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Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Its not on here yet I need to wait another hour.

Awesome but Lagoon boy? he is so C-List why him and not Garth?

3/14/2012 #121

only he split personality crossdresses, so she briefly has a crush on herself XD

no i mean the last one not tonights

cause garth is not aquaboy here.

3/14/2012 #122
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Sounds funny. :3

Oh yeah I saw that one Pepper is about to become Rescue. :3

Well Lagoon Boy is one ugly guy and is a poor mans Aqua-Lad why use someone like that? I think Firestorm would be better.

Also Rocket is gonna join the team soon. ;3

3/14/2012 #123
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Oh Velocity is an archer who has Vertigo's sword as a short range weapon and uses sonic tech arrows to mess with enemies heads,the favored one gives the illusion of super speed.

Well I don't think he will last long I mean he only has basic aqua-person type powers besides his ugliness, he might just join only for a time while Aqualad is injured or called away,that is the only way he could prove useful.

Yup Rocket joins before the seasons end along with Wonder girl. :3

3/14/2012 #124
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Its because Green arrow was the first hero to save her,then black canary and finally kid flash, more over we have seen Vatlava's skills as sonic tech experts with her uncle, so she uses that same technology only more wide range, still depating on a costume though.XD

Funny and Twilight should be able to travel with him now since well its either that or become a time agent pony with Captain Jack Hoofness. ;3

3/14/2012 #125
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Perdita Anastasia Vertigo

Alias:Queen Perdita,Perdita of Vlatlava,Velocity,Queen Arrow,Perdita West


Appearance:(Little Princess):

Mature young queen:


Queen Arrow:

Powers:master archer,expert fencer,brilliant diplomat,skilled engineer,high intelligence

Equipment:Vertigo blade,Collapsible bow,Trick arrows(Smoke,knock out gas,explosives,tazer,net,record,homing), Sonic tech arrows(Which use the power of sound waves to create illusions and disrupt the human mind and body aswell as generates high sound.),Vertigo visor(Creates sound-waves which disrupt ones equilibrium.)


Team:JLI,Global Guardians,Arrow family,Flash family

Friends:Flash(Wally West),Green Arrow(Oliver Queen),Black Canary(Dinah Lance),Impulse(Iris West Jr.)(Daughter),Linda Park,Tina Mcgee,Red-Arrow(Roy Harper),Speedy(Mia Dearden)

Enemies:Legion of doom,Brotherhood of evil,league of Shadows,Count Vertigo,rouges of the flash,Rouges of Green Arrow

History:Perdita rules Vlatava which is a small eastern European country with a history of genocide, blood feuds and civil war. The most well known Vlatavan is the super villain, Count Vertigo. The Princess of Vlatava, Perdita, is his niece. She was set to make an appearance in Star City, California. She was targeted by the League of Assassins to be killed but was saved by Green Arrow. Perdita's father died the night before, making her Vlatava's new Queen. Count Vertigo contracted Merlyn to assassinate her, thus ascending him to the throne as the last living relative.

Upon appearing near Terminal 5 of the Star City International Airport, the well educated 10 year old was immediately attacked by undercover assassins. Perdita was saved by Green Arrow and later, Black Canary. She happily prompted Black Canary to accept Green Arrow's marriage proposal.

Perdita was taken ill and hospitalised at Seattle Medical Center. She required a heart transplant from a donor at Boston General Hospital. Her uncle, Count Vertigo, arranged for five flying ice fortresses to blanket the whole of North America in snow. Kid Flash was given the task of carrying the heart across the country. Vertigo hoped that Perdita would die and he would be made King of Vlatava.

Vertigo's henchman Henchy tricked Kid Flash into giving him the heart, but when Kid Flash learned the truth he managed to get the heart back and took it to Dr. Pieter Cross for the operation. It was subsequently announced on the news that Perdita had died an the operating table.

Count Vertigo, now believing himself to be King of Vlatava, spoke with Kid Flash as the young hero was recovering from his exertions. Kid Flash tricked Vertigo into incriminating himself in the attempted murder of Perdita, at which point Kid Flash revealed that Perdita was still alive. Perdita, who had been listening to and recording the conversation, charged Vertigo with high treason and stripped him of his diplomatic immunity. Kid Flash offered her Vertigo's sword cane, but she in turn offered it to Kid Flash as a reward or souvenir.

Following this she returned to Vatlava and began to take her position of queen, aswell as undergoing various forms of combat training to better be prepared for future threats, somewhere along the way this new personality awoke within her, on devoted to secretly protecting her people that awakes when she is asleep, it called itself Velocity, with the latest in sonic technology she fashion a costume similar to green arrows and when not ruling she is undercover battling various threats including crime families and European super-villain's such as her uncle and the brotherhood of evil.

She has fallen for Wally west and is secretly the mother of Iris having slept with Wally on the eve of her 16th birthday shortly after that she took ill and about 9 days later gave birth to Iris, apparently it was a super accelerated pregnancy caused by the speed force, such things would later become commonplace such as Bart allen's birth centuries later.

Iris began to age rapidly becoming 6 or 7 in no less then that many weeks, with Wally racing her around the world which caused her body to stabilize and halt the advanced aging, since then Perdita sent Iris to live with Wally in America keeping the girls existence as a Vlatlavian princess a secret.

Perdita is still totally unaware that she is Velocity and wonders who this dreamy defender of her people is,having a bit of a crush on herself while still being totally devoted to Wally the man she of course loves with all her heart, though she is to refined to openly admit it.

Overall Perdita is wise beyond her years, with a strong sense of right and wrong, an unwavering love and responsibility to her country aswell. Perdita despite loving Wally cannot marry him due to the fact that he is not of noble blood and thus keeps their affairs a secret.

3/14/2012 . Edited 3/14/2013 #126
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Well you think Perdita is cool, but overall think she and wally will work?

I saw.XD

3/14/2012 #127

yeah. maybe back whn wally was KF, he did the heart thing

3/14/2012 #128
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Its how they met I put it in her profile aswell as her run in with Green arrows its all in there,oh and her teen appearance is maetel from the anime Galaxy Express 999.

3/14/2012 #129
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

who plays Wally West here again? I think I temp played him but either you or muse wanted to fully play him?

3/14/2012 #130

i'll play him

3/14/2012 #131
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Well good then I have an upcoming mission involving Wally meeting Ridita again, and bringing along Iris and a few others who are sent to help her fight back the brotherhood of evil's attempts to take over her country.

3/14/2012 #132
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Wally(Red Alert), Iris(Impulse), Artemis(Artemis?), Owlgirl(cass Cain), Zatanna, Supergirl(Kara Kent), toyboy(Hiro Okamura), Redstar, and Pantha with Velocity, thats a total of 10 heroes. ;3

3/14/2012 #133
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Arisia Rrab

Alias:Cindy"Cynella"Simpson,Kid Lantern,Lantern-Girl, Arisia the Orange flash

Age:245(13 body-wise)


us gals gotta stick together:

Weak against yellow:

Special comic book exert first meeting with hal:

Powers:energy construction, flight, willpower energy, genius mechanical skills, expert fencer, masterful sculptor and potter.

Equipment:Green lantern ring, memento locket

Personality:Shy,sweet, ditzy(at times.), curious, naive,brave,hardworking, insecure, childish somewhat

Team:Green Lantern Corp, Jordan's Elite,Sector 2815

Friends:Marata Rrab (mother, deceased), Santara Rrab (grandfather, deceased), Blish Rrab (uncle, deceased), Talla Rrab (aunt)(deceased), Father( Fentara rrab)(deceased), Ebikar Hui(Big brother figure)(Deceased),Aya, Hal jordan, Killowag, Boohdika(Teacher), Laira(surrogate big sis), Soranik Natu, Gan Thet(Guardian), Sayd(guardian), Appa Ali Apsa(guardian)

Enemies:Those who use the yellow element, those that upset universal peace, Atrositus, Ophidian the Tempter, Larfleeze the Orange agent, Mongul, Star Sapphire

History:A legacy lantern Arisia is originally from the planet Graxos IV. Her father, Fentara, served as the Green Lantern of Sector 2815 valiantly before her, a truly great man and a truly legendary lantern, thus she has much to live upto.

it's revealed that (in a rare occurrence) all of the Green Lanterns preceding her father belong to their lineage as well(There is clearly some secret behind this the guardians are keeping). After her uncle meets his demise while serving the Corps heroically, her father soon too eventually gives his life serving the Corps in a rather heroic manner, a lantern admitted to the hall of fame upon his passing, Arisia is selected as his replacement on her next birthday, making her at least the tenth member of the family to serve as a Green Lantern.

Arisia is somewhat shy and self doubting, mostly do to the fact that since she was born so much has been expectedf of her, for her to be a great green lantern someday like her father and to live up to the family legacy. Arisia would prefer to sculpt and paint all day, or to fix machines, indeed she has a massive amount of skills and hobbies she has undertaken to both prepare her for her destiny and to help her avoid it at the same time.

Arisia's Graxonite physiology allows her to heal and regenerate at a greatly accelerated rate. She can even recover from normally fatal injuries, by entering a death-like state until her body repairs itself. Due to the slowness of her home planet's orbit compared to that of Earth, Arisia only ages one of her years for every 18.5 Earth years, giving her great longevity when compared with humans.

Arisia possesses natural grace and agility,with a curious and adept mind, she is also adept at stealth and sneak attack. She is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant aswell as a fencer and an expert marksman, most of her constructs are assembled piece by piece to go along with her skills as a mechanic and a sculptor, being firm yet soft, strong yet fluid, despite her short time as a lantern she has shown great potential with her ring, though her self-doubt often messes up her constructs and makes them weak.

Arisia was just a fresh recruit having just finished basic training with ace female lantern Boohdikka upon being summoned by the guardian's to act as back up mechanic of the interceptor and provide frontier support expertise for the investigation into the outer rim frontier zone, she was just a rookie shipped out with the best of the best, not many expecting much from her save Hal Jordan.

