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Ugh, if we need to PM you or Wendy, what's the point of this thread?

I'm not sure, and I hope Wendy doesn't get upset about that; it's just, we need e-mails to send the invites...

6/1/2012 #31
CF Vici

I for one, have absolutely no problem with giving out my email. It's pasted all over my website and Facebook and when FFN used to let us put it on our profiles, mine was there too. Tell you what: as soon as I get an invite, I will delete this post. If it's still here, I still want one.

cfvici at AOL dot com

6/1/2012 #32

I'm not sure, and I hope Wendy doesn't get upset about that; it's just, we need e-mails to send the invites...

-headdesk- I have no problem giving my e-mail. I'll send you and Wendy both a problem. But again, I really want it to be fair. As much as I want an invite, I don't want it bad enough where someone who posted before me gets left out.

Thank you.

6/1/2012 #33
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic

Actually, you can PM the invites still. The thing is, you just copy-paste the code proper, and AO3 provides a URL template (that I somehow missed earlier) for you to send the link.

This is where I got it from:

EDIT: Err, it could help if I provided the template, too. It's[YOURINVITATIONCODE]

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #34

I would like one, should anyone get around to me. :3

6/1/2012 #35

I would love to have an invite. I'd like to try it out.

6/1/2012 #36

I'd like an invite as well, if possible. :)

6/1/2012 #37

From Wendy:

[3:56:21 PM] Wendy: -le sigh- This is what happens when people jump in trying to help. (Not that I blame you Accidentally, as I know you were just trying to do a good thing.) Rachel and I had a system already discussed, and if anyone with invites wants to use this thread, we ask that they join our system.

I thought we could try first come first serve, but that wouldn't be fair because of time zones. Here's the plan: after a few days when everyone has had a chance to respond, we will randomize the order list of who gets an invite first. We should be able to request more, so everyone will get one eventually - it just might take a week or two.We'll PM you for your emails once it's your turn on the list.

(If you request one after the list has been made, you'll just be added to the end. That's the only fair way.)

That was the original plan, and that's how we're going to carry on doing it. If anyone has any complaints, feel free to let me know; however, I think this is the fairest way, factoring in time zones, etc.

Also, give Rachel some lovin' for posting this for me!

6/1/2012 #38

I already said this in randomness, but I'll say it again. Thank you, Wendy and Marsy, for coming up with a solution for this. This is something I can live with, not just some random person going through and picking and choosing people. I guess I can see where timezones would be a problem, so that's understandable. Darkin is no longer annoyed.

Hugs and love buckets for the both of you. :)

6/1/2012 #39

Once I've gotten my invite, I have no problem helping out as well. If it is still needed, that is.

/could end up being the last person invited

6/1/2012 #40

Accidentally the Whole Fanfic, we know you were trying to help, and we're thankful for that!

But we can't find your introduction in the last two months, and no one seems to remember you. If you're planning to continue posting, please introduce yourself. :)

6/1/2012 #41

I don't have problem helping out either. :)

6/1/2012 #42
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic

Whoops, sorry! I kinda overlooked the intro thing in all the flurry... I'll go take care of it right away.

6/1/2012 #43

If you have any invites available, please PM me with how many you have. :)


I don't have problem helping out either. :)

You have an AO3?

I'll go take care of it right away.

Thank you!

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #44

What i mean is, that if or when I get an invite, 'll more than happily help with inviting the rest who want one. If there is anyone left at that point. :)

6/1/2012 #45
Wendy Brune


6/1/2012 #46
Lilly Valens

I'll jump in for the random thing if it's still going on.

6/1/2012 #47
Wendy Brune

We'll be making the list tomorrow, June 3rd, so if you're interested, let us know before then!

(Or after, but you'll be at the bottom!)

6/2/2012 #48

I would also appreciate an invite if it's not too much trouble. ( :

6/2/2012 #49

If someone is willing to invite me, that'd be great. Thank you so much! -Pixie

6/2/2012 #50

As far as we know, we have 12 invites to give out. If those who get invites want to get invites to help out, that'd be great!

We need the e-mails of these twelve:

1. The Bitter Kitten

2. darkin520

3. PhoenixPixie23

4. ShadedRouge

5. CF Vici

6. SiriuslyPeeved

7. lilgenius

8. songstar13

9. Sloan33

10. tfclvi

11. MadameGiry25

12. Rosawyn


Sorry for those who aren't on the list! We used

And don't forget, we're trying to get more and some of those who receive invites from us have offered to get some, too!

6/2/2012 #51

I had PMed my e-mail address a few days ago. Do I need to do it again?

And, certainly, I'll get more invites to help too. You guys are the only fanfiction writers I know...who else would I give them to?

6/3/2012 #52

I don't need an invite. I am already on the site. I have invites to give out. Four to be exact... if you need any help just let me know.

6/3/2012 #53
The Bitter Kitten

I sent a PM to Marsy earlier this morning; not sure if I should confirm it here :p

6/3/2012 #54

Do we PM addresses to Marsy or Wendy?

/is confused

6/4/2012 #55

I have received my code from Wendy and can be crossed off the list. Thank you! :)

6/4/2012 #56
We're A Two Shot

If there's any left, I would love one.

6/4/2012 #57
Wendy Brune

Either or, but just pick one. XD

6/4/2012 #58

I've requested 5 more invites. I'll let everyone know when they come through.

6/4/2012 #59
Lilly Valens

Hope I can still keep my name in the pool :) .

6/4/2012 #60
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