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The Yet-Unnamed-Challenge...Names are being accepted

Fandom: Any...but prefered are:

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Septimus Heap, Last Dragon Chronicles, The Book Thief, Wicked, anything Wendy Mass, Dragon Rider, Inkheart, Mysterious Benedict Society, Warriors, Pendragon, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Hunger Games.

Just prefered. I will accept any fandom, so write whatever you want.

Issuer of Challenge: Jemi.

Victors: The-Song-of-the-Garden-Gnomes by ckorkows, Engineering-the-Difference by The Death Frisbee

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a fic that meets the following demands:

1) Must be at least 100 words long.

2) Every word has to start with the last letter of the previous word.

Example: Star ride elder riddle elm mother rain nargles slipper...


3) It has to make sense. Don't just type random words like I did.

Good luck! And I will be attempting this too...eventually.

11/9/2012 . Edited 11/12/2012 #31

Create your own character then place them in an position in a one-shot that challenges the human belief of life. This is response to

Fandom: Criminal Minds and/or Blood Plus

Issuer of Challenge: Thunderbird2

Victors: be continued...

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: The character should somehow be connected to the FBI, Red Shield or perhaps a normal person with an ordinary role in life who knows someone connected to either the BAU or the organization. The following should be noted:

1. The antagonist should be a chiropteran with some vague signs of mental illness us human beings are known to live with.

11/12/2012 . Edited 11/12/2012 #32
Great Angemon

Fandom: MacGyver

Issuer of challenge: The ever conceited, and awesome, Great Angemon.

Victors: As of yet, none

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it: Write a decent sequel t my story, Don't Forget About Me. A minimum length of five hundred words, no maximum, but preferred to be less than five thousand. It can be a letter back to Yanna, or an entire journey, where MacGyver goes to Austria.

11/24/2012 #33
Aiko Isari

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Aiko Isari

Victors: LyingOwlLyla, AkuDemyFan, GreatAngemon, ReadingBlueWolf

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write 24 short little fics (between 100-1000 words) for any fandom, any pairing, any rating you'd like, even though up to T would be nice. On the 25th day write a full oneshot (1000-5000 words) to finalize it.

It's like a little advent calendar, mostly for fun. I made a community archive for it. I hope it's not too much for this though... my profile has more details too if you're curious.

11/25/2012 . Edited 1/4/2013 #34

Fandom: Pokemon

Issuer of Challenge: videogamenerd101

Victors: None so far.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a multi-chapter story involving all of the current and past protagonists (Ash, Misty, Brock, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, and Cilan) and their rivals. It can be any genre as long as it's not romance. Throw in their Pokemon too, but you don't have to have all of them. But make sure to have the important ones (ex. Ash's Pikachu, Dawn's Piplup, Iris's Axew, May's Blaziken, and more).

11/26/2012 #35
Critical Tortoise

Fandom: Mass Effect

Issuer of Challenge: Critical Tortoise

Victors: Nobody played, nobody won. Yet.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a retelling of the first Mass Effect game, with one twist. Shepard does not exist. Find a way to bring together the rest of Normandy's crew to defeat Saren. Please note that there are two major rules:

1. Shepard cannot be replaced with an OC.

2. The basic plot of the game cannot be changed too dramatically. In other words, the following major events from the game must be included: Noveria, Therum, Feros, Virmire, and Ilos. If you wish, one of the squadmates can take on Shepard's role (perhaps Kaidan or Ashley uses the beacon, or maybe the beacon isn't used at all and something else happens to alert the crew to the Reapers. Either way, all of the squadmates from the first game must be present.

Good Luck. If you accept the challenge, PM me.

We have a challenger! LyingOwlLyla is now working on this challenege. Any other takers?

11/29/2012 . Edited 12/13/2012 #36
Legendary Biologist

Title of Challenge: The Back Story Challenge

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Me, Legendary Biologist


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it: Write a oneshot with less than 1500 words about a character musing about his/her past. Easy? Well, the character you're writing for must not have any real back story in the canon, which means that you have to create the back story by yourself. The back story must make sense to the canon. In case the character has no back story in the canon but his/her identity is often debated, you can write for the character because I'm viewing from the canon (avoid creating the back story based on the debates). I'll do a Google-ing when reading your stories if I don't know the fandom/character you're writing for, so don't worry. :) Good luck!

