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If you a know great quality M-rated story that deserves to be archived in The Reviews Lounge, Too M-Rated Content community, recommend it here! The community is open to all fandoms!

This community accepts both WIPs and one-shots of under-reviewed M-rated stories. To qualify for archiving, the stories must be either:

1. Quality oneshots with less than 20 reviews;

2. Quality twoshots will less than 40 reviews; or

3. Quality chaptered stories with an average of less than 10 reviews per chapter

Regarding the M-rated content of the stories, we have certain rules in place. We ask that all recommendations follow's rules and regulations regarding adult content. This means that:

1. No explicit/MA/NC-17 content. M-rated content can have scenes of an adult nature, providing that the contents are non-explicit and fall within the site's guidelines.

2. Nothing gratuitous. There should be a plot and a purpose to the story. If the story is smut for the sake of smut, and little else, please do not recommend it to the archive.

3. Anything that may qualify as squick or a trigger must be properly labelled. If the story involves sensitive topics, such as rape or abuse, make sure there is a warning.

Please keep in mind that we have a one story per author per fandom rule. Also keep in mind that this thread is for recommending other people's stories; if you would like to recommend your own under-reviewed M-rated story, please do so here.


If you want to recommend a story, here's the form to fill out.




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6/25/2012 . Edited 8/20/2012 #1

Fandom: Super Smash Brothers

Author: Guessworks

Length: one shot/1007

Number of Reviews: 4

Character(s): Marth/Sheik

Summary: Red is a curious color, no? Especially red eyes.

Link: Vermillion

Warning: Torture(?)

Cass!edit: RR'd/added.

6/26/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 6/26/2012 #2

Fandom: seaQuest

Author: CF Vici

Length: 24 Chapters, 103,105 words

Number of reviews: 187

Characters: Nathan Bridger, Kristin Westphalen, Lucas Wolenczak, Wendy Smith, Katie Hitchcock, Ben Krieg, Jim Brody and others

Summary: ELF. Lucas is abducted into a female-dominated colony where the UEO has no jurisdiction and males have no rights. Rated M for adult situations and language. No explicit sex.

Link: Gynocracy

Cass!edit: Added.

6/26/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 6/27/2012 #3

Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: pixileanin

Length: 18 chapters, 87,186 words

Number of reviews: 169

Characters: Serverus Snape, Dorcas Meadowes and others

Summary: Severus Snape has finished Hogwarts and is well into his advanced potions training. Just when he thinks he's finally escaped the wrongs of his past, he gets thrown into a future he wants no part of, all because of the blasted mark on his arm.

Link: Until We Close Our Eyes For Good

Cass!edit: added.

6/26/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 6/26/2012 #4

Fandom: seaQuest

Author: chaos56

Length: 43 chapters, 113,787 words

Number of reviews: 94

Characters: Lucas Wolenczak, Lawrence Wolenczak, Nathan Bridger, Kristin Westphalen, and others

Summary: There are bonds between family, bonds between captives, bonds between abuser and abused.

Warning: References to physical and sexual abuse, but nothing explicit.

Link: Bonds

Cass!edit: RR'd.

6/26/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 6/26/2012 #5

Please keep in mind that we have a one story per author per fandom rule.

Oops...I didn't read the rules until after. My bad.

Does this mean I can't recommend 2 seaQuest stories? Or does that mean I can't recommend two stories from the same author?

/is confuzzled

6/26/2012 #6
The Bitter Kitten

Title: Mother Gothel Searches For Truth

Fandom: Tangled

Author: McJunker

Length:(chapters/words) Oneshot/ 2009

Number of Reviews: 3

Character(s): Mother Gothel, hapless OC

Summary: Mother Gothel deals with an intruder. Horror ensues. One-shot.


Cass!edit: RR'd/added.

6/26/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 6/26/2012 #7

Oops...I didn't read the rules until after. My bad.

Does this mean I can't recommend 2 seaQuest stories? Or does that mean I can't recommend two stories from the same author?

