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So I made a new topic just for this episode because I thought it was a really cool episode with lots to talk about. So what are your thoughts on this episode?
7/27/2010 #1

I loved it. Alex has really grown on me since Out of the Box when she returned the music box to Neal. I really enjoyed seeing her in this episode, and watching Neal try to help her. There were a few parts about the case that stuck out, for one, the fact that the conman professor bested Neal with that locker thing. For another, Peter makes a great "Peacemaker"! :) Hehe, his mob character was fantastic. I loved one of the ending scenes, when Alex is so thrilled by Peter's helping her get to Italy safely that she kisses him on the cheek and tells him that Neal said he was the best. And the very end was extremely eerie for me. Was it only me, or does anyone else think that the music coming out of the music box was both amazingly beautiful, and mysteriously creepy at the same time? Peter is no longer doing Neal a favor by keeping his dealings with the music box to himself. Neal has the key to the box thanks to Alex. I think she might really care for him. And I agree with her, it's time for Neal to give up his own obsession. Kate is gone(or is she?) and I never trusted her anyway. He has a right to try and hunt down whoever cause Kate's death though. It looks like they're after more than just her. I can't wait for the next episode. What are your thoughts on this one LeftRight?

7/29/2010 #2

I really loved this episode, I thought it had a really cool concept because the university class covered Neal's tactic for a week. I thought it was really funny when Peter gave Neal the curriculum ( I believe) and he found him cutting out the newspaper clipping and then when he hands him the page about the university he's all happy. I loved when Neal was showing the whole office the page about him, he's a "technical virtuoso." Yes! Peter's mob character was pretty cool, and while Mozzie was feeding him lines like, "I'll start with your fingers" (something along those lines). I agree about Alex, I thought that was a really sweet part and what she told Peter that Neal had said. I enjoyed that part, it was eerie I think because it was just Peter and Diana. And the lighting seemed sort of dim (if I remember correctly) which gave it sort of that eerie and omnious feel to it with the music playing. Yes! Now Neal has the last piece, which is the key to the music box. I'm wondering how all that is going to go together since Peter and Diana have the music box. The ending with Alex was interesting, I don't remember what she said but didn't she give him a kiss? Me either, whenever she appeared I didn't really seem to understand her or trust her too much. Oh and what was in the big box that Alex had the driver put in the backseat of the car? Was it the Matisse? Me either, what is the next episode about? I think I didn't see the preview for it or maybe I did.

7/29/2010 #3

In the last scene with Alex and Neal, she hands him the piece and says, "Here, I'm giving up my obsession." Neal: "Are you saying I should give up mine." Alex: "Kate's gone, the rest of us are still here." Then she kisses him. That's pretty much all I can remember of it. :) And I do think that the big box was the Matisse.

Next episode: When Mozzie believes someone he cares about has been kidnapped, he turns to Peter and Neal for help.

7/30/2010 #4

Yeah, I caught the end of the episode last night so I got to see that part between Alex and Neal. I'm figuring that it was the Matisse, it was hinted at so I'm guessing it was. Since Alex is going to Italy, do you think we won't see her for awhile? Or will she still be making an appearance?

That's interesting, maybe we'll see and learn more about Mozzie in the next episode.

7/30/2010 #5

I think we may not see her for a while. However, after building up her character this much and making us like her, I'm wondering if they have her in mind as a possible future love interest for Neal. The kiss would certainly suggest that, as well as her saying that he should give up his obsession of Kate. My guess is that they'll be keeping her around for a while, because I still think she's important to the story.

There's a preview out for the next episode. Go to youtube and look for White Collar By the Book. That's the name of the next episode. I'm sure you'll find it somewhere in the results. :)

7/30/2010 #6

I figured that, we might not see her for awhile but her she is an important character now. I think she possibly could be a future love interest for Neal because the ending of the last episode did suggest something. She'll be around, since someone was looking for her and Neal as well.

I will go check out the preview for the next episode, and see what I think.

7/30/2010 #7
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