12/1/2012 . Edited 12/1/2012 #37

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: StormyMonday

Victors: It could be you! And you! And you!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: "It was just a dream..."

Write a one-shot about one of your favorite characters having a nightmare. In the nightmare, the character must be behaving in a completely OOC way. The catch is that it is a nightmare because he/she knows they are behaving OOC but can't do anything about it, and when they wake up they realize that it was all just a bad dream! :D

No deadline as I know people are working on giftfics and such, and no word limit.

(I think someone else has issued a similar challenge, so I hope this isn't too similar.)

12/10/2012 #38

This is probably a bad idea. You can blame Rosa for this nonsense. She encourages my bad habits/choices. ;p

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Cass (ShadedRogue)


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a fanfic about anything without using personal pronouns (i.e. he, she, I, them, you, [character's name], etc) and instead replace them with descriptors (i.e. the red head, the brunette, the green-eyed beauty, etc.). You're also not allowed to use the word "said", because Rosa demands it. You cannot use the same descriptor twice.

No limit on word-count, time-limit, topic, etc.

12/25/2012 . Edited 12/25/2012 #39

LB and I have been discussing about this challenge for a few days, and now I decide to post it here.

Fandom: Chrono Cross

Issuer of Challenge: DarkHorse26 (and Legendary Biologist, who was also involved in discussing this challenge)


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

Write a fanfic about Guile's back story (or perhaps only a certain part of his youth). It's up to you how you view him (maybe he used to be a teacher or whatever), because he has no back story in the canon after all. Disregard these speculations: 'Guile is Magus/Janus' and 'Guile is Alfador', and make sure the back story is fitting to be the game's prequel (sorry, I have no better word than 'prequel').

No time limit. Length must be at least 750 words.

Bonus condition: Includes the reason why Guile wears a mask and if the story isn't about 'Guile was a magician in the past'.

If you can do it, either PM me or LB/Bio the link to the entry or post the link here.


1. LB and I will review (and probably fave) your entry.

2. Either LB or I (whoever gets online and sees the entry first) will add your entry to my community.

3. We'll review a story of your choice.

4. If you manage to reach the bonus condition, we'll review two stories of your choice.

Good luck and be creative! :)

12/27/2012 . Edited 1/15/2013 #40

(been looking forward to this one.)

The Chekhov's Gun Challenge

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: MessengerOfDreams

Victors: I'll probably need someone else to edit winners in for me lol.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Chekov's Gun is a storytelling law that indicates that if a loaded gun is shown in a scene, it must fire in another one or it should never have been shown. This famous metaphor is the biggest example of foreshadowing and execution of such seen in media.

For this challenge, I need you to find a small, negligible element in any source of your media, something small, notable but forgotten. Take that element, that moment, that object and bring it into dramatic relevance in your story that poses big changes for your fandom.

Make sense?

12/27/2012 #41

Fandom: Any!

Issuer of Challenge: BayWeather ;)

Victors: Sensory Overload by Deity-of-Words

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write five fanfiction works that heavily showcase each one of the five senses. The main theme of the piece can not revolve around the sense you choose, for instance the piece that showcases sound should not be about a musician, and the piece that showcases smell should not be about a baker. The minimum word count is 300. PM me when you complete one!

1/11/2013 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 7/4/2015 #42

Thought of one:

The Unseen Monster Challenge

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Moi, Ribby97

Victors: None yet

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Right a story containing where a large focus is around one or more imaginary animals. The catch is, you can at no point describe what the beast looks like. You can describe the things it does, for example if it was a dragon then you could say "The dragon slowly lifted its head and breathed a stream of white-hot flame" but you couldn't say "The dragon lifted its large, scaly head..."

Oh and it can't be a dragon btw. Or indeed any other commonly known fantatical creature. You have to invent this thing yourself.

1/12/2013 #43

"Birdhouse in Your Soul" Challenge

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: thats-a-moray

Victors: None... yet.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a one-shot (max 5,000 words) based on your interpretation of They Might Be Giants' Birdhouse In Your Soul. If you know the actual meaning behind this song, feel free to write a fic based around that - or you can still use your personal interpretation if you wish. I chose this song because the lyrics are obscure and at times seem nonsensical and I think some interesting stuff might come out of it. You could base your fic around the feeling you get from this song, what you believe the theme or message is, or the lyrics (but don't use the song directly in your story).

