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A forum with an RP for just about any D-C based hero suggestion,though most will focus on J-L,TT,and Batman based places. Also has side RP's revolving around Batman-Beyong,Legion of Superheroes and now Young Justice(And green lantern the animated series)
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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Earth Prime:Prime original universe

Earth Zero:Bizzarro Universe

Earth One:Standard main universe(New Earth)

Earth Two:Golden and Silver age universe

Earth three:Roles reversed world of the Crime Syndicate and the Legion of Justice

Earth Four:Watchmen Universe

Earth five:Detective universe]Only non powered detective heroes exist here with Batman being a legacy type thing given to Bruce wayne}

Earth Six:Britannia universe

Earth Seven:Nazi universe

Earth eight:GB universe

Earth Nine:The world is ruled by Trigon

Earth ten:Sailor Moon based universe(With scout heroine's}

Earth eleven:Forum universe

Earth Twelve:Parody universe

Earth thirteen:Goth Universe

Earth fourteen:Persona universe

Earth fifteen:the world is ruled by Golem people

Earth sixteen:Gritty and dark universe]Grant morrison universe}

Earth seventeen:Jack Kirby universe

Earth Eighteen:Movie universe]Nolan Verse}

Earth Nineteen:Victorian era universe

Earth Twenty:1930's style Earth(Society of justice verse)

Earth Twenty one:Justice Lords universe

Earth Twenty Two:Young Justice Series Universe

Earth Twenty three:Fawcett comics universe

Earth Twenty four:The Batman Series universe(The batman cartoon called:The Batman)

Earth Twenty Five G:Ruled by Alexander Luthor Jr.

Earth Twenty Six:Super Friends Universe

Earth twenty seven:Jungle themed hero universe

Earth Twenty eight:Muscial universe

Earth Twenty nine:Russian soviet union universe

Earth Thirty:Quality comics universe

Earth Thirty one:Ethnic universe

Earth Thirty two:Lantern corp universe

Earth Thirty three: DCAU'SKingdom Come fusion verse(DC Beyond 30 years later)

Earth Thirty Four:Beware the Batman verse

Earth Thirty Five: Barren nuclear winter universe

Earth Fifty Two:New 52 universe

Earth Sixty one:Barbara Gordon Batwoman Universe

Earth sixty six:Anthro animals universe starring Captain Carrot

Earth Sixty seven:Justa lotta animals universe

Earth Sixty Eight:Jimmy Olson=Superman universe

Earth eighty six:Kamandi future Timeline

Earth Nintey: Authority verse

Earth ninety six: Kingdom Come Future Timeline

Earth ninety seven:Tanget Comics universe

Earth ninety eight:DCAU and Batman Beyond TV Future Timeline

Earth Ninety Nine:Azarathian Rain Universe

Earth one hundred:Jason Todd=Batman Universe(Donna Troy is also Wonder Woman)

Earth one hundred sixty one:Zombie Universe

Earth one hundred sixty two:Two Supermen universe

Earth one hundred seventy two:Superboy and Batboy universe

Earth one hundred seventy eight:Nightwing Superman universe

Earth two hundred Twenty three:Anti hero Batman with Red Robin Universe

Earth Two hundred seventy eight:Legion of Super heroes future timeline

Earth Three hundred eighty seven:Werewolf universe

Earth three hundred ninety five: Medieval universe

Earth Four Hundred sixty two: World war two never ended

Earth Four Hundred ninety eight:Leatherwing universe

Earth Eight hundred ninety eight:old time Western universe

Earth one thousand ninety nine:Heroic catwoman/Serial killer Batman universe

Earth one thousand one hundred ninety one:Vampire Batman universe

Earth One Thousand One hundred Ninety two:Barbarian universe(As seen in Titans Annual 10)

Eath one thousand one hundred ninety eight:Superman=son of Darkside universe

Earth one thousand eight hundred sixty three:Cival war universe

Earth eighteen eight nine:Batman Vs.Jack the Ripper universe

Earth Nineteen twenty seven:Clockwork city universe

Earth ninteen thirty eight:Mars Attacks Universe

Earth 3898:1930's/30th century history of superheroes/Legacy of heroes

Earth 9602:Amalgamation comics universe

10/30/2011 . Edited 11/9/2012 #1

did you include my old alternate universes?

10/31/2011 #2
Patchman Beyond

How about the Anti-matter universe?

10/31/2011 #3
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

I forgot what they were.Hey Grinchy who are you?"

10/31/2011 #4
Patchman Beyond

just someone that's looking through different forums. The Anti universe is where the Anti-Monitor is from. The place where the planet Qward is?

11/2/2011 #5
Fullmetal Knight

Wont lie. Curious about Earth 10.

11/2/2011 #6
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Is anyone going to want those universe's to exist? I will add them if anybody who is a vet here wants.


Well FMK basically Wonderwoman leads a group of heroes that are parody of magical girl series's seen in anime,mostly Sailor Moon mostly because I found a ton of pics on DA of what that would look like.XD

I'm surprised you didn't say anything about the Jason Todd is batman universe?

