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Wendy Brune

I am so excited to present our first collaboration since 2010. (Yikes.) If you've never participated in one of our collaborations (and unless you were here in 2010, you probably haven't!), I first suggest that you go to The Reviews Lounge, Too profile page and look at our two previous collaborations! And of course, you should be able to find all other information within the text of this thread. Still have questions at the end? Feel free to PM the RLt account or any of the moderators!

Our theme for this collaboration is:Springtime!(Absolutely fitting for this time of year, no?) We talked about setting up a poll, but I counted how many people had agreed/suggested it, and it outweighed the total number of regulars who hadn't had a say. Feel free to take this in any direction you'd like - the skies the limit!

What is a forum collaboration?

The tradition of the collaboration was not invented by us, nor are we only forum to do it. It was started, I believe, by our predecessor, the Reviews Lounge. The basic idea is that a theme or prompt is announced, and everyone claims a character. Everyone submits their piece, and we publish it as one big multi-chaptered story on the RLt profile.

What's up with the claims?

Everyone must claim a character that their contribution will focus on. In general, no double claims are allowed, although it is possible to still include other people's claims in your story. (For example, if I claimed James Potter and you really wanted to write a James Potter/Lily Evans romance, you could claim Lily Evans and still write your romance about the two.) Feel free to get creative; in the "Storybook Beginnings" collab, for example, I claimed a house as my character. XD A group of people does NOT count as a character claim. For example, if you were writing in the Alvin and the Chipmunks fandom, you could not claim the Chipettes. However, you could claim Jeanette and include her sisters in the story.

Can I publish my story on my own account?

The answer is tentatively yes. First, you should be aware that FFN has a rule about stories being posted in more than one place; however, collaborations have always existed on the site and especially in our own past, so it seems like FFN takes a very lax view of this rule. Second, we ask that you wait until your story has been added to the collaboration before posting it to your own profile.

What dates should I know?

March 6th: Claims are now open. Submissions are also now accepted.

March 20th: The collaboration will be posted in order of who has submitted first; all other contributions will be added on a rolling basis thereafter.

April 15th: The last day to submit to the collaboration; after this day, no more submissions will be accepted.

And with that, my friends, feel free to start laying claim now. You do NOT have to write the story before posting your claim; however, if you know in the course of the next month that you will not be able to finish your piece, it's only fair to give notice here so someone else can take your claim if you want.

How can I submit?

Please submit your story in word or textpad format to thereviewsloungetoo (at) gmail (dot) com! If you are unsure about sharing your e-mail with us, feel free to make a new one for free through gmail, yahoo, or any of the other providers. If you are still uncomfortable with sharing e-mails, feel free to PM one of the moderators for alternate ways to submit.

**Important**: Please keep all collab pieces rated Teen or lower.This is simply because if one piece is rated M, the entire collab must be rated M, and we don't want to turn off any potential readers over one submission. If you're unsure of whether your story is okay, feel free to PM me or one of the moderators, and we can discuss it with you. If you really, really want your story to be rated M, PM me and we can discuss the options.




Open Claims List - Claimed but not yet submitted! (Not this does not mean they are available to claim!)

KieranPrince - Yu-Gi-Oh - Ryou Bakura

Shuna - Lilyhammer - Geir "Elvis" Tvedt

Relala - Naruto - Shisui Uchiha

dancingqueensillystring - Doctor Who - Rory

sappy3 - Harry Potter - Hermione Granger

The Bitter Kitten - Boardwalk Empire - Owen Sleator

MadameGiry25 - Sherlock Holmes - Mrs. Hudson

Sloan33 - Inception - Arthur

xoxcrescentmoonxox - Titanic - Rose

Wendy Brune - The Hunger Games - Peeta Mellark

ShadedRogue - Final Fantasy VII - Cloud Strife

Cerulean City - Doctor Who - TARDIS

Christina Bakura - Yu-gi-oh - Yami Bakura

Lily Valens - Cold Case - Frances Campbelll

Ventisquear - Dragon Age - Morrigan

Ky-lassassin - The Hunger Games - Haymitch Abernathy




Submitted Claims List - Claimed and submitted!