/is confuzzled

Darky, you cannot recommend two seaQuest stories by the same author. You can rec as many seaQuest stories as you want, providing they are by different authors, and you can rec as many stories by the same author, providing they are not from the same fandom. Make sense?

6/26/2012 #8
Luna Rapunzel

MRR RULES we were actually talking about this a few days ago because the rules get messy with crossovers. Basically:

- In each archive, you can only have one story per author per fandom. So if one author writes two seaQuest one-shots, we can only archive one of them; however, if one author writes one seaQuest one-shot and one seaQuest WIP and one seaQuest M-rated fic, we can archive all of them.

- If it's a crossover, we only count that as being half that fandom and allow two "slots" per fandom, if that makes any sense whatsoever. So like if Story A is HP/seaQuest and Story B is Pokémon/seaQuest, we can archive both; if A is HP/seaQuest and B is just seaQuest, we can archive both; if A is HP/seaQuest, B is Pokémon/seaQuest, and C is Pokémon/HP, we can archive all three. But if A is HP/seaQuest, B is Pokémon/seaQuest, and C is Hunger Games/seaQuest, we can only archive two of the three because you only have two available seaQuest "slots."


6/27/2012 #9

Fandom: Gundam Wing/AC

Author: bbybear85

Length (chapters/words): 22/42,870 (Complete)

Number of Reviews: 78 (roughly 3.5 per chapter)

Character(s): Heero Yuy/Relena Peacecraft

Summary: 1xR One way or another, returning home meant going through hell, physically and emotionally...This woman, who embodied beauty, strength and courage...was suddenly incredibly mortal.

Link: Pink Ribbons for Relena

Warnings fo content. Relena finds out she has cancer. This story is about how she, and the people closest to her deal with the emotional turmoil and phsical complications.

Cass!edit: Added to archive!

7/1/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/22/2012 #10

Fandom: Hunger Games

Author: xyadove

Length: 1

Number of Reviews: 9

Character(s): Katniss Everdeen, Foxface

Summary:Katniss braves the thunderstorm to go hunting, leaving Peeta behind in the cave. She has no luck with game, but finds something a little more foxy. PROMPT: Katniss/Foxface, rain Pairing: Foxface/Katniss FEMSLASH.PWP.MATURE.ONESHOT


I admit it, I was feeling very dirty when I read this.

Cass!edit: Fic does not fall within guidelines.

7/1/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 8/22/2012 #11

Cass, you wanted some love to the archive? Here it is ;)

(ohGodIhavenovarietyinmyfavou ritessosorry)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: TuesdayNovember

Length:(chapters/words) one chapter, 7200 words

Number of Reviews: 5

Character(s): the Malfoy and Black families, centred on Lucius, Narcissa and Regulus

Summary: "Oneshot, for the 'rewriting' challenge at xoxLewrahxox's forum. Passion, madness, lies, and betrayal cause the downfall of the houses of Black and Malfoy. AU, extremely dark."

Link: The Difethiad


Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: Anna Scathach

Length:(chapters/words) four chapters, 3284 words

Number of Reviews: 4

Character(s): Draco/Ginny

Summary: "The wine tasted like ashes on her tongue. It was time, time to return to England. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her arms around herself, and, goal firmly in mind, Apparated to the Hogwarts front gates. Written for the DG Forum Fic Exchange - Fall 2011."

Link: An Always Within a Never


Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: Elle Blessingway

Length:(chapters/words) twelve chapters, 30,247 words

Number of Reviews: 47

Character(s): Draco/Astoria, Draco/Ginny

Summary: "In a world where Voldemort won, Draco is one of the Dark Lord's favored. The love of two women will drive him to question who he is and what he has become, but it is betrayal that will set in motion the beginning of the end. Draco/Ginny, Draco/Astoria."

Link: Dark Heart Silhouette


Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: The Psychotic House-Elf

Length:(chapters/words) nine chapters, 20,294 words

Number of Reviews: 50

Character(s): Luna Lovegood

Summary: "Instead of making new friends on the Hogwarts Express in 1995, Luna loses the only one she has. In the lonely year that follows, she discovers just how well the name 'Loony Lovegood' fits her. Insane!Luna. Very dark."