11/2/2011 #7
Fullmetal Knight

Nice. And I assume Bruce Wayne is the mysterious "Bat-Mask" who helps the Wonder Senshi? =D

And I forgot to mention that one. Very interesting. Jason as Batman. Wonder who would be part of his Bat-team.

11/2/2011 #8
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

yeah with Damien and the other Robin's as Wing mask,Robin mask,and Red Mask.XD

Barbara I assume would be Luna in that dimension.X3

Well its an actual world he went to with Donna and Kyle apparently Jason is Batman and Donna is Wonder woman,and Jason is pretty much like the Dick Grayson batman so I assume in that world he never died and later became batman since he was shown to not be overly dark,oh and Donna died and he held her body tried to avenge her and then died thank you Monitor's for fulfilling fanboy's wish's then destroying them all in the same issue.

11/2/2011 #9
Fullmetal Knight

lolololololololol. Should make it so they're like the Dark Generals of Beryl/Talia or something like that. There are four of them.


And I remember that now. Poor Jason. Poor Donna. Don't care enough about Kyle to say anything like that. But you get the picture XD

11/2/2011 #10
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Oracle would more then likely have a green batwing on her forehead.XD


Kyle never gets any love...............aside from when he dated donna for a little while,anyway yeah she is finally wonder woman and she gets her head crushed while in the invisible plane? Cold!

11/2/2011 #11
Fullmetal Knight

Now you have me interested in this universe lol.

That's a horrible way to go out X_X

11/2/2011 #12
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Well it will appear in the multiverse RP coming soon.XD

I know and Jason barely survived the batplane crashing then was strangled to death,its like:Is this universe full of cheaply made planes?

11/2/2011 #13
Fullmetal Knight

Nice! =D

It appears so. Which sucks horribly. I have to wonder though what happened to that world's Dick and Bruce.

Speaking of which do you have the world that Bruce killed people after Jason died?

11/2/2011 #14
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

No idea who Artemis would be since I can't see Dick being a white cat with a blue bird symbol on its head.XD

No clue maybe Bruce died and Dick just stayed as Nightwing?

There was a world like that?

11/3/2011 #15
Fullmetal Knight

LOL! You never know.

Possibly. We'll never know though _

And yes. It was the world where Jason got the Red Robin costume in the comics. That Bruce had made it for his world's Jason. So New Earth Jason wore it and fought alongside that Batman. Then an alternate universe Joker killed that Bruce. Jason killed the clown in rage.

11/3/2011 #16
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Well I'll think of adding that world if you can think of a number and name for it.XD

11/3/2011 #17
Fullmetal Knight

Earth two hundred twenty three - Batman becomes an anti-hero

11/3/2011 #18
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

okay its up.

11/3/2011 #19
Fullmetal Knight

Cool. I'd like to play him if this Multiverse RP pops up. Think it would shock any other "Good" Batman if they saw one of their own kill.

11/3/2011 #20
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Wouldn't shock Batman Beyond Terry has inadvertently killed alot of his enemies.

11/3/2011 #21
Fullmetal Knight

O-o Since when?

11/3/2011 #22
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Cuvie,Xander,Inque,Blight,Mr.Freeze,the members of the Terrific Trio,he either killed them on accident or left them to die.

11/3/2011 #23
Fullmetal Knight

-whistles- Wow. Well guess he won't be shocked then.

11/3/2011 #24
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

I think there are more and Inque appeared later,though without an explanation,also by beating that league of Shadows girl he signed her death warrent because now the league will not stop until she dies.

11/3/2011 #25
although he didn't know that at the time. and that gil managed to destroy the league of shadows by herself
11/3/2011 #26
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo

EARTH 74.1

An Earth where due to the assassination of Queen Hippolayte Wonder Woman decided to take over the world which led to the enslavement and deaths of many men. She even with help from Hera imprioned all the male Olympian gods. Now she calls her self Empress Diana and Artemis is her second command and a few female heroes and villains have joined her such as Lois Lane, Carol Ferris, Fire (due to the murder of Ice on this world), Big Barda, Hawkgirl, and Catwoman. But there is an under ground resistances each either being soley men or both men and women such as one secretly run by Barbra Gordon (along side the rest of the Birds of Prey, Cassandra Cain, and Spoiler) who is the head of Empress Diana's communication network. The Empress has no idea one of her trusted officals is a rebel. Many male superheroes and even female ones have been mind wiped by Wonder Woman who refused to submit to her rule such as the Superman Family and the Bat Family.

Changes beside evil Wonder Woman:

Supergirl acts like Belinda, Hawkgirl has an eyepatch, Superman, Batman, and others who have been mind wiped are part of the palace harem where the Empress and her generals to....partake, and Damian is oddly 15 and has two owners.

5/5/2013 . Edited 5/5/2013 #27

Earth One- Silver Age

Earth Two- Golden Age

Earth Four- Charlton universe

Earth C- Captain Carrot universe

Earth S- Fawcett universe

Earth Q- Quality universe where the Allies won WWII

Earth X- Quality universe where Germany won WWII

6/2/2013 #28
Chibi Cosmo and Dingo

Wait Tails loves me? O_O

6/2/2013 #29
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