4/1/2012 #134
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(Note the following characters are indeed cannon and are not rip off's of Ben-10 rather it is the other way around, Dial H for HERO was originally created in 1966.)





Ultimate HERO:

Powers:Shape shifting into various heroes

Equipment:H-E-R-O! Dial Ultimate-Matrix gauntlet dial(the dial fits into the wrist area of his gloves locking.), Legion flight ring, TT communicator, Time jumper belt

Personality:Kind, wise,brave, heroic, responsible, tough, enduring, resourceful

Team:Legion of superheroes,Hire a hero service, teen titans(Former)

Friends:Chris King, Lori Victoria Grant,Chameleon boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Braniac 5,Cosmic boy, Phantom girl, Triplicate girl, Bouncing boy, Superman, supergirl, Robin(Dick), Starfire, Cyborg, Beast boy, Raven, Aqualad(Garth), speedy(Roy), Wonder-girl(Donna),Booster gold

Enemies:Secret society, Legion of doom, Secret Society Beyond, Legion of Villains, Fatal Five, Imperiaxx, Intergang

History:A young man who through a twist of fate was hiking when a sudden earthquake happened, he fell in a crevice in the earth finding a mysterious dial similar to an old fashioned phones, he attached it to his watch which it oddly assimilated to becoming like a watch, the Dial soon activated bestowing on the boy a superhuman form, he became Bulletboy using his new forms power he burst out of the cavern he fell into up into the light, he then changed back amazed at what had happened.

Robby learned each time he dials the letters H-E-R-O, Robby finds he turns into a different super-powered being that are altered versions of scanned heroes saved in the dial; dialing O-R-E-H makes him revert to his normal form. Under the guises of numerous superheroes, Robby soon uses the dial to protect Littleville his hometown in Ohio.

Robby continued to battle evil for several years, eventually gaining the eyes of the Justice league and the Legion of doom for various reasons, during the ensuing battle Robby scanned every member of the JLA using their powers he helped in beating the Legion driving them back. After the battle robby was greeted by Superman who asked him to hand the dial watch over, Robby refused stating it was his destiny, and looking back on all the good he had done, it was then that a time bubble appeared.

Robby had been sought after by the Legion of superheroes the original owners of the dial, stating it was genetically locked to Robby they brought him to the future to help them.

Using the dial he soon became leader of the Legion and fully mastering it, unlocking the master controls, Robby decided that more then one dial was needed and with the aid of the Time master, Brainiac 5 and many other brilliant future minds two more dials were made, they were production model's weaker then Robby's with less room to hold heroes and less hero time.

Robby then went into the past hiding the dials where he was sure two pure hearted kids would find it, due to his time hopping it is unclear if Robby is still 17, yet he has not aged it could be due to some sort of treatment or from heavy exposure to the time vortex.

Robby's dial is stated to hold the combined powers of over 1000 heroes.





Appearance: (One on the left)

(One on the left)

Hero suit:

Comic cover:

Power:Shape shifting(Via watch), armature martial artist training

Equipment:HERO Dial(Watch), TT communicator

Personality:Naive, kind, childish, sometimes bratty, brave,fanboyish,arrogant at times

Team:Legion of Superheroes(Temp),Teen titans(reserve), Titans International(asia division)

Friends:Robby Reed, Lori Victoria Grant, Braniac 5,Cosmic boy, Phantom girl,Robin(dick), Robin(Jason), Starfire, Cyborg, Beast boy, Raven, Aqualad(Garth), speedy(Roy), Wonder-girl(Donna),Booster gold, Toyboy(Hiro Okamura), Bushido, Red-star, Pantha, White-bat, the Rockets Red

Enemies:Secret society, Legion of doom, Legion of Villains, Fatal Five, Intergang, teen Terrors, HIVE

History:Thanks to Robby Reed two other dials are discovered years later by teenagers Christopher "Chris" King and Victoria "Vicky" Grant of the New England town of Fairfax in a 'haunted' house. These dials — disguised as a watch and a necklace — only have the letters H-E-R-O on them, and work only for a few minutes, after which they will not work for half an hour, King and Grant begin protecting Fairfax from a number of menaces. Unknown to them, most of these villains are created by a mysterious villain known only as The Master (who is obsessed with the H-dials for reasons unknown for most of the series) who creates them from the cell samples of various metahumans and supervillains.)

The master was later revealed to be an agent of a much greater evil the time trapper(Who created the master by splitting Robbie into two halves his good self and his evil self) and with Robby the wizard and the legions help the duo finally came into their own and realized that super-heroics were not a game.

Overall Chris is a major comics fanboy who idolizes various superheroes, he is childish and arrogant alot, yet deep down has a truly honest and pure heart, never sweating the small stuff he tries to think outside the box with his transformations, looking at a situation from other angles, though he would be a better hero if he would stop constantly arguing with Vicky.


Name:Lori Victoria"Vicky"Grant

Alias:H-E-R-O-I-N-E!, Hero-Girl


Appearance: (One on the right)

(One on the right)

Hero suit:

Comic cover:

Power:Shape shifting(Via watch), trained martial artist

Equipment:HERO Dial(Watch), TT communicator, Legion flight belt

Personality:scheming,commanding, domineering, bratty, hot headed, tomboyish, teasing, flirty, fangirlish

Team:Legion of Superheroes(Temp),Teen titans(reserve), Titans International(asia division)

Friends:Robby Reed, Chris King, Braniac 5,Cosmic boy, Phantom girl,Robin(dick), Robin(Jason), Starfire, Cyborg, Beast boy, Raven, Aqualad(Garth), speedy(Roy), Wonder-girl(Donna),Booster gold, Toyboy(Hiro Okamura), Bushido, Red-star, Pantha, White-bat, the Rockets Red

Enemies:Secret society, Legion of doom, Legion of Villains, Fatal Five, Intergang, teen Terrors, HIVE

History:Thanks to Robby Reed two other dials are discovered years later by teenagers Christopher "Chris" King and Victoria "Vicky" Grant of the New England town of Fairfax in a 'haunted' house. These dials — disguised as a watch and a necklace — only have the letters H-E-R-O on them, and work only for a few minutes, after which they will not work for half an hour, King and Grant begin protecting Fairfax from a number of menaces. Unknown to them, most of these villains are created by a mysterious villain known only as The Master (who is obsessed with the H-dials for reasons unknown for most of the series) who creates them from the cell samples of various metahumans and supervillains.)

The master was later revealed to be an agent of a much greater evil the time trapper(Who created his enforcer by splitting Robbie's inner darkness from him) and with Robby the wizard and the legions help the duo finally came into their own and realized that super-heroics were not a game.

Vicky is a somewhat bossy tomboy girl who whines when she does not get her own way, also a bit of a know it all she nags Chris constantly about his alternative battle style, a bit of a comic fangirl she and Chris collect memorabilia together and usually compare collections, she is thoroughly enjoying her stay in Japan buying up all the collectibles she can before Chris, despite almost always arguing in a mission their teamwork is superb.

Out of the two Vicky is more of a leader then Chris and does her very best to try and show that a girl can be smart, cute and kick major butt.

her and Chris only have about 50 different heroes, only 15 of them scanned each.

4/3/2012 . Edited 10/17/2012 #135
Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Alias:AI, Aya, Android Lantern

Age:1(body-wise late teens?)


Bridge hub appearance:

Android form:

Aya X Razer?:

Powers:Flight,Technopathy(While near or around ship body), Genius intellect, Energy blasts,energy shields, energy generation, energy transference,sub-space super speed(Ship form only),advanced learning rate.

Equipment:Green lantern power battery energy core reactor,green lantern power battery mini-core bot, Interceptor ship(Main body)

Personality:Analytical, kind, naive, childish, inquisitive, blank, brave, idolizing, responsible, taciturn

Team:Green Lantern Corp, Jordan's elite, sentient objects brigade(pretty much just her and Mogo)

Friends:Hal jordan(captain), Killowag(Crew member),Arisia Rrahb(Crew member/Engineer), Laira, Soranik Natu, Boohdika, tomar re(Crew member), rot lop fan(Crew member), Hannu(crew member), Katma tui(Crew member),Sinestro(Crew member), Gan Thet(Guardian)(father?), Razer(Romantic interest?)

Enemies:Those that threaten her crew, those that pose a threat to the green lantern corp

History:Ayawas the name given to an artificial intelligence program used by the Guardians of the Universe and was installed in the Interceptor.

This program was created to control the advanced capabilities of the prototype starship as it was so fast with its ultra-warp capacity that it needed an artificial intelligence to administer its functions. The artificial intelligence was created with a number of protocols in order to ensure the protection of the ship from unsafe actions and was able to serve as an auto-pilot.

Furthermore, it was able to use its functions such as the Green Lantern Power Battery engine to aid its operators in actions. Despite the protocols and programming, Aya was able to overcome them if she desired. She was also responsible for controlling repairs of the ship whenever it was damaged. An interface for Aya was located on the bridge of the ship where she manifested herself as an orb at the control panel. Both Aya and the Interceptor were stored in a dome on Oa where they remained a secret from the Green Lantern Corps.

Her assigned caretaker was rookie lantern Arisia Rrahb who commented that the Ai was perhaps to advanced, it was nearly akin to a sentient life form.

Following the death of numerous Green Lanterns on the Frontier by mysterious attackers, and the disappearance of ace lantern Sinestro who was investigating the matter, Hal Jordan decided to journey to that region of space to defeat the threat and rescue his mentor.

Though he was denied by the Guardian council, Ganthet managed to convince the council to allow Jordan and a group of elite lanterns to go and pursue Sinestro, Jordan would encounter the artificial intelligence of the ship Interceptor. Deciding the vessel to be a"she", he decided to name the AI as Aya which Jordan said was a beautiful name for a beautiful lady.

Aya would adopt the name as her designation where she would agree to work with them.

Aya is a sentient machine intelligence capable of interfacing with other machines, flying the ship, and inhabiting a robot body to help the team on missions. Aya considers herself a Green Lantern, and is learning from the examples set by Hal and the rest of his team on their missions.

