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Mithos of the blue sky and sea













1/30/2010 . Edited 5/2/2015 #1

Name:Bruce lee



Appearence:aged version of the real one

Powers:he is a master of mystic martial arts

Equipment:his body

Team:justice league

Home:a secret mountain villa

Friends:linda,shannon,and brandon

History:Bruce lee faked his own death because of a commitment he made to the master of a mystic martial arts master, who helped cure him of the real life cause of his death and teach himself mystical martial arts. in exchange for those things, lee would take over the school. Lee agreed, and faked his death to do so. his family currently lives with him and he's training brandon to take over. He became dragon man to help put out a fire that would have burned down the forest around his school, and couldn't resist more heroing. currently the justice league knows his identity

Other:His powers are heavily influenced by anime

1/31/2010 #2

Name:Karen strathmore, Theodore Arnoldson, Anton Deka


Age:30,25,and 40

appearence:a 6 foot beige robot wearing clothes

Powers:is a robot

Team:justice league, ,mechaman operating crew,the oddball heroes


Friends:the justice league

history:karen strathmore, theodore arnoldson, and anton deka were all professors at a goverment think tank when i lab experiment exploded and shrunk them down. now they interact with the world through mechaman, a human sized robot which they pilot together

Name:Adam Frankenstein



appearence:a large brown skined human

Powers:incredible strength,disease immunity,super intelligence, limited shape changing

equipment:various guns, a saber, a wrist cannon

Team:oddball heroes,justice league,JSA


Friends:mechaman,dr. prometheus, batman,dragonman, the JSA


History:He died in the arctic after the events of frankenstein, and was revived by nazi scientists durinf WWII. he initially fought against the allies, but was eventully reformed by the JSA, and supposedly sacraficed himself to destroy a nazi superweapon. however, in reality he was flung back in time to the revolutionary war, where he fought on the side of the americans. after the war, he served a brief stint in congress before retiring into obscurity. his revived nature let him live until the present time, while he did on and off heroics throughout the years. in the seventies, he spent a few years as the atom's partner in the 70s and got a vest that would allow him to grow to about 20 feet.

Name:George washington frankenstein



Appearence:a muscular old man in futuristic clothing

powers:same as captain america's

Equopment:bionic implants

team:the oddball superheroes


Friends:the other oddballs

History:As frankenstein's grandson from the future, his genes gave him several advantages over normal humans, including longer lifespan. He became a scientific guinea pig and was sent back in time by an experiment

Other:slightly crazy, changes alias constantly

name:Steven Clarkson

alias:super president


Appearence:black haired masked man in gaudy red tuxedo

Powers:flight, slight super strength,x ray vision,icy breath

Equipment:laser rifle

Team:the oddball heroes

Home:washington DC

friends:the oddballs,several senators

History:he ran against john McCaine for the republican nomination but lost. Distraught at his loss, he decided to channel his depression into something productive, superheroics. initailly, he wasn't very successful, but while fighting a villain in a warehouse(who he found by following batman) he was hit by and experimental ray which gave him his powers. he also acquired his laser gun here.

whaddya think?

1/31/2010 #3

Name:Sun Yi Xan



Appearence:old chinese man in blue tattered rags

Powers kung fu mastery, can transform into t rex


Home:new york

friends:the oddballs

History:he is a chinese man who moved to america after china became communist. he subsequently found a t rex bone that had been enchanted by a shaman

other:he refuses to change his name despite the obscure reference

name:Cetus Donahue

Alias:the wrassler


Appearence:purple skin, hunche back, three arms

powers:super strength, atomic vision

Team:the oddballs

Home:murphreesboro tennesee

Friends:the oddballs

History:he was a ro wrestler who was mutated by a super villains atomicray gun

2/1/2010 #4
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Newton Lockefield Holmes

Alias:Locke,Newlock Holmes,Night-Detective,True Knight,the great successor,London's golden Boy


Appearance:He wears the color black most of the time,a long dark coat modeled after his ancestors famous coat,long black bangs on one side short one another,an ever intelligent look on his face,a black over-shirt and under-shirt,a cane ever at his side,he has blue eyes colored like Sapphire's,and he has spikey black hair,usually slicked back when not in costume and a masquerade mask over his face. (Pic coming soon)

Powers:Photographic-memory,Master detective,genius intellect,trained expert martial artist,genius inventor,masterful eye for detail,skilled forensics practitioner,skilled hacker,master stratigest,talented leader

Equipment:LLong jacket rigged with several gadgets mostly interchangeable parts for his cane and various non-lethal bombs),Cane modified to be interchangeable with several different sections and numerous gadgets,it is fully detachable and nearly every part holds some manner of gadget used in crime fighting,watch gauntlet enhanced with GPS tracking,digital and analog time keeping,instant time-zone upgrades,communicator,wireless hookup to specially enhanced PDA,a miniature tranquiler gun inside,and camera,PDA equipped in similar ways,yet it also works via voice activation.

Team:Teen guardians/Titans UK,House of Knight,Holmes Family,Scotland-Yard,Teen-Titans,Baker street Irregular youth detective society

Home:London England

Friends:most people in the groups he is in,The Knight(Cyril Sheldrake)(Mentor),Squire(Beryl Hutchington)(Former Partner),Molly Halverstrom(Former love interest)(Deceased),James Thomas Richards(Former best friend),Eddie Masterson,Fabien Dumont, Sally Shimten,Irene Christy,Lt.Barrow Calridge,his Grandfather(Conan Holmes),Cassandra Cain(Love intrest)

Enemies:All who think they can break the law,Brotherhood of evil,UK Masters,Inter-Gang and all other organized crime syndicates.

History:The great grandson of the famous Sherlock Holmes and a skilled young detective in his own right. He was a child prodigy and from an early age like all men in his family hated injustice and loved investigating crimes, he then lost his parents in a tragic event that traumatized him, when he turned ten his grandfather a former detective and the actual son so Sherlock gave him his father Magnifying glass and cane which had a blade hidden in it, he then began to train locke in various fields, soon he became a very skilled investigator and after solving a difficult case even Scotland-yard couldn't handle he was deputized and met fellow officers some even began to teach him more,he put together a detectives club at school when he was in his early teens bringing together several young slueth's into the new baker street irregulars youth detective society.

Later he learned the dark side of this pursuit as while investigating a series of murders with his club members the culprit turned out to be his friend Jameson Terrence Richard, who took a young girl he fancied named Molly captive. Locke attempted to talk Richard down, yet he revealed his true darkness, his monstrous appetite and how he truly was killing Molly. In the ensuing fight Richard fell from the Ferris-wheel they were fighting on and into the river his body never being found. Locke then learned how serious this all was and that it was not a game. He left the detective game for a time and decided it would be best to handle this things anonymously donning a costume and becoming a super hero.

He soon met and partnered up with newly active vigilante's Knight and Squire for a time,helping regiment Knight into a more serious crime fighter, during which he helped many people many times and proved his skills as a warrior, detective, and crime fighter in general, he is also an avid gentlemen towards women and knows the basis of dragon style martial arts from training under Richard Dragon for about a year. He worked under Knight as his apprentice for two or three years and truly came into his own putting to bed his original outfit and taking up a more mature one. He then joined the Teen Guardian's after being scouted by the Azerian leader of the group.

After being in the Teen Guardian's for a bit he worked alongside the Teen Titan's for a bit helping to solve the Astheo inceident and defeat the Elite who were using the Guardian's as tools to make the titans appear obselete,the Guardians then being made into a Titan's UK of sorts and him becoming the leader of that too,during which he helped many people many times more and dealing with groups like the brotherhood of evil,HIVE,Church of blood,Fearsome Five of Biyalia,Kobra,the ROOT and BAD,aswell as the various mafia groups throuout Europe. After coming to America to track a lead on the league of shadows he met up and coming Sidekick Batgirl(Cassandra Cain) and helped her several times especially in the capture of the serial arsenist and kidnapper Firefly he soon fell for her and her to an extent him begining a cute little courtship.

Sadly Locke was called back oversea's to deal with HIVE which had regimented from its defeat six months prior and had started to become heavily active, he misses her dearly and hopes to see her soon. Locke is a bit of a philosipher due to his travels and has learned a good deal despite his young age often remembering this manta: Everyone was so happy. "Great job, Locke. You did it. You saved us all." There were too many smiles to count... and I know that I was smiling, too. But now... when I look back... the people who should be here aren't. The ones who should be smiling with me aren't here. No I don't want this anymore. I don't want friends to die... or fade away. I don't want battles where we have to lose in order to win."We had no choice." Always "we had no choice." Those are our magic words. We repeat them to ourselves again and again. But you know... the magic never worked! The only thing we're left with... is regret."

