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Wendy Brune

First and foremost, please note that this is only for posting your own stories that you think should be in our archive. If you just want to alert others to your stories or want a few reviews, please use the "Pimp and Promote Your Story" Thread!

Here's a template to follow if you'd like to request a review for your story. Please use it!

While we consider all stories regardless of whether we know the author or not, try to at least introduce yourself on the intro thread. We'll be more willing to give your story a proper review in a speedy amount of time if we know you show interest in our mission!

Also, please remember to give your story a few days before recommending it after posting. We tend not to add VERY new stories, as these stories often need a few days before we can tell if they're under-reviewed or not.

To qualify for archiving, the stories must be either:

1. Quality oneshots with less than 20 reviews;

2. Quality twoshots will less than 40 reviews; or

3. Quality chaptered stories with an average of less than 10 reviews per chapter





How long has it been posted?:

How many reviews does it have?:




5/15/2011 . Edited 6/29/2012 #1

Title: Stab 5

Fandom: Scream

Length/Chapters: 6

How long has it been posted?: Since April 23rd

How many reviews does it have?: 19

Characters/pairings: Nothing at the moment

Summary: Sidney Prescott is dead, but the terror of Ghostface still lives on. Now two girls have a chance to return to when the nightmare began, but can history truly be altered?


Cass!edit: Story cannot be added as it does not adhere to guidelines.

5/19/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/26/2012 #2

Title:An Early Retirement


Length/Chapters:One shot, 1104 words

How long has it been posted?: Since 3rd July 2010

How many reviews does it have?:5

Characters/pairings:Vague mention of Mort/Ysabel, mainly about Death and Mort (not a pairing, though).

Summary:Death has decided to retire, which throws the household into a state of dissaray. He's not to keen on this retiring lark, though.


Cass!edit: RR'd/already in archive.

5/23/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/26/2012 #3

Title: The Sorting Hat's Bounds

Fandom: Harry Potter

Length/Chapters: 7 at the moment

How long has it been posted? Since June 13, this year.

How many reviews does it have? Seven now!!!

Characters/pairings: Hugo Weasley and OCs, plus other Weasleys, the Potters, and Scorpius Malfoy.

Summary: Hugo Weasley is Sorted into a very unexpected House. Not only does he have to face James, but also a weird Professor, a snarky Head Girl cousin, angry classmates, and a mystery. "Why?" Eclipse smirked. "Because you are the Sorting Hat's Bounds."

Link: The Sorting Hat's Bounds

Cass!edit: RR'd.

6/19/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #4
Avora SaDiablo

Title: Sink or Swim

Fandom:Harry Potter

Length/Chapters:Currently 4

How long has it been posted?:5-22-11

How many reviews does it have?:18

Characters/pairings:No pairings as yet. AU, Starts with OC Muggle POV.

Summary:Medical Examiner Eliza is thrown into the deep end when her theories about the mysterious deaths all over the contry goes public as new evidence surfaces. Whilst the Order tries to protect her, Voldemort has other interest in the Coroner and her family.

Link: Sink or Swim

I'm not sure why I'm not pulling as many readers as I did before the revamp... brutal con crit is most welcome.

Cass!edit: RR'd.

7/20/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #5

Title: According to Plan

Fandom: Hetalia Axis Powers

Length/Chapters: 1

How long has it been posted?: About 3 weeks so far, but it's a one-shot. (I don't know if that'll factor into the decision or not)

How many reviews does it have?: 3

Characters/pairings: America & England/Britain USUK

Summary: One-Shot USUK. To say that things hadn't exactly gone as he'd originally planned would be the understatement of the year. "I like like you!" England and America embark on a disastrous first date. AmericaxEngland/Britain

Link: According to Plan

Cass!edit: RR'd.

7/27/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #6


Fandom:Final Fantasy XIII

Length/Chapters:1, 250 roughly

How long has it been posted?:Since the 15th of August last year.

How many reviews does it have?:Two T_T


Summary:Fang didn't think a small trip through the Archylte Steppe could bring her closer to the woman who just showed up. By nature she was curious about her. So what better way to open someone up unnoticeably? Only, she didn't expect to be caught in the effect.


