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A forum with an RP for just about any D-C based hero suggestion,though most will focus on J-L,TT,and Batman based places. Also has side RP's revolving around Batman-Beyong,Legion of Superheroes and now Young Justice(And green lantern the animated series)
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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

here is where we discuss all pairings both involving cannons and OC,and even AU versions including but not limited to Animations.


Forum pairings

Batman(Bruce Wayne} X Wonder Woman(Diana Prince}

Night Detective(Locke} X Batgirl/Owlgirl(Cassandra Cain}

Superman X Lois Lane(Superwoman)

Aquaman(Arthur Curry) X Queen Mera(Aqua-Woman)

Green Arrow(Oliver Queen) X Black Canary(Dinah Lance)

Kid Flash(Bart Allen} X Hex Caster/Jinx(Nicole Diaz}

Nightwing(Dick Grayson} X Starfire(Kory Anders}

Beast Boy X Terra II?

Raven X Jericho(Joesph Wilson)?

Red Hood X Wonder Girl(Donna Troy)

Super-Girl(Kara Zorel) X Toyboy(Hiro Okamura)

Omen(Lilith Clay Jupiter) X Lagoon Boy(La'Gaan)

Artemis Fowl X Holly Short

Aya X Razer

Lonnie Machin(Anarky) X Elizabeth Lexington(Legs)

Lex Luthor X Tess Mercer(Mercy Graves)

Two-face(Harvey Dent) X Holiday Killer(Gilda Dent)

Marcus Sylvester(Prowling Black Cat) X Komand'r(Black-Fire)

Brainiac 7.0(Brainy) X Alexis Luthor(Interface)


Possible Pairings

Kitten X Fang?

Jun Fleets(Monstrocity/Skree) X Jack Revan?

Jessica Blood(Sister Sinner) X Terral?

Beastboy/Changling(Garfield Logan) X Raven(Rachel Roth)?

Nightwing(Dick Grayson) X Owlwoman/Oracle(Barbara Gordon)?

Owlwoman/Oracle(Barbara Gordon) X Dr.Midnight-3(Peter Cross)?

Owlwoman/Oracle(Barbara Gordon) X Azreal the divine blade(Jean Paul Valley Jr.)?

Owlwoman/Oracle(Barbara Gordon) X Grey Owl(Calvin Rose)?

Jaime Reyas(Blue beetle III) X Naomi Garret(Black Beetle)?

Jaime Rayes X Daniel Garret(Blue Beetlette)?

Hal Jordan X Carrol Ferris(Star Sapphire)?

Hal Jordan X Jillian Pearlman(Lavender(violet) Lantern)?

Kyle Rayner X Aya?

Kyle Rayner X Arisia Rrab?

Kyle Rayner X Laira?

Kyle Rayner X Jade Scott?

Igirl X Zachary Zatara?

Wally West(Hot Pursuits/Flash III) X Perdita Anastasia Virtigo?

Wally West(Hot Pursuit/Flash III) X Linda Park?

Tim Drake X Rose Wilson?(Ravager II)?

Tim Drake X Secret(Greta Hayes)?

Tim Drake X Stargirl(Courtney Whitmore)?

Tim Drake X Quiz-Queen(Stephanie Brown)?

Tim Drake X Agent Pru?

Batgirl(Bryce Wayne) X Black Lion-2(Larry Davis)?

Batgirl(Bryce Wayne) X Blacky the myster boy(Philip James)?

Batgirl(Bryce Wayne) X Kid Doomsday(Donnie Bloom)?

Roy Harper(Red Arrow) X Jade Nyugen(Cheshire)?

Conner Hawke(Arrow-Kid) X Perdita Anastasia Vertigo(Queen Arrow)?

Super-Girl(Kara Zorel) X Powerboy(Nameless new god)?

Super-Girl(Kara Zorel) X Robin(Time Drake)?

Damian Wayne(Red Bird) X Ashley Lord(Ace)?

Damien Wayne(Red Bird) X Ester Bertenelli(Kid huntress)?