He also often says this to his friends and his foes:"People only say somethings impossible to make themselves feel better when they fail."

Other:He can speak twenty different languages nearly fluently,though he usually talks in either Americanized English or his native Old English.

His creation predates the re-introduction of Knight and Squire in DC comics, Despite being decedent of Holmes he decides to go down a path his ancestor did not namely working in the shadows, he hates being compared to Robin. His cane weapon is based on Sherlock Holmes's actual Cane and the mane weapon of Daredevil by Marvel comics,his costume design is initially his second costume his first was similar to squire's only all black with yellow accents and a holmes hat instead of an archer one.

2/1/2010 . Edited 4/10/2013 #5

Name:Francis Boeing Corbon

Alias:Metallo II


Appearence:metal man

Powers:same as metallo, and has numerous built in weapons

Team:justice league


Friends:hopefully superman

History:john corben's cousin, he was in an accident and got a metal body similar to metallo's. unlike his cousin, he decided to make up for his cousin's actions by being a superhero

2/1/2010 #6

Name:El chupacabre

Alias:el chupacabre


Appearence:looks the same as it did in jackie chan adventures

powers:super strength, super agility,healing factor,shoots ball lightning from eyes, mouth, and hands

team:unnamed villain team



enemies:the oddballs

history:he is the silent one of the group


alias:Vodd the racer


appearence:a black gorilla

powers:very smart,all powers of a gorilla

Equipment:gorilla city laser gun, modified racecar

Team:see el chupacabre

Home:gorilla city

History:a criminal from gorilla city, he escaped to america and began using a modified racecar to become a master thief

2/3/2010 #7
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Barry Blue-Seas



Appearance:He has red spiky hair and usually wears Blue,White and Black clothes,his super-hero outfit is a blue cloak,black shorts and an intricately made blue shirt and vest,he wears a blue eye mask and a blue headband,and black and blue-trimmed bike gloves.

Powers:Highly advanced reflexes due to circus training,and the ability to weave illusions and alter perception,he can also seal magic,and use slight of hand magic tricks at a masterful level.

Equipment:A tracer and a customized PDA altered by Newlock,many odd things such as a Magic wand,cards,scarfs,trick-knives and other gimmicks.

Team:Teen guardians/Teen-Titan's


Friends:Super-Man,Sketch,Newlock,Azerian,Blade-Braver,Robin,Star-Fire,Kyrpto,Jimmy Olsen

Enemies:All criminals that hurt his friends

History:He was found in a burned down village in central Europe and was raised by a kindly Ringmaster after a traveling circus found him,he was loved by everyone there and was taught many,many skills there, however Magic was his big thing since3 for him it was tricks but real,after a tragic incident the Azerian recruited him and he soon joined Light of Order,then Teen-Titans.

2/8/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #8
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Relena Skelly



Appearance:White hair in a pony-tail with a cute emotionless look always on her face no matter what,she dresses oddly Conservative yet loose,liking long-sleeved shirts with short skirts,her hero outfit is a half-face mask of black trimmed at some parts,a black and white colored leotard with a black skirt,Black and White stalkings,a belt on her left thigh,and a collar around her neck,with two leather bracelets.

Powers:Anything she draws comes to life,or happens,it can be on paper, canvas,walls,even the floor and can be drawn with anything that can be used to draw,she also has a photographic memory capable of remembering even the most intricate details of something after only seeing it once,she can also draw at a near super human speed.

Equipments:Several assorted Markers,Crayons,pencils and sketchpad's,a satchel,and a tracer and a customized PDA altered by Newlock

Team:Teen guardiansr/Teen Titans



Enemies:None(though she fights crime she has no archenemy.)


2/8/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #9
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Olan Heinline



Appearance:Long messy white hair often held in a pony tail, a white jacket with the symbol for Omega on each shoulder and a giant omega emblem on the back,white jeans with the omega symbol on each knee,a giant omega symbol tattooed on his chest,he often wear sunglasses,and has crimson colored eyes.

Powers:Super intelligence,mastery of various martial arts,Reincarnation memory coding(He dies and is reborn and remembers everything from all previous lives.),able to tap into the energy current of all living things and the planet.

Equipment:Specially made battle gauntlets that enhance his strength one hundred folds,a replica of the Mento Helmet.

Team:None(Though he often assists other Super-Villain groups when he feels like it.)

Home:???(Though he is currently hiding in Gotham.)


Enemies:All heroes

History:A super genius who claims to have been several villains in his past lives including Jack the Ripper,he is a skilled hacker and inventor with a greedy mind seeking to take control of the criminal underworld not just in Gotham but across the globe.

2/9/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #10
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Naomi Mason Garrett

Alias:Lavender Blade-Beetle


Appearance:Long jet black hair often in a ponytail and often wears the color lavender and her usual long scarf,in her Superhero uniform a Lavender outfit that resembles Dan Garrett's Blue Beetle uniform,with a cape and gauntlets added,and her hair can be seen free and long when in costume.

Pic appearance:

Its hero time:

Scarab armor:

Powers:Super Strength,energy blasts,highly impressive reflex's,and energy barriers]only with Scarab},Expert Marksmen,Genius intellect,expert lockpick,skilled hacker,expert historian and researcher

Equipment:???(A secret but she mostly has all the stuff Dan Garrett had.)


Home:Coast City/Seaside City


Enemies:The Reach

History:The granddaughter of Dan Garrett,she wants to be a superhero and has a telapathic link with the Scarab,she gew up hearing tales from her grandparents later heartbroken of Dan Garret's death,though that didn't stop her from becoming a hero,eventually she was given a Junior agent membership in the GPA and has been given sidework from the JLA,she is one of the experts on Blue Beetle history and the history of the Scarab going back generations as she has studied her grandfathers notes.

Naomi usually goes out with her moped and is a very skilled driver,she is also an expert marksmen using her grandfathers old service revolver from his days as a cop,aswell as a special gun given to her by the GPA.

2/12/2010 . Edited 10/29/2011 #11
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Blake Casey

Alias:Blade Braver


Appearance:Black spiky hair,goggle-like sunglasses,tall necked coat,with emblem on back and left side of his chest.long baggy cargo pants,Knee-pad's on both knees,and black rider gloves.

Powers:He has none,his power comes from his magic blade,and allows him to cut anything and do amazing attacks,(Its like a Lantern ring only it cannot change shape the attacks it does do though.)

Equipment:Several knives,a Magic blade,customized PDA and a Tracer made by Newlock.

Team:Teen guardians/Teen Titan's

Home:Coast City

Friends:All members of Light of Order and most members of the Teen-Titan's

Enemies:Deep-Fencer(Archenemy.),H.I.V.E,Legion of Doom,Brotherhood of Evil

History:A skilled young sword fighter with a grudge against an assassin who killed his family,he search's the world looking for this man and joined up with the Light of Order,he seems like a loner but,he befriended many members of the group he is currently missing in action.


Name:Maxine Powers



Appearance:Long Green hair in a pony-tail,Goggles,an emerald skit with a white strip,white tank top with green strip and a green Bio-hazard symbol in the center of her chest a long scarf that goes to her waist,emerald high-heels,and a green cape and white and green stripped ribbon holding her hair up,her eyes glow like Star-Fires.

Powers:she can absorb any type of electrical energy,and even control it,he also has a very well fit body

Equipment:customized PDA and a Tracer made by Newlock,Special goggles that can identify radiation,and several other forms of energy

Team:Teen guardians/Teen-Titan's


Friends:Light of Order members,Teen-Titan's members


History:A member of the Light of Order she came from a very poor family and was playing near an energy research facility,then when it exploded she was tainted with a ton of energy she was able to control it and was scouted by Azarian,she was killed when to save Smallville where Supergirl was from a Nuclear attack by the Legion of Doom,she absorbed all the energy of Lex Luthors Kyriptonite energy bomb and exploded over the coast,her corpse was burned to ash as a result and nothing was ever recovered.

2/13/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #12

Name:Diane Hunter



Appearance:Long black hair, deep green eyes, innocent look on her face 24-7, long white dress with long sleeves which slip once in a while

Powers:Can morph into any animal on earth

Equipment:None, keeps a large back pack full of white dresses with her.



Friends:None so far

Enemies:Several girls and boys she turned down innocently.

History:She was born to a loving family, they died and she was kidnapped, a insane scientist experimented on her and caused her to be able to morph into any creature, she was able to escape as a mouse and wanders around now.