Cass!edit: RR'd.

8/4/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #7

Title:A Taste of Iron

Fandom:Harry Potter

Length/Chapters:3,182/five chapters

How long has it been posted?:71 days. Or since 5-27-11 if you want the date... :)

How many reviews does it have?:5 reviews

Characters/pairings:Remus Lupin; no pairings, but Tonks is in the last chapter.

Summary: Remus and his lycanthropy. Take five. (Five episodes when being a werewolf was too much.)


Cass!edit: Already in archive.

8/6/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #8
hgjnvjv fygyf

Title:Where Angels Fear To Tread

Fandom:Maximum Ride


How long has it been posted?:Since 8/3/11

How many reviews does it have?:One. And, no joke, it says: OMG! SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Characters/pairings:Fang and Iggy, or Figgy

Summary:"Dear Fang, well, if this isn't Fang, well, I guess it doesn't matter. I've left. Please don't follow me, I won't come back. I'm a danger to you and the rest of the Flock. Goodbye, Fnick." This is a Figgy story. Don't like don't read. DISCLAIMER: Just in case you haven't read MR before, and if you haven't, you should, this is a gay pairing. As in two boys. So, like I said before, don't like, don't read.

Link:Where Angels Fear To Tread

Cass!edit: RR'd.

8/10/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #9
Kronos - KR15

Author: Kronos - KR15

Title: In a House, in a Heartbeat.


Rating: T

Category: Left 4 Dead.

Genre(s): Horror/Adventure

Length/Chapters: 3

Summary: In the lifeless boroughs of Oslo, Sweden, the undead horde wanders in broad daylight without fear of survivors; down the once bustling streets now paved with blood, through the quaint houses sagging with age and lack of care, even in the overgrown greenery of the parks once full of children. The poor souls who missed the evacuation are left with no escape routes, no contingency plan, and no hope. Now two tandem travelers, a clueless moron obsessed with firearms, and a keen-eyed everyman whose only goal is survival and ultimately escape. Co-authored with my good friend Monty. :)

Lead/main characters: Harold & Monty

Pairings: certainly not romantic...

Complete/incomplete: Complete.

Cass!edit: Added.

8/10/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #10

I've been hesitant about requesting my fic to be added, mainly because the first few chapters make me want to run screaming in the opposite direction, but I've decided to get up the nerve and post this outside of the Pimp and Promote Your Story thread for the first time. I've revamped it once already, and I'll be the first to say that it takes a while before the action starts-- consider the portion covering the first Harry Potter book to be mainly an emotional journey, and the chapters that follow to expand a bit on the more traditional adventure genre now that a good chunk of the necessary personal growth has been dealt with. I take any and all concrit, I'm always looking to improve my writing further.

That being said:

Title: Moving Forward

Fandom: Harry Potter

Length/Chapters: Currently at Chapter 24, there's still a lot to come.

How long has it been posted?: Since June 1st, so as of now two months and sixteen days.

How many reviews does it have?: 67.

Characters/pairings: Focuses on Lily Potter, Harry and Sirius are two major supporting characters, as well as Remus, the Weasleys and Professor Dumbledore.

Summary: That night James died, but Lily and Harry lived. Together they must face a new world- one where even the most familiar things have changed, and where first impressions are never what they appear to be. As Lily begins to emerge from the cocoon she's weaved for herself in order to cope with the loss of James, she finds that the time has come to begin to truly move forward. It will take time, but when she's put to the test she will find that the Lily she once knew never vanished at all.

Link: Moving Forward

Cass!edit: Fic no longer exists.

8/17/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #11

Title: Chemistry

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes

Lenth/Chapters: Oneshot. 1,120 words.

How long has it been posted?: Since 8.12.11.

How many reviews?: 16

Characters: Holmes, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson

Summary: The boredom of Sherlock Holmes is always dangerous. But this time he's done the unthinkable: venturing into Mrs. Hudson's kitchen!


Cass!edit: No longer under-reviewed.

8/18/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #12

Montgomery vs. Greyback: Round Two

Harry Potter


Since yesterday... August 18.


