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Oh hey, just because I want to brag...that Avengers Movie Poster Mashup that my brother made with my idea? This one here: It was picked as one of the favs by the site ( for that theme. So yeah. Go me. Woot. My idea rocks so much. :D

4/29/2012 #91
Sassmaster Omega 620

Oh hey, just because I want to brag...that Avengers Movie Poster Mashup that my brother made with my idea? This one here: It was picked as one of the favs by the site ( for that theme. So yeah. Go me. Woot. My idea rocks so much. :D

That awesome Rosa! Congrats to you and your brother!!! Speaking of Avengers I'm going to see the midnight premire on Thursday night! So excited for the awesomeness! Congrats again!! =)

4/30/2012 #92

Yay Rosa! Ha haaaa, I loved that poster! Great job Rosa's brother and of course Rosa, the power behind the Photoshop. :)

5/1/2012 #93

I have unsubscribed from forums because of studies. Will still pop in, but no replies on my mail.

Hence, if it is something important, send me a PM.

5/2/2012 #94
being my first fan fic im having trouble making speak flow nicely. if you can give me tips pm them to me i could love the help
5/3/2012 #95

Hi, zuberic! This isn't exactly the thread you're looking for - this thread is for announcements, not requests for writing help. You might find posting in this one Fanfiction Brainstorming & Discussion or this one Help Wanted: I need a beta! to be more helpful.

5/3/2012 #96

Fellow Sherlockian author Aleine Skyfire has created a TVtropes page for Ghost Map! Aleine is an amazing author herself and I am so impressed with what she's done for me!

5/14/2012 . Edited 5/14/2012 #97

Wow, Giry! That's fantastic =D congrats, dear!

5/15/2012 #98

I just saw this. Apparently, the FFN changes messed with my forum alerts. Anyway, that's awesome, Madame. So happy for you!

5/16/2012 #99

For the next six weeks I will not be on at all. I am taking a hiatus as I catch up on schoolwork for virology prep.

Also depending on my decision as to whether or not I want to move to Canada early, it may take the whole month of July before I return full time.

5/17/2012 #100


So, you've heard me mention her many times but I feel a need to give a general announcement regarding Aleine Skyfire.

I would like to bring her current Sherlock Holmes WIP to the attention of the RLt. She is working on a novel, the first in a series, entitled Mortality. This is a piece of incredible writing. She has completely captured the spirit of Doyle canon and it is truly exquisite.

But, for quite a few chapters now, she has been receiving an average of 2 review per chapter. She deserves better. I'm not going to add it to the archives because she already has a piece in the WIP archive. But I would highly encourage anyone who is remotely familiar with the Sherlock Holmes fandom to check her out. She has a lovely balance of angst, h/c, friendship, a bit of Mary/Watson romance, and much more.

Thank you.

/gets down from podium

5/17/2012 #101
Sailor Pluto
I have a brand new forum called Moonlight Showers. General forums page 949
5/17/2012 #102

I'd like to announce that I'm about to go on hiatus for personal reasons. I'm fine, but I won't be around the forums or checking my PMs until a week from today (Wednesday)

Y'all had better behave while I'm gone! XD

5/23/2012 #103

Take care of yourself, Madame. I'll miss you. Love you, darling.

5/23/2012 #104

Have a good week and we'll miss you Madame!

5/23/2012 #105

Byeeee, Giry! -hugs- see you soon, love!

5/24/2012 #106

As you're all aware of, I am leaving the site for personal reasons as well. This is just a reminder to those of you (and myself) that I am taking a hiatus until after June 25. If I am not on until July it is quite possible that I am not returning to the site at all. I am extremely busy with schoolwork that needs to get done and real life problems that have now set in.

As such, my stories are on hiatus but as is pointed out on my profile a few Harry Potter challenges will be posted whenever I get the chance to write them out.

Thanks for your time everybody and lets hope that I can spend my time wisely for the weeks to come!


5/24/2012 #107

My computer is slowly fighting its way back from the great hard drive in the sky (I had to send it in for servicing), so for an undetermined period of time (especially over the holiday weekend) I'll have to use my iPod, which means no story updates (as if they were frequent before) no review tag, and limited chatting.


(This is The Bitter Kitten)

5/24/2012 #108
Wendy Brune

I just died. XD

5/24/2012 #109

I don't think I've mentioned this before, and I doubt anyone would just know it unless a body happened to read my monstrosity of a profile, or clicked my homepage link, but in addition to reading, writing, and reviewing here, I also post DVD reviews (mostly) at a site called Lunch.