Other:During the experament her eyes became white, and would only change colors depending on her feelings.

Black: Depressed.


Light Blue: Calm

Yellow: Happy



Light pink: embarrased

Crimson: Loved

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #13

Now, I have a couple of OCs, and four you never would have thought of. I have written two crossovers with DC and the manga version of Princess Tutu, (and I will now wait for everyone to stop laughing before I continue.)

(waits a few moments.)

For your interest, I invite you all to read "Princess Tutu and the Secret Six", "The Madrigal: Princess Tutu and the Secret Six II." I am also doing a third story of it--Princess Tutu and the Madrigal: Terra Rising" and hope to get chapter four done real soon. What I include is the profile that makes up the team of the Madrigal, consisting of the Secret Six, and the Shadow Force. Now, do note that I have tweaked the story of the Marvels, but, hey, how many times has that been tweaked and changed? This is just my rendition to make it all work. Here they are:

Hero Profiles

The White Swan, (a.k.a Princess Tutu.)

Real Name: Ahiru Arima

Age: 14, (as Ahiru,) 20, (as Tutu)

Occupation: art school student, semi-professional dancer and singer

Height: 5' 4'', (as Ahiru,) 5' 6", (as Tutu)

Weight: 115 lbs., (as Ahiru,) 135 lbs., (as Tutu)

Appearance: (as Ahiru,) cherubic face, big blue eyes, red, calf-length hair, left flowing and tied in the back; somewhat on the skinny side: (as Tutu,) same face, eyes and hair, but more appropriate for a 20 year old woman, hair in a bun done underneath a white feather ring that hangs to her neck, giving an appearance of looking like the feathers are her own hair; wears a Mardi Gras style dark pink mask, white drop-shoulder tutu with puffed sleeves, pink trim and lace under the skirt, light pink tights, dark pink toe shoes, with yellow fairy wings at the base of her back, and three strings representing a tail hanging in the back, small gold crown on her head. Her build would be the envy of any ballerina or Olympic gymnast, or even a fashion model.


Plant control: If there is even a hint of access to soil, or if there is even the most primitive of vegetable life growing, she can affect it at her whim. She can grow stalks to lift herself up from one level to another, she can create nets, fences, traps, snares, real thick flowerbeds to cushion falls, and she form vines and mist into an astral barque to use as transport.

Physical enhancements: She possesses twice the physical athleticism of the average ballerina in every respect.

Mind linking: Once physical contact is made, she can then link her mind with her target. She can use this in a hypnotic sense, to subdue an opponent, but she rather use this ability to aid others in coming to terms with psychological problems. She is also quite adept in battling mentally with any who can do the same thing as she. Normally, she dances with whom she counsels, because, (at her confession,) it puts the analysland at ease, and the person is more likely to open up, be more expressive, and more able to come to grips with his or her problem.

Astral attack: This comes in a minor and major form. The minor form comes when she concentrates on her emotions during a desperate situation. She takes the ballet position of refusal, and a white astral form of a swan forms around her, about seven feet tall. She can then use that to empower anything that she would need to do at that point, or, she can project the swan into the target, rendering the target completely helpless. However, this is a physical strain, and this is a power she can only sustain as long as her adrenaline continues to flow. The longer she holds this attack, the more likely she is to pass out once she ceases. If held too long, she might be out of commission for a day or two. The major attack is not something that she entirely controls. If her rage takes over, in addition to all that was said, she begins to glow a gold color, and becomes a vicious fighter. She is not out of control, but, in fact, is extremely focused on the task. A swan is much like a goose in every regard when it comes to protecting what it thinks belongs to it, and worse! In fact, a swan can, in one hard, enraged thrust of its beak, break the arm of a full-grown man! This is called her "mother hen" attack. Woe and dread should be felt even for the worst villain that must face this! If worst comes to worse in any situation, she can then thrust out the attack on her target, and banish that target to any plane she wishes. However, this comes at a cost: she, by doing this, risks turning in on herself, and possibly never reemerging. Banishment, thus, is something that she does with the greatest reluctance, once she realizes that she is in "mother hen" mode. Even if she does not, she will end up comatose for at least three days. Therefore, she only does this if there is absolutely no other choice.

Equipment: In the form of Tutu, the only equipment that she possesses that she does not conjure is her team communicator, disguised as a red cell phone, courtesy of the Justice League of America. The other two things she can call up when she needs them. One is the astral barque as stated before. The other is a pair of white Japanese fighting fans, her "swan wings," with which she is quite adept. If she is in her astral attack, minor or major, those attacks just became ten times worse!

History: When she first became the White Swan, no one would have ever looked at someone like then 12 year old Ahiru Arima as even having the potential to become a heroine, much less a super heroine. She was born to one Colonel and Sharon Arima, in a military hospital located in Tokyo, Japan. She is an American with Italian heritage, and possesses fluency in Italian as well as Japanese. She was indeed the "ugly duckling" in her ways from the start. She waddled when she was learning to walk, splashed in the water for every bath, and gained a hyperactive personality whenever she was nervous or embarrassed. It was then appropriate that her parents named her "Ahiru." This is the Japanese word for "duck" and, to the Arimas; it was prettier sounding than calling her "Duck." Her demeanor, before the events of this story, was very duck-like in almost every regard. However, as a little girl, she picked up a love for ballet, and began to gain a dream of being a prima ballerina. Yet, her parents were not so sure that this would ever happen, considering her duck-like ways spilled over into her dancing. Her parents were friends of the wealthy Kuroah family, who also had a daughter who desired to be a ballerina, and she and Rue were in the same school for about one year. It is interesting to note, however, that the two girls really did not build a friendship at this time, because Ahiru was only six years old, Rue was 10, and really had little in common with Ahiru. Besides all that, Rue was sent to the Kinkan School of the arts, so they really did not have time to build a friendship. On top of that, Rue had a snobbish personality, and looked down her nose at the awkward duck-girl. Yet, Ahiru began to show enough aptitude at ballet to the point where her parents began to see her start to turn into the beautiful swan. The Kuroahs then suggested that Ahiru be sent to Kinkan, because they would be able to best extract the good dancer in her, and help her achieve her dreams, seeing how quickly their own daughter progressed. However, Ahiru seemed to have just as many problems there as she did at home. It became worse when she demonstrated an inability to focus and make classes on time. This was possibly due to being away from home for the first time. She did make friends with Mai and Yuma, both girls her age, and both of whom were coming of age with Ahiru. Since they were also considered a bit oddball, all three had few friends, and Ahiru began to wonder if pursuing a career as a ballerina would ever happen. All this changed the day she met Mytho Schmidt.

She stumbled in on one of his private dance practices when she had thought herself late for class, and saw his beautiful dancing, and yet empty eyes, and lack of expression. She instantly wound up with a crush on him, and desperately wanted to restore his smile to him. Things changed even further the day she first met Edel. Ahiru was passing in front of a new young miss store in the village, and saw a beautiful tutu on display that was about her size. She then began to muse if she would ever be able to wear something like this in her life. Edel had put it out there deliberately, knowing that Ahiru would be by that way eventually, and knew of her want to be a prima. Edel also knew about her Amazon background, (something of which Ahiru was completely unaware,) and knew that, if given the ability to tap into that part of herself, she might be able to restore the pure heart that she desired to sacrifice for the Raven, of whom she was a priestess. Ahiru was lured in, and Edel, at first, acted like a friend and mentor to her. She even gave her a free, carbuncle colored gemstone with white swan wings set as a pendant as a gift for being the first customer ever in her store. What Ahiru did not realize was that this pendant, containing a shard of Mytho's spiritual heart, would tap into the Amazonian genetics lying in a recessive state within her, and transform her into something, and someone, who could restore Mytho's heart. Once Ahiru learned of what she had become, she began with relish to restore Mytho's heart. After many difficulties, (and battling Rue, who was in the form of Kraehe, the Raven Princess,) she had restored all, but one, of the shards. The last one, however, would cost her the ability to be Tutu once again, and render her helpless to prevent the sacrifice of Mytho's heart. However, by certain abilities that Mytho possessed, through his heart, she was allowed to be Tutu one last time, and banish Edel. She was able to rescue everyone, including Rue, and they all became fast friends. It was thought that she would never again be Tutu, until the start of the next school year. If it were not for a chance walk on the campus, mall the first day back, and encountering Billy…

Amazon heritage: Ahiru is actually a direct descendant of an Amazon from Paradise Island, but did not know this until late in this story. She is the direct descendant of a woman who also was known as the White Swan, and who was no less a hero than Tutu. Her actual name has been lost to history. Her Amazon genetics, however, are genetically recessive in her, but the pendant provided by the spirit of the wizard Shazam allowed those traits to be dominant. She also possesses all the abilities and powers of her very great grandmother.