Fenrir Greyback. (Also Montgomery, but he's not on the list.)

Summary: The story of the Montgomery child's death, and how Mrs. Montgomery gets back at Greyback. We'll see who wins this time. Rated T for death.


Cass!edit: RR'd.

8/19/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #13
Cerulean City

Yo, Bookworm:

"Also, please remember to give your story a few days before recommending it after posting. We tend not to add VERY new stories, as these stories often need a few days before we can tell if they're under-reviewed or not."

Let your story breathe for a few days.

8/19/2011 #14

Title:Flower Girl.


Length/Chapters:38 chapters, 64,000 words.

How long has it been posted?:A little over a year (since 6-27-10).

How many reviews does it have?:368.


Summary:Gai challenges Kakashi: whichever one of them can guess the name of the girl at the flower shop, gets to go on a date with her. None of them knew what that one little challenge would lead to.

Link: Flower Girl.

Cass!edit: Not under-reviewed.

8/21/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #15
Marie Nomad

Title: Waiting

Fandom: Iron Man

Length/Chapters: 1,763/1 chapter

How long has it been posted?: Published 7/20/11

How many reviews does it have?: 2

Characters/pairings: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan Tony/Pepper

Summary:For once, Tony is on time for a date but where is Pepper? Happy reveals something startling about Pepper.


Cass!edit: RR'd.

9/16/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #16

Title: Don't You Love Me?

Fandom: 2004 Phantom of the Opera

Length: 2377 words (oneshot)

Hong long has it been posted?: Posted on 3-12-10

How many reviews? 18

Characters/pairings: Madame Giry/Erik

Summary: Where did Madame Giry go after she led Raoul to the catacombs?


Cass!edit: Fic is no longer under-reviewed.

10/3/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #17
E.C. Scrubb

I've been reticent about posting my fic in here for a review for the archives. It seems every time I talk to someone, I realize a basic error I make in story telling and have to go back to fix it. However, I guess there's no time like the present. So could I humbly ask for your review of:

Title: The Dark Domination: The Rise of Dumbledore's Army

Fandom: Harry Potter

Length: 73k words (18 chapters)

How long has it been posted? Since July 7, 2011.

How Many reviews? 42.

Characters/Pairings: Ginny and Harry (in memories and hopes), Seamus and Padma, Neville and OC, Neville and Hannah, Dennis would like to be paired with Parvati ;). Other pairings as well, but these are more central to the fic for now.

Summary: The first story in "The Dark Domination" series. Set during DH. The D.A. challenges the new authority at Hogwarts; bravery and commitment are their hallmarks, a whole lot of cheek and some romance as well. Mainly Ginny's POV, but others added in.

Link: The Rise of Dumbledore's Army

Cass!edit: Added.

10/9/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #18

Title: Cold World

Fandom: Dragon Ball Z

Length/Chapters: 7 Chapters (thus far), 48k Words

How long has it been posted?: Since September 14, 2011

How many reviews does it have?: 39

Characters/pairings: Gohan & Vegeta (NOT a pairing)

Summary: Gohan is kidnapped by Raditz and against his will, is forced to work alongside him, Vegeta, and Nappa under Frieza. These are his struggles, as he's exposed to a world no child should have to experience.


Cass!edit: Story no longer qualifies as under-reviewed.

10/12/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #19

Hi! I'm LittleMeerkatGirl and this is my first time posting in forums.. hmm. Well, lets see. I am a TLK fanfiction writer/fanartist.. I've been working on this story since I was in 7th grade.. and thats saying something because I'm a junior now. xD I'd really love a review!

Title:The Winds of Change

Fandom:The Lion King

Length/Chapters:9 chapter are posted so far.. will be approximatly 20

How long has it been posted: Eh.. about a year.

How many reviews does it have?: 24

Characters/Pairings: Timon and Pumbaa, TimonXOC, possible PumbaaXOC

Summary:When the wacky twosome rescue Mya, a female meerkat, from a pair of dastardly hyenas, their world turns upside-down. The hyenas hatch a scheme to overthrow Simba, and the only ones standing in their way are Timon and Pumbaa. TimonXOC


Cass!edit: RR'd.