2/8/2013 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 1/19/2015 #44
Green Phantom Queen

I've got a challenge for anyone interested.

Tarot Card Challenge

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge Green Phantom Queen

Your mission, should you choose to accept it Write a one-shot (max 6,000 words) that has the characters doing a tarot card reading. You must use both Major and Minor Arcana in the work and describe the tarot cards that are used plus describe whether or not the card is inverted or right side up. The reading cannot be used for love or luck, however. The minimum amount of cards used for the reading is 3. Good luck.

2/11/2013 #45

Crack!fic Shipping Challenge

Jarvis heard an unearthly creaking sound in the basement. Something was trying to force it's way inside him, bumping against the edges of his artificial conscience. He hoped that it wasn't Iron Man returning with more demands. As much as he loved his master, the things he'd done for him... it almost made him shutter.

A blue shape begun to solidify, accompanied by a whirring, moaning sound. Tentatively, Jarvis scanned the intruder.

Yes. That was Jarvis from Iron Man with TARDIS from Doctor Who. Think you can do better?

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Me & my alter ego

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a story featuring the most unusual paring you can think of. Dr. Frank 'N' Furter and Wolverine? Edward Cullen and Christian Gray? Captain Archer impregnated by Captain Nathan Bridger, but having an affair with Darwin, the dirty dolphin?

I'll add your fic to the community: 50 Shades of Shipping Madness.

2/27/2013 . Edited 2/27/2013 #46

Inspired by a photo on iFunny: An Ordinary Scene With a Twist at the End

Fandom: Any and All

Issuer of Challenge: GDYRISSA


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Your job is to write an ordinary scene with a twist at the end for your fandom. Not just any twist though, it should either be appropriately ridiculous, or should be about the act of 'twisting' of some sort.

2/28/2013 #47
Great Angemon

The spice tea challenge

Issuer of Challenge: Moi, Ange

Victors: Chapter eight of Prompting the Underrepresented.

Fandom: Any

The challenge: Okay, so my mom made this chai tea, and it was terrible. Watered down and everything. But the funny thing was that every time you took a drink, it seemed to get spicier. So that's the challenge. MAKE SPICY TEA! Wait, no that isn't it.

Write a story, but every scene or paragraph, it has to be more dramatic, or angsty, or romancy or whatever genre you decide to write. If you do this, I'll review it and any other story you want. That's one heck of a prize, if I do say so myself.

4/1/2013 . Edited 4/17/2013 #48
Browncoats and Floral Bonnets

Fandom: Open

Issuer of Challenge: leahisadinosaur

Victors: Broken Bonds, by Great Angemon, chapter 10 of Drabbles of the Damned by thats-a-moray, In the Red Water by Aiko Isari, A Little Slice Of Humble Pie by darkin520

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Alright, I'm excited for this one. I want you to write a shower scene. Yup! A shower scene! Here's the catch: No sex. In fact, no slash of any sort. Make this the most awkward shower scene ever. Or maybe your characters don't mind being in the shower together. Or maybe someone comes to kill them. Whatever! Make it work! One or two-shot. PM me when you put it up! Be creative and have fun!

4/2/2013 . Edited 4/20/2013 #49

Fandom: NCIS and Friends

Issuer of Challenge: Floot

Victors: (Be nice and edit in links as people submit!)

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a crossover between NCIS and Friends that has a believable premise for why these characters have crossed paths, and keeps all featured characters IN character.

Bonus points for a realistic case, for making it funny, and for including at least two of the following characters: Gibbs, Ducky, Abby, Chandler, Gunther (from the coffee shop), but those are all optional.

Basically I am watching NCIS, and something a character said made me think of Friends. It occurred to me that those two shows could make for a really surreal crossover, and I'd love to see if anyone can pull it off without compromising either show's premise or being ridiculously OOC or just plain ridiculous!

(that said, if anyone does a "just plain ridiculous" one, I will more than happily read it...)

4/10/2013 #50

Fandom: Naruto

Issuer of Challenge: Phoniex32

Victors: (Be nice and edit in links as people submit!)

