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I can see how that rule will make things simpiler, but is there a reason you are changing that? Does this mean that something else has changed?

I think it's a good thing Cody is training the twins, that way we can see their reactions to the new powers and so they won't have to fight solely on instinct. Maybe take a break from writing for a couple days to get everything planned and then go into the chapters and make them awesome.

Also, yay #8, let's get this thing all the way to #1!(Although that will take a while...)

5/31/2010 #151

It will be so cool seeing Cody train the twins, however, will they be able to use the power of the light since the CoL souls are currently being used? The possession thing makes sense.

5/31/2010 #152

Well there are currently two TS and WK souls since they both came back with Cody. Although I could see why having two of each soul could cause problems.

5/31/2010 #153

It's not a problem. The light is a nigh infinite power source and the CoL can tap into it and are only limited by how much they can handle.

6/1/2010 #154

And now to catch up to seventh place...

It's interesting seeing the origins of the CoL and CoD. It's amazing how much background information there is that is necessary even if it isn't in the actual story much.

6/1/2010 #155

And now just a bizarre time travel idea i thought of. What if Cody has his cell phone when he traveled back in time still, and Code tried to call him telling him that Jarren was there? However, since there are two cell phones that are exactly the same, and if someone tried to call them, would they both work?

6/4/2010 #156

Totally random and didn't happen anyway. Though if you are interested in that sort of idea, watch National Treasure 2 where the villans 'clone' the protagonist's father's phone to keep tabs on him =)


The story is in a weird state right now. Chapter Twelve is missing a big chunk, Thirteen is complete, Fourteen got completely skipped (/shrug, it's a /yawn chapter in the outline), I just completed Fifteen and I want to break ground on Sixteen but it depends on one stuff from 12 and 14 argh!

On top of that mass, I scratched out half of Demi God's next chapter and also started playing around with a first person three shot story which will be my first attempt at an Angst/Drama/Tragedy setup.


I mean literally, this is all of the Chapter Fourteen: "Newbies" major highlights -

·Taschen gives some back story into the CoL

·Cody trains the present twins and Max

· (Yeah you're not supposed to read the third highlight)

I guess I can have some fun with Cody training the kids, but I feel like I'm going backwards writing that scene because of all of Cody's progress and the training scenes I've already accomplished for Future Zack.

6/4/2010 #157

Okay, I went back and scrapped together most of Chapter Fourteen. I think it'll fly till I revise it. Way more back story than I'd planned for and some redundancy in explanations (though it's for the present kiddies, I'll just have to shift Cody away from acting like some of the things are new information).

On a side note: ARGH! Firefox approaching critical mass! Must restart it. Stupid memory leak...

6/4/2010 #158

Ah, good news about chapter 14! :) But now chapter 12 is still the problem I guess? What's the problem there if I may ask? Anyhow, I'm sure you'll get out of this mess, man! :)

On another note, your first try at Angst/Drama/Tragedy? I thought "In This Memory" was already such a story to be honest?

And we made it to #7! Gratz, Kulmanari!

6/5/2010 #159

Wow, it looks like you're busy Kulmanari. Boring chapters can be a pain, but perhaps you can find something to spice it up a bit, maybe have a scene from another characters PoV. The back story should be good to see at least, even if we know some of it, it's good to see how it all fits together.

I'm curious to see more of demi-god and your new tragedy too. Coincidently, I've started by first tragedy/drama too. Variety is always fun though.

Now to take over #1!

6/5/2010 #160

Eh, I got the problem Chapter in decent shape. I feel like it's lacking, but maybe that's just because I already knew all of the back story and it's nothing new to me (yes, some of the story I come up with as I go along like Jarran checking out Max in the elevator was totally not planned).

I really need to go over 10-15 before I release them since I did some skipping around. I wanna do a continuity check on them to make sure they're all in order and I still have some little bits to add to 14 to lead into 16 later.

Chapter 16 is going to be the turning point I think, when everything starts going wrong and we start building up to the climax. My current outline has 24 Chapters and the Epilogue, though I might merge one or two so we'll see how that goes. I can't give away many more previews because a lot of plot twists are starting =)


I've paused halfway through Demi God's fourth chapter while I have the drive to keep working on TCD. This other three shot idea I have, yeah I guess it falls into a similar category with In This Memory, but it is completely different (and probably not nearly as sad) and I'm only sketching out the first segment when I'm thinking about it.


1st? Nah, I'm thinking 4th is the highest we'll be able to get and I'll be happy with that. Only what, 400 more to go? Hehe.

6/5/2010 #161

And Chapter 16: Fate (rough draft) is finished. I hit a zen writing trance for this one, perfect timing.

This is definitely the turning point of the story. You'll need some Kleenex's for this one...

