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Wendy Brune

Need some help writing your new story? Seeking for a search method less impersonal than the site's beta system? Fill out the following form, and if there are any applicable betas lurking about, maybe they'll ping over a PM!

*Note that we do not guarantee beta services, nor is this an official, organized services of this forum! However, you might find some kind people willing to help!*






Length: (Will you need help with a multi-chaptered fic, or this a one time thing?)

Any other information?: (Remember, the more you include here, the more likely you'll get a beta who can really help you!)

Update as of 3/10/15:

Looking for a cheerleader? Someone to help you along with this story, someone to vent to, someone to give you some tips of the trade? Give a shout out here!

2/9/2012 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 3/10/2015 #1

So I decided to give this thread a shot, even though no one else seems to be using it.

Name: "Him Whom My Soul Loves"

Fandom: X-Men: First Class

Genre: Romance

Characters: Erik/Charles

Length: 560 word oneshot

Rating: (mild) M

Any other information?: In case you haven't figured it out, yes, this is slash (of the Cherick variety). If slash really isn't your thing, you probably won't even want to read the story let alone beta it, because the entity of the story is just Erik and Charles naked in bed together kissing and quoting love poetry. So it's not even funny slash or angsty one-sided slash like you may have read by me. It's just basically unapologetic lovey-dovey fluffy slash. Consider yourself warned. :P Now for the actual important stuff: What I need in a beta is basically someone who can read through it for any obvious spelling or grammatical errors that my spelling/grammar check didn't catch and also point out any words or phrases that just sound awkward or whatever.

3/3/2012 . Edited 3/3/2012 #2

I have a little free time, if it's just 560 words I can probably get it back to you this weekend! I don't really know the fandom (yet.... the movie is on my list!) but slash doesn't bother me a bit :)

ETA: I completed Rosa's beta today. I'm open for drabbles or short one-shots. :) (I've never set up my beta profile on FFN but I beta a lot on Harry Potter sites.)

3/3/2012 . Edited 3/4/2012 #3

Name:"The Intruder".


Genre:Erm, comedy. I hope.

Characters:Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura and an 'intruder'.

Length:It's about 1,500 words.


Any other information?: So I've just written this first chapter for a new story, and I wanted to get it checked over because I have a tendency to ramble and make un-funny jokes. Would be a great help if someone could read over it for me! (:

3/6/2012 #4

If you don't mind that I know nothing about the fandom I can take a look at it. :)

3/7/2012 #5

If anyone ever needs, I can always look over someone's work too. I beta for a lot of people, and I'm pretty good and spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Slash doesn't really turn me off, so that can be a plus too. If it's characterizations you need help in, I suppose I would need to know your fandom. But, I do know a lot. I guess all I can tell you is anyone who is looking, PM me anytime and I'll see what I can do to help you. Also, to let you know, I give my betas first priority, which mean if I agree to help you, you get your story back within 72 hours (usually 24 though). I don't believe in making people wait for their stories/chapters, so I think that's a plus. So, if you need help, just ask. :)

3/7/2012 #6

Name: Spring Fever - it's for the Spring themed Collab.

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts.

Genre: Romance I'd say.

Characters: Axel and Roxas.

Length: About a 2700 word oneshot.

Any other information?: It's pretty much a lovey-dovey oneshot that I need a second opinion on - since I don't usually right romance. Basically I'd love someone to make suggestions as to what they think could be done better or what doesn't work; little things like that. Also to fix my horrible grammer and sentence structure :p I'm not in a rush to get it back - granted it needs to be back at least before the 13th of April so I can still submit it.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Just let me know if you interested. :D

3/20/2012 . Edited 3/20/2012 #7

Hey Ash, I just signed up as a beta through FFN's system, my beta profile is a complete and utter mess at the moment since FFN hates me today but you can see it through my profile :) I can take one-shots up to 3,000 words. (one month turnaround time does not apply to RLT-ers unless I am super busy) PM me!

EDIT: All done with Ash's piece. My beta slot is open for up to 3,000 words. Springtime collab pieces fit nicely in there :)

3/20/2012 . Edited 3/23/2012 #8
Esther Huffleclaw

Name: Esther

Fandom: Star Wars

Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort (I guess...)

Characters: Luke, Leia, Anakin, Han

Length: Multi-chapter

Any other information? Would like a beta who is quite familiar with the fandom. Don't really need a lot of help with grammar/spelling. Would like someone to make sure I have everyone in character and that the writing flows well.

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #9

Esther, I'm good with the original trilogy / post original trilogy timeline. I can't really commit to being a full time beta on a long format story (I have two Harry Potter stories I'm already full time betaing on HPFF) but I can be a "consulting beta" for plot / character stuff :)

3/25/2012 #10
Esther Huffleclaw

That would be perfect, Siri. I don't really need help with grammar and spelling, and I probably will go long periods between chapters.

3/25/2012 #11
:). You can set up a docx connection whenever you have a chapter ready or pm me :).
3/25/2012 #12

Name: Nothing But The Rain (tentatively)

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica: 2003 (tv show)

Genre: Angst / Spiritual

Characters: Lee/Kara

Length: no longer than 2000 words I imagine. Spring Collab. :)

Other info: Takes place at the same time as last year's collab piece, Remembrance, but with a different set of characters. Post series finale. Familiarity with the fandom is not necessary but if you do want to watch it spoiler free someday, stay away ;). I just need another pair of eyes to pick out any mechanical errors (who, me?! ;) ) and check for general readability and sense-making :). Its not actually quite done but it should be by the weekend.

