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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

here is where you list who you wish to be and since there are so many I can't give a full list like usual.



Super-Man/Clark Kent:JC

Batman/Bruce Wayne:Stuka

Wonder-Woman/Diana Prince:Mithos

Super-Woman/Lois Lane:Mithos

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen:Chibi

Oracle/Batgirl/Owlwoman/Barbra Gordon:Mithos


Robin-4/Lazarus/Red-Wing/Red-Bird/Damien Wayne:Chibi

Blue Bird/Carrie Kelly:mithos

Dick Grayson/Night-Wing:Mithos

Jason Todd/Red-X?/Red-Hood-2:Chibi(Temp)

The Flash-1/Jay Garrick:Mithos

The Flash-2/Barry Allen:Mithos

The Flash-3/Hot Pursuit/Wally West:Chibi(Also all parallel universe West's)

The Flash-4/Impulse/Kid-Flash-2/Bart Allen:JC

Cassandra Cain/Bat-Girl-2/Black-Bat/Owlgirl:JC

Green-Lantern/Hal Jordan:chibi(Temp)

Green-Lantern/Kyle Rayner:Chibi

The Green Lantern/Alan Scott:Mithos

Martian-Man-hunter/J'on J'ones:Jc

Question/Victor Sage:Mithos

Red Tornado/John Smith:Chibi

Blue Devil/Danial Cassidy:Chibi

Captain Atom/Nathanial Adams:Mithos

Ice/Ice-Maiden/Tora Olafsdotter:Chibi

Fire/Beatriz "Bea" Bonilla da Costa:Mithos

Mister Miracle:Mithos


Vigilante/Greg Saunders:Stuka

Shining Knight/Sir Justin:Mithos

Jon Constantine The Hellblazer:Stuka

Doctor-Fate/Kent Nelson: Mithos

Hawk-Man(Silver Age):Mithos

Wild-Cat/Ted Grant:Chibi

Blue-Beetle-1/Dan Garrett:Mithos

Blue-Beetle-II/Ted Kord:Mithos

Blue-Beetle-III/Jaime Reyes:JC




Beast-Boy/Garfield Logan:Mithos

Terra/Tara Markoive?:Chibi(Temp)

Starfire/Kori Anders:Chibi

Wonder-Kid(Cassondra Sandsmark):Mithos

Aqualad(Arther Curry Jr.):Mithos

Impulse(Iris West):Mithos/Chibi

Kid-Devil(Edward Alan "Eddie" Bloomberg):Mithos

Secret(Greta Hayes):JC

Kid-Canary(Sin Lance):Mithos

Hawk-Girl/Kendra Saunders:Mithos

Bat-Woman-1/Catrina Kane:Mithos

Batwoman-2/Katherine Kane:Chibi

Blue-Bat/Ellen Yin:Mithos

Bat-girl-1/Flamebird/Betty Kane:Mithos

Azreal-2/Michael Lane:Stuka





Bouncing Boy:JC

Karate Kid 3000:JC

Triplicate girl:Chibi

Infectious Lass:Chibi

Lightning Lass:Chibi

Andromeda Girl:Mithos

Zatanna Zatara:Mithos

Miss-Martian/M'Gaan M'yorse: Mithos

Bombshell/Amy Sue Allen(Adams):Mithos

Aqua-Girl/Lori Marquinez Curry:Mithos


Speedy-1/Roy Harper:JC

Speedy-2/Mia Dearden:Mithos

Black Canary/Dinah Lance Jr. :Mithos

Spoiler/Scarlett/Stephanie Brown:Chibi

Creeper/Jack Ryder:Chibi(Temp)

Ace the Bathound:JC

Kyrpto the Superdog:JC

Charm-Caster(Nicole Diaz)(Formerly Jinx):Mithos

Ms.Fate(Linda Straus):Mithos

Hotspot(Isaiah Crockett):JC

Toyboy(Hiro Okamura):Mithos

Lagoon boy(Lagaan):JC

Young Frankenstein:JC


Geo-Force/Byron Marakov:Chibi

Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce:Chibi

Halo/Gabrielle Doe:Chibi

Metamorpho/Rex Mason:Chibi

Katana/Tatsu Kimura:Mithos

Lightning/Tavis Williams:Mithos(temp)

Thunder/Gan Williams:JC/mithos

Bushido/Ryoko Orsono:Mithos(temp)

Shining happy aquazon/Kim Kimura:Mithos(Temp)

