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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

RP in the U.K.


4/2/2011 #1

the docter watched locke's plane land

4/2/2011 #2
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Locke sighed and exited the plane he had a sad look on his face and pulled out a photo line,he smiled lightly at it"I miss her already."he looked at the pictures of him and Cassandra Cain.

4/2/2011 #3

"you'll meet again" the docter said from behind him

4/2/2011 #4
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Locke turned drawing the blade from his cane"whose there?"

(You need to make profiles for them all.)

4/2/2011 #5

(i won't control them all)

4/2/2011 #6

"i'm the docter. i walk in eternity"

4/2/2011 #7
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

"Never heard of you,you new?"Locke asked with a shrug.

(Locke loves his Cass so much hey it just hit me Cass is Owl-Girl and Locke is Night-Detective so wouldn't their coupling be Night-Owl? XD)

4/2/2011 #8

"no, i'm just not usually one for publicity"

4/2/2011 #9
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

"Oh really now well I thought I knew everyone in this game."

4/2/2011 #10


4/2/2011 #11
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

"Oh I see,well then why are you here?"

4/2/2011 #12

"for you"

4/2/2011 #13
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

"Now why would that be?"Locke asked a tad bit confused.

4/2/2011 #14

"i need you"

4/2/2011 #15
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

"What for pray tell?"

(The current Doctor is 25.)

4/2/2011 #16

"oh the usual. saving the day and all that"

(have you heard of toriko)

4/2/2011 #17
Mithos of the blue sky and sea


"Locke sighed"Look I enjoy working alone..................nobody to get hurt that I care about."

(Cass was not Locke's first love his first love died helping him out.)

4/2/2011 #18

(well it's a about a really muscular chef who goes around beating up monsters so his friend can cook them. it just had a crossover with onepiece)

"hmm. it's to bad about that, because...look over there!"

4/2/2011 #19
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Locke turned around to look"Huh?"

4/2/2011 #20

"i can't believe you fell for that" the docter said jovially as he teleported them to the team headquarters

4/2/2011 #21
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

"Um where are we?"

4/2/2011 #22


4/2/2011 #23

(First post of thread pending full approval of mod. Character sheets to follow if approved.)

They appeared on the jaunting pad in what should have been well familiar territory. It had been a long time for John, Kenny, and Elizabeth, or at least from an earth prospective. Things had not gone according to the patterns: indeed, there was some kind of awakening, but the people emerging were oddly enough not like they were. Indeed, some had been born, others altered, and a few even from other words. They found it interesting once the data had come through about survivors of the Krypton system making it to Earth, and because of him, others with extra powers and gifts were now being more or less accepted. They figured that it might be time for the Awakening to happen. Indeed, science and time had shown that ordinary Homo Sapiens would never disappear, but indeed would grow beside what they had become. No longer did they call themselves Homo Superior, but Homo Novis. Because of those history called metahumans, they now figured that, if they came out into the open, they now had a chance to survive, and better, had a better chance of finding and aiding more of their kind. However, as the effects of deep space travel would show, though the bunch were now in their mid 40s, they did not look a day over 20.

They stepped off, carrying their computer TIM off the platform with them, and turning on his voice modulator. TIM then said, "Indeed, John, it is a bit dusty, but you should have the LAB up in no time."

"Indeed, TIM," said John, "The sheets we left should help, but some cleaning and air freshener should help. Right, let's get to it?"

"That fast, John?" stated Stephen, "We just got here!"

"No time like the best, Stephen," said John, becoming all businesslike, "Liz, could you jaunt round to the local corner store and pick up a few cleaning items?"

"If the old store is still there," she said.

"It is a different store now, Elizabeth," stated their AI friend, "Yet, it still must have sufficient items needed."

"Then I guess we need to re-familiarize ourselves with London once we get done here," suggested Stephen, "Ging and Chris are probably wondering where we are by now."

"I think they may even be shocked by seeing our looks," laughed John, "I mean, they are in their 40's and we are just what we are. I wonder, though..."

"About what?" asked Elizabeth.

"Well, they said that their kids were acting oddly," said John, "I mean, there hasn't been more breaking out since we have been gone, but their kids show the signs."

"It's worth a look," said Stephen.

(Ooh, you are putting the Doctor in here! Well, I think DC had him in a short series, so that works!)

4/4/2011 . Edited 4/4/2011 #24

actually it was marvel who did docter comics

4/4/2011 #25

(Still, with what I seek to introduce, it should be interesting. I cannot add to it, though, until Mithos says it's okay. I just posted what I did as a sample.)

4/4/2011 #26

Elizabeth materialized outside the store, TIM insuring that the coast was clear before she did. She then entered and started to get the items they needed. As she did, however, she passed by the food area, and could not help but notice a man, about 19, with a short beard, gold shirt, blue jeans, who was also wearing a skull cap and a white vest, trimmed in blue at the bottom, with fringes on the side. He was looking through the kosher food section and noticed that Liz was looking at him. He gave a smile and a nod, but as he did, she could not help but hear, "Shalom alechem, dear lady," though his mouth did not move. Immediately, she locked off her mind to him, and she transmitted, "John, did you just hear that?"

"Yes," he said, "Someone speaking in a foreign language, and with a distinct American but Jewish accent."

"John, we need to watch this one!" she responded, and acted like she was looking for something else. As she did, she could not help but hear a Clesmer song being sung by this person as he gathered what he wanted and headed for checkout.

4/8/2011 #27

(paladin, don't send PMs if yours are turned off)

(i could a sworn i made the docter a while ago)

4/9/2011 #28

(What do you mean, turned off? It should be on. I'll check it, but I can send and receive PMs.)

4/9/2011 #29

(What Mithos wants is for all the characters you want to be posted. However, if this is all you have, then you can let him know, I guess. P.S. For some reason, we can post on the UK thread, but what we have just said is not appearing...only in our e-mail alerts.)

4/9/2011 #30
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