and she flips out and like jumps away whenever she hears her roommate unlocking the door or whatever because it looks like more than it is and we both know it does but I know it's platonic for her and even though it's not platonic for me--well, that's complicated, actually. Because I hug everyone more than most people probably think is normal, so the fact that we can still hug all the time in spite of me being attracted to her actually makes me feel better about the fact that I'm attracted to her just because it creates a sense of normalcy for me because that IS normal for me and then I feel like I haven't messed up the friendship by telling her and then I feel better and on that level, the hugging is good. But the hugging also messes with my head because even though for her it's just hugging and she cuddles with other people too and we're both just huggy people and she's very very straight and she's very clear about the fact that she's very straight and there is no doubt in my mind that for her it's platonic, my feelings her are not strictly platonic, so to me the hugging doesn't necessarily feel strictly platonic. And in the last two days it's been really complicated because we had our orgo final on Tuesday morning and she was completely worked up and terrified about it and had multiple meltdowns on Monday so I've been giving her moral support and then at 3:00 Tuesday morning she called me crying and I went over to her room and she was basically sobbing hysterically and she was too stressed to sleep and she hadn't been sleeping for a couple days before that so she was exhausted and stressed and crying and it was really bad and she basically asked me to sleep over and help her calm down and fall asleep, and I didn't actually end up sleeping over because at 4 she wanted to call her parents and cry it out with them so I left to give her privacy but for an hour before that I was trying to help her fall asleep so it was pitch black and we were under her covers and I was like hugging her and rubbing her back and trying to talk her down and remind her that it's only a test and blah blah blah and I was glad I was able to be there for her but the whole experience STRONGLY AROUSED MY HORMONES and even though I know she's not interested and I'm sure as heck not going to take advantage of her when she's vulnerable I feel really really really REALLY guilty for even thinking about it, you know? And then yesterday after the exam she met another friend for lunch and then took a long nap so I went out to lunch with some other friends and helped like four people move out but then a few hours after I met up with her again to help her clean her room (it's a pigsty and it desperately needed it) and get packed and party in celebration of classes ending and I wound up sleeping over in her dorm and there was more twin bed snuggling like intense snuggling like she was lying on top of me and fell asleep on my chest and then there was spooning and I enjoy hugs in general and platonically I was really happy to spend so much time with her but OH GOD THE HORMONES and I know what I should do but I don't want to do it. And also I think it's a miracle that our friendship hasn't gotten messed up yet because of this and I'm torn between feeling like our friendship is running on borrowed time and not wanting to bring anything up to her because I don't want to create any weirdness that might mess it up because technically, we're getting to be REALLY close friends, and that has absolutely NOTHING to do with my hormones, swear to god. And it's not like I'm hiding anything from her, this is something that we talk about reasonably often, she knows I'm really really interested in her and that I have to grapple with my hormones every time I see her and that I think I'm starting to fall in love with her and she feels horribly guilty/responsible that I have feelings for her even though it's not her fault and she tells me all the time that if it would help me to cut back on the physical stuff or not hang out with her so often that she'd be happy to cool off for as long as I need and that it won't change anything in the long run and a couple of times she's tried to limit how much we hug and stuff except that I really don't want to lose that because I'm SELFISH and STUPID so her attempts to give me space never last long and just derp. I'm such an idiot. Somebody hit me and talk sense into me kthx except I won't listen because I'm really really stupid.

5/4/2011 #23
Luna Rapunzel

Where are the puppies?


MISTY YOU'RE SUCH A SWEETHEART. Thank you. The thing with S got really bad for a while but M talked to S and then I talked to S and I think it's all going to work out okay in the end and I'm really glad for that. S and I are basically at a mutual agreement that we're better off not talking for a while, me because I'm still kind of mad and kind of freaked and I need time for everything to blow over and her because she needs to learn to CONTROL HER FLIRTING because it's one thing to be like a little bit flirty as long as it's clear that nothing is actually going to happen but it's NOT okay to come onto people that aggressively when you're in a committed relationship and she has to learn that lesson and she thinks it's better that she avoid me for a while because she's apparently still interested in me even though she doesn't want to break up with M or cheat on her to be with me or whatever so she needs to get a grip on her social skills before it's safe for us to hang out anymore. Whatever. It's summer, so we're just not going to talk/text/make any plans for maybe a month or two, and then it'll be okay. And S and M worked stuff out and S realizes that she screwed up and they're going to be okay and yes. ♥

5/4/2011 #24
Wendy Brune

Okay, I texted you for emphasis.

And they are not here, sadly. But they were licking my face and we were all snuggling and I can still smell them and it makes me sad.

5/4/2011 #25

Ok. This is me hitting you/talking some sense into you Ehwies, because you are neither selfish or stupid. I don't really know exactly what you're going through, and I don't know exactly what you should do, but I do know that you are awesome and that no matter what you decide to do, you will find someone one day who is just as awesome as you are. It might be J or some other letter of the alphabet but eventually, it will happen and until it does you will have everyone on the rlt to be your bestestestestest friends and to read your massive walls of text and to tell you that it'll be okay.

Also, not to ruin the seriousness, but where are the puppies?

5/4/2011 #26


E, I will give a more depth response to the wall of text after I get milk from the store, but long story short; you deserve an epic love that will love you just as hard as you love them because you are an AMAZING person and that AMAZINGNESS deserves to be returned, and if you don' get it I will personally hunt down Fate, kick her bipolar drunk a$$ and threaten her until she spins you the fate you deserve.


also I can do this, it's part of my training.

5/4/2011 #27

new thread!! hello everyone :D

5/4/2011 #28
Luna Rapunzel

Thanks, Wendy.

SAM! Thank you. ♥ I'm very selfish and very stupid, but I appreciate that you think better of me, lol. Hormones are hard. Avoid them at all costs.

5/4/2011 #29
Luna Rapunzel


BEN! Thank you. ♥ ♥ I just need to ride out my straight girl crush phase before anything else, lol. It's so sucky because K is SUPER amazing and she's dealing with my feelings for her better than I ever could have asked for given that she's straight and if she weren't straight we would be perfect together but she is so we aren't and LIFE IS HARD.

5/4/2011 #30
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