The true depth of Aya's abilities are still unclear though she is herself technically a living power battery capable of charging and even super charging the rings of others with the ability to transmit herself through a ray of light aswell as her android body with her vast desire to learn and need endless potential she may prove to be the ace in the hole needed to help resolve this mystery and the coming conflict.

4/9/2012 #136
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Wallace Rudolph West

Alias:wally West, Walter West, Kid Flash I, Flash III, Hot pursuit




Kid flash:

Kid flash stealth:

Flash III:

Hot Pursuit:

Powers:Super sonic speed(augmented by the extra-dimensional Speed Force), Can vibrate through solid objects, sometimes causing them to explode, Time travel(via speed force), tornado creation,super speed reflex's, Super-accelerated brain activity, trained hand to hand fighter, high intellect

Equipment:Flash costume ring, super speed suit(Stealth option), super speed suit(Original), Custom goggles, Lab coat, Pursuit suit(Specially customized super speed suit which allows him to harness and use kenetic energy and static electricity into a weapon or an energy shield.), TT communicator, JLA communicator

Personality:Kind, eccentric,i mmature at times, responsible(at times), hardworking, honest, loving, protective, close minded at times

Team:TT(founding member), Flash Family, Speedsters united, Justice League

Friends:The flash family,Justice league,TT team, Iris West Jr.(Daughter), Perdita Vertigo(Lover), Night-wing(dick Grayson)(Best friend), Wonder girl(Donna troy), Kori Anders(star Fire), Cyborg(Victor Stone.), Beast-Boy(Garfield Logan), Terra(tara Marakov), Red Arrow(Roy Harper), Raven(Rachel Roth), Frances Kane(Magenta)(childhood friend), Barry Allen(Mentor/Uncle), Iris west(Aunt), Red-Star, Pantha

Enemies:Flash rouges gallery, Brotherhood of evil,HIVE,Church of Blood,Secret society,Legion of doom,Cadmus, Black Flash, Zoom

History:Growing up in slow-moving Blue Valley, Nebraska, young Wally West yearned for a faster pace. As president of his small town's local Flash Fan Club, Wally grew to idolize the Scarlet Speedster as he thrilled to reports of the Flash's super-heroic exploits. Luckily for Wally, the Flash - in his secret identity as Barry Allen - was dating his Aunt Iris.

Barry claimed he 'knew' the Flash through his job as a police scientist, and agreed to arrange a meeting between Wally and his idol. When Wally met Barry at his police lab,During the visit to the Central City police laboratory where Barry Allen worked, the freak accident that gave Allen his powers would soon repeate itself, bathing West in electrically-charged chemicals.

this was after Wally discovered his uncle Barry Allen was actually the Flash. Being the Flash's biggest fan he begged his hero to let him become his sidekick. Barry refused, but that didn't stop Wally. He he tried to replicate the experiment that gave Barry his powers there and then which caused a repeat explosion the same as what happened to Barry.

After he came out of the hospital, Wally manifested the powers he desired. Barry reluctantly agreed to let him become Kid Flash, but only if he did exactly as he said.

Now possessing the same powers as the Flash, West donned a smaller sized copy of Barry Allen's Flash outfit and became the young crimefighterKid Flash. Wally had a strained relationship with his own parents and often looked to his beloved aunt and uncle for moral support and guidance.

A short time later, Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad joined forces to stop the menacing Mr. Twister from enslaving the children of Hatton Corners. It was the first time the sidekicks joined forces,but would not be the last, especially due to Robin soon establishing a trio with Speedy and Aqualad.

When the Justice League inexplicably turned to crime, their young sidekicks – Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy and Wonder Girl – teamed up in an effort to solve this mystery. The teen team eventually learned the evil criminal known as the Antithesis had used its powers to manipulate the minds of the Justice League. The five resourceful teenagers joined together, stopping their possessed mentors and expelling the Antithesis back into limbo. Spurred by their success, the group decided to make their partnership permanent, and the Teen Titans were officially formed. Although the sidekicks would continue to operate alongside their mentors, they discovered newfound confidence fighting crime with their peers in the Teen Titans.

Soon he witnessed the Gordanian invasion fleet attack and met more of his teammates the Teen Titan's for the first time as they assisted Starfire in escaping the Gordanian's and stop the invasion under the leadership of Robin,he along with Cyborg,Raven,Starfire,Speedy,Aqualad,Wondergirl,and Beastboy defeated the aliens sending them back,during this he flirted constantly with Raven, stating he had a bit of a thing for the quiet types.

Wally West is the Team's resident class clown and goof-ball. A hyper-active 15 year-old speedster, he is always quick to joke and comment lightly on any situation that the Team is in. Constantly feeling like that world around him is going in slow motion, Wally is often extremely impatient and impulsive, to the point of jumping into situations before thinking—which often puts him in danger. He can almost always be seen eating something due to his high metabolism.

Wally is also a bit girl-crazy, often making innuendos and flirtatious remarks towards any attractive women in his vicinity. His attention was normally directed at Raven back in his titans days, but he's also been known to hit on older women like Selena Gonzalez, Black Canary, Wonder-Woman and Mattie Harcourt.

Despite his goofy nature, he is also a science whiz,such as being able to analyze a complex chemical combination's and formulas, His firm belief in science is so absolute that he rejects the possibility of magic, instead calling it merely "advanced science". This was cemented by the fact that a Flash rogue named Abra Kadabra used advanced technology to simulate magic.

Aqualad(Garth) claimed that Wally uses his understanding of science to control what he cannot comprehend, and that to admit the existence of magic would be to relinquish the last vestiges of that control. After becoming a temporary human host to Nabu and turning into Doctor Fate, it is currently unknown if Kid Flash has had a change of heart. However, he is still unwilling to admit the existence of magic, though his interest in Raven and later Francis Kane supported his belief in magic due to both being seen as magical in nature(though Francis was later revealed to have been accessing unintentionally the powers of a magnetic entity that synched up with her from another dimension.)

Initially, Wally was disinterested so many people joining the team. Raven used her emotion-manipulating powers to make Wally fall in love with her – and in turn, he approved this new group of Teen Titans. Wally was consistently protective of Raven, and clashed with Robin when the Teen Wonder questioned her true motives.

After an encounter with the Justice League, Zatara revealed Raven's manipulations to Kid Flash, leaving the teen speedster angry and heart broken. Even though the Titans eventually came to Raven's aid and ultimately defeated Trigon sometime later, Wally had a hard time dealing with her deception. Complicating matters, even without Raven's mystical influence, Wally realized he really was in love with her.

Shortly after this, Wally's high school sweetheart, Frances Kane, reentered his life. Frances' mother believed she was possessed by a demon. In truth, Frances was a mutant born with magnetic-wielding powers. The Titans were able to deduce this, although Frances' mother rejected her utterly, still fearing demonic influence. As Frances came to terms with her abilities, she also revealed to Kid Flash that she knew he was really Wally West. As they worked at honing her control over her powers, Wally and Frances fell in love.

Soon however an unexplained winter appeared all throughout the united states, Wally West comes oh-so-close to fulfilling his birthday wish to finally fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, a massively disappointed Kid Flash is taken off the mission and tasked with a simple delivery job. But a few deadly surprises await the birthday boy along the way.

Robin and Aqualad are to help take down the first fortress with the aid of Flash,Batman and Aquaman; Wonder-Girl and Beastboy will help Black Canary and Red Tornado with the second fortress; Speedy, Starfire and Raven will go to the third. Other Leaguers will deal with the other two. Kid Flash asks why he wasn't mentioned, and is disappointed in getting another mission: delivering a donor heart from Boston to Seattle, because air traffic is impossible with the snow. Though he would prefer to fight with the rest of the Team and his mentor, Kid Flash realizes that he has to do this.

As Kid Flash makes his way to the starting point, Batman informs him that law enforcement across the country will help him by clearing his route,Boston's freeways are gridlocked. Though police are trying to create a narrow path for Kid Flash, they're too late. Kid Flash has to jump over the trucks, but can continue his journey.

At the hospital, Mattie Harcourt waits anxiously for Kid Flash to arrive. She immediately gets down to business, urging him to keep the heart safe. It's insulated against basic shocks, but abrupt movement needs to be avoided. He has four hours before the heart is no longer viable for transplant. She dismisses his attempts at small talk, and sends him away.

At Ice Fortress-1, Robin and Aqualad fight beside their mentors. With Flash, they take out several of the ship's cannons. Wally comments that a certain someone is missing from that picture, feeling rather isolated from his friends.

Further along the route, four state troopers make their final preparations for Kid Flash's arrival. They are suddenly attacked by Vandal Savage, who easily defeats them. Kid Flash spots the fight, and turns to check up. He recognizes the villain, and cannonballs into him. He urges the troopers to leave, but Vandal surprises him and grabs him by the hair. With a kick in the stomach and the head, he frees himself.

Vandal boasts that he had hoped to find Flash himself, as they're due for a reckoning, but has to take solace in killing his sidekick instead. Because the troopers are out of range, Wally decides to go full throttle, egged on by Vandal's remarks.

Wally cannonballs again, but finds his tactic ineffective. He devises a new strategy: running circles around Savage. He can land a few punches before his PDA reminds him he only has two hours left. He abandons the fight, and Vandal Savage rests contently, convinced he's slowed down Kid Flash long enough.

He's wasted fifteen minutes on Savage, but Kid Flash surmises he can still reach Seattle in time. He ignores his hunger, as well as the temperature and the windchill.

At the Seattle Medical Center, Pieter Cross waits for the heart. Seeing it's behind schedule and it's cold, he returns inside. Kid Flash arrives moments later, where he is helped by a doctor who tells him it's too late; the patient has died.

He takes the heart, and Kid Flash blames himself - he was twelve minutes too late, the time he lost in the fight with Savage. He sits down in the lounge, and sees in the news that Superman, Green Lantern and Doctor Fate have brought down the fourth ice fortress. Doctor Cross approaches him, asking him where the heart for the Queen is. Wally is bewildered, still thinking the girl is dead. He's informed that the recipient is Queen Perdita of Vlatava, and she is alive and well. Realizing he's been conned, Kid Flash spots the fake doctor board an elevator and pursues him.