Thanks so much awesome RLTers!

3/28/2012 #13

I can look it over for you, Siri. I'll PM you with my e-mail, if that's OK. :)

3/28/2012 #14

Name: "Because"

Fandom: Supernatural

Genre: poetry

Characters: Cas, Dean, Sam

Length: 65 words

Any other information?: Basically, I just need someone to look it over for any spelling/unintentional grammar mistakes. Also, it would very much help if the person has seen Supernatural 7.17 because of spoilers.

(Friggin' poem!fic pored pretty much fully formed into my brain right when I was about to fall asleep, and I just *know* I would have forgotten it ALL if I hadn't bloody typed the whole thing out right away instead of SLEEPING like I should be doing..../grumpy /my brain is evil)

4/8/2012 #15

Spoilers don't matter for me because realistically, I probably will never get that far into Supernatural -- plus I've been spoilered already by friends on other forums! hehe. Anyway, I'd be happy to take a look at this for you, Rosa, PM me or just send me the DocX if you'd like (I think we still have a connection up!)

4/8/2012 #16

Name:Nietzsche Can Wait



Characters:Tim O'Neill and others

Length: It's not quite written yet, but probably 2000, give or take. It's a one-shot.


Any other information?: This is a birthday fic for a friend, so I just need someone to look over for typos, puncutation, and grammar erroris. And, I need it back this week because I want to post it by Friday. So, I plan on writing it up today or tomorrow. So, if anyone would be able to look it over, please let me know. Much appreciated. :)

4/9/2012 #17

Hey darkin! I'll take a look! I'll set up a DocX connection and you can go ahead and send it to me. Looking forward to it!

4/10/2012 #18

Thankies. :) It's only half-written at the moment, but I should have it finished by the end of the day (working on a chapter for someone I beta for at the moment). Anyway, the person that it is for is rather a stickler for perfection, so I want perfection. :) I have no idea how to use Docx, but I'll figure it out. PM me or I'll PM you...Thanks again. :D

4/10/2012 #19




Characters:Nikki Storm [OC, Illusion], Clint Barton [Hawkeye]

Length:Finished, 6 chapters

Any other information?:Even though it's finished, I'm worried about it, since it's going to be part of a book I'm writing. The plot and developing characters are what need some help. Any other helpful feedback will help and be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!

4/23/2012 #20

Name: Undecided, but I'm leaning towards "A Jewish Fistfighter in Panem"

Fandom: Hunger Games

Genre: Action/drama

Characters: OC (spoiler alert! He's a Jewish fistfighter)

Length: Multi chapter

Any other information?: being in Afghanistan (hi, by the way!), writing opportunities are constrained. I'd like help kicking around ideas in regards to plot development and writing style. Spellchecking also useful. Ideally, a basic working knowledge of the series, please. You don't need to have a PHD in it, just having read the books would do.

4/28/2012 #21
The Bitter Kitten

I'd be into that, McJunker.

4/28/2012 #22
wonderful! doc-x work for you? I've already set up the connection on my end.
4/29/2012 #23
The Bitter Kitten

Yup! added you~

4/29/2012 #24
Wendy Brune

Totally spamming this thread to say I want to read this, McJunker. It sounds different, but I know you can pull it off!

4/29/2012 #25

I'm still a first time writer but i really want my fan fic finished, though im stil at the middle and could use help developing plot. my last chapter was basiclly spinning its wheels so da speak

Name:Dragon Eye

Fandom: My litlte pony FIM

Genre: adventure

Characters: (main character) Mark Mars (unicorn)- antagonist

Length: its multi chapter

Any other information?: summary - Mark after receiving a strange bracelet gets teleported to Equestria being transformed into a dragon in the process, little does he know that he is involved in something that could end in disaster.) as of last ive had troulbe coming up with ideas to make plot elements smooth. and character dev too need help there.

5/2/2012 #26

Name: Guilt (though title is subject to change)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Genre: Angst

Characters: Petunia Dursley

Length: One shot

Additional details: Summary~ Petunia Dursley feels saddend over the loss of her sister Lily. She realises that she no longer has a sister and her chances at making amends has been taken away from her. Weill focus on the main feelings of Petunia because come on, even sisters who hate each other feel saddened if their sister is dead.

I need a beta to make sure I don't have any plot holes, grammatical errors, and because I am notorious for repeating myself within my stories, I need somebody to check that over as well.

~Additional Notes~ The story is going to be revised and edited... I think I am going to rewrite certain details. Those interested in seeing the original to tell me in advance what I need to work on can take a look at it (in its original text) on my ficwad account that will be posted below:

5/3/2012 #27

Lil, is this something you need back quickly? IF not, can take a look at it after I complete some other beta chapters I have waiting -- I can't get the ficwad link to work though :)

5/6/2012 #28

That is okay Siri. I am rewriting it because I was not happy with the original. I will give it to you via docX when you have some time and when I am finished the story.

Thank you so much! When I had it posted I think I started a trend of Petunia feeling guilty for what she did ;-) though perhaps not...

5/6/2012 #29
Great, Let's set up a docx connection :). I've written about Petunia's regrets as well, there is so much unexplored territory with her! :)
5/6/2012 #30
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