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Hence the Post Subject this is were you introduce yourself. Don't be the least bit shy, after all, we're all mad here.

I'll be the first: You can call me Blue. I've been a long time fan of Lewis Carroll's Alice and it's many incarnations (the Disney one being a favorite movie of mine since childhood) but I am a new comer to the fandom that is Syfy's Alice. I quickly became a huge fan and promptly added this adaptation to my already long list.

I'm not going to lie, I'm mostly in it for The Hatter. he was always one of my favorite characters in nearly every version so I was immediately interested in Andrew Lee Potts. When I discovered not only was he rather cute but had a charming, eccentric, mischievous air about him that suited Hatter I fell in love.

Yes, yes I am a Hatter/Alice shipper. :P

1/29/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #1
how does she do it


Well, I'm a huge Hatter/Alice shipper, and I think the series was way too damn short!! Only four hours?! C'mon!! There was a huge amount of material they could have used and they barely scratched the surface! Grr. That's my only real peeve about the show, though.

I like to write, and was majorly inspired by watching the series, (which was literally a happy accident, as I was recovering from the flu at the time and while channel surfing, found the show and fell in mad love). And I will find a way and marry Andrew Lee Potts, so help me god.

I mean it. What? Why are you all laughing?!

2/2/2010 #2

I think you and I will get along just fine. That is along as we don't fangirl over Mr. Potts and have a virtual tug of war.

Welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun.

(and I agree...TinMan got 6 hours while Alice only got 4? I call shenanigans on Syfy!)

2/2/2010 #3
how does she do it

that's okay, we can timeshare him. I'll take mon, fri, and saturday, you get the rest of the week. Except Sunday. poor guy would have to have a day to rest and recuperate, right?


2/3/2010 #4

Agreed. I have a feeling I got the better deal, anyway.

2/3/2010 #5

I'm Silver; if we're going for username related... names. Anywho, loved the series with a passion. I was introduced by a friend a few days ago. (I want it on DVD. I need it. But, I'm not sure how easy it will be to get it for the U.K. DVD players... Woe. Black, black day.) If you squeezed the emotions out of me that the show inspired most they would probably be excitement and, yeah, probably lust.

An avid Hatter/Alice shipper here, by the way. (Shortened form; Halice? Alitter?)

As you guys said; they didn't really sink their teeth into the material enough. I could quite happily have watched another four hours. Hopefully, fanfiction will sate my longing for MOAR.

3/4/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #6

Welcome Silver! You are added onto the long list of Hatter/Alice shippers in this forum (by long I mean like 5 because we don't have too many members just yet :P)

Sorry about the DVD thing. I know it came out where I live Tuesday, I just assumed it was released in the UK on the same day. If you really want to watch the series though you can always find all parts on youtube.

3/4/2010 #7

Give them time. More will realise the fabulosity that is the show/pairing.

Youtube is where I saw it in the first place... I'm not sure if I actually get the American channel Syfy that the show was originally aired on. I mean - I have Sky, but I still don't think I get it.

3/5/2010 #8

Ah I see. Well regardless of how you found the series you are very much welcome here. I invite you to come to the other topics, any at all. :)

3/6/2010 #9

Hi! ^_^ I'm also an avid Hatter/Alice shipper and the proud owner of the DVD as well. (The converted mp4 also has a permanent home on my ipod). Love the movie, love the couple and I love the fanfics here about them to pieces. In fact, this fandom has caused me to finally make my first showing at writing a story myself. :)

3/15/2010 #10

So I just discovered Alice this summer and am madly in love with Hatter.

I don't see much action here lately, are you all over your Hatter obsessions? Am i all alone out here?

8/23/2010 #11
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