So after a very long hiatus, I just posted a review on a Japanese-Russian collab OVA called First Squad: Moment of Truth. If anyone is curious, you can find it linked below. (Sorry, I don't think they have a link shortener, and yes stormtamer is me) Also, any comments can be directed to me here in a PM or in Randomness (I guess?). No need to sign up there, this is just a PSA of sorts. :)

5/27/2012 #110
CF Vici

My first original novel (part 1 of a trilogy) is currently on sale for 99 cents in most ebook formats. This book will be on sale until June 11 at which time I am pulling from all retailers except Amazon, so it can go into the Select/Prime program. However, that will mean folks who need Nook or other formats can't get it for 90 days. Thus the huge sale now.

The paperback of my second book is currently on super-sale on Amazon for only $3.84. No telling if that will last. The ebook of this was a finalist in the Global Ebook Awards last year. It's also on Smashwords if you need ebook other than Kindle.

No discounts yet on the third book as it only came out in March, but if you like the series and leave me reviews on the first two books in a public venue such as Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, Shelfari, or Smashwords, I will send you a review ebook of the third novel for free. PM or email me for a coupon code.

The series is fantasy, but weird. It doesn't revolve around quests or saving the world. No magic, no unicorns, no dragons. It's more of a Sword Opera with the protags being a slave and a duke in a roughly Renaissance-type setting. Some romance in the first book, but NOT anything like genre romance. If you love Harlequin, you will be disappointed. Free sample chapters are on my website and also available as downloads on Smashwords.

I used to use the teaser, "What if Prince Charming married the Wicked Stepmother before he ever met Cinderella?" but that made too many people think it was meant for kids and it most definitely is meant for adults.

Oh, and just one thing: Book Reviews are supposed to help prospective readers decide whether or not to buy a book. Changes cannot be made after a book is published. I am stuck with all my mistakes and there are plenty as I wrote the first book over 12 years ago. You are of course free to say whatever you like, but just know that criticism on Amazon has far more repercussions than criticizing a chapter/story on ffnet. That said, I DO appreciate book reviews, even ones that are less than stellar. However, most public sites don't give me a way to tell my reviewers thanks, so I have to just say thanks in advance, or, if you let me know privately that you wrote a review, I will thank you that way.

Questions? PM me or use the email button/link on

5/30/2012 #111
The Death Frisbee

Hi. I know I just got here, but the internet guy doesn't come to the new house (!) until Friday, and I'm flying out Saturday night, so in the event I don't remember to post this:

I will be in London from June 02-23. I'll probably still be here and there, but sparse in comparison on the boards for the next few weeks, and on UK time (BST). Stay tuned for pictures and the like!

5/30/2012 #112

I just want to vouge that Vici's books are awesome! Please check them out!

/plugging for one of my favorite writers. :)

5/30/2012 #113

Bookmarking Vici's site :)

June 1-3 I will be offline due to camping in wilderness :)

5/30/2012 #114

I just wanted to let everyone know that since my children are now out of school, my time on this forum will dwindle. I'll still pop in when I can, but don't worry if you don't see me for a few days either.

6/1/2012 #115

I just wanted to let everyone know that since my children are now out of school, my time on this forum will dwindle. I'll still pop in when I can, but don't worry if you don't see me for a few days either.

Noted and understandable. Only one of my kids is in school, but when he's out of school (which will be happening June 27), I'll also have less time on here. Heck, I've had less time in the last few weeks anyway. But yeah.

6/1/2012 #116
Cerulean City

Yesterday I found out I was voted team member of the month!

/had to share

6/3/2012 #117

Yesterday I found out I was voted team member of the month!

Congrats! :D

My announcement:

I have been playing Skyrim again, so that's been eating up all my time. XD I'm only really mentioning this here because any time I'm away for a few days, people start getting worried. So don't worry. )

6/6/2012 #118

So, everyone has heard about the great things of the Alexandre Dumas fanbase and the not so great things from the Alexandre Dumas fanbase. However, today I come to you with some very great news!

A writer who goes by the penname Eclectic Butterfly has finally gotten her first book published and is currently on Amazon. The book's title is called "Emily's Choice". The story doesn't have a description yet so I will post up what she has said to me on a forum:

I designed the cover myself. The picture is from a state park I was at last summer. I took myself. You may tell whomever you wish! Everyone I've told so far has been pretty excited about it. Its the story of an eighteen year old girl in 1815. She meets her new neighbor, Adrian Williams, and then her father says they aren't going to have anything to do with him. When Emily's dad gets sick over on the neighbors property, Emily goes back and forth every day to take care of her father, and she gets to know Mr. Williams. All the while, she's trying to figure out why her dad has such animosity towards Williams.

To those of you interested, check out her book below:

She has worked extremely hard on this book so I hope that anybody who is interested and buys her works that they enjoy it.

6/6/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #119
Justice Tokidoki
Wow, that's awesome! How inspiring! I'm happy for her!
6/6/2012 #120
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