In the parking lot, he overtakes the henchman and steals back the heart. He avoids bullets from him and several other accomplices, but the staircases are blocked, so he'll have to take the car ramp. He can't reach it, as he's brought to his knees by Count Vertigo. Realizing Vertigo seeks to take the throne from his niece, Wally decides to keep him talking.

He inquires about Vertigo's arrest with the Injustice League, and learns he got away scott-free because he has diplomatic immunity. As Vertigo unsheathes his sword to kill both the heart and Kid Flash, the young speedster slides the backpack with the heart under a car, and knocks over Vertigo. He easily takes out the henchmen, and cannonballs Vertigo. He destroys the Count's vertigo inducing headgear, collects the heart and rushes to Doctor Cross. Out of energy, Kid Flash collapses.

At the Wests' house, Mary tries to save the dinner, and Rudy watch the news. Iris reports on the destruction of Ice Fortress-5 by several Leaguers, but the news gets worse as she relates how Queen Perdita died on the operating table. They're shocked to see their son has failed his mission at a terrible cost.

Wally wakes up in a hospital bed looking at a very content Count Vertigo—or King Vertigo, as he now styles himself. With Perdita dead, he's untouchable as King of Vlatava, despite Kid Flash's best efforts to rise up against him. Vertigo tells him both his and the young hero's actions were, in the end, futile, as she died on the operating table. No-one can blame him for regicide. Kid Flash plays his trump card: he pulls away the curtain and reveals Perdita, alive and well, and very angry at her uncle. She replays a recording made of his boast, and accuses him of high treason against the crown.

His diplomatic immunity is revoked. With no options left, Vertigo lunges at his niece with his sword, but Kid Flash can knock him out with an IV pole. Guards overpower Count Vertigo, and Kid Flash tells them to send him to Belle Reve. Count Vertigo admits defeat, but tells his captor he won the round.

Kid Flash returns the sword to Perdita, who thanks him. She offers the sword to Wally as a souvenir, Wally instead took the heart container stating it was the right thing to remember this mission by, and that the best present he got on his birthday was the smile of that little girl he had saved, this was a major turning point in his life, a moment where he began to finally see this was not all a game.

Still pondering his future, Wally grew increasingly unsure of his decision to continue as a member of the Titans feeling alienated from his teammates. His discomfort with Raven(over nearly killing him during a case, when she lost control of her powers) and Frances' encouragement were strong factors in his decision to leave the team and return to college in Blue Valley, Nebraska.

Neither as serious as Robin nor as flamboyant as Speedy in personality, Kid Flash's few attempts to establish a relationship with one of the female Titans never amounted to anything: he merely speculated to himself on a possible attraction to Lilith Clay at one point, and after the team's first reorganization, he only half-heartedly attempted to date Wonder Girl, who was at that point still attracted to Robin. Since the formation of the current team, he has become involved first with Raven and then with Frances Kane, a girl from his hometown who possesses unwanted magnetic powers, with results yet to be seen. After the second disbanding of the Teen Titans, Wally's ex-teammates attended his high-school graduation, at which time he confided to the Flash that he intended to give up his super-hero career after completing college.

Wally felt be could not continue in his costumed persona for various reasons: the responsibilities of being a super-hero were interfering with his life to much, the constant responsibility now weighing heavily upon him, he was also uncomfortable with his feelings for his half demon witch teammate Raven, who while having strong feelings of love towards her also had great fear, unable to even face her following his near death at her hands.

Months later Barry Allen seemingly gave his life to defeat Reverse-Flash once and for all in the speed force, following this Wally assumed the mantle of his fallen friend and mentor, becoming the Flash in his stead. Thus, Wally was the first teen sidekick to 'graduate' to assume the identity of his mentor.

As Wally began his solo career as the Flash, he luckily won the lottery, enabling him to become a full-time adventurer. He moved to Long Island and asked Frances Kane to move in with him. Frances felt pressured by the request, and abruptly ended their relationship and left Wally's life,feeling that he was smothering her.

It was at this time that Wally began a string of short-lived relationships, including one with S.T.A.R. lab scientist, Tina McGee. Tina first met Wally West after receiving a grant to study his unique metabolism. At the time, she widowed from her husband, Jerry who was killed during a lab accident.

Things with Tina however did not last, Wally's constant desire to push himself to the limit and do whatever he could to save a life hit her to hard, she refused to watch another man she loved destroy himself thus leaving Wally again heartbroken.

When Wally assumed the Flash mantle, he certainly made up for lost time in the romance department! After an abrupt break-up with Frances Kane, Wally began to play the field and date a variety of women. It was at this time that Wally began a string of short-lived relationships after Tina to try and fill the void. He became a brash womanizer and flirted heavily with his fellow Justice League team mates, notably Fire.

Despite his renewed sense of irresponsibility Wally would come to the aid of his friends countless more times against the wildebeast society, and the Cyberion invasion, he would never once turn his back on his former teammates.

Upon Barry Allen's recent return to life after being divided from the black flash entity, Barry resumed his actions as Flash, Wally taking on the alias Hot Pursuit and donning a suit similar to the Flash's, during this time a young girl named impulse appeared as his sidekick, an investigation proving that several months ago Wally slept with Queen Perdita and due to the speed force gave her a super accelerated pregnancy, which resulted in the girl"Iris West II" being born, this child now living with Wally and taxing the former jokester goofball greatly, unsure how to handle his sudden fatherhood duties.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Tom Tresser

Alias:Nemesis,many of many faces, Agent nemesis



Secret agent man:


Powers:Shape shifting body-frame, master of disguise, highly trained government agent,expert hand-to-hand fighter(Jeet-Kun-Do),master voice mimicry,photographic memory, expert sniper,, master manipulator,skilled tactician,, highly resourceful.

Equipment:Various custom fire arms, specially made sneaking suit, vast selection of interchangeable outfits and masks.

team:Project Cadmus(Checkmate),DEO(Depertment of Extranormal affairs),DMA(Department of Metahuman Affairs)

Friends:Sarge Steel, Mister Bones, Amada Waller,Cameron Chase,King Faraday,Rick Flag jr.,Maxwell Lord,Wade Elling, Terry Long,Steve Trevor, Etta Candy,Diana Prince, Donna Troy

Enemies:those who oppose Cadmus,enemy spies,JLA?

History: Tom Tresser is a vigilante, turned operative for the U.S. government and a master of disguise. His default costume is a black turtleneck sweater with a balance as a chest symbol and a chest holster.

He was an applicant to an unnamed government agency. His brother Craig was an undercover agent infiltrating a criminal syndicate called the Council. Craig was brainwashed into killing their family friend Ben Marshall and was subsequently killed in self-defense by fellow agents. Tom thus became the Nemesis, preferring to use an alias instead of his dishonored family name. With the assistance of Batman, he cleared his brother's name and saw the men responsible for his brother's death dead.

Nemesis was apparently killed in the helicopter crash that killed the Council's leader, though he was later revealed to have survived, thanks to Amanda Waller and Rick Flag. He then became one of the few non-criminal members of the Suicide Squad as a means of paying off what he perceived as a debt. Nemesis became an on/off member of the Suicide Squad.

Later on he was recruited by the DEO for his displayed skills and connections quickly rising up in its ranks, aswell as being made an agent in checkmate and the sub-divion department of metahuman affairs charged with various missions ranging from guard duty, to assassination, to abduction no mission was to difficult or to dirty for him.

Later he was instrumental in aiding government agent Diana Prince, Wonder Woman in disguise, in the rescue of Donna Troy from supervillain cheetah and the group of Wonderwoman's rouges she assembled, Nemesis was made an administrative part Department of Metahuman Affairs under Sarge Steel. Around this time, Nemesis assisted in saving the life of the second Maxi-Man. Shortly before the events of the OMAC Attack, Nemesis questioned the detainment of the various young metahumans and supernatural beings being detained by the groups he worked for, seeing this as false imprisonment, he was pitted against Robin and his team when they attempted to free Greta Hayes(Secret), eventually letting them go and making it look like he was simply defeated.

Overall he is a kind man, a good man and a bit of a fanboy especially about wonderwoman and other well stacked superheroines.

(Sarge Steel,Cameron Chase,King Faraday,and Rick Flag jr will more then likely not get adaption profiles and will just appear somewhat changed from normal due to lack of pics, and information thus I shall piece things together.)

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Greta Hayes

Alias:Secret,little Ghost Greta,the wandering spirit,The White Lantern



Short hair new style:


The Secret:



With Robin:

Powers: ability to fly, teleport, shape-shift, become ethereal,generate smoke,mist,fog,and dust, prophetic visions,entering the land of the dead,take souls to the "other side", remove magical augmentations,transfer life energy.

Equipment:Long tan cloak,wireless commlink headset,notebook laptop,TT communicator


Team:Teen Titans]Young Justice division.}

Friends:All TT and YJ members,Tim Drake(Love interest),Deadman,Hal Jordan,Cissie Kings,Merry Pemberton

Enemies:Klarion the Witchboy,All enemies of TT,Harm,DEO,CADMUS

history:Robin and the other Titan's helped her to escape from the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) agents who were holding her against her will, with the help of a teen villain named harm. Secret was incorporeal, able to take on a variety of appearances, and is referred to as "the mist girl" or "the bottle girl" by the various agents who have pursued her throughout her time in Young Justice.

Eventually, her origin was revealed: Secret was once a sweet,innocent young psychic girl named Greta, whose beloved older brother Billy killed her as part of his ritual to become the super-villain Harm. Because of the violent and twisted manner of her death, Greta remained stuck on this plane of existence, a gateway between the living and the dead. Billy himself,after he killed his sister he died when his own father shot him repatedly. Billy returned to life due to the contract with the demon he made, striking their father down,the pact with which he sacrificed Greata for, allowed him to have a heart of pure evil and near immortality, he was now the undead serial killer swordsmen harm using the stolen sword of Beowulf to commit crimes.