Most Excellent Superbat/Heino Okata:Mithos(Temp)

Deep blue/Mizuko "Debbie" Perkins:Mithos(Temp)

Big Atomic Lantern Boy/Bial B.:Mithos(Temp)

Shy Crazy Lolita Canary/Yukari Kanaria:Mithos(Temp)

Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash/Keigo Furasshu:Mithos(Temp)

Jenny Quantum(No known alias):Chibi

Karate Kid(Val Armorr):JC



Lex Luthor:Mithos

Scare-Crow/Jonathon Crane:Chibi

Per Degaton:JC

Joker(Silver age)/Red-Hood-1/Harlow Grins:Mithos

Joker(Chemical)/Jack Napier?:Mithos

Joker(Dread-locks)/Daniel Jamison:JC

Joker(Scar)/Henry Youngman:Mithos

David Cain:mithos(Temp)

Ra's Al'ghoul:mithos(temp)

Talia Al'Ghoul:Mithos(temp)

James Gordon Jr./Deathwing:Chibi

Riddler/Edward Nigma:JC

Magpie/Margerat Sorrow:Mithos

Clay-Face/Matt Hagen:Mithos

Clay-Doll/Annie Hagen:Mithos

Many names/Duela Dent:Mithos

Holiday/2-Day/Gilda Grace Dent:Mithos

Penguin/Oswald Cobble-Pot:JC

Poison Ivy/Pamala Isly:Mithos

Poison Lily:Penny Lilovich:Mithos


Harley quinn/Harleen Quinseles:Mithos

Hush/Thomas Elliot:Mithos(Temp)


Live-Wire/Leslie Willis:JC

Titan Lord Chaos/Terry Long:Mithos



Doctor-Light(Evil)/Arthur Light:Mithos


Brother-Blood:Mithos(All versions)

Mother Mayhem:Mithos

Daughter Blood/Sister Sinner:Mithos

Black Mask:Mithos(Temp)




Solomen Grundy:JC

Bruno Manheim:Mithos



Artemis Crock/Sportsgirl/Tigress/Artemis:JC

Major Force(Clifford Zmeck):Mithos(temp)


Captain Nazi:Mithos

Mr.Freeze/Dr.Victor Fries:Chibi


Star Sapphire(Deborah Camille Darnell):Mithos

Killer Frost(Crystal Frost):Mithos

Killer Frost(Louise Lincoln):Mithos

Killer Frost(Dora Smithy):Mithos

Killer Frost(Caitlin Snow):Mithos

The Genera/Wade Eiling:Mithos


Kid Crusader:mithos(temp)



Victor Zsazs:Mithos(Temp)

Lady Shiva/Jade Canary/Silencer/Paper Monkey/Sandra Wusong:Mithos




Jimmy Olson:mithos

Renee Montoya:mithos

Linda Park:Chibi

Alfred Pennyworth:Mithos

James Gordon:Chibi/Mithos

Sarah Essen-Gordon:Chibi

Chas Chandler:Stuka

1/30/2010 . Edited 5/1/2015 #1
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Young justice Series RP Cannons list. Only when a cannon is claimed will they be placed on here.




Kid-Flash(Wally West):JC

Robin/Nightwing(Dick Grayson):Me

Robin/Red-Hood(Jason Todd):Tricky

Robin/Red-Robin(Tim Drake):Tricky

Miss Martian(Megan Morse):Me

Zatanna Zatara:Galatach




Justice League


Light(Secret Society)

Lex Luthor{L 3}:Flying Ninja


Magical Threats


Alien Threats


Alien Heroes

2/24/2013 . Edited 7/9/2013 #2
it's Sebastian 27

i would like to be the riddler

3/10/2013 #3
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

he is unclaimed so I suppose we can give you a try new person.XD

3/13/2013 #4
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo
Yay because no one has mentioned it I can be Red Tornado and Blue Devil :3 I want to do something involving Red Tornado and his daughter and also something with Tornado Tyrant XD
3/18/2013 #5
Cybernetic Author unit 5

hi all, sorry I've been gone so long

11/21/2013 #6
May I be Artemis please
1/2/2014 #7
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

which Artemis? Artemis Crock? or Artemis the amazon? also for which RP the main forum one or the YJ one?

1/11/2014 #8
The One True Queen

I was wondering if Superboy and The Green Arrow were still available?

1/26/2014 #9
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

which green arrow? Oliver is claimed but not Conner Hawk.