The Black Swan, (a.k.a. Princess Claire)

Real Name: Rue Kuroah Schmidt

Age: 18 (as Rue,) 24 (as Claire)

Occupation: professional dancer and singer

Height: 5'6" (as Rue,) 5'9" (as Claire)

Weight: 125 lbs. (as Rue,) 140 lbs. muscle (as Claire)

Appearance: (As Rue,) oriental in appearance, but she has red eyes, slightly wider, and rare in color, for the typical oriental, with shoulder length raven black hair. She is also fit and shapely. (As Claire,) looks like herself six years older, shapely, but with more defined muscles. Her costume is exactly like Tutu's in every respect, except that, what is pink is gray, and what is white is black.

Powers: Exactly like Tutu with the following exceptions: no astral attack or mind linking, and the following added powers:

Wind Control: she can control the actions of the wind, making a vortex, a forceful push, kick up debris with it, etc.

Teleportation: Wherever she can think about going, if she can see it in her eyes, she can teleport there without issue.

Feather Darts: she has the ability to conjure up black feathers that she can throw as darts.

Equipment: The only piece of physical equipment is her team communicator, disguised as a red cell phone, courtesy of the Justice League of America. The only other pieces of equipment she conjures up, as in the feathers, and also, two black Japanese fighting fans, the same as the White Swan.

History: She was born to a wealthy Japanese couple, and was a child of privilege. She was taught Aikijutsu at a young age, and had the art mastered by her preteen years. She also showed an aptitude for the ballet, and studied it with relish. She was a natural at the art, and a prodigy, though she still had her difficulties as anyone would, (as attested to by Ahiru in the story.) She was at an intermediate level before age 11, and at about this time, she was entered into the Kinkan School of the Arts. However, this was the first time she had ever been away from home, and was unprepared to live a life where there were some things that would be expected of her. In other words, no longer would everything be done for her. She would now somewhat have to make her way. As a result, she began to become snobbish, and looked down on people she considered "below" her. The only exception was a young German boy by the name of Mytho Schmidt. He was handsome to her. However, he also was, at that time, a shell of a boy. He could only do that what was asked of him. However, she pursued him, knowing a boy like that would be easy to deal with: you tell him to say, "I love you," and he would do it. You asked him to get water, he would do it. For her, he was like a play doll, and she did not seem to mind. This raised the ire of his brother, Fakir Schmidt, who, knowing well his condition, tried all he could to keep him from the student population, lest he be taken advantage of. To Fakir, this was precisely what Rue was doing, and resented her approaches. Yet, she was not to be put down so easily, because she had just as hard a head as he, and she was not easily intimidated. While others were scared of Fakir, she had no fear. This went on until all of their junior years, when Rue was approached by one Edel. She had no qualms about revealing who she truly was, and told Rue that, if she helped her, she would transform her into the raven princess: Kraehe. Edel explained that she understood Rue's desire to keep Mytho as he was, and told her all that had happened to her beloved, (that is, all that she cared to reveal.) She told her that there was also a plot afoot from a rival princess who was seeking to restore the heart of Mytho. With Kraehe's help, they found all the pieces of his "heart" represented by red crystal shards, and she told Rue to, as Kraehe, to hide them well. She gave her a black pendant that would allow her to transform into Kraehe, and do the job.

What Rue did not know was that she was being set up. First of all, "Kraehe" was, in reality, a corruption of the name "Claire." Kraehe, (pronounced by some as "kray-hee,") is actually how a Japanese person would pronounce "Claire," ("kray-ah,") who was still trying to gain a hold on the English language. This was a proverbial slap in the face to Rue, due to the fact that Edel knew of the heritage she possessed, and wanted to mock both her nationality and an ancestor she also possessed. The choice of bird was also a mockery of Rue, because she is the direct descendant of an Amazon from Paradise Island named Princess Claire, who was also a sister of the original White Swan, from who Ahiru descended, and this was something of which both girls were completely unaware. Due to the Raven wanting revenge on the original Swan Sisters, Edel though that the way things were set up, (Tutu and Kraehe being at odds with each other,) would be perfect irony. She knew that the hiding of the shards would actually accelerate their restoration, and prepare the heart to be fresh and pure for sacrifice. What Edel did not count on was the tenacity of both girls, nor did she count on Rue become wise to her schemes. Soon, Rue was trying to prevent the heart's restoration to prevent the sacrifice. She would rather him a doll than to be sacrificed. All this changed when Kraehe and Tutu "battled" in a dance-off, trying to prove to Mytho who loved him more. However, Tutu did this by performing a pas de deux by herself, demonstrating to Mytho that she needed him to make her complete. Nothing or no one else would do. Rue learned a great lesson that day, and realized that being selfish, and expecting the whole world to be handed to her, would never pass muster in this world. As a result, she then wanted the heart restored, believing that Tutu could do something to prevent its sacrifice. If she was to have Mytho, she would do so as Tutu had, by proving it though actions and deeds. Kraehe ceased to exist that day. She stopped demanding things of people, and, because of Tutu, began to realize that, if someone was truly "below" her, she should do what it took to bring them up to her "level." After the whole affair was over, the four of them became friends, but Ahiru and Rue were still rivals for the now restored heart of Mytho. Yet, Ahiru eventually relented, feeling that she really did not love Mytho in that way, and realized that all it was was a childhood crush, nothing more. Rue was then free to foster the love she had for Mytho, and Mytho was very willing to reciprocate. He remembered all her doting over the years. Though he did not have emotions, he still understood enough to know when someone wanted to be with him. He just could not describe the emotions behind it, because he lacked those feelings. Now that he had them, even though she had some selfish gains, he still loved the fact that she still wanted anything to do with him, and was not willing that he remain "caged up" as Fakir had done all those years, (though he understood Fakir's reasons and worries.) She was quite content to remain as the "mother hen" that she had become to Ahiru, and all the younger girls. However, her true nature had been stirred by the affair, albeit in a corrupted form, and now she begged for release in this girl that was now acting more like her ancestor than ever before. Thanks to the aid of Tutu, she was able to see that it was okay to be the super heroine that she truly was, and was able to erase all the deeds of Kraehe forever.


The White Knight

Real Name: Mytho Schmidt

Age: 18

Occupation: professional dancer and singer

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Appearance: Cherubic face, like Paul McCartney, hazel eyes, extremely blond hair, appearing almost white, left loose and shaggy, with no distinct style. Well-built, but slender.

Powers: Empathy: Mytho is an empath, who can feel the emotions of anyone upon whom he concentrates. He can sense a shift in emotions, change in heartbeat, and thus, is able to detect whether or not someone is lying to him, hiding something, has a need, etc.

Healing: he is a healer who has the ability to heal many kinds of wounds and injuries. However, he cannot reattach amputations, nor is he able to remove a wound that is mortal, although he can keep it from being mortal.

Equipment: He carries his team communicator in the form of a red cell phone, attached to a utility belt, gifted to him by Batman, within which he carries an arsenal of crime fighting tools, as well as his sword: the Swan Sword. Also wears white tights, a late medieval/early renaissance blue tunic with gold trim, a blue waist cloak with a white inner lining, white cowl that allows the hair out to look like the mane of a horse. He also wears a flak jacket that allows him full movement.