10/20/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #20
Tobi is a good boy

Hello, I'm Tobi is a good boy! This is a story I'd like reviewed because it's been a long time since I've written anything, so constructive criticism would be very good :)

Title: The Hand of a Stranger


Length/Chapters: One shot

How long has it been posted?:Since July this year.

How many reviews does it have?: 3


Summary:Two children of the war, Uchiha Itachi and an unknown boy comfort each other with something as simple as holding hands. Set during the Third Ninja World War. Rated K for some violence and gore. One shot.R&R!


Cass!edit: Added.

10/24/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #21
Ronnie Rude

Hello all! I am Adolescence. I took a long extended break from writing fanfiction and focused on Moderating and Administrating a Gantz Roleplay Forum for 5 long years! There I modded some great roleplays that really appealed to a lot of members. I soon realized that I might have a knack for writing. So I decided to put on my Writing Fedora and focus on an interesting challenge. The challenge is to use the plot and some of the characters from our roleplays and use it to write a Gantz story with just Original Characters. I've spent months outlining plot and characters. I've also spent a lot of time researching Gary Stus and Mary Sues and I think I'm pretty confident I can pull this off without the Canon Characters and still keep the occassional reader interested. Even if you aren't a Gantz Anime/Manga fan, feel free to read on, because I plan to provide a little of this and a little of that - hopefully providing a story that all readers can enjoy.

Let me know what you think, and BE HONEST!

Title: Second Chances


Fandom: GANTZ (Anime/Manga)

Rating: M

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Summary: She knew her brother kept a lot of secrets; it was his way of always protecting her. However, she'd soon find out that this was the understatement of the century. Very few knew the circumstances behind his death, and her obsession with finding the truth, may very well lead to one of universe's most darkest secrets. Aliens do exist, and her and her team would fight to remedy that. Atleast that was the theory anyways.

Cass!edit: Added.

10/28/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #22
Morta's Priest

Title:Death Shall Have No Dominion

Fandom: Harry Potter

Length/Chapters:Currently 9, about 90,000 words.

How long has it been posted?:Updated: 10-31-11 - Published: 6-7-11

How many reviews does it have?:66 at time of writing.

Characters/pairings:Hints of possible future Harry/Luna, though none for Harry at the moment. Ron/Hermione in the background.

Summary:"You are cordially offered a position in the Department of Mysteries." The Ministry of Magic offers Harry a most unusual privilege - but as all things on the ninth level of the Ministry, nothing is as it seems. Unspeakable!Harry story with the majority of the story taking place in and around that mysterious group called the Unspeakables. There are rumours of an even more secretive organization that even the Ministry doesn't know about, and Voldemort's influence reaches far wider than the Minister dared to believe. (Features significant amounts of Moody, Luna, some Draco and a considerable number of Canon OCs.)

Link:Death Shall Have No Dominion

Cass!edit: Fic is no longer under-reviewed.

11/1/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #23
Karen Cullen Grey


Title:Heart Break New Moon



How long has it been posted?:March 32001

How many reviews does it have?:121

Characters/pairings:Edward and Bella, Canon pairings

Summary:Edward already had broken up with Bella in the beginning, so he does something to win her back. However will their new found relationship last? Some one new shows up to Forks High School and automatically shows interest in Bella. Well the new person succeed in breaking the duo up? To find out please read!


Cass!edit: RR'd.

11/4/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #24

Title: Tick Tock

Fandom: Naruto

Length/Chapters: 2 chapters, 5457 words (WIP)

How long has it been posted?: just shy of 2 weeks

How many reviews does it have?: 2

Characters/pairings: Gaara and Sakura

Summary: "The existence of ugliness is necessary for beauty to bloom," He said. His words lingered. The space between them seemed to shrink. Sakura found herself tracing the mark on his forehead. Could she really fall in love in the midst of destruction?


I actually have chapter 3 finished and am working on chapter 4. I just want to be one chapter ahead at all times. I would really appreciate some love for this story. At this point, maybe even hate. Actually, no, no hate. Keep that to yourself. It will crush me. ;p

Cass!edit: RR'd.

