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Each month should have a part highlighting each of the twins (plus a general theme for what they're both doing, in October's case it's moving to a new apartment as the Tipton is heavily damaged) and possibly Jarran, starting in October 2008. These are not complete, nor are they set in stone. They're kind of like Chapter/Story starters to get the ball rolling. Any feedback/critiquing would be welcome, especially to keep the characters believable (personality wise).

So here we go...Enjoy!

September 2008

- The events of the Invasion unfold, the Battle of Boston is fought and the immediate repercussions are dealt with.

October 2008

- Twins: Move to a temporary apartment elsewhere in Boston

- Cody: Relieved to be alive with his family, still in some slight shock/trauma. Spends his time with Lily learning about his future self.

- Zack: Spends his time dating Maya. Struggles to overcome the horror of killing another human being. Asks Casius to train him.

- Jarran: Nothing planned (yet).


October 2008: Cody

"Did I really pee in the closet?" Cody wondered, thinking of how ludicrous it sounded to him. Apparently Lily Redmond found the memory devastatingly hilarious and she burst out laughing. Tears of mirth collected in the corners of her eyes and she slapped her thighs to try and regain control of herself.

"Oh yeah…" Lily finally answered when she was able to speak more than half a word between giggles, "But that wasn't even the funniest part!"

Cody groaned despite the grin that was starting to spread across his face as he wondered how much worse it could have gotten after getting completely smashed on the Eve of 2009, waking up to go to the bathroom and mistaking the closet for the toilet.

"You opened the door and then…" Lily snorted in an attempt to stop from laughing again, "… then you proceeded to take everything out of the closet before doing your business and passing out in the hallway."

"Sounds like I shouldn't try alcohol for the foreseeable future," Cody mused, lifting his arms above his head to stretch briefly. He yawned and then turned to look at Lily who was sitting beside him on his bed, leaning against his shoulder, telling him of the more humorous things that they had done together in a future timeline that no longer existed.

"Actually I liked it when you were a little drunk." "Really?" Cody asked in surprise.

"Yeah, you were so much…well…less serious. When you were sober, I would only see the protective and romantic versions of you. After a little bit of alcohol though and the kid in you came out, the kid who liked to play games at the drop of a dime or pull pranks on the most unsuspecting people," Lily explained, her voice growing softer as her memories did a number on her emotions.

"Sounds a lot how Zack and I were when we were younger," Cody said, briefly reminiscing about the years he and his twin brother had spent living at the Tipton Hotel in downtown Boston, "And in a way we still are like that…" The pair fell silent for a time as the evening sun began to dip below the horizon outside.

Shadows stretched across Cody's new bedroom as the night began to take hold and he felt a cold chill spread across his chest. He hated it when it was dark outside now. It made him irrationally feel weaker and more vulnerable in the absence of the sunlight even though his cosmic powers were unaffected by the natural rotation of the planet. It was probably just a natural reaction for a Child of the Light and the immortal soul infused with the cosmic power of Light that gave him life...

"I'm really happy for you Cody," Lily whispered after a time, "I do miss my Cody terribly, but the invasion destroyed an important part of his personality and I'm happy that you don't have to experience the same future that we did. You have the chance to live the normal life that he was denied."

"As normal as someone like me can be…" Cody muttered bitterly, "Nothing will ever be the same again. I can never go back to being the person I used to be…not when I know the terrors that are lurking out there, just a Realm away."

"Jarran promised they wouldn't bother us anymore," she reminded him.

Had it really only been a month ago that they had fought what the media was now calling 'The Battle of Boston'? It seemed like only yesterday that he was neck deep in Demon blood and ashes as he and Max fought of seemingly never ending waves of nightmarish abominations with their newfound abilities. When the dust finally settled at it was all over, their new 'friend' Jarran took over his father's position as Demon Lord of the Chaos Realm and retreated all of the invading forces promising to never bother Earth or its people ever again.

"Promises can be broken…" Cody whispered angrily. He was thinking about how Future Cody had come back in time to save all of them and also to prevent Zack from being killed once again at the beginning of the invasion. He had made a promise and a few days later that promise was broken and his brother was gone. Fortunately Casius had somehow managed to intervene in the future timeline, rescue Future Zack at the moment of death and bring him back to the present time line where he was healed and trained on Haven, the Realm of Legend, before returning to Earth to face the Demon horde.

It was damn confusing sometimes Cody mused, but in the end one pair of twins died, one pair lived. Future Zack and Present Cody were the last pair standing when the dust settled. The Earth was safe and they could go back to their lives, but they could never live a normal life ever again…

A/N: Not really happy with the transition from funny/reminiscing to angry mode. Any ideas?

And yes, the whole peeing in the closet thing happened to one of my battle buddies in the middle of the night after he got completely trashed at our Iraq pre-deployment party a week before we left. Thought it would be humorous to include for Drunk Cody =)

3/18/2011 #1

This was good, and at least gave us a somewhat lighter look at the story. Good idea including the part about drunk Cody, that always seems to end well :)

I agree though, the transition could have been smoother maybe show some of the fun times with the present twins right before the invasion, and Cody reflecting on how things can never go back to that. Interesting how distrustful Cody is off Jarran, but in a way it makes sense for him to be cynical there.

3/21/2011 #2

Zack interacting with Carey (Chapter opening leading into a subplot - not shown)

"Zachary Martin!" His mother scolded him the moment he walked through the front door. He rolled his eyes…

'Here we go…'

"Just when are you planning on cleaning that travesty you call a bedroom?"

"It's just a few clothes on the floor," Zack protested meekly. Compared to how his side of the shared bedroom used to look at the Tipton, the new one was spotless. He didn't see what she was complaining about.

"We're not going through this again. This is our new home and we're starting fresh. Pick them up."

Zack mumbled a reply and marched into his room. He rounded up the offending articles of clothing and chucked them into the hamper inside the closet.

"You know you're talking to the hero who saved the world right?" Zack asked with a smirk.

"A hero who still has his mother picking up after him?" Carey shot back.

"Ouch, below the belt mom, so not cool!"

5/12/2011 #3

Peeing in the closet sounds like something an uninhibited Cody would do. I agree with Lily about not seeing that side of him too. It almost seems like Cody's afraid to let go of control sometimes.

I agree with Tiger's suggestion since we need to connect the gap between the two emotions and lessens the mood swing shock for the reader from the jump of one emotion to another. At the same time, it gives the reader the thoughts behind the mood change. The memories from his childhood past could show the conflict inside and the dramatic change since the beginning of the series.

As the relationship between Lily, you can feel the connection and the tension between the two as Lily tries to get over the fact the Cody in front her is not the one she fell in love with.

At Cody is able to laugh at the scene so its not all bad with the impact the battles had on him and his core personality is still there. The fall of night and the instinctual feeling of Cody's abilities decreasing was pretty good.

5/15/2011 #4

I found the entire scene really funny with carey bring down Zack a notch or two with Zack realizing no matter how big or famous you get, your mother can still cut off at the legs. It sounds like something Carey would say if pushed too far.

Although I see that zack has changed slightly but the part of him that we know and love is still there.

5/15/2011 #5

Oh yeah, the scene with Zack and Carey was great, and shows their personality so well. Like the Zack we see in the show, but adding in a bit of cockiness which is natural after saving the world.

5/16/2011 #6
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