Secret joined Young Justice along with Wonder Kid and Speedy II. She was often referred to as "Suzie" because her real name was unknown at the time. Secret became good friends with the two girls, and was often portrayed as shy. She nursed a crush on Robin and often defended his actions and followed his leadership without doubt. She also expressed jealousy of other girls who get close to Robin,to the point where she is willing to fight them.

She has had many individual adventures such as with the aid of Deadman, chased down Teekl, the feline familiar of the villain Klarion the Witch Boy. Surprising her friends, she caused Klarion to back down by threatening to kill Teekl. When undoing everything he had done, Klarion insisted that it was everyone or nothing,After this she decided to move onto the next plane,but was persuaded not to by Robin who promised to always be there for her. As predicted by the nearby hero Merry Pemberton, this would later cause many problems such as somewhat mental instability and body instability.

During that time when Hal Jordan tried to mentor Secret, she visited her Mother in the hospital, Under the mental influence of Neron, her Mother rejected her, leaving her more despondent than before.

She however found comfort in her friendship with Tim Drake, which borders heavily on being an item with him, though this may never come to pass due to her undead status.

She is very understanding of other ghosts and is able to give them peace and ferry them to the other side,she has a very pure heart and a strong will,which may be why Hal Jordan offered to mentor her.

She is revealed to have a high affinity for various spectrum of the Lantern Rings including:Green,Blue,Purple,Indigo,and Yellow,but due to her undead Status it is unclear if she will ever be able to wear a ring.



Alias:Harm, Cain again



Brother and sister:

Comics Harm:

Demon empowered harm:

Powers:Superhuman reflex's, super human strength, superhuman endurance, master swordsmen, master knife fighter, expert occult researcher,keen strategist, near immortality(Unable to be killed while pure of heart, unless by someone who is also pure of heart.)

Equipment:Candle of Neeron,Blood ring,Sword of Beowulf, Sheath of Grendel,Sharpened knife,Fire-proof coat, Nth metal chain and shackles

Personality:sadistic, twisted, spiteful, scheming, knowledgeable, taunting, self loving,sociopathic, emotionally detatched

Team:Church of Blood, Legion of Neron, Teen titans(Temp)

Friends:Neron,Brother Blood 8,Sister Sinner,Jack Reven, Jacob Blackwing, Jesse Scavanger, Dark Raven,Secret(Greta Hayes)(Sister)

Enemies:teen Titans, Young justice, DEO, Lords of Order, Seven soldiers of Sorcery

History:Young William hayes was a genius with so much potential, Despite being raised in a wonderful environment with two loving parents and a sister who adored him, Billy concealed dark sociopathic tendencies with overwhelming ambition, he was emerged in the study of the occult and was recruited by the church of blood who further twisted his mind, unlocking his hidden desire to someday kill all members of the justice league and be seen as the greatest murderer of all time.

He began cataloging information of superheroes and their weaknesses into his own "Book of Blood" and searching for a way to acquire superpowers of his own. Harm sought to make himself pure, but not necessarily pure good, in order to claim the Sword of Beowulf, he ultimately succeeded by contacting the demon Neron, as per the contract he murdered his younger sister Greta Hayes, the only person he ever loved, to become pure evil.

He broke into the Museum of Natural History and stole the Sword of Beowulf. Because he could not work it, he hid himself, until the curator stated the words that would allow him to unlock the Sword's power. He murdered the curator and the police were sent to investigate the break-in.

He remained nearby, and spotted Robin, Speedy and Changling as they were fighting crime on Halloween night. Impressed by their abilities he hunted them for sport. He noted that they were the new Robin, a revamped Beastboy and lastly Green Arrows apprentice based on their outfits and decided that hunting and killing them would give him practice to go after the justice league. He became enraged when the team was lured to his home, and captured them to learn how.

Soon after, he discovered that the ghost of his younger sister Greta had lured the team directly to her grave in his backyard. Confronted by his own guilt, his heart was taken out by Greta. Because he was no longer pure, the Sword of Beowulf was locked again. He was knocked unconscious by Robin before the boy wonder passed out aswell, however Greta was captured by the DEO now freed from his purity Harm convinced Robin and the team to rescue his dear sister, facing his own guilt again as he sought to liberate her.

He learned the fighting styles, motivations and overall abilities of the team he worked with:Robin, Changling, Flamebird, Impulse(Bart Allen), noting it all for later they succeeded in rescuing her and got her away from the DEO afterwards Harm knocked Robin out again running off where he met Jack Revan who summoned Neron for him restoring his purity.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Alias:Red Lantern kid,Frontier Fleet commander Razer, the one on the edge



Aya X Razer?:

Powers:trained/talented soldier,skilled technician,Red energy manipulation:Flight, radiation heat, light blasts of concussive force,Energy projection,red energy constructs,Rage empowerment infection

Equipment:red lantern ring, Red Lantern battery, memento bracelet

Personality:spiteful, hot headed, guilt-ridden, self-loathing, kind(at times.), idealistic,brave, protective

Team:Okara Millitia(Former), Red Lantern Corp, Hal's Elite(Temp?)

Friends:Elana(Fiance),Hal jordan(Mentor), Killowag(comrade),Arisia Rrahb(comrade), tomar re(comrade), rot lop fan(comrade), Hannu(comrade), Katma tui(Comrade), Saint-Walker(Mentor?)

Enemies:atrositus, Okara Warlords,Citadel of Slavery, Spider-Guild

History:Razer was from a planet in the grips of the Citadel's reach where he lived with his love, Alana. Though Alana wanted Razer to be something like a doctor or teacher, Razer wanted to join the militia to protect her and their home from the Okaara warlords and the Citadel. After Razer joined the militia, he returned to her but he found her to be dead. Razer mourned her, vowing to seek vengeance. Razer was then approached by a Red Lantern Ring. There, Atrocitus spoke to him through the ring, promising Razer that he will have revenge. Razer then accepted the Red Lantern Ring and become one of them. Razer then held a memorial service for Alana and then left to to join the Red Lantern Corps.

Swearing by the oath "With blood and rage of crimson red, Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, Together with our hellish hate, We'll burn you all--that is your fate!"Razer began to quickly rise in the ranks of the group, remembering the sacred mission to avenge Shard and the trillions lost when Artrositus's secter was destroyed,aswell as never forgetting his own hate, the lord of the red lanterns seeming to take a special interest in the young man.

4/15/2012 #140
Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Alias:Rumpelstiltskin,Kathy Noren,Nero Amadeus, The Snake, Soul Broker


Appearance:main disguise:

Female form:

Semi demon:

Demon form:

Drained of power:

Cannon Neron:(Adult form neron king of deal makers):

Powers:Immortality, teleportation, shape shifting, empathy, mind reading,flight, superhuman strength,reflex's, durability(all due to contracts he has signed making him stronger), soul absorbing,master of demonic magic,master hex caster, master curse caster,soul corruption, genius manipulator, genius tactician,master swordsmen, master hand to hand fighter

Equipment:Contract signature book, quill of the hell raven,cloak of deception, the storytellers book, demonic spinning wheel,spool of the golden thread, 1000 green candles of summoning(gifts to those who desire a contract)

Personality:scheming, twisted, manipulating, teasing, taunting, childish, overly friendly, two faced, self obsessed(he only looks out for himself.), arrogant at times,tricky

Team:Church of Blood(ally of Trigon), Underworld masters

Friends:Blaze, Satanius, Buzz, Trigon,Circe, Asteroth, Balthazor, Morning star,Leviathen,Brother blood(all), Jack Revan, Jacob Blackwing, Jesse Scavenger,Harm,Gentlemen Ghost, Blue Devil, Kid devil

Enemies:Blue devil, Kid Devil, Wonder Woman,Shazam,Raven, Zatara, John Constantine,order of heaven

History:Neron is a power hungry Devil, He generally offers deals to villains,heroes,and even regular innocents usually for their souls. Neron has no limits in power and apparently cannot be defeated, as he draws power from those whose souls he has claimed.

neron has appeared all throughout history offering his misleading deals and has been portrayed in countless fairy-tale's most notably he was the deal maker Rumpelstiltskin and many other so called wish granters, it is possible to outsmart him yet very hard, only the most clever of people can worm out of his contracts, a certain cult was given countless contract candles by him and they were distributed all over the world making him much more powerful with each and every single contract, most notably was the contract he signed with Harm with the aid of his alley Buzz.

one of his biggest allies besides Buzz is Circe the seductive sorceress he is also in a rivalry with the half demon children of Shazam Blaze and Satanus.

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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Brainiac 5.0

Alias:Querl Dox,Brainy,B-5

Age:15(In bio-droid years, his actual age is 3)


We are lgeion(Of superheroes):

Powers:Super-flexible and stretchable Bio-Droid body,highly advanced nanotechnological healing factor, 12th level intellect(making him smarter then just about anyone.),Superhuman learning rate(allowing him to learn and memorize things ultra quickly it is akin to a photographic memory.)

Equipment:Laser blaster cannons(built into hands.),built in halotop x2, Legion flight ring, Legion communications belt, exoskeleton battle armor.

Personality:Logical, calculating, analytical,tactical,cold at times, curious, naive, kind, heroic, worshiping(To true heroes like superman.)

Team:Legion of superheroes

Friends: Superboy(Clark Kent)(Pocket universe), Superboy(Clark Kent)(Earth-1), Superboy(Conner Kent), Supergirl(Kara Kent), Impulse(Bart Allen),Andromeda-Girl(Laural Grand Kent), Booster Gold(Michael Jon Carter), Cosmic boy ,Lightning Lad, Saturn girl, Bouncing boy, Triplicate girl,Chameleon boy,Phantom Girl, Timber Wolf, Star boy, Lightning Lass, Sensor girl, Dream girl, element Lad,Shadow-Lass, Wildfire, Dawnstar, Invisible Kid,Ultra Boy, Insect Queen(Lana Lang), Green Lantern (Rond Vidar)

Enemies:Legion of Villains, Secret Society way beyond, Time Trapper,Fatal five, Dominators,Imperiax,the dark circle, Brainiac 1.0,Brainiac 7.0,Sklarian Raiders,Superboy-Prime

History:Brainiac 5 is a green-skinned, blond-haired teenager, dressed in a purple jumpsuit, who claimed to be descended from the original Brainiac, one of Superman's deadliest enemies. He wished to join the Legion as atonement for his great-great-grandfather's misdeeds.