11/4/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #25

Here I go...

Title: Gundam Seed: Divided Loyalties

Length/Chapters: 316651 words; 31 chapter and still couting

How long has it been posted: 09.09.2007. yeah, it's old.

How many reviews? 148 (approx. 5 per chapter)

Characters/parings: ... a lot

Summary: A crossover fanfic between Gundam Seed and Armored Core. What makes this story unique is that it requires very little, if any, knowledge about Armored Core universe. I write with the assumption that the reader doesn't know anything about Armored Core.


Cass!edit: Added.

11/11/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #26

OK, so I've never done this, but I thought I'd try it/

Title: Erm, can I recommend my whole trilogy? Die Another Day, The Frayed Ends of Sanity, and Miles to go...three stories, but they all go together. I hope that's OK.

Fandom: seaQuest

Length/Chapters: Die Another Day-38 chapters, 78,570 words; The Frayed Ends of Sanity-20 chapters, 55,084 words; Miles to Go-30 chapters, 86,613 words

How long has it been posted? Die Another Day, published 5/23/11, The Frayed Ends of Sanity, published 6/21/11, Miles to Go, published 7/22/11

How many reviews does it have? Die Another Day: 86, The Frayed Ends of Sanity: 33, Miles to Go: 42

Character pairings: Kristin and Nathan mainly...a few others too

Summary: The whole trilogy begins in between the first and second season. Kristin visits her daughter, Cynthia in the Bahamas and becomes entangled with the drug lord, Alexander Mangos. Can seaQuest save the day? In The Frayed Ends of Sanity, Nathan finds his son Robert in an unlikely place. When his loyalty to his family falters, who will suffer? And in Miles to Go, can the Bridger family stay together? Or will they go their separate ways?


Character pairings:

Cass!edit: Can't add more than one story per archive per author.

11/16/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #27
Shia F

Title: 911

Fandom: Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Length/Chapters: 2

How long has it been posted?: Dec. 7

How many reviews does it have?:12

Characters/pairings: Percabeth

Summary:AU. Percy and Annabeth has been best friends since first grade. A certain explosion causes them to be orphans causing them to be even closer

than ever before. Slight Percabeth.


Cass!edit: RR'd.

12/11/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #28

Title: Konoha's Lucky Fox

Fandom: Naruto

Length/Chapters: Chapters: 5 - Words: 45,162

How long has it been posted?: since October 5th of 2010

How many reviews does it have?: 8

Characters/pairings: nothing really mentioned yet, slight hinting, but have planned for.....Naru/Saku, Kiba/Hina, Shika/Tema.....and many more.

Summary:Almost four years after the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto comes across a situation that will change his life forever. Just what happens when he listens to the Kyuubi's suggestion on his way home from a mission? Together they just may have made a new force to be reckoned with in an unlikely form. Now with someone new by his side, he has to prepare himself and his new companion for whatever threatens to jeopardize the world. Little is known about this new organization or what they're striving for when all they do is leave a trail of death and chaos? Are there any underlying plans to their actions or do they just wish to wreak havoc upon the Elemental Nations? What could they truly be hiding, and what does it have to do with the ruined temples of the past? With this new threat to the peace that blankets the land; how will the ninjas of the Joint Shinobi Army react to an attack on what they all stood for in the last war? Fallow as Naruto and others try to piece together what they are truly up against before it's too lateā€¦


Cass!edit: RR'd.

12/28/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #29
Sir Areis Lionheart

Title: Army of Legend Volume I & Army of Legend Volume II

Fandom: Crossover of several different series

Length/Chapters: Volume I has 100, Volume II has 18

How Long Has It Been Posted: A couple of months

How many reviews: 0 for both

Characters/pairings: Great Commander Alex Vaughn, Commander Piermont, Commander Rapid, Sergeant Major Crash Bandicoot

Summary: The chronicled adventures of the Terminator Militia, an army of some of the most fantastical characters one could possibly imagine.

Link: Volume I:

Link: Volume II:

Cass!edit: Can't add both stories to the archive.

12/30/2011 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/31/2012 #30
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