History: Mytho is the direct descendant of a knight who had battled the Raven many centuries before, and thus, was the main target for the Raven who was seeking revenge. Before all that, he was an orphan boy, born in Germany, adopted by Charon Schmidt, who raised him as his own son. Along with his foster brother, Fakir, Charon considered them as two knights because of their heritage. Mytho was the knight prince, as his ancestor was just that. As a young boy, he was a happy free spirit, but obedient and good hearted. He had the habit of healing small animals that found their way to him, and getting himself into scrapes in attempting to rescue anything or anyone in trouble, Fakir often saving him from himself in many cases. All this changed one day when he was about ten years old, when the Raven managed to gain a hold in this world, and demanded his pure heart for a sacrifice, to undue what the Amazons had done, and to gain vengeance against his ancestor, who thwarted his attempt to reenter this world. Ravens came out of nowhere and started to attack him. He and Fakir tried to fight them off valiantly; however, they were too much for the boys. When it all seemed lost, and to protect, not just his brother, but everyone from this raven, he took a drastic step. His empathy allowed him to tap into an unknown and somewhat forbidden power, and he wished that his own heart be shattered and scattered to the four winds so that the Raven could never have it. By doing so, he locked the Raven back out again. However, what happened was the shattering of his spiritual heart—his soul—the seat of his emotions. This was physically demonstrated when a broadsword appeared out of nowhere, and appeared to be piercing his heart straight through. When the deed was done, it fell out of him with a clang, and he fell as if dead. However, it did not kill him, nor was there any sign of a wound, (in that instinct caused him to use his own healing power on himself.) As a result, he became an emotionless doll, with no self-will, with no emotions, and only able to do as he was told. Fakir swore from that day forward to protect Mytho. Mytho started ballet with his brother, only so that Fakir could keep an eye on him. Of course, it came quickly to him, for all that needed to happen was for him to be told what to do, and then he would ape the moves perfectly. The only thing was that there was no life in it. Yet, because he and his brother were both quite good, Charon entered them in Kinkan, not only to further their skills, but to get them as far away from Germany as he could, lest the Raven find a way back to seek revenge. This was a futile gesture, as you will soon see. This was about the same time that Rue began school there as well. She was instantly smitten with the boy, although he was only a play doll to her. He was kept as a recluse by his brother, lest she, or anyone, take advantage of him. All this changed when Tutu came on the scene. She also loved him, but knew that love could never be reciprocated without his own heart. To do this, and in order to return his smile to him, she worked with earnest to return his heart to him. As he regained it, he began to remember the good feelings that came with it, and began to desire the return of that heart, despite the fact that this played right into Edel's hands. She somehow helped the Raven to regain a small foothold in this world, and knew that Mytho's heart would bring him all the way in. Despite Fakir's attempts to re-shatter Mytho's heart with the same sword that caused it, (the sword which Fakir kept without Charon knowing,) Mytho and Tutu were able to help him regain his heart. Then, together, they were able to thwart Edel, and get her banished from this realm. Although he had deep affection for Tutu/Ahiru, (due to the heart being restored, and now quite enjoying the ability to love again,) he also loved Rue, who had been the only one there that, for all those years before Ahiru came on the scene, wanted him to be a free soul. When Ahiru realized that she did not love Mytho in the way that Rue did, she happily relented to Rue, and their romance took off. By the end of this adventure, he was wed to Rue in a formal Japanese ceremony, filled with all the pomp that accompanies such a wedding. They now live in the Raven's Nest Theater with Fakir, and hope to be joined by their teammates in the future. There is also hope of a little one in the future, but they want to wait for the time being.


The Black Knight

Real Name: Fakir Schmidt

Age: 18

Occupation: Professional dancer and singer

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Appearance: Long, black hair worn colonial style, chiseled face, fiery green eyes, built like an acrobatic wrestler: in a word, ruggedly handsome. Wears an identical outfit to his brother, except, what is blue is black, what is white is gray, except for the cowl, which is black. Also wears a flak jacket underneath that is designed for full movement.

Powers: No powers, but quite a physical specimen.

Equipment: Same as Mytho, except that his sword is called the Loengrien.

History: Fakir Schmidt was an orphan who was adopted by an antique dealer and blacksmith by the name of Charon Schmidt, and he is a direct descendant of knights. Because of his tendency to protect his brother Mytho, Charon called him lord high protector to the knight prince. He was always attempting to pull his brother out of his own adventures of rescuing the unfortunate and wounded. The day that the ravens attacked, he did all he could to protect his brother, but his brother had his own plans. He kept the swan sword, feeling that, someday, it might be useful, but for what he did not yet know. Many years later, as a gift for his son, Charon forged the Loengrien for him, which he now wears as the Black Knight. Fakir then felt a great need to protect the shell of a boy that his brother had become, and kept Mytho with him in all things, including his ballet classes. However, when they got to Kinkan, Fakir quickly deduced that there would be many that might try to take advantage of his brother, and thus tried all he could to keep the two of them as recluses on campus. Because of that, he pick up a reputation of being dark and brooding. Many girls were actually attracted to him, but he would have none of them, because he figured that he either had no time for that, or that they might be trying to use him to get to Mytho. All this was shattered when Tutu came on the scene. He, knowing the danger of Mytho regaining his heart, did all he could to keep this from happening, actually looking on Tutu as just as much of an enemy as Kraehe. He even tried to re-shatter Mytho's heart, which Tutu deduced, (correctly,) would be the same as killing him, because, without a soul, he might as well be dead. All this was delicious to Edel, as it was to the Raven, to see all the ancestors to all the old foes of the Raven now turned against each other, knowing that, if they ever worked as one, all of Edel's dreams would come crashing down. They didn't figure that Fakir and Rue were clever enough to figure out what was going on, and all that Edel tried to prevent happened. He now acts as personal protector to the couple, as well as a member of the madrigal that they formed in school known as the Pas De Six. He currently dates one Mary Batson, and hopes that it may also blossom into marriage. She has managed to help bring out the caring and sensitive side that was always there, and Mary suspected was just underneath the gruff surface.

Name: The Magpie

Real Name: Johnny White Wolf

Age: 33

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 220 lbs

Occupation: former bounty hunter and now full time superhero.

Appearance: Alleghany Native American who normally wears jeans, calf length moccasins, blue button down shirt, fringed leather jacket, long, black hair tied in back, and a U.S. Cavalry hat with an eagle feather in the back. As a hero, he wears all black motorcycle racing suit with a white bird on the front, black racing boots with metal race plates on the shins, white biking gloves, white utility belt, black helmet with bird's eyes on the sides, a beak like visor and a mask that covers his nose and mouth. He also wears a black cape with white tips fashioned to look like bird wings.

Powers: No powers, but a physical specimen, expert in military hand-to-hand and Jeet-Kun-Do.

Equipment: Equal to that of Batman, as well as a BMW motorcycle.

History: Johnny grew up in the mountains and hills in which the tribe reservation resides. Despite being a native, he actually had a normal childhood and adolescence, and experienced little in the way of discrimination. (It was only during his time as a bounty hunter that he ever saw any of this.) When he turned 18, he decided to join the army and became a cavalry scout. It was during his stay in the Philippines that he began to gain a desire to be a crime fighter after seeing how rampant it was in some areas of the big cities there. When stationed in the states, he saw the same thing, but in a more subtle way, and that cinched his want to do something about it in his life. After his time in, he entered the police academy, hoping to become an average police officer. However, about three quarters of the way through the course, he became disenchanted with this, because he realized how limiting the life of a police officer can be, and it would actually hinder his want to fight crime in the way he knew it needed to be fought. He then quit the academy and entered the world of bounty hunting. This seemed to satisfy his itch a bit more, but as he saw how things worked, he felt the need to develop an alter ego that would divert attention off him. In other words, if anyone decided to come back for revenge, they would seek for someone who could never be found or pegged down, because there was no place for which to look for him, considering he only existed during a bust. All this changed when he met the Secret Six.


Name: The Shadow

Real Name: Elly Campbell

Age: 17

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 250 lbs, (at start of story,) 125 lbs, (at end.)

Occupation: Creative arts school student.

Appearance: Long, brown hair done in a pony tail tied high. Normally wears jeans or long skirts with high heel leather boots, hoodies, and rarely has a moment when she does not have some kind of music blaring into her ears. As hero, she wears a long black skirt, a black hoody with the hood up, a black scarf that covers her nose and mouth, black Ray Bans.

Powers: Mental mind clouding—this ability allows her to cloud people's minds to where she seems to be invisible to them, and she has along with that the ability to talk into people's heads so that there would be no way that anyone could pinpoint her position.

Clairvoyant Reading: If there is any paper or books left lying around where she is, she can read them from wherever she stands, even if she was across the room from them.

Equipment: Normally carries two high powered tazers that she secretly confiscated from the hero Blue Beetle near the end of this story.

History: She seemed to be the average all-American kid growing up until she reached the age of fourteen when she caught the chronic version of mononucleosis that put her out of commission and society for about two years. During that time, she gained her aptitude for art and drawing, spending time on this whenever she was conscious. However, during the worst part of that illness, she had slipped into a coma for a week, as a complication to the illness caused a section of her brain's wiring that dealt with mental communication within one of the hemispheres to disconnect. However, her brain corrected this by reconnecting through a dead zone, and it seemed to be that which unlocked her abilities. When she was well, she was enrolled into Kinkan, but she only used her abilities for her own personal needs, unaware of their full potential. It was then she first met Princess Tutu, and then the rest of the Secret Six, and her potential were made known to her. At first, it seemed that she would go into the world of heroes being dragged kicking and screaming. However, as the story progressed, she began to gain a love for it, especially when it became known to her that there had been another hero in the 1930s that was called The Shadow, and could do what she could, save for the reading ability. However while he learned how to do what he did, she had it come purely by happenstance. Yet, once she understood the legacy of that hero, and just how powerful he was because of what he could do, she was honored to take up the mantle and reintroduce The Shadow to the world.