Brainiac 5 is Coluan, a nano-based cybernetic organism that not only possesses 12th-level intelligence(rare even for his race), but can assume a human-like form. His human-like form can also alter its shape to create tools and weapons, His AI core is based on the original Brainiac 1.0 his ancestor.

Brainiac 5's ingenuity led to the invention of, amongst other things, the Legion flight ring he has proved to be essential to the group time and time again.

He often appears eager to prove himself to his older teammates, particularly the original Superman; Brainiac 5, unlike his villainous ancestor, idolizes Superman. However, his high intellect and his emotional nature often cause him internal conflict; for example, he idolizes Superman, but knows intellectually that he cannot reveal many of the things he knows lie in the future for Superman once he is returned to his own time, as Superman's knowledge of 'future' events could change what is, for the Legion, history.

Brainiac 5 possesses a Twelfth Level Intellect, which grants him superhuman calculation skills, amazing memory and exceptional technical knowledge. By comparison, 20th century Earth as a whole constitutes a Sixth Level Intellect, and most of his fellow Coluans have an Eighth Level Intellect. 31st century Earth as a whole is a Ninth Level Intellect. His incredible memory allows him to retain knowledge of events that all other characters forget such as the first meeting of the three different Legions(Heroes,Villains and those in the gray.)

he seems to show attraction to Supergirl and Andromeda girl who are both related to superman in some way, it is somewhat implied he has a lust for Kryptonians.

5/1/2012 . Edited by Cthulhu Dingo, 1/16/2013 #142
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Dark Raven

Alias:Lust,wicked Raven, the seed of Trigon, embodiment of the darkness



unavoidable destiny:

Form change 1(after seduction of many pure souls):

Form change 2(After mating with Blood):

Final state(At maximum power after draining her siblings):

Powers:Demon Transformation,empathy,emotion manipulation,Sin manipulation(Lust), Astral projection, Teleportation(basic and inter-dimensional via magic), Flight, Levitation, Dark Sorcery,magical energy siphoning, Telepathy,Telekinesis,magical Energy Manipulation,Multilingualism,well versed in torture,excellent hand to hand combatant,super human strength,endurance and healing(Final form only)

Equipment:bible of Blood,cloak of Canaan,chain of Dante,candles of Neron(unknown how many)

Personality:twisted,warped,lusty,flirty,manipulating,hot headed,violent,dark,taunting,tactical,spiritual,empathic to an extent(she can sense someones emotions and warps them to her will)

Team:Church of Blood,Children of Trigon,Teen titans?(By being part of Raven)

Friends:Trigon,Arella?,Blaze, Satanius,Black Adam, Buzz, Brother blood(8),Mother Mayhem,Sister Sinner, Jack Revan, Jacob Blackwing, Jesse Scavenger,Harm,Anarky

Enemies:Raven,Arella?,Azarian,Azar,seven soldiers of sorcery,Teen Titans(In general),Justice league(in general),White swan(who effectively created her for the most part),Jericho,beastboy,Shadow(Elly Watson),Nightwing(dick grayson)

history:The evil that once dwelled within Raven, the dark essence of Trigon she seeked to refuse now freed and existing on its own, she is the embodiment of all of Raven's dark thoughts and emotions made real and is every bit as powerful as her and petrhpas even more so having given herself fully to her father and embracing her demon side she is rather like a succubus in that she revels in lust and desire aswell as blood and pain.

She has complete loyalty to her father and contempt for her brothers who she views as weak halfings compared to her who is slowly becoming a full demon and stating that their ties to their human hearts is what is making them weak.

Dark Raven's abilities include pain dispersion through contact and long-range teleportation. Raven can also project a spirit entity known as a 'soul self'. Raven has exhibited other abilities as well, including emotion manipulation and low-level precognitive abilities. like the real raven she is empathic but often used her abilities to twist and implant emotions. She also had the ability in implant the seeds of Trigon's evil energy inside of host bodies to corrupt the hearts and souls of her victims.

She also has long-range teleportation, she can fly; she is able to remove the emotions of people around her - leaving them feeling nothing at all; she herself serves as a doorway to other dimensions aswell, and her mastery of mystical power is great indeed, though it focus's more on dark and evil magic, she can also siphon the mystical energy of others with the potential of magic making herself more powerful.

in such a state she gains added physical attributes based on the type of energy she absorbs:I.E muscle amplification throughout her body aswell as increased endurance and durability aswell as her bodies healing rate, she also looks more and more demonic the more energy she absorbs her skin turning red,growing large stag horns on her head,large beast like claws and so forth, in short she is the near embodiment of her father and of what the true raven has rejected.

Like most of Trigons children she is a master of a sin branch magic in her case lust, she is able to seduce almost anyone and control all manners of the heart related to love and its darker side(lust) and can even promote jealousy to an extent.

6/25/2012 #143
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Lillith Jupiter

Alias:Lillith Clay,Omen,Dark-Omen,Deep eye



An evil omen:

The shadowy informant Deep eye:

Powers:Far sight precognition, near sight precognition,telepathy,Teleportation, telekinesis,empathy,limited use of mystical energy's

Equipment:Dowsing crystals,crystal ball, various anti tear cloaks,Titans communicator

Personality:Kind,caring,resourceful,loving, emphatic towards other,cryptic,secretive,devoted,insightful and honest.

Team:Titans UK,HIVE Academy

Friends:Robin/Nightwing(Dick Grayson),Speedy(Roy Harper),Wonder-Girl(Donna Troy),Kid-Flash(Wally West),Starfire,Beastboy,Cyborg,Raven,Night-Detective(Locke Holmes),Adler,Young Frankestein,Argent,Risk,Fringe,Minion,Hotspot,Joto,Molecule,Lagoon-Boy

Enemies:HIVE Academy?,Brotherhood of Evil,Fearsome Five,Legion of Doom,Secret Society,Cadmus?

History:Lilith Clay is the daughter of wealthy philanthropist, Loren Jupiter, and an unnamed mother of vast extra-sensory abilities(Later revealed to be the goddess Thea) . Lilith was abandoned as an infant for reasons that remain a mystery, her own father unaware of her existence. Adopted by kindly Mr. and Mrs. Will Clay, Lilith was told she was left by her mother due to difficulties with her father. She later found out that her Nanny was the one who dropped her off at the Kentucky orphanage, which only added to the layers of mystery that would continue to surround the free-spirited redhead.

At age eleven, Lilith's mental powers began to manifest themselves. She read her foster parents' minds and discovered she was adopted. Upon learning this, Lilith set out to find her true parents. At age thirteen, she left home and embarked on a journey to find her true origins. Lilith encountered many dead ends, but also became the object of scorn. Many people grew fearful of her powers and accused her of being a witch due to her extra-sensory abilities.

Her travels eventually took her to San Francisco where she took a job as a waitress at the Canary Cottage which was once owned by the original Black Canary. It was also during this time that she encountered wealthy philanthropist Mr. Jupiter and began to aid his cause. The well-meaning billionaire had started a secret government-sponsored training project for teenagers in an effort to help create a better world. Lilith joined him, unaware of their true relationship as father and daughter.

On one occasion, when the Titans were relaxing in the cafe in their civilian guises, Lilith approached them and asked to join the Teen Titans. Lilith also warned them of an upcoming incident involving pacifist Arthur Swenson. The Titans were initially mistrustful, but Lilith's premonition came to pass, and the Teen Titans were unable to prevent Arthur Swenson's death. Feeling ashamed, The Teen Titans encountered Lilith again. She introduced them to Loren Jupiter, who invited the teens to allow him to assist them with funding and join his project helping set up the tower in Jump-City. The Titans, with Lilith as a new member, accepted Jupiter's offer which helped fund the Titans project alongside Bruce Wayne(who later dropped his funding).

Lilith's cryptic premonitions and spooky trances at first had an unnerving effect of her teammates. They even misinterpreted her natural air of mystery as cold heartedness. But the Titans soon discovered that underneath Lilith's mod-mystic exterior lay a free-spirited and sensitive soul.

But when Mr. Esper used his Mental helmet to cause disasters in California, Lilith helped organize a West Coast branch of the Teen Titans to stop him. Dubbed Titans West, its members included Lilith, Bumble-Bee, Mal Duncan, Golden Eagle, Flamebird, Hawk and Dove. The crisis of Titans hunt united Titans West with the just-reorganized East Coast Teen Titans to stop the Wildebeest society. Following the massive conflict Omen was a bit disillusioned by the massive amount of betrayal and death using the true limit of her powers she erased the incident from the minds of all titans but herself.

After that Lillith left the titans behind hearing later of the Astheo case which led to the team disbanding. Lilith's origin odyssey came to a conclusion, although the details of this discovery remain murky. Lilith met her enigmatic mother, whose identity is still a mystery. According to Lilith, her mother told her Loren Jupiter was her biological father, as this "unique and private woman" helped the gifted telepath unlock latent supernaturalistic abilities, including teleportation and enhanced mystical perception. Lilith emerged from this training with amazing arcane awareness and adopted a new guise as the veiled Omen. In light of this awakening experience, Lilith sought out her father.

Loren Jupiter had since relocated to Europe and now concentrated his concerns on a looming alien invasion by the dreaded H'San Natall. Some sixteen years earlier, the evil extraterrestrial race created a breeding experiment that left a handful of super-powered sleeper agents on Earth. With Omen's mystical guidance, Jupiter located four of the half-breeds and disrupted their nascent programming. Hotspot, Risk, Joto and Prysm, joined by Molecule the Atom's nephew, and the remaining members of the Teen Guardian's group formed the newest group of Teen Titans, dubbing them Titans UK with Jupiter once again acting as the team's benefactor.