Link: Friends

(Warning: rape in the latest chapter. There's a warning indeed. But the author put it at the bottom. =P)


Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: meanwhiletimely

Length:(chapters/words) nine chapters, 88,718 words

Number of Reviews: 77

Character(s): Bellatrix Black/Voldemort, Bellatrix/Rodolphus, the Black family

Summary: "The wizarding world goes up in flames as Lord Voldemort initiates his first reign of terror...and at his side, a 16-year-old girl named Bella finds freedom in the dark. The untold story of Bellatrix, the Blacks, and the Death Eaters.."

Link: Dark


Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: triquetral

Length:(chapters/words) 32 chapters, 60,507 words

Number of Reviews: 144

Character(s): Ginny Weasley

Summary: "Defiant Ginny falls prey to anorexia after the trauma of the Department of Mysteries. During HBP, but somewhat non-canon. This story is not meant to glamorize EDs, but relate some of their horrors, the frustration of family, and the hope of recovery."

Link: Failure to Thrive

Cass!edit: RR'd/added.

7/4/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 9/4/2012 #12

Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Author: D'Fuentes

Length:(chapters/words) 11 / 26,533

Number of Reviews: 11 (soon to be 12 because this story made me laugh until I cried...)

Character(s): All 4 turtles a very well written OC

Summary: It's Halloween again and Mikey drags his brothers out of the lair with the intent of keeping a long lost tradition. However, as old memories are dug up, a young man finds himself thrown into a nightmarish series of events.

Link: Trick or Treat My Ass

Cass!edit: RR'd

7/22/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 9/4/2012 #13
Akela Victoire

Fandom: Winx Club

Author: lateeda18

Length: 11 chapters, 16,580 words

Number of Reviews: 19

Character(s): Diaspro and Sky

Summary: Diaspro and Sky's story is not told much, and she is usually the villain. But there is much more to their story that no one knows but Diaspro and Sky, who might not know the whole story either.


Cass!edit: RR'd

8/15/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 9/4/2012 #14

I'd read that.

8/27/2012 #15
Indigo Halfmoon Dauntless

Speaking of Kay, her main story is under-reviewed

Fandom: House of Night

Author: KShade

Length: 46 chapters, 82 296 words

Number of Reviews: 212

Character(s): OC's primarily, and Kalona

Summary: Black Fledgling, Rina Fier used to be a Fier. She used to be evil.Hell, she was darkness vented into a concrete form. Then, twenty seven years ago, she fell in love with a human. He died and came back, and she gave up everything to get him to continue. She came here just so she could finally become a Vampyre, and got pulled headfirst into a major shitstorm, because (for once) she used her conscience.

Enter Demi-Lune Ombre . She's a Shadow (More on those later) She's technically not supposed to be alive. When her life is threataned, will she journey to our side of the universe, that of the Lights. And what awaits her here??

Then, there's Stella Goode. Or Former Goode, anyway. She was exiled a few hundred Earth-Years back, because Rina screwed things up for her. She comes to Earth as a favour, and finds herself in love. Or, trying to help someone. But is he beyond help? (Derived from the summary on her profile)

Link: Fire and Ice

warnings: Rape, non-explicit lemons at the end (last chapter, it was sweet, really)

Cass!edit: RR'd.

8/27/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 9/4/2012 #16

Here's a good fic that's good, yet under-reviewed!

Fandom: Harry Potter

Author: PotterAddict1210

Length: Chapters: one-shot, Words: 5,503

Number of reviews: 6

Characters: Harry P. & Blaise Z.

Summary: OneShot. Harry/Blaise. Epilogue compliant. Harry and Ginny's marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be...until Harry starts having an affair with Blaise. How will Harry truly be happy without the true love of his life?


Cass!edit: RR'd.

8/28/2012 . Edited by ShadedRogue, 9/4/2012 #17
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