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a story where Naruto gains an Angel of Death's weapon, called Asanagi. Basic looks is Sailor Saturn's weapon: ive-component-138621212, but you can make it however you want but it must have some of the basic layout in it. The weapon can talk and can be seen by certain people. Who gets to see it is up to you. This is a harem story as Naruto gains a bloodline from the weapon but the weapon pulls the strings on the bloodline. It must be like Kushina's chains but abilities are up to you and no being able to detain bijuu. Check my profile for more details

4/12/2013 . Edited 7/2/2013 #51

I'm not sure if a challenge like this has been issued before, but...

There's No Business Like Show Business!

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: thats-a-moray

Victors: None yet

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Write a one-shot or drabble where the main characters from your fandom practice, perform, audition for or rehearse a play. This can be any play of your choosing, from a Broadway musical to a Shakespearean drama, but the characters playing the parts CANNOT be the characters from the play. You can't have the Tin Man reading lines from the Wizard of Oz even if he's playing the Scarecrow, but you could cast Sherlock as the Tin Man and Watson as the Scarecrow. If you're not sure if the play exists in your universe (like if you're writing in LotR and want to use Hamlet) then you can change the names of the characters in the play, their races, or even their genders, as long as you keep the same basic story (Hamlet still needs to be a revenge story). MAX LENGTH: 5,000 WORDS. Recommended length is less than 3,000 but I'm willing to be a little flexible.

4/14/2013 #52
Princess Skye Jewel

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Lavender


Your mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: Make an AU of your preferred fandom into a setting where the characters are either teachers or students. If your fandom is already in the school setting, no need for the AU. Can be one-shot or multi-chaptered. 5000 words or less per chapter.

5/28/2013 #53
Great Angemon

Darkness Inside challenge


Issuer of challenge: Ange

Victors: Rosa(A Hero named Ragnar)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Take your main character, and highlight the selfish reasons he/she's doing this; because he wants to go on a date with the damsel in distress, because she wishes the guy liked her better, blah, blah blah. Your reward: I'll review your story.

Alternate: The Light inside challenge

Fandom: Any

Issuer of challenge:Also Ange

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Take you main antagonist, and highlight his selfless reasons for doing what he/she does. E.G. Ganondorf is taking over Hyrule for the Triforce, but also is doing it to save his people. Same reward as before.

7/8/2013 . Edited 11/13/2013 #54
Vergil1989 the Crossover King

Reputation, Is People Talking. Is Gossip.

Fandom. Any I've written for already. Included is Young Justice, Arrow, Resident Evil, Mass Effect, Firefly, Game of Thrones, and the Forgotten Realms.

Issuer of the challenge. Vergil1989 the Crossover King.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it.. I have the reputation of writing nothing but crossovers. For me, that reputation is fact, is solid. So, using one of the fandoms I've listed, create your own crossover with the second being of your own choice. The catch being however that I also have the reputation of writing 10k chapters. I'll accept anything above 8k for chapter length, but 7k is the absolute lowest I'll go for. Beyond that, you can go AU, canon divergence, whatever makes you happy, but it must be crossover, and no chapter can be less than 7k.

7/16/2013 #55

Oh, why not? Maybe if someone else does it, the idea stirring for this will be out of my head.

(who am I kidding?? the last time I issued a challenge, I wrote it myself!)

Fandom: your choice

Issuer of Challenge: Cheile


Strawberry - My Eyes Are Open (Fight Club)

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

1. Choose a canon moment where a character escaped absolute certain death by the skin of their teeth.

2. Now change that moment and have that character die.

3. Write a one-shot from another character's POV how their death has affected them.

example if anyone is confused at all: (using Rizzoli and Isles as the fandom) At the end of season one ("When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang"), the episode ends with Jane taking a bullet in order to bring down a cop-killer. How would Maura be dealing with seeing her best friend die in front of her eyes? Would Sergeant Korsak blame himself like he has blamed himself in the past for another killer that targeted Jane? And so forth.

8/5/2013 . Edited 3/2/2014 #56

Fandom: of your choosing

Issuer of Challenge: reminiscent-afterthought


Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: I'm curious as to how many people write poetry on this forum (or are capable and just don't realise), so here's the challenge: write at least 3 pieces of poetry for fanfiction. That can be freeverse (though try to avoid shape poems since ffn isn't too friendly with them), sonnets, haikus or whatever you pick...or a mix of all of them. Just get your poetry muses going (and multiple so they can get a little more than flash exercise.