Omen has since become something of a mentor to the younger members aswell as the teams expert in the supernatural guiding them in secret as Deep Eye while working alongside them as Omen. Lillith hides many secrets still within her, these secrets so great they could destroy the very core of Titans central and Titans UK and perhaps even the world.

10/14/2012 #144
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Komand'r

Alias:Blackfire,Empress of Tamaran,Mrs.Glurdlskletch




New uniform:

A Terror from space uniform:

A happier time long ago:

Powers: Tamaranean heritage allows her to absorb solar energy and other types of photon energy and convert it to the power of flight(She is not as fast as starfire though) and protective aura. destructive Starbolt energy force generation and projection from hands and feet, ability to breath in space, able to survive ultra deep depths, Blackfire is also incredibly strong, as powerful as a dozen Earth men. She is a skilled warrior whose powers and emotional intensity make her a fearful foe, she is also highly cunning and tactical. Due to special training blackfire is an excpert in over 50 kinds of alien martial arts and is also mystically sensative due to sorceress training received by alien wizards.

Equipment:Various types of tameranian battle armor,Tameranian short sword, Tameranian battle spear,Okara battle axe

Personality:Twisted,scheming, manipulative, controlling, greedy, power hungry, vain and easy to anger


Enemies:Mother,Father,Brother(Wildfire),Sister(Starfire),Nightwing,Beastboy,Raven,Cyborg,Terra 1,Omega men

History:Komand'r was the eldest child of Tamaran's royal family, and the first princess born in almost a century. As such, she should have been courted and showered with honors, but Komand'r was instead reviled. On the day of her birth, the dreaded Citadel Empire attacked and destroyed the western Tamaranean city of Kysarr and killed three thousand citizen, Due to no fault of her own, Komand'r was for all time inextricably linked with Tamaran's greatest day of infamy.

To make matters worse for the infant, Tamaran had previously been a paradise, its people strong and proud and able to harness the rays of their sun to give them the power of flight. But Komand'r was born deformed and crippled by Tamaranean standards She could not harness the sun's energy, and found herself earthbound. In addition was her dark eyes and hair which to Tamerian's was a sign of impurity and evil.

Komand'r grew up hated by a population that saw her as a symbol of their own weakness and evil. They denied her birthright, and refused to allow her to be named Princess of Tamaran and next in line for its matriarchal throne. That title, privilege, honor, and celebration was later bestowed on her younger sister, Koriand'r. Komand'r's rage grew inward, and when she could, her hatred for her planet was focused on her hapless sister who wanted nothing more then to be loved by her big sister.

In time, the sisters were sent for training to the Warlords of Okaara. There they would learn not only the art of combat, but the rules for governing. Tamaran was a planet of conflicting emotions. They embraced peace and love, but were quick to anger and fierce in war.

The Citadel invaded peaceful Tamaran and quickly crippled its defenses. They demanded that King Myand'r turn over his daughter who was heir, Koriand'r, to the Citadel in exchange for peace. Myand'r accepted. His daughter would be sacrificed, but the paradise that was Tamaran would endure.

Komand'r banished her sister into humiliating slavery for six harsh months by talking her father into agreeing,she finally thought she had gotten rid of her sister finally she could take the throne. However she was once again passed over for her little brother, Blackfire now understood that her planet would never be given to her and left the planet to travel across the universe.

When a mysterious alien probe shows up to haul Starfire away, sweet-natured Star has no idea why it came. And when Starfire's sister Blackfire shows up to visit, Starfire just wishes she would leave. Blackfire's wild, cool, and hip -- everything Starfire's not. And the other Titans seem to like Blackfire so much, Starfire thinks they won't need her around anymore. But just as Star's thinking about leaving, a couple of alien thugs (Kai and Cron) show up to haul her away. Can Robin save Starfire? Will Starfire find out why these nasty aliens are after her anyway? As it turned out Blackfire was a fugitive and these alien's were actually policemen as were the earlier destroyed probes,after explaining who she was and the mistake they had made Blackfire and Starfire battled,eventually however she was defeated and hauled off to prison.

Later the Teen Titans take a trip to Starfire's home planet, Tamaran. But this is no ordinary visit: The Grand Ruler of Tamaran has arranged for Starfire to be married! The Titans try to go along with the strange ways of Starfire's homeworld, but Robin has a hard time believing that Starfire really wants to marry someone she's never met. And when the team discovers that Blackfire is Tamaran's new ruler, Robin becomes suspicious. But can the Titans learn the truth before Starfire marries the repulsive Glgrdsklechhh? It was later revealed to be a ruse another of Blackfire's tricks there was no invading fleet and she was just after a mystic artifact that would augment her powers,after a lengthy one on one battle Starfire prevailed and Blackfire was sent into exile,Starfire became the queen,but declined giving it instead to her dear caretaker Galfor.

Blackfire was forced to move to the homeworld of the Sklurtch's, now forced to wed that horrible slug creature she was then further forced to crossbreed with him and bear him children. Which she hated she had no love at all for her husband or their slug-like children seeking a way out she lured Starfire there however it did not go well and learning of her attempted abandonment of them her children proceeded to maul her, she then murdered them and fled the planet finally now on the run from her horrid husband.

10/16/2012 #145
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Samual blood

Alias:Brother blood VIII,Young-Blood,Cyber blood,HIVE Headmaster



Younger days:


Powers: master of various Martial Arts ,powerful Mind Control and Psychic Force abilities ,vast knowledge of manipulation,skillful at various forms of voodoo and black magic,later obtains cybernetic parts which grant him extra strength and speed and boosts his Mind Control powers and built in weapons.

Equipment:Ion amplifer,ceybernetic augmentation parts:Claws,energy blasters, cybernetic eye with:X-Ray,Ultra-Violet, and Heat detection sight, laser beam eye ray eye,Mantle of Blood(Belived to be the death-shroud of christ but may actually be some sort of demonic artifact),Crown of bone(Crow bestowed only to the leader or heir of the Zandia religion the church of blood),Blade of endless carnage(A sacred artifact the sword that belonged to the first blood)(It is a fencing Epee)

Personality:Charismatic,cool,childish,arrogant,controlling,usually gives off a calm and cofident aura,despite his age he is very intuned with the younger generation, he is also highly manipulative and tactical with a cunning streak that ensures he always has a back up plan.

Team:Church of Blood,Children of Trigon,HIVE council(Former member)

Friends:Trigon,Blaze, Satanius,Black Adam, Buzz, Brother blood(9),Mother Mayhem(Wife),Sister Sinner(Daughter), Jack Revan, Jacob Blackwing, Jesse Scavenger,Harm,Anarky,Dark Raven

Enemies:Raven,Arella,Azarian,Azar,seven soldiers of sorcery,Teen Titans(In general),Justice league(in general),Cyborg,Bumblebee,Herald(Mal Duncan)

History:The cult of Brother Blood is over 700 years old. It began when a Christian priest named Brother Sebastian came upon what may be the prayer shawl of Christ. Whatever it was, it gave him invulnerability and drastically slowed his aging process. In order to gain the shawl, Sebastian had to slay the priest that led the Crusade's armies to invade Zandia. With his dying breath, the rebel priest cursed Sebastian, saying that the son must slay the father before the father's 100th birthday. Ignoring the curse, Sebastian donned the mantle and declared himself Brother Blood driving out the crusaders and rescuing his people and uniting them into a mighty nation. It was this Brother Blood who began the practice of bathing in blood.

There were seven Brother Bloods before the current one, who was born in 1946. The 20th Century Blood had the benefit of an Oxford education and extensive travels,aswell as a kind and loving mother who raised him to be atleast somewhat decent compared to his ancestors. He eventually returned to Zandia, slew his father, and became the new Brother Blood. Under his guidance, the Church of Blood grew to become a worldwide organization, with some members coming from prominent national governments. Brother Blood's desire and alleged destiny has always been to rule the world.

In order to establish himself in America he turned to the criminal syndicate known as the HIVE who were currently seeking a new headmaster for their american campus. They selected blood and gave him the funding he needed to set up church's all over the united states, while molding the HIVE students into his personal enforcers. the H.I.V.E. students were conducting a series of robberies, which, as it turned out, served to finance the development of and steal parts for a prototype weapon calledIon Amplifier. Blood soon became aware of Cyborg's true identity and offered to make him human again if he served him. However, Cyborg demonstrated an unexpected immunity to Blood's mind control and, the power of his sonic cannon multiplied by the Amplifier, destroyed the entire H.I.V.E. Academy with only one shot.

However, it was later revealed that Blood had downloaded Cyborg's blueprints when the latter had hacked into the H.I.V.E computers. After having erected an underwater H.I.V.E. base just off the continental shelf, Brother Blood utilized Cyborg's sonic cannon schematics to build a massive underwater sonic resonator, which would create tidal waves strong enough to wipe out Jump City. After a failed solo attempt to stop the scheme, Aqualad alerted the Titans, who were also joined by another independent hero who had infiltrated the H.I.V.E., Bumblebee. Although the plot was foiled and Cyborg's blueprints recovered, Brother Blood's photographic memory allowed him to remain in possession of Cyborg's schematics, which he would employ later on in his attempts to rebuild the H.I.V.E.

Brother Blood retreated to Steel City, with a team of young independent heroes on his tail who would later be shaped by Cyborg into the temporary group the Titans East team. After obtaining the security codes for Titans East Tower with the help of Steamroller, Blood and his robot troopers conducted a mass attack on the Titans East. While Cyborg apparently managed to evict Blood from the Tower, Blood had already gained two important footholds: he had already captured and taken control of the minds of Aqualad, Bumblebee, Más y Menos, and Speedy, recruiting them as his new "students", and hidden himself in the basement of the Tower, where he had himself converted into a cyborg by Professor Chang, who was mind controlled as well.

With the help of his brainwashed victims, Blood captured Cyborg for interrogation. In the course of their past confrontations, Cyborg's resistance to Blood's mind control had puzzled Blood. Thinking that this was due to a special gadget within Cyborg's systems he had not yet discovered, he intended to convert the Titans East into cyborgs as well for studying purposes. However, Cyborg had managed to call in his Titan friends, who freed him and engaged the Titans East in combat.