Emily Mae - Harry Potter - Morag MacDougal

CelestialSonata7 - Big Time Rush - Logan Mitchell

McJunker- Harry Potter - Voldemort

simon.seville27 - Alvin and the Chipmunks - Simon

darkin520 - seaQuest - Kristen Westphalen

EHWIES - Harry Potter - Pansy Parkinson

Esther A2J - The Lord of the Rings - Éowyn

Inkfire - Skins - Cassie Ainsworth =)

Deity-of-Words - Kingdom of Hearts - Axel

songstar13 - Bleach - Inoue Orihime

Hope the Ghost Writer - Sonic the Hedgehog - Sir Lancelot (Shadow)

SiriuslyPeeved - Battlestar Galactica (2003) - Lee Adama

Rosawyn - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Elim Garak

lazerwolf314 - Flashpoint - Sam Braddock

Challenger2011 - Transformers/Beast Wars - Bumblebee

Sassmaster Omega 620 - Percy Jackson & the Olympians - Demeter




Wendy!mod!edit:Updated as of 3:10pm EST April 14th, 2012

3/6/2012 . Edited by Desktop Warrior, 7/24/2012 #1

Claim - Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks :D (Who saw that one coming?)

3/6/2012 #2

Claim: Kristin Westphalen from seaQuest.

3/6/2012 #3

SiriuslyPeeved - Battlestar Galactica (2003) - Lee Adama

3/6/2012 #4
Emily Mae

Emily Mae - Harry Potter - Morag MacDougal

3/6/2012 #5

KieranPrince - Yu-Gi-Oh - Ryou Bakura (and I'm assuming that Christina is choosing Yami Bakura. Just a heads up, they are two different people).

3/6/2012 #6

Shuna - Lilyhammer - Geir "Elvis" Tvedt

3/6/2012 #7

Relala---Naruto---Shisui Uchiha.

Edit: I changed from Itachi to Shisui. I hope that's okay. Won't happen again.

3/6/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #8

Dancingqueensillystring (Sam)---- Doctor Who---- Rory

3/6/2012 #9
Desktop Warrior

EDIT: I've decided not to participate in the collab, so please disregard this post.

3/6/2012 . Edited 4/4/2012 #10

*glances about shiftily* Am I allowed to answer Rio's question here? I don't want to clutter the thread. Sorry Wendy, if I'm breaking rules!

Anyway, at @Rio, the answer is yes, you're allowed to have side characters and OC's in your story. It's just like how someone can claim James and use Lily, but then someone else can claim Lily and use James. 8)

3/6/2012 #11

The idea is to write a short story with a Springtime theme, right? I'll try

Sappysappysappy - Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter)

3/6/2012 #12
The Bitter Kitten

I claim Owen Sleator of Boardwalk Empire for the Haus of Kitten.

3/7/2012 #13

Claiming Mrs. Hudson from canon Sherlock Holmes.

3/7/2012 #14
Luna Rapunzel

EHWIES - Harry Potter - Pansy Parkinson

EDIT: Changed my claim from Draco to Pansy because yes.

3/7/2012 . Edited 3/15/2012 #15

CLAIM: Elim Garak from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

edit: This is Rosawyn, btw; forgot I was logged in at this account. :P

3/7/2012 . Edited 3/7/2012 #16

Claim: Axel from Kingdom Hearts

3/7/2012 #17

Sloan33- Inception- Arthur

3/7/2012 #18

CelestialSonata7 - Big Time Rush - Logan Mitchell

I've never done this before so I'm sorry if I do something wrong. ^^;

3/7/2012 #19

Oh, I'm so excited about how diverse this fandom list is! In the spirit of that, I think I'll claim Rose from Titanic.

3/7/2012 #20
Wendy Brune

I'm going to claim Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games for a nice little AU. =)

Also, the list has been updated!

3/7/2012 #21
Wendy Brune

**Important**: Please keep all collab pieces rated Teen or lower. This is simply because if one piece is rated M, the entire collab must be rated M, and we don't want to turn off any potential readers over one submission. If you're unsure of whether your story is okay, feel free to PM me or one of the moderators, and we can discuss it with you. If you really, really want your story to be rated M, PM me and we can discuss the options.

3/8/2012 #22
Esther Huffleclaw

Éowyn from The Lord of the Rings.

3/8/2012 . Edited 3/8/2012 #23

Okay. I'm going to do a tentative claim on Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. There is a chance I won't be able to complete the fic, so if someone really, really wants him, just ask.

3/8/2012 #24
Cerulean City

Cerulean City -- Doctor Who -- TARDIS.

3/8/2012 . Edited 3/8/2012 #25
Sassmaster Omega 620

Sassmaster Omega 620--Percy Jackson & the Olympians --Demeter

3/9/2012 #26

McJunker--Harry Potter--Voldemort

3/9/2012 #27

Challenger2011 - Transformers/Beast Wars - Bumblebee

3/9/2012 #28

Christina Bakura - Yu-gi-oh - Yami Bakura (:

3/10/2012 #29
Hope the Ghost Writer

EDIT: I'm changing my mind. No more Sheldon Cooper. XD

Hope the Ghost Writer - Sonic the Hedgehog - Sir Lancelot (Shadow)

3/10/2012 . Edited 3/15/2012 #30
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