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appearence: a large muscular man with the most badass mustache in existance

powers:he has a control over earthquakes and water. he also admits a field 5 feet around him that negates non magical powers

Equipment:a large sword


forced allies:amazons, atlanteans

enemies:everyone else

history:he is the greek god poseidon. he enters the mortal world when he is bored

Other:this guy is a villain. i don't know if their is already a comicbook version of poseidon, but this is an alternate universe, so it shouldn't matter

3/5/2010 #15



age:72, looks 16

appearence:supergirl from the DCAU in soviet style clothing

powers:all those of supergirl

equipment:and ironmesh cape

team:the multiversal ten

home: Earth 114, moscow, the soviet union


enemies:fascist pigs

history:she is an alternate version of supergirl who landed in the soviet union in 1938. she eventually became the leader

other:she is the de facto leader of the multiversal ten


name:Brace wayne

alias:the blue bat


appearence:bruce wayne from batman beyond


equipment:the scarab

team:multiversal ten

home:earth 854, el paso texas

friends:alfred, jaime reyes(AKA robin)

enemies: the reach

history:in his world , bruce wayne was lethally shot during his first excursion as the batman, but he was able to survive by bonding with the scarab and became gothams greatest hero as the blue bat. however, gotham was nuked by the soviets when their tenuous peace with the united states broke down. bats moved to el paso after the war and eventually took jaime reyes as his sidekick. 10 years later, the reach atteampted to take control of his mind, but he overcame it and took control of the enitre reach collective hivemind and reshaped it into an intergalactic police force known as the blue bat's corp.

other:he is the one who discovered the multiversal threat


name:Cassandra cain

alais:Zorro II


appearence:a cass cain in a female zorro costume

powers:superhuman martial arts masery

equipment:numerous carbon nanotube blades

team:the multiversal ten

home:earth 689, gotham city


friends:bruce wayne


history:she was taken in at the age of 14 by bruce wayne, who had taken up the name zorro as his superhero identity

other:she still can't talk

name:hal jordon

alias:sorceror supreme


apppearence:hal jordon dressed in multiversal robes

powers:masery of the mystic arts

equipment:numerous mystic artifacts

team:the multiversal ten

home:earth 8947, shangri la

friends:the monks


history:he was a part of a militray regiment which got lost in the himilayas. their were only for survivals. himself, guy gardner, john stweart, and kyle rayner. they stumbled upon shangri la and began training there with the monks approval. eventually, hal was chosen to be the sorceror supreme. but one of the other trainees , a greedy man named lex luthor , attacked during the ceremony to name him as such. his friends were wounded, so he placed their spirits inside his mind, and he continues to converse with them to this day. lex meanwhile, was possessed by the embodiment of greed and mutated into the demon larfleeze. he founded the orange lantern corps. and luanched an invasion of earth. hal atteampted to to fight off the corps, but nearly died. just as larfleeaze was going to kill him, the blue bat corps arrived in his dimension and fought off the corps. this allowed hal to defeat larfleeze by channeling a powerful fire attack through a lantern. hal then met with bruce wayne who explained the multiversal threat he had detected. using his magical powers, hal saw to the future and realized they needed 10 champions of ten universes to win


name:scott free



appearence:scott free in a green lantern uniform

powers:he is bonded with the ion symbiote

equipment:10 green lantern rings

team:green lantern corps

home:earth 4752, oa



history:throughout his childhood, he was tortured by granny goodness on apokalips . each day, darkseid would come and tell him that he would be released if he joined him . scott would always refuse, as that would mean taking part in the enslavement of freedom. then one day, a green lantern ring attached to his finger and he broke free. then he set out to challenge darkseid. though at the begining they were equal, darkseid soon gained the upper hand and subjected scott to the agony matrix . using all of his strength, scott activated darkseid's boomtube and opened a portal to oa, and knocked him through before following. the lanterns around oa were shocked when to fighting beings dropped through their atomsphere. they landed in front of the central power battery and darkseid taunted scott, saying that he had always wanted to control the battery and that he now could . darkseid began to crush his skull, but the ion entity noticed he plight and bonded with him. with his newfound power, scott vaporised darkseid


name:ronnie raymond/ jon osterman

alias:Dr. manhatten


appearence:firestrom drassed in only a black speedo

powers:matter manipulation


team:the multiversal ten

home:earth 6456809, NYC.



history:ronnie raymond and jon osterman were fused together during a field trip to star labs when osterman's experiment went horribly awry . Though they intially became popular heroes, he soon became disinterested in humanity an began experimenting with his powers, inadvertanly killing off most of humanity

name:linda lane


alias:the flash


appearence:she looks like supergirl in a blue flash costume


equipment:a clothing ring

team:the multiversal ten

home:earth 11, metropolis

friends:perry white, iris olsen


history:she was a reporter for the daily planet who gained super speed during an investigation on corrupt cops

other:she's a lesbian

name:jon carter




appearence:jon carter in a lab coat


equipment:weaponized toys

team:the multiversal ten

home:earth 87429, star city


enemies: criminals

history:after timetraveling to the past, jon carter became the toymaker in order to make oodles of money

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Ester Bertinelli



Appearance:Short neck length black hair her right bang slightly longer,in her uniform she spikes her hair and dons a black leather coat with purple trim and a black and purple leather top and shorts also with purple trim,and a face mask styled similar to the 1st Batgirl's and a purple scarf,she has lavender eyes,she usually dresses like a boy.

Powers:Trained reflexes and dancer trained grace.

Equipment:Crossbow,caltrops,smoke bombs in her coat pocket,all purpose wire.

Team:None(She could join Young-Jusite,Teen-Titan's or Teen Defenders once she reaches 13)


Friends:Helena Bertinelli,Bruce Wayne,Tim Drake,Damian Wayne

Enemies:Gotham Police department, Truancy officers,any Mafia families.

History:The baby sister of Helena she was still being kept in the hospital under study due to an overly high respiratory rate due to underdeveloped bronchial tubes,her mother was already sent home and then the family was murdered except for Helena,who then took her and had to take care of her,herself as a mere child under the of 11,she cares for Ester but due to her wild nature is strict with her baby sister,they are 11 years apart but care and love each other despite their constant arguing.

3/26/2010 . Edited 11/2/2012 #17
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Ramzalio"Ramsey"Grail



Appearance:Short spiky brown hair that seems to shine, Aquamarine eyes,pretty boy baby face good looks,basic clothes most of the time,while Saint:White Tuxedo suit and pants,Monocle,long flowing white cape.

Power:Master of sleight of hand and prestidigitation,and expert escape artist.

Equpiment,several different gadgets disguised to look like other things,most notable:Watch that tells all time zone times instantly,has a mini-tranq gun installed in it,bombs in his shoes,smoke pellet cuff-links,card decks that have various effects,grappling gun,mini-winch,Cape that can turn into a mini-hang-glider,and monocle has X-Ray,Heat,and Night Vision abilities,an M9 modified to fire Tranq shots,an earing that can double as a glass cutter,several more props are usually hidden around site,his most used besides above are trained doves.

Team:MI-6,secret British task force 21,,Royal security concepts

Home:Wales England

Friends:None?(His fans don't count)

Enbemies:Ellen Yin,L.T Jonathon Barlowe,Night-Detective,Batgirl,Batman,enemies of the British Empire,those that use there money to make others suffer,and those that steal and murder

History:The second to take up the name of saint,he is rumored to be connected to Simon Templar,he steals from the rich and corrupt and gives to those in need,keeping 2/3of it to fund his crazy capers and live a good high profiled life,he hates seeing innocent people getting hurt,and cannot stand corruption,he is also a agent of the british government and has immunity from crimes in Britain and Diplomatic immunity in all other countries,he was knighted by the former queen and will also protect the royal family,he is always at odds with Night-Detective.

Other:He is a notorious flirt and ladies man supposedly no sane woman can resist him.