During the scuffle, Blood kidnapped Cyborg for a personal confrontation on the Tower's roof. After disabling Cyborg, Blood physically and psychically attempted to make Cyborg reveal the secret of his mental resistance. In the process, however, he unconsciously tapped too deeply into Cyborg's mind, and when Cyborg finally realized that it was actually his human mind and spirit which had enabled him to resist Blood, he exerted his will, tapping into Blood's powers in turn and using them to repair the damage inflicted on him, and then shattered Blood's cybernetic arms, rendering him helpless.

Following this crushing defeat, Blood was taken into custody. Blood disillusioned by his defeat and reliance on technology was at a loss as to what to do when his bail was posted and thanks to his diplomatic immunity he was freed. His wife awaiting him as he left prison now returning to Zandia to rest and re-cooperate Blood once again attempted to gather followers from the HIVE and was defeated yet again by a group of young heroes this time by the hero impulse. Blood now once more badly injured had no choice but to name his heir. He Chose the boyfriend of his daughter who was named Sebastien, he adopted the boy and named him the next blood placing the American division of his church in the boys hands until he recovers.

10/16/2012 #146
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: May Bennet

Alias:Mother Mayhem



Powers:Expert of manipulation,skilled in vast types of mystical sorcery,astral projection,levitation,speaking to the dead souls, necromancer y

Equipment:Bible of Blood, Crucifix of carnage(An item imbued with magical power by blood it allows her to talk to the dead and augments her magic)

Personality:Intelligent,loyal,devoted,motherly,protective,scheming, tactical, analytic

Team:Church of blood

Friends: Samuel Blood/Brother blood 8/Patriarch of Pain(Husband),Sister Sinner/Daughter blood(Daughter),Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood 9(Adopted Son),Trigon,Blaze, Satanius,Black Adam, Buzz,Jack Revan, Jacob Blackwing, Jesse Scavenger,Harm,Anarky,Dark Raven

Enemies:Raven,Arella,Azarian,Azar,seven soldiers of sorcery,Teen Titans(In general),Justice league(in general),Jinx,Omen

History:May Bennett was one of the worshippers of the Church of Blood and was chosen personally by the seventh Brother Blood to be his consort. Blood dubbed her "Mother Mayhem" and used her as his right-hand woman. May was originally just one of the many teenage acolytes that followed Blood's father the previous Blood, who he selected to become part of his harem, this new Blood however chose her to be his single consort and treated her as his equal.

Mother Mayhem often went on many missions for Blood, such as capturing countless states and nations for his church and helping to keep the church together when he went overseas. Mother Mayhem never questioned Blood's orders, but became jealous when he focused his attention on other girls and women, While Blood was in power, and was in America working with the HIVE Bennett became pregnant with his child. After Blood fell, the very-pregnant May traveled to America and helped get her husband out of jail nursing him back to health,shortly after May gave birth to a baby girl, Jessica.

Blood then sent Jessica to a special dimension where time was accelerated and had her tutored there. May missed her child dearly and was relived when she returned though now much older. May has now begun to help guide her husbands heir Sebastian who is the current brother blood, helping to rally his followers.

10/16/2012 #147
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Jessica Bennet

Alias:Daughter Blood,Sister Sinner

Age:4(Body appear 15)



With mom:

Powers:Insect control,telekinisis,aura energy plasma bolts,hypnosis,skilled in black magic,skilled in Voodoo,skilled in alchemy,Demon summoning(Minor low level demons only)

Equipment:Beehives(She usually carries a few on her at a time),Euphoric honey(A special drugged honey poison solution that makes her victims highly susceptible to suggestion from her),Bracelets of Demona(A demonic version of the bracelets used by thye amazons allows her to reflect bullets and are unbreakable),mantle of blood(A copy of her fathers special mantle and robe),Scythe of Silence(Her own personal weapon she imbued with dark magic)

Personality:Insecure,twisted,bratty,greedy, unbalanced,envious towards those who have normal childhoods and loving fathers

Team:Church of Blood

Friends:Samuel Blood/Brother Blood 7(Father),May Bennet/Mother Mayhem(Mother),Sebastian Blood(Adopted brother/Boyfriend?),Trigon,Blaze, Satanius,Black Adam, Buzz,Jack Revan(Crush), Jacob Blackwing, Jesse Scavenger,Harm(Crush),Anarky(Crush)

Enemies:Raven,Arella,Azarian,Azar,seven soldiers of sorcery,Teen Titans(In general),Justice league(in general),Jinx,Omen,Kid-Flash

History:The daughter of Brother blood by blood, she was born only a few years ago but was sent to a dimension of hell to train her in black magic and accelerate her aging, as such she missed out on her childhood loosing so much time and the possibility for an mental stability. This life resulted in her being very emotionally fragile and easy to deceive and enrage, overall she has the mental maturity of a four year old. Jessica seeks her fathers approval and his recognition, she is overlooked in favor of her adopted brother who is also her fiance as both have been selected to lead the church.

All Jessica truly wants is love and a purpose to use her vast magical powers for. Jessica is quick to fall in love getting crush's on all kinds of good looking young men including Raven's eldest brother,Harm and even Anarky.

Jessica has a deep interest in insects and chemistry which she uses clearly in her alchemy and magic, showing she does have outside interests in things besides the occult.

10/16/2012 #148
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Sebastian Stern

Alias:Brother Blood XV,Young-Blood,The Ram-King,Bone Prince


Appearance: eff2.jpg

All hail Young-Blood:

Powers:This brother Blood gains his power through the blood of his victims; He has the ability to siphon the powers of other by draining their blood through a bite. Posses a powerful Aura soul self in the appearance of a Saytr, Masterful of basic elemental black magic and blood manipulation(Such as making weapons and even using the plasma energy in blood to create energy bolts)

Equipment:Mantle of Blood(Revealed to be the death-shroud of Christ but may actually be some sort of demonic artifact),Crown of bone(Crow bestowed only to the leader or heir of the Zandia religion the church of blood it is the skull of a demon blood the first slayed)

Personality:Manipulative,naive,dark,twisted,sadistic,tormenting,spiteful,a romantic narcissist,also highly arrogant and an overall narcissist

Team:Church of Blood

Friends:Trigon,Blaze, Satanius,Black Adam, Buzz, Brother blood(8)(Mentor and adopted father),Mother Mayhem(Adopted mom),Sister Sinner(Adopted sister)(Fiancee), Jack Revan, Jacob Blackwing, Jesse Scavenger,Harm,Anarky,Dark Raven,Raven(Deeply lusts for her)

Enemies:Raven,Jericho,Beastboy,Nightwing,Arella,Azarian,Azar,seven soldiers of sorcery,Teen Titans(In general),Justice league(in general)

History:A young boy with immense magical potential who as a young child walked into a church of blood chapter and murdered everyone inside demanding a meeting with Brother Blood. Blood met the boy after looking him over as he was soaked in the blood of his followers which also stained the wall he saw it, this boy was not normal he was half vampire and had immeasurable magical potential. Blood adopted the boy as his son and left his education to Mother Mayhem who groomed him to someday take over the church.

This blood is obsessed with Raven the daughter of Trigon his church's god, he seeks to fulfill the prophecy of Raven being the bride of the head of the church and birthing a child that will usher in the end of earth, a new order of evil reigning over the earth for one thousand years. Yes this prophecy he longs to make it true and make Raven his, though he is engaged to Sister Sinner Blood's daughter he finds her attractive and useful but he would rather have Raven.

10/16/2012 #149
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Jim Harper

Alias:Guardian,Gold Guardian




Powers:Master hand to hand fighter,fluid in over 20 types of self defense,near super human strength/speed/endurance/agility/healing

Equipment:Golden mesh helmet,Nth/gold/aluminum mesh shield,custom motorcycle,CADMUS security pass,Commlink(Connected to Cadmus HQ)

Team:JSA,Project Cadmus,Suicide Squad

Friends:Joe Morgan,Wildcat(Ted Grant),Atom(Al Pratt),Starman,Black Canary(Dinah D. Lance),Newsboy Legion,Doublixx,Amanda Spence,Tana Moon,Dr.Mark Desmond?,Superboy?,Merlyn?,AMAZO Mk-III?,Plastique?,Captain Boomerang?,Rick Flag jr.?,Thrax lord of Conquest? Lex Luthor? Mercy?

Enemies:Justice League? JSA rouges,enemies of Cadmus,Suicide Squad enemies,those that disrupt the US government

History:Jim Harper is a former police officer in Metropolis' Suicide Slum who became a vigilante to catch crooks that the law couldn't prosecute, describing himself as guarding society from criminals. He was trained to fighting condition by ex-boxer Joe Morgan (the same man who trained two other mystery men, Wildcat and the first Atom). Jim was one of the last recruits to the JSA before its disbanding back when he was a child which helped to influence his decision to become a police officer and later a vigilante, during which his mentor was Wildcat.

After leaving the JSA and starting his moonlighting solo career as a hero, he was aided by a group of kid's known as the Newsboy Legion, to whom he was, literally, a guardian, having volunteered to take them in rather than allowing them to be sent to Juvenal hall or worse prison; he did so on the grounds that they were basically good kids who just needed a chance. some Legion members grew up to become the founding scientific members of the project Cadmus.

After ending his career as a police officer due to excessive force, he likewise shelved his guardian persona to go back to college, soon earning a PHD in applied bio-chemistry. Harper scored a job at STAR Labs and during which a massive explosion occurred nearly killing him. However a former member of the newsboy legion now a member of Cadmus took Harper's body and augmented it amplifying its natural talents and making him for lack of a better term a"Super soldier".

Following this Harper awoke and saw how much he had changed, seeing the amazing work Cadmus was doing he decided he would join and become the organizations guardian. Guardian was then promoted to head of Security and security concepts for Cadmus and its international divisions. Harper is also a member of the Suicide squad Taskforce which serves the federal government and the society of Light the Cadmus board of directors.

10/24/2012 #150
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