Please PM me with the link(s) once you're done so I can add you to the victors; I might miss it on the thread otherwise.

8/14/2013 . Edited 8/22/2013 #57
Browncoats and Floral Bonnets

Fandom: Whatever the heck you want! Preferably one I've written about (or mentioned in my profile), but do whatever.

Issuer of Challenge: Browncoats and Floral Bonnets (formerly leahisadinosaur)

Victors: Dig Deeper by Captain Zangano

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: I am a huge fan of the Bard. So for this challenge, I want you to use a quote from any of Shakespeare's work-and I mean any-and use it as a prompt for your story. Your story is to be no more than 1,200 words, and no fewer than 500. If you're having trouble, put 'Shakespeare quotes' into your search engine and I can pretty much guarantee you'll find something. Shoot me a message if you write one, or if you have any questions. I'll try to review, though it could be hard if it's a fandom I'm not familiar with. But I'll do my best! Good luck, and have fun!

8/21/2013 . Edited 10/27/2013 #58

Fandom: Any

Issuer of Challenge: Yours truly (darkin).

Victors: Could be you!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It: It's the commercial (or advert for you non-Americans) challenge!

Okay, we see it every day: celebrities endorsing products or supporting a humanitarian cause via a television commercial. Well, I want to put a spin on this. Your fandom characters are going to star in a commercial. Please be sure they are the characters, not the actors who play them. You can use real life products or make up your own. Maybe the Sherlock characters are going to do a milk commercial? Perhaps Thor turns into Loki because he's not himself when he's hungry for a Snicker's ad? Perhaps Tony Stark is doing an advertisement for a rehab clinic? Perhaps the Avengers are advertising their services? Really it's up to you what happens!

Be sure it fits within site guidelines. Even though it's a commercial, please do not put it in chat or script form.

No time length. And it can be as long as you like. This would probably be better as a one-shot, but if you can create a WIP with the idea, go for it! Please let me know when you complete one so I can post it here! Good luck and have fun!

9/12/2013 #59

"The Ravenclaw Death Eater"

Fandom: Harry Potter

Issuer of Challenge: Rosa

Victors: Such is Love by ShadowDragoon32.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

Write a story where someone who is attending Hogwarts or has attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw becomes a Death Eater (preferably of their own free will). You have a few options:

Option 1: Choose a canon character who was sorted into Ravenclaw in canon. The wiki should have a helpful list of canon Ravenclaws if you'd rather use one of the less obvious choices.

Option 2: Choose a canon character who was sorted into a different house in canon (or who never actually attended Hogwarts in canon) but make them a Ravenclaw in your fic. If you do this, please provide some explanation as to how and why they are in Ravenclaw rather than wherever they were in canon.

Option 3: Choose a character from a different fandom (Avengers, Doctor Who, Super Smash Brothers, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon...literally whatever you want so long as you can make it make sense) who you think would make a good Ravenclaw Death Eater and write them into the Harry Potter universe as a current or former student at Hogwarts. If you choose this option, feel free to have your crossover character bring along friends (or enemies) from their own universe and write them into the Harry Potter universe as well (eg: Tony is a Ravenclaw who chooses to join the Death Eaters despite the protests and disappointment of his best friends, Steve of Gryffindor and Pepper of Hufflepuff).

Option 4: Create an original character to be your Ravenclaw Death Eater.

Please note:

The story should focus on how and why your Ravenclaw chooses to join the Death Eaters, but feel free to explore the consequences of that choice as well.

It can be set at any time the Death Eaters were active as an organization – basically "Marauders" or "Golden Trio" era (your Ravenclaw can't join the Death Eaters at a time when the Death Eaters don't actually exist).

Everything should make sense and everyone should be in character as much as possible – if a canon character is behaving in a way that they never would behave in their canon, there should be a reason presented in your writing for their behaviour.

If you want, you can technically have more than one Ravenclaw choose to join the Death Eaters in the same fic.

Your entry can be any rating that is allowed on FFN and can include any sort of parings (or no paring at all).

May be combined with any other challenges or prompts.

I am not promising any sort of reward for this challenge.

There is no length requirement or limit.

There is no time limit.

9/14/2013 . Edited 3/25/2014 #60
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