3/29/2010 #18
Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Alais:Azarian,Light-Bringer,Azarian the Light Bringer,Light-Bearer


Appearance:tall Spiky blue hair,semi-tan with a double chakra on his forehead,sapphire eyes,long white roe and hood with shoulder spikes,white robes and somewhat baggy pants,and long sleeves,white rider gloves,two rows of magic jewels going in an X around his chest and one around his waist.

Powers:Near mastery over Light and dark element magic and adept skill at using all elements and magical wisdom at all charms and potions often used int support or healing known to healers,and adept fencing skill,he is also empathic and can create a soul self bird that is shaped like a large white hawk.

(He pretty much has all of Raven's powers and more. :P)

Equipment:a tracer and a customized PDA altered by Newlock,Espeir fencing saber,magical jewls that focus the mind on his robes,the ring of Azar,and sealing crystals/



Friends:All members of Teen-Guardians,Arella,the monks of Azarath

Enemies:Trigon,Raven,the children of Trigon(Yes he has more than Raven.),all demons,all who use magic for evil,and those that harm the weak.

History:A young man from Azarath he was childhood friends with Raven and she was like a sister to him,he trained all his life to become a high priest but then Trigon came and destroyed everything he was saved but had to watch all he knew and love burn away,knowing Raven was thew cause he vowed he would kill her,he hates her deeply,and after coming to earth met a young girl who took his in and named him Lu,she was killed in an air raid and that made hm deeply hate war,he made the Teen-Guardians to fight demons and help prevent war.

Other:He collects flowers,and reads poetry and other creative works he also paints and loves animals

4/7/2010 #19
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Rubieus Hunter

Name:The Ruby Dragon



Other appearance:Grows red dragon wings and can turn most of his body into a dragon and or demon appearance

Power:The power to turn into Dragons and Demons,in addition to use of magic of Chaos

Equpiment:Two automatic pistols,9mm Magnum,Nth metal Knife


Friends:Diane(His sister.),Bryce

Enemies:Project-new age,Project-Cadmus,Dark-Works

History:A young man captured long ago by Cadmus and sent to a new age research facility he was taken from his parents and has been from place to place,his execution was scheduled until he met Diane.

4/11/2010 #20

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Happy B-Day JC hope its a good one. ;3

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Victor lowe

Alias:Lord Viscous, Lotan, Vicktor Al Ghul


Appearance: h ttp://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/105/5/9/Sephiroth_by_eagiel.jpg

h ttp://pre10.deviantart.net/9e0d/th/pre/i/2011/276/c/3/sephiroth__animated_by_oathbinder123-d4br5h2.png

(Crime Kingpin Lord Viscous): h ttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/00/e6/1d/00e61de6b5f94838eef0e095d663237e.jpg

(Dual to the death): h ttp://static.zerochan.net/Sephiroth.full.320094.jpg

(As a child): h ttp://orig04.deviantart.net/3019/f/2012/321/8/6/shrunken_gin_by_princessivanova-d5lah8b.png

Powers:Master swordsmen, master marksmen, near super human reflexes, super heightened senses, heightened speed

Equipment:Nth metal sword, two magnum pistols, several rare knives

Team:Lowe Imports, Seven Serpents(Children of Ra's)

Home:Gotham(Raised in)

Friends:Talia Alghul/Leviathan, Nyssa Raatko/Tiamat, Dusan/The white Ghost/The Pale Snake, Arkady Duvall/The Broken/Basalisk, Maat Shadid/Scarab, and Sensei/Ouroboros, China White.

Enemies:Batman, Teen Titan's, JLA, Gotham PD, Green Arrow, Crimson Avenger-II(Jill Carlyle), Red-Hood(Jason Todd)

History:The boss of bosses in Gotham he has overthrown black mask as the master of organized crime, he also is a so called philanthropist and activist in the community, in truth everything he has he got from either crime or inheritance, which he got by murdering his parents with a knife and framing his butler.

Adopted from a young age by the kind and wealthy Lowe family known for their antiquity import business raised him with a love of the occult and mythology and saw to it he studied anything he was interested in becoming a master class fencer and nationally ranked Kendo swordsmen. At the age of eleven he murdered his parents after learning of his birthright through a mysterious family friend named Henry Ducard who explained he had been placed in the childless family to act as a trojan horse to someday destroy and rebuild Gotham for the great Demon's Head his birth father.

Their deaths and a subsequint rush of slavery, drugs and illegal weapons done by Lowe to build his war chest at a young age drew the attention of ATF Captain James Carlyle, who Victor would have murdered which prompted his teenage daughter to become a lawyer. Jill would investigate Victor several times to no avail becoming an archenemy of sorts as he remained out of the eye of batman and managed to take control from blackmask following the appearance of the Red-Hood and his crippling of Mask's empire.

The other children of Ra's:Talia Alghul/Leviathan, Nyssa Raatko/Tiamat, Dusan/The white Ghost/The Pale Snake, Arkady Duvall/The Broken/Basalisk, Maat Shadid/Scarab, and Sensei/Ouroboros all entered into a bet where they would each be assigned one of the 10 enemies of the league, Victor would attempt to construct an Earth Quake generator to use on Gotham for his father but the plan fell through and he initiated No Man's Land.

7/31/2010 . Edited 5/10/2016 #23
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Olga T(Tsuline) Gurlukova

Alias:The KGBeauty, Belaya Myotis(White Bat), lady ace of Spetznaz, Capitan!


Appearance:h ttp://fc08.deviantart.net/fs31/i/2008/214/1/c/Olga_Gurlukovich_by_xxSaphira.jpg

h ttp://fc05.deviantart.net/fs7/i/2005/171/8/d/Olga_by_PlasticSword.jpg

(Cyber Spyborg unit): h ttp://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/189/2/d/Olga_Gurlukovich___Deep_Throat_by_xxSaphira.jpg

(White-Bat) h ttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bd5Pw24CEAAhYHO.jpg

Powers:Master Trained mercenary in both hand to hand, and fire arms, she is also skilled in many blade arts, she can do trick shots, she is also a master of infiltration and well versed in military tactics.

Equipment:Specially made combat knife with hollowed hilt that hides a mini pistol capable of three shots, 2x Custom SOCOM pistol ,Desert Eagle magnum custom , smoke/tear/flash,and incendiary grenades, switchblade in combat boots, her suspender's are ultra flexible and strong she can use them form nearly anything(Including tying up others or strangling), she hides magazines in her gloves for quick reloading,

Cyber ninja suit capable of: stealth vanishing, increases her strength, and agility by ten times the norm, the armor being more flexible then the normal ones and still with high endurance(Though it greatly taxes her body), she also has a super heated vibration sword.

Whitebat suit is capable of: Stealth vanishing, flashbang gloves(Grappling shooters in wrist and can scale nearly any surface), holster belt(Made of same material as suspenders), Disguise Wig, Kevlar armor with 3DM grapple shooters from ribcage area.

Team:KGBattallion, Checkmate/Cadmus, Titans of Russia, Batmen of All Nations


Friends:Her comrades(In mercenary unit and Titans of Russia), Max Lord, Team Titans, KGBeast(Uncle?)

Enemies:Red Hood, League of Assassins, Capitalist Couriers.

History:A lowly girl mercenary from Russia, was born and raised in Chelyabinsk-70, Russia, now known as Snezhinsk. she served in the Soviet Armed Forces before being discharged as part of the regimenting of the excess military to survive the Cold War and last into the new millennium, She followed a friend of her fathers a very high respected officer and KGBeast who gathered soldiers many from the Spetsnaz, who had nowhere left to go, forming a mercenary army of at least a thousand strong. she became a high ranking officer(replacing the other two as a day to day commander) in this new army and now serves whoever can give her board and pay her wages, but she does have her honor never betraying her comrades, or her employer's, she served Vicious because of his pull in international trafficking he promised to buy her home town back for her if she served him for 5 years without a raise, she and her men also help train the Metahumans Cadmus makes.

After his Gotham organization fell her mercenary group hit hard times and she was caught in the power Struggle for order caused during the recovery following No Mans Land. With the loss of a majority of the Gotham Police she volunteered her groups services and gained the admiration of Batman who felt she could do great things, which helped inspire her to take a new mantle.

Other:She has a heavy Russian accent, and is a big time tomboy(which causes her to get embarrassed about being a woman at times).

8/13/2010 . Edited 5/26/2016 #24
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Julia Vivian Cobblepot

Alias: Puffin,lady Penguin



Powers:High intellect,able to hold breath for 10 minutes,good at appearing innocent,skilled in Judo,Akido,and Fencing.

Equipment:Multipurpose umbrella,two ceramic knives in her sleeves,smoke pellet buttons on her tux,multipurpose glasses.