Also I am the conner kent superboy but there are other versions.

1/26/2014 #10

I'm claiming John Constantine and his best friend, Chas.

Chas is going to be like he is in the TV series though. I feel like that's better than who is was in the Hellblazer comics.

4/24/2015 #11
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Very well then.XD

Also Constantine is a pedophile here as Zatanna is a teenager.(then again in the comics he does have a history of fooling around with jailbait.XD)

4/24/2015 #12

I would like to take Micheal Lane AKA Azreal.

4/29/2015 #13
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

I'm a Jean Paul Valley kinda guy but sure you can have Michael, also we need a new batman interested? Also we need a new superboy for YJ.

4/29/2015 #14

I might be able to do Batman. I beat all the Arkham games.

Also, I choose Micheal Lane because he's the guy that's from Arkham City.

4/29/2015 #15
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Great, great for any questions on what Batman's done on the forum and who he's done(Catwoman and Wonderwoman) just ask me. ;3

also Tim Drake supposedly died so Batman is going through that whole Robin is dead thing again.(Oddly enough Tim's death here predated Damian's death in the comics)

I get that totally, besides Jean Paul was killed in a flashback anyway(Or was he? Like the comics I'm leaving that open to interpitation.)

4/29/2015 #16

Tim died! Fuck, what happened!?

4/29/2015 #17
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

After a battle with Anarky he followed Anarky to a suburb of Gotham called Autmn hollows and worked with a monster based OC team Called Nightschool to bring down Anarky's occupy movement in doing this they brought in his wheelchair bound girlfriend Legs and she betrayed the team shooting them with a shotgun killing a member and while in Anarky's clocktower based lair they defeated him and legs at the cost of another team member. but Anarky left a bomb that was a deadman switch to a bunch of other bombs if you disarmed the bombs remotely from the control center in the clocktower the main bomb in the tower would explode, if it is disarmed first all the others explode, if moved it explodes and so do all the others, and they don't have enought time to find the bombs and siarm them manually as they would go off at midnight which was in less then a half hour.

So Tim disarmed all the bombs remotely and was going to use a special zeta-beam teleportation disc that could teleport a single person at the speed of light with him to save himself however the second Anarky the General was hiding there to kill Tim and after a difficult battle he disarmed the last bomb which triggered the clocktower switch bomb, devoted to following Bruce's no kill teaching he put the disc on General and warped him to safety but because it could only move a single person he was trapped the the explosion took him, supposedly vaporizing him.

In actuality though Tim was rescued by Secret and Phantom Stranger who believes that because of his skills and selflesness Tim has great potential and is needed to help lead a generation of heroes lost in their own darkness to find the light, so Secret and Tim are in secret travelling the world following a series of trials that phantom stranger set out Tim now going by Adam Knight and helping to bring hope to the next generation of heroes in secret with secret. He will return to Gotham alive and well after this and become Red Robin.

4/29/2015 #18

Damn. You didn't have to deal with this in the Arkham games.

I knew he becomes Red Robin. I just didn't know it happened like that.

4/29/2015 #19
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

I made this arc up and such to help tim transition to red robin.

Yeah I made the ultimate death trap.XD

4/29/2015 #20
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo

That is our version. Like how we like to use amalgams on their comic versions, various media, and random ideas.

4/29/2015 #21

I would like to also claim the Vigilante. AKA Greg Saunders. In other words, the cowboy from the Justice League cartoon I loved when I was Stuka Jr.

Also, if someone could do the Shining Knight for me, I would really appreciate that, since they like to team-up.

4/30/2015 #22
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo

Good because I thought up a plot to run by you? How about Classic Vigalnte vs the 80s Vigilante who was more of a Charles Bronson type superhero?

4/30/2015 #23
Sure. We can do that at some point. And Shinning Knight can help out.
4/30/2015 #24
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Sure Stuka you can be him.XD

also you may enjoy this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u1_Dqtc_bQ&index=80&list=PLD031963F54393215

Interestingly enough the episode with him, Shining Knight,Stargirl, Crimson avenger, Green Arrow and Speey was to homage the Seven soldiers of Victory which Greg is a founder of along with everyone else I mentioned(Except for Courtney as it was her predecessor on the team not her.) Klarion was also on a roster of the seven soldiers as he shifts between good and evil at times and on the forum for now is good(though he will shift to evil at some point.)

5/1/2015 #25
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