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lazerwolf314 - Flashpoint - Sam Braddock

3/10/2012 #31

Inkfire - Skins - Cassie Ainsworth =)

3/15/2012 #32
Lilly Valens

Lily Valens - Band of Brothers - Captain Herbert Sobel

3/15/2012 #33
The Reviews Lounge Too

The Reviews Lounge, Too proudly presents...

Sweet Spring Is Your Time, the springtime RLt collaboration! We currently have five great stories posted, but more will be on the way. (Remember, you do still have time to claim and contribute!) Please leave them a review, but especially if you have submitted or plan to submit yourself!

Important Notice: After examining the TOS (i.e. the terms of service we all agree to when posting), I no longer believe the original loop-hole that allowed us to re-post collab pieces on our profiles exist. The site specifically states: "Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions." You will be breaking the rules if you post your collab piece on your profile. I'm leaving it up to you on whether you want to take the risk or not, but please be especially aware. (I, personally, do not plan to post my piece on my own profile.)

3/20/2012 #34

Yep, I read and reviewed all available chapters (except would have been weird.). But, yes, the stories posted so far are awesome. Read and review, people; read and review. :D

3/21/2012 #35
The Bitter Kitten

Because my idea for Owen is tipping dramatically into the M rating, I'm switching my claim to Violet from American Horror Story.

3/25/2012 #36
Wendy Brune

Just quickly letting you know that FIVE NEW STORIES have been added to Sweet Spring Is Your Time, the springtime RLt collaboration! Don't forget to read and review!

3/25/2012 #37

Well, I read the whole post, and I was just wondering what the prompt for the collaboration is, if there is indeed a prompt.

EDIT: Wow. I must be tired. The theme is spring. How silly of me. Anyway, I'll probably stake a claim in the near future, but I'll just come back and edit this post when I do so.

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #38

The prompt is springtime.

4/1/2012 #39

songstar13 - Bleach - Inoue Orihime

Edit: Dang. Forgot that I was gonna just edit the other post...Oh well.

4/2/2012 . Edited 4/2/2012 #40

Is it still possible to participate? If yes, I claim Morrigan from Dragon Age. :)

4/3/2012 #41
Wendy Brune

Definitely! I just haven't updated the list in a while because of laziness. =)

4/3/2012 #42

Can I claim Haymitch from THG? Thanks~

4/4/2012 #43
Wendy Brune

Most definitely! I will update the list...not today. =) But soon. One day. Maybe.

4/4/2012 #44
Hope the Ghost Writer

I just submitted my collab piece! :D

4/6/2012 #45

Okey dokey, I just sent mine in as well! A bazillion thanks to Darkin for beta-reading :)

4/6/2012 #46

You're very welcome, Siri. It was my pleasure. :D

4/6/2012 #47


4/6/2012 . Edited 4/13/2012 #48
Hope the Ghost Writer

Could I have Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games, please? :3

OH MY GOD. Expect me to be all fangirl-ish over your piece. ^3^

4/7/2012 #49
Sassmaster Omega 620

Sent in my collab! I was so happy to finally finish!


4/10/2012 #50
Lilly Valens

I wasn't able to get my piece to flow and work the way I wanted it to, so I've changed my claim to Frances Campbell from Cold Case.

4/10/2012 #51
Wendy Brune

That's fine.


Due to general stress on my part and what seems to be many others, the collab has been extended ten days, to April 25. If you could send in your piece by then, it'd be much appreciated. Additionally, the collab WILL be updated tomorrow with anything sent it since the last update. I'd do it today, but I'm honestly so tired and brain dead I'd just mess something up.

4/12/2012 #52
The Reviews Lounge Too

Everything that has been submitted thus far has been added! Review, review, review! ...seriously, especially if you submitted, you should review.

Also, the claims list has been updated and sorted to reflect who has submitted their pieces. Just because someone has not submitted does not mean their claims are up for grabs. Thanks!

4/14/2012 #53
Lilly Valens

Appreciate the extension. Life's been crazy lately!

4/15/2012 #54
Cerulean City


4/23/2012 #55

I've reviewed about half and expect to post reviews for the rest this week :) So enjoying myself! Y'all are a talented bunch of scribes!

4/24/2012 #56
The Bitter Kitten

finally, finally submitted!

and now to review!

4/24/2012 #57
Cerulean City

-waves frantically-

I'm going to bump this because I'm wondering where the rest of the stories be because I want to READ them.

5/4/2012 #58
Lilly Valens
I think I submitted mine on time.
5/4/2012 #59
Wendy Brune


5/6/2012 #60
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