6/5/2010 #162

Awesome, writing trances are always a good thing. I'd ask what happens then, but i think I'd just rather wait and be surprised. Looking forward to what else you come up with.

6/6/2010 #163

Welp, I finished Jarran's part of Chapter 17: "Continue Mission" this afternoon before I went and played volleyball for three hours. I jammed my left pinky real bad and it's starting to swell/turn purple. That makes typing a tad awkward =/

I looked over Chapter Ten tonight and I'll be publishing it soon so keep an eye out =)

Chapter Fourteen is being a right pain in the arse! It's probably half done and though I hate doing it, I'm going to rush through it later to finish it. The events need to happen, they just being problematic!

6/6/2010 . Edited 6/6/2010 #164

Yeah, I guess #4 is the highest we can get this forum. Considering it's mainly me, Tiger, Wyn & Kulmanari who are posting here, I'd say that's very good already!

24 Chapters? That's a little bit longer than the original, isn't it? :P Good thing there are writing trances! Although I guess you would have preferred to have one for evil Chapter 14 too.

On another note, it seems obvious to me Jarran's evil plans are over now, with both Taschen & Cody on their way. But I'm wondering how Cody will react to seeing Jarran, now that he knows he is the one who 'sold out' Zack and Max in his timeline. Still it's Jarran who saved his life and will be killed by Ashani if the invasion succeeds. Meeting Jarran might be very hard on Cody...

And I went out to buy some Kleenex today, so I'm prepared for everything now! :)

6/7/2010 #165

See it's interest like this that makes me what to release as I finish the chapters, but I know deep down that's not what I want to do.

I feel like when I publish a chapter, there's no going back and fixing it if I want to change how something happens down the road. That and I enjoy having a large buffer of chapters so that I don't feel stressed out like "Damn I have to update" and instead I have plenty of time for writer's block and time away from the story while keeping up a steady update pace by being able to fall back on my buffer.This also helps me commit to the story I think.

I started implementing this with Truth Seeker (mainly because I didn't have internet readily available) and I liked how it turned out. I felt more relaxed working on the project and was able to go back and fix plot holes before they got out of hand in my haste to finish a scene.

So yeah, that's the reason I'm doing what I'm doing writing so far ahead of where the update is. It boggles my mind sometimes when I see the story sitting at 29k words on the main page and it's 46k on my end.


Enough rambling now! Yep, the outline is pointing to 24 Chapters + Epilogue, though like I said I might not have the content for all of them and might have to compact a little. The end product will probably be in the 60-70k word range. Chapter's 12 and 14 are holding up production, but that's my fault because I don't want to finish them. Like I said, the angst begins in Chapter 16 for Cody, Taschen and Jarran as it starts getting crazy from that point. Can't blame me for wanting to dig into the meat of the story.

Yeah, Jarran's evilness won't be lasting much longer, but we all knew that was bound to happen. It's just not who is really is deep down =)

When Cody and Jarran finally meet, yeah... It's emotional, but not for the reason you're thinking.


I also can't wait to surprise you all in Chapter 15 /evil laugh =)

6/7/2010 #166
Jarran Noh'Malkiri


You just couldn't keep your mouth shut could you?

Stop trying to spoil it for everyone! This is partly an action/adventure story after all and it's written in third person which means "I" decide what the mere mortals reading this learn and when they learn it, not "you"!

You were so much better at letting me run my life when you were a drooling idiot playing video games /huff.

6/7/2010 #167

You have the power to decide what my readers learn eh?

Oh wait, what's that? Cody accidentally hits you so hard that you get amnesia and end up flipping pancakes at Ihop for minimum wage throughout the rest of the series. How's that working out for you?

Get back in your box minion!

(Note: No I'm not crazy, just testing out Google Chrome with my other account)

6/7/2010 . Edited 6/7/2010 #168

Kulmanari arguing with his own characters on the forum... I think someone has been writing too much lately. Although since his stories are so awesome, we'll just wait until he finishes then to get him help :)

I'm really liking the longer version of the story, you've really gotten deeper into the story and shown more of the characters. I'm curious exactly what will happen to Jarran here, especially since Jarran himself came to protest you giving too much away. While I enjoy your updates, I understand you wanting to make them as good as possible.

And Jarran, I take offense to the drooling idiot playing video games comment. Playing video games is great inspiration for writing stories. Some would say it's a waste of time but I call it research! (Am I crazy when I start arguing with ocs...when they aren't even mine?)

6/7/2010 #169

@Tiger: Yeah, cause arguing with your own OCs is pretty normal. :P

I'm with Tiger on this one too. This longer version is indeed better, deeper and more characters. But I also understand you prefer writing so much ahead to make sure they are as awesome as possible. This is the way you work the best, so you should keep on working like that. Even though we all love to read as much as possible, we also know that a chapter you worked on longer will be better in the end. I can only say: keep on writing like you're doing it now! :) We all love it.

