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A forum with an RP for just about any D-C based hero suggestion,though most will focus on J-L,TT,and Batman based places. Also has side RP's revolving around Batman-Beyong,Legion of Superheroes and now Young Justice(And green lantern the animated series)
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Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Arisia nodded then asked"um what are panties?"she stated as she began to show them around.

(remember she is from another planet they may not have underwear on that planet, just an alien joke I felt should have been made.XD)

3/31/2012 #61
Marvel Meister

"On my planet it's a type of clothing that does under the clothes of women" Hal said, "THat's the joke."

3/31/2012 #62
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

she giggled at that"oh really? we have those on my planet but they are called something else, geez humans have such a weird sense of humor."She said as she walked down the hall.

(Note:Arisia is the lantern for the sector right next to Hal's.)

3/31/2012 #63
Marvel Meister

"Well, that's just how I am" Hal said, "It's part of my charm."

3/31/2012 #64
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

"So your not exactly a typical human man?"she asked further curious.

(she is inquisitive about other races like aya is about emotional nature and honor.)

3/31/2012 #65

"yeah, they're much less annoying" kilowog said to Aya

3/31/2012 #66
Marvel Meister
Hal chuckled, "On my planet no two people are alike."
3/31/2012 #67

(They're even playing DBZ and Gundam Wing XD)

(can we skip the rest of the tour?)

3/31/2012 #68
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

After the tour all the lanterns took their seats, Arisia at communications"alright then so everyone ready?"

"Indeed my systems are at optimal power, we may launch on the captains command."

3/31/2012 #69

(you watching toonami?)

"Okay, launch!" Kilowog said

3/31/2012 #70
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(no what channel is it on?)

Aya then lifted into the air shooting off into space at amazing super speed.

3/31/2012 #71

(as i said earlier, adult swim changed into toonami for their april fools prank XD)

3/31/2012 #72
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(Did they do that at midnight? Because I checked just now and Aquateen was on.)

3/31/2012 #73

(it started when bleach usually plays, so you haven't missed it XD. they've got TOM, the classic toonami shows, and TOM even has new lines for bleach and a mass effect 3 review)

3/31/2012 #74
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(Oh I see it hasn't started yet then kay then.XD)

3/31/2012 #75


3/31/2012 #76
Marvel Meister
"That's still hard to get use to" Hal said
4/1/2012 #77

"What's our ETA" Kilowog said

(Muse, do you remember katma tui from that one episode of Justice League)

4/1/2012 #78
Marvel Meister
4/1/2012 #79

(well in that case could you play annu then?)

4/1/2012 #80
Marvel Meister
4/1/2012 #81

(he's a rock like alien who's culture considers weapons dishonorable, so he never uses constructs)

4/1/2012 #82
Marvel Meister
(So doesn't use his ring?)
4/1/2012 #83
Marvel Meister
4/1/2012 #84

(he only uses it for flight and energy blasts. if the threat is big enough he'll use constructs, but big enough means "universe in danger")

4/1/2012 #85
Marvel Meister
(Then no)
4/1/2012 #86


4/1/2012 #87
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(Note:atleast one lantern member will die out of the selected team members.)

Arisia shrugged"until we get to Sinestro's last known coordinates a few minutes, he was at a large trading post, rather well known in the frontier sector."

4/2/2012 #88

(i suppose it being tomar re would be too obvious XD)

"anything else we need to know?"

4/3/2012 #89
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(A bit. ;3)

Arisia shook her head"nope well it should be in site now see there it...........oh no."she was shocked looking at where their was once a space outpost on a moon there was nothing but smoking craters, clearly a huge battle had happened.

4/4/2012 #90
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