Damien Wayne(Red Bird) X Cassie Sandsmark(Wonder Kid)?

Damien Wayne(Redbird) X Iris West(Impulse)?

Damien Wayne(Redbird) X Girlbat(Rebecca Elizabeth Langtrom)

Damien X Carrie Kelly(Bluebird)?

Kate Kane(Batwoman II) X Renee Montoya(Question II)?

linda Strauss(Miss Fate) X Freddie Freeman(Captain Marvel Jr.)?

Klarion X Silver Swan(Vanessa Kaplantus)?

Arrowgirl(Artemis Crock) X Inertia(Thaddeus Thwayne)?

Aquatian(Joseph Arthur) X Lisa Morel

Cyborg X Sara Simms?

Cyborg X Dr.Sarah Charles?

Cyborg X Natasha Jasmine Irons?

Cyborg X Cyborgirl(LeTonya Charles)?

Conner Kent(Superboy) X M'Gaan M'orrz(Miss Martien)?

Conner Kent(Superboy) X Tana Moon?

Conner Kent(Superboy) X Wonder-Kid(Cassie Sandsmarke)?

Conner Kent(Superboy) X Wendy Harris(Proxy)?

Conner Kent(Superboy) X Chloe Sullivan?

Pocket Superboy X Chloe Sullivan?

Huntress(Helena Bertenelli) X Question(Victor Sage)?

Bombshell(Amy Sue Alan Adams) X Static(Virgil Hawkins)?

Rocket(Raquel Ervin) X Static(Virgil hawkins)?

Dr.Harrison Wells(Reverse Flash) X Dr.Jenet Klyburn?

Krypto X Brainy Barker?

Krypto X Dana Sandsmark?

Zeta X Ro?

Zeta X Agent Lee?

Terry Mcginnis X Helena Wayne?

Terry Mcginnis X Max Gibson?

Terry Mcginnis X Dana Tan?

Terry Mcginnis X Melanie walker?

10/8/2011 . Edited 5/23 #1
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

No I want them together just wanted to verify I also put up all possible pairings that come to mind.

10/11/2011 #2
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Well I suppose his name is okay then,though his name is still misleading because it makes people think he has powers like fire starters and stuff.

Maybe Volcana?: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs11/f/2006/244/b/6/Volcana.gif anyway some feedback on the ladies?

3/13/2012 #3

Magenta is still abit young she is a year younger than cells littler brother.(Which will not be in this Forum)

And I don't mind

3/13/2012 #4
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Just letting you know she is over 18.

Well alright then.XD

3/13/2012 #5

I know

3/13/2012 #6
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

settled then.

3/13/2012 #7

pic and age

3/13/2012 #8
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Yo anyone wanna discuss possible pairings for the forum Superboy? :3

6/12/2012 #9
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

sup its all updated now.

10/27/2012 #10
Cybernetic Author unit 5

what about blackfire and cat?

also, I thought paladinxdark raven might be an interesting possibility XD

10/27/2012 #11
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo

What for Igirl and Valiant?

10/27/2012 #12
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Isn't that self-cest?

Its up there on confirmed pairings Cyber. ;3

The other pairing is on the possibility pairing.

10/27/2012 #13
Cybernetic Author unit 5

why does it say prowling black cat?

10/27/2012 #14
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

His name was black cat right? I added prowling to separate it from the character Black Cat from marvel.

10/27/2012 #15
Cybernetic Author unit 5


could you post on the different rps?

10/27/2012 #16
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo

Igirl and Valiant are not supposed to be paired together XD I was asking those two could be with XD

Waly is with or going to be with Linda XD

12/26/2012 #17
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Sorry chibi that was before I knew all that.XD

Well I am going to have it be a love triangle because I get to be Linda now remember? :3

(Initally though before I did the poll I was going to have wally be with Tina Mcgee but the poll shifted all that to Perdita.XD)

12/27/2012 #18
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo

Ok your Linda but be fair. XD

12/27/2012 #19
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