Team:Team Penguin/Teen Terror's

Home:Gotham City

Friends:Penguin(Uncle),her parents,Cobblepot family,Roxy Rocket,,Live-Wire,Teen Terror's(Poison Lily,Pink moth,Duelia Dent,Clay-Doll,OMEGA,and the first Ravager:Grant Wilson)

Enemies:Question,Bat-Family,Robin(Tim Drake.),Night-Detective,Teen Titan's

History:Penguins niece the daughter of his sister thankfully their is not much of a resemblance,she is a skilled runner of guns and drugs and acts as Penguin's delivery girl and sidekick,she handles the day to day operations of the iceberg lounge and is the head waitress,she enjoys fruits and various frozen sweets like smoothies,she is a skilled fighter much like her uncle and is used in many of his schemes,she is also aligned with the Teen Terror's and is good friends with the terror's leader Duelia Dent,she is also a constant informant of Night-Detective due to their runnings in the past back in London.

Other:She is a big time snitch,and has a soft spot for frozen treats.

8/16/2010 . Edited 3/25/2013 #25

Name: Jean-Claude D'ampier (nee Madore)

Alias: None

Age: unknown

Appearance: 5'11" 275 lbs, built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Caucasian, Franco-American, Dirty blonde well-groomed hair, handsome looks, is a dhampir.

Powers: Near immortality: only beheading, fire, or total body annihilation can kill him, or not receiving blood after going into torpor for a time.

Sight beyond normal scale: He can see into the UV scale and the Infrared.

Bat-like hearing

Blood abilities: Though the perfect physical specimen, he can use blood to do the following:

Enhanced strength: strength equal to ten mortal men.

Leaping: Can leap 1/8 of a mile.

Aura Reading: can read the auras of people, telling mood, state of mind, and such like.

Wall Climbing: Can climb walls like a spider.

Enhanced Speed: Can run ten times faster than the best track athletes.

Enhanced Reflexes: Ten times...you get the idea.

Fire Production: Can produce fireballs from his hand for a short time.


Mind Wiping and Thought Planting.

Rapid self-healing: allows him to grow back limbs, close wounds, push bullets from his body.

Equipment:Black, old west preacher's hat, black trench coat, navy blue Marine Corps jacket under trench coat, black combat pants and boots, black fingerless gloves, U.S. Marines officer's saber on a belt. An arsenal of firearms, untold wealth.

Home: Born in Camden/Rockport Maine, normally resides in NYC.

Friends: Countless in the human and vampire world, wife is a dhampir female, with two powerful children, (not in this story line.)

Enemies: The Three Clans of Europe, Telomere.

History: Born Jean-Claude Madore and born to a human male and a vampire female who managed to see past their differences and fall in love. Their offspring was frowned upon, for such a union creates a dhampir: half human and half vampire. Normally such is a child of both worlds and wanted by neither. Such normally end up vampire hunters, but both his parents taught him to love at a young age. However, when he was ten, and awakening to his abilites as a dhampir, (with all the benefits of a vampire, and none of the weakness, save for the Thirst,) his parents were hunted down and killed by renegade vampires who wished not such a union. He would have shared the same fate had it not been for seven vampires living in the woods who rescued him and turned him into an avenging angel. He had training from them that would make a Navy SEAL cringe. He managed to exact revenge and form an alliance called simply the Clan, where human and vampire live in peace. He has what he calls "the Dream" where a symbiosis can come to be, where no little ten year old boy has to cry for the loss of his parents from ignorant fools. Slowly but surely, such alliances are forged.

Other: Fights the two mentioned enemies who do not want to see such things. The three Clans want nothing to do with humans save but to use them for their own gain, and Telomere--a terrorist group of humans and vampires who seek to put all humans as slaves, where the symbiosis would be the vampires ruling the world with humans as slaves and cattle. They are essentially the anti-Clan. He also fights renegade vamps and any villain that gets in his way.

9/3/2010 #26
Fullmetal Knight

Name: Donnie Bloome

Alias: Doomsboy

Age: 14

Appearance: Average height and build for a 15 year old but looks like Doomsday when he transforms.

Powers: Reactive Adaptation: Donnie/Doomsboy develops an immunity to any attack that harms him; he cannot be killed the same way twice. According to the experiments, that which kills him only makes him stronger. Healing Factor: Donnie can recover from injury very rapidly, with this ability being linked to his reactive adaptation. When impaled with a steel rod during one of the experiments, his injury completely healed within only a couple of minutes. Super Strength: In human form, Donnie could tap into Doomsboy's powers, using his super strength to kill his victims. Doomsboy is able to use his strength to perform super leaps. Longevity: Testing showed that Donnie could, and most likely was, immortal. Invulnerability: When Donnie tried to stab himself with a blade as a suicide attempt, it shattered into pieces without hurting him. Doomsboy is extremely powerful. Super Stamina: Donnie can run for long periods of time without tiring. Super Speed: Donnie demonstrated this in testing.

Home: Metropolis

Friends: None

Enemies: Lex Luthor

History: Donnie Bloome was once an average foster kid. Abandoned by his parents and went from adoption home to adoption home. Finally he went missing after the Doomsday incident. The cover story was that he had been killed. But the reality was far grimmer. Lex Luthor had him cared for and genetically changed with DNA from Doomsday. Donnie was supposed to become the partner for Superboy, the two of them being the Yin and Yang of each other but also brothers so they could be Lex Luthor's heroes for Metropolis and take all the glory after Superman's supposed death. But to do this Donnie's memories must be wiped so that he remembers none of his former life. However Donnie has plans and will stop at nothing to escape and extract his revenge on Lex Luthor.

9/22/2010 #27
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Alexandria Treveney

Alias:Alex,Alexis,White Witch



Powers:Summoning,astral projection,memory alteration,witchcraft,above average body(Due to playing Track and field.),skilled sketch artist and painter.

Equipment:Sketchbook,spellbook,some vials containing transmutation items.

Home:Autumn Hollows

Friends:her sister,her classmates

Enemies:Church of Blood,Telomere.

History: Alex is a Weirn, a specific type of witch,She lives with Sarah, her older sister, and her astral, a mysterious being that is always with her. Her astral appears to be some sort of guardian, Although she appears to be a mean somewhat spoiled child,but she loves her sister with extreme devotion. She is very bitter about the publics views towards witches,The weirn is a specific type of witch characterized by strong magical abilities and a being or familiar called an astral. The astral seems to be the defining characteristic that separates Weirns from regular witches. Astrals seem to be a floating mask with black and white smoke coming all around it. They are demons bound to the weirn for life,Alex seems to have some deep secret inside of her that she is not even aware of,she opposes the church of blood for all the evil they have done to her town.

12/1/2010 #28
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Nicholas Landers

Alias:Nick,The night walker



Equipment:Survival knife

Powers: High tend strength,reflex's,speed,healing factor,weaponize's his blood

Home:Autumn Hollows

Friends:Night School members,Clan members

Enemies:Church of Blood,Telomere

History: The last remaining Vampire of a colony that was in Autumn Hollows,he leads the Nigh-School members against the Church of Blood,he is just a young vampire but is very skilled in the ways of the vampire and seeks to establish a better relationship between humans and supernaturals,he is a bit of a flirt and is good at putting on a calm face.

12/1/2010 #29
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Maltese Alpine



Appearance: (She's blond has a green eye and a blue eye.)

Mid transform:

Transformed Basic:

Full beast:


Powers:Advanced smell,hearing,speed,in wolf forms gains super attributes of speed,strength,smell,sight,hearing,huge metal reaving claws and fangs,high regenerative rate though it depends on the form how strong these are.

Friends:Night School

Enemies:Church of Blood,Telomere

History:A young werewolf girl from a family of Lycan's she is the first female born in a long,long time and has a huge temper and enjoys hunting blood sports,playing,eating meat and chasing cats.


Name:Samatha Saunjuan

Alias:Dead girl,Fright-Girl,The Poltergirl.

Age:????(Looks to be in her late teens.)



Powers,possession,moving through objects,moving objects with spiritual power,Invisibility,abls to change her appearance to more frightening forms,able to throw her voice.

Friends:Night Scool

Enemies:Church of Blood

History:A young girl who died long ago and has been watching her town for decades she is very powerful nearly able to control anyone except for high ranking members of the church of blood they have come after her more then once but was taken into the night school by Nicholas,she now serves him and takes people over for info and scares the piss out of anyone who crosses her,in life she loved horror films.

12/10/2010 #30
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