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Wendy Brune

Hey, y'all. As announced, we are loosely looking for at least one forum moderator. (Please review the RLt handbook to remind yourself of the duties of a forum moderator.) Because quite a few of you were interested, I'm just going to post the application here where anyone can see it.

Current Deadline: October 1st, 2012

11/7/2011 . Edited 10/10/2012 #1
Wendy Brune

RLT Forum Moderator Application


Pen name:

Age (general):

Time zone:

1.) What strengths could you bring to the modding team at the RLt? What weaknesses would you bring, as well? (Everyone has weaknesses.)

2.) What experience do you have in moderating on the internet? This is not limited to Feel free to provide links, though they aren't required.

3.) What makes you stick out as the best candidate?

4.) What would you do in the following situations?

---A.) User A keeps linking and mentioning their stories, as well as other stories, in the Randomness.

---B.) User A continually taunts User B in what started out as a joke. Everyone is getting uncomfortable.

---C.) There's a situation on the forum, and you and the only other moderator online at the moment don't agree on the best course of action.

---D.) A newbie comes to the forum, but no one pays him or her much attention.

5.) What could the RLt as a forum and community improve on? What are some ideas you have for the forum?

6.) How much time do you reasonably think you could be online/devote to the RLt per week?

7.) Have you read through the rules listed here? (Yes/no works fine!)

11/7/2011 . Edited 11/7/2011 #2
Gentle Kiss

Name: Crissy

Pen name: Gentle-Kiss

Age (general): 15

Time zone: Eastern

1.) My strength is my willingness to try anything! My weakness is... well... I can only come on every other weekend. Ah, I apologize.

2.) I'm a mod in a few chatrooms. That's it. e.e

3.) I love everyone and will treat eveyone equally. Oh! And despite the fact that I can't come on often, I'll try my hardest to contribute to the forum as much as I can. :3

4.) What would you do in the following situations?

---A.) First, they'd get a warning. Most of the time, people don't really know what they're doing is against the rules. If they continue, however, they should have a temporary ban.

---B.) Have User A reread the Forum Handbook. I don't take bullying lightly, so if they continue, they too should get a temporary ban.

---C.) We can always meet halfway! Two minds are better than one, and I'm sure if there's a problem and two mods work together, it'll be a lot easier to fix. :3

---D.) Read a few of their fanfics (if they have any), review, and recommend that they contribute to the forum in order to get noticed.

5.) You guys are doing a great job! I can't think of much. ._. I'm very sorry. I have no brains!

6.) Every other weekend. ._. I'm very sorry!

7.) Yes!

9/30/2012 #3
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