I hope soon you will find the drive for chapter 12 & 14 back! Especially since you mentioned a surprise in chapter 15: that's indeed evil!

And Jarran, don't worry, he didn't give anything away. Or at least not enough! (yeah, I talk to other OCs too...)

Btw, are you guys drooling over video games?! That's so funny! I would never do that... drooling over a cute guy, yes. But never over a video game. Then again, I'm not into them like you guys apparently are...

6/8/2010 #170

Boo, angsty Cody is no more =(

Just wrapped up Chapter 18, I think, which ends Cody's three chapter angst spree.

Casius had to beat him senseless to stop him =)

6/8/2010 #171

Awesome that you're coming back soon Kulmanari, and we can wait for updates until you do. Sorry, I meant to put that in the review but was distracted.

6/14/2010 #172

Looks like we're a tad delayed. Should be home closer to the 20th-21st now =(

I want my new Escape dammit! (oh, and everything else that comes with being in the States again hehe)

6/16/2010 #173

36 hours till touchdown in Kansas! We're at Al Asad Airbase, Iraq atm, waiting to go through customs and catch our ride home tommorow afternoon.

Just finished reading a couple good books, gave me some ideas as they always do. I think we're landing in either Maine or Atlanta (depending on the route) for a refueling stop. I hope they have a bookstore there at the terminal. I'm dying to read the new Ranger's Apprentice novel, The Kings of Clonmel.

Gotta run for now. Catcha all later!

6/19/2010 #174

Awesome that you'll be back soon. Enjoy the books, the make flying easier. I plan to check out the Ranger's Apprentice series too, I've heard they are really good.

6/20/2010 #175

Now arriving in Liepzig, Germany woot! We're off to Bangor, Maine next followed by Topeka, Kansas and then a bus ride to Fort Riley, KS. Redeployment ceremony is scheduled for 2pm Central ack! (Was 8:45am...stupid plane delays).

Of course there's no bookstore here, so I'm hoping Maine's terminal has one. Was passed out most of the flight, so it didn't matter anyway. Hate typing on German keyboards! I feel like a retard trying to figure out where all the keys are.

Be home soon!

6/20/2010 #176

Yay, you're getting closer. Sorry you couldn't get your books, but when you sleep on the plane it goes faster. :P I bet you absolutely cannot wait to get home. Lots of air time, hope your flights are smooth.

6/20/2010 #177

Have you made it back to America yet?

Edit: If you make it back safely without informing us, I shall not be responsible if a team of killer penguins make your car disappear.

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #178

I truly hope you are home soon. I know you had alot of stops at many airports. You will need to have about a month off by the time you get home. :P Hurry and get there before Tiger makes good on his threat. He already said he wanted your new car. :P Those penguins will stop at nothing.

6/23/2010 #179

Yes, I'm "home" back in Fort Riley, KS at last! =)

Haven't had internet till today, just got installed and am updating EVERYTHING on my Laptop (it's like a bunch of little kids clamoring for candy).

Still getting settled in and relaxing. We're off until Monday morning, nearly a week off all things considered, then we're back to work for half days with 3 and 4 day weekends until the rest of our Battalion returns then we get to go on leave (vacation!). I'll probably be spending my first leave at my real home in West Florida =)

The new Escape is freaking awesome. It's my first new vehicle (loved it when I got inside it and read the odometer '9 Miles' lol). I took some pictures of it today for my friends and family on Facebook. Once I get around to uploading them I'll link em back hare.

Oh, finally got a hold of the Ranger's Apprentice book I wanted, had to go to the bookstore in the mall in Manhattan (KS) to get the damn thing since our PX and Wal-Mart apparently don't carry bestseller hardcover novels that have sold millions of copies /shrug.

Writing of the Chaos Demons is temporarily suspended (can you blame me? so much fun stuff to do on top of putting my life back together), though I may just release Chapter 14 in its half ass state so I can get past it and put up regular updates for awhile till Chapter 19 where I stopped. For whatever reason I can't bring myself to write Cody and Taschen coaching Zack and Code and then have them do a little practice bout. Care to give it a try Tiger? =)

Ah well, back to updating everything. Gonna go on a Star Trek Online playing binge once that's done updating. Best space combat game ever (strategy, tactics, equipping your ship, friends/fleet teamwork, faction teamwork and non stop PvP'ing! OMG Laser guns, pew pew pew!!!). I roll under the alias as 'Commander' Jarran@Noh'Malkiri in command of the U.S.S. Archangel, Akira Class, Escort Ship (DPS Class) if anyone plays.

6/24/2010 #180
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