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Title says it all

This is the outline of the application







Mythological Group: (Greek, Roman, Nordic, etc)

Immortal Parent:

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-):



Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...):

2/7/2010 . Edited 11/26/2011 #1
Mending the Sky

Here's my epicly-amazing character:_________________________

Name: Dakota Swift

Age: 12/13, doesn't really matter

Apperance: scrawny, a few freckles across the face. Shaggy blonde hair (like mine in real life, except wavy) piercing blue eyes. Enjoys annoying the living crap out of people, flirting, showing off, etc.

God parent: Zeus, all the way!

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): Kestrel Swift (long blonde hair, hazel eyes, mid-30s)

Powers: exceptional talent for shocking people, great swordsman, can talk out of practically any situation (Wait, that's not a power...)

Bio: Was claimed after a fight at Capture the Flag in which he shocked an Ares kid named Ben. Emposa attacked him on the beach, causing him to discover he was a half-blood . . .

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): Silver blade, golden hilt, sapphire implanted in it. Called Ventus (Latin for Wind)


2/8/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #2

Name: Charlotte Ackles (Charlie)

Age: 16

Apperance: Bronze Hair, Violet Eyes. Tall.

God parent: Zeus

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): Alive. WANTED! DEAD OR ALIVE!

Powers: Burn!!! Baby burn!!!! I can burn Annette through a doorknob. You really don't want Charlie angry. No....

Bio: At first, She was claimed by Aphrodite, but then her real powers were shown and now SHE IS ZEUS!!!

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): Lip Gloss. Pull the cap of and Lightningbolt appears! Sword. Bronzeish. Silverish!!

2/8/2010 #3

name: Bailey Martin

age: 16

appearance: Blood red hair and purple eyes. pale skin with a few freckles dotting her cheeks. Has Alexandria's Genisis

God parent: HADES!!! YEEEAAHHHH!!!!

Mortal parent: Celia Martin -dead-

Powers: death resistant (notice resistant, not proof!), can bring peeps back to life

Bio: Lived in the underworld when her mother died in childbirth. was kicked out at age 6... well, im still here aren't I?

Weapon: Flame-shaped purple electric guitar. the head comes off to reveal that it is the hilt of her sword taucaros. double bladed. guitar is made of celestial strings so she can make magic music with it

2/8/2010 . Edited 3/30/2010 #4

Name:Amber(Kahlan) Sophia Jackson


Apperance:straberry-blonde hair, green eyes, tanish(idk if that's a word but oh well)

God parent:Poseidon

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-):unkown, dead(in later chap. alive)

Powers: controll water...etc. confessor(explian later), great with swords.....

Bio: came to camp at 8 years old. part of the S.G.P.(guess). blah, blah, blah.... found out i'm a confessor. in love with..... read and you will see. best friend is Bailey.

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...):sword(Vindictorarea -Vindi-) silver sword, aquamarine and saphire on the hilt.

2/8/2010 #5

Name: Nathan Griffon

Age: 14

Apperance: Medium-long brown hair( think me) brown eyes, tan


Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): -dead-

Powers: Running , sword fighting,

Bio: (Hmm...OH I KNOW) Nathan was born in New York city, and raised there until he was 13. He went to skool (Aren't I cool) and was attacked by giant, cyclops, cannibles. he was brought to CHB, but his mom was killed along the way. He has done only ONE quest.

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): Silver sword (Liberator) with Black on the hilt with Tomorrow never comes Inscribed in silver.

2/8/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #6

I got bored.

Name: Charlotte ( Charlie) Ackles


Apperance: Bronze hair, Violent Violet eyes ( I love that name!) TT. Tall and Tan

God parent: Zeus

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): Alive. Rebecca Ackles

Powers: Since Charlie just found out her powers ARE STILL COMING! But if you get her mad.....well.... BURN BABY BURN! She also has fun with lightning.

Bio: Spent 6 years at normal school then went to camp claimed by Aphrodite. False Claim. Then DADDY SAW THE LIGHT! And found the baby pictures! LOL!

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): Lip Gloss that when you pull the cap off a Celestial bronze sword appears. Named Lightningbolt.

2/8/2010 #7

Why did you repost your character?

2/8/2010 #8

I just got bored. And I noticed I didn't do my bio.

2/8/2010 #9

okay. I am going to start the RP.

2/8/2010 #10
Mending the Sky

What the HECK is SGP? And plus, you and . . . u-no-hoo(lol) are like, cousins. Ew. Gross. What's Kahlan?

2/8/2010 #11
Mending the Sky

Almost forgot, Ventus is one of those stupid little key chains you get on your backpack. It's a little thundercloud with a jagged lightning bolt sticking out of it. Except when you tap the cloud, it transforms into- VOILA!!!1!!!1!- epic sword! To change it back, tap the saphhire on the hilt.


2/8/2010 #12

I HATE YOU!!!!! :)

2/9/2010 #13
Mending the Sky



2/9/2010 #14

Because you put u-no-who. You are so nasty!

2/9/2010 #15
Mending the Sky

I was talking to Boss . . . Anyways, I got 2 more characters. Let me post them next . . . please? :P

2/10/2010 #16
Mending the Sky

Two new characters. :D

Name: Alyssa Zimmerman

Age: 12/13 (same as Dakota)

Apperance: shoulder-length, wavy red hair, brown eyes, freckles. About an inch taller thsan Dakota.

God parent: Apollo

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): Tara Zimmerman (dead.)

Powers: great archer, can also use a sword if needed.

Bio: Well, claimed by Apollo at age 11, then was sent to numerous boarding schools in search of half-bloods (not enough satyrs). Found Dakota, befriended him, and then . . . well, read the Swift Storm. lol just kidding, not supposed to advertise stories . . .

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): silver-and-gold bow, bronze-ish quiver, with golden arrows inside.


Name: Annette . . . uh, Johnson? (first last name that came to mind, lol . . .)

Age: 13 (Why is it most girls have crushes on younger guys? :P )

Apperance: Wild, frizzy blonde hair, crazy blue eyes, and always has a goofy smile on around Dakota.

God parent: Demeter

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): Howard Johnson (dirty blonde hair, green eyes, 40s)

Powers: Well, can grow vines and crap . . . not really any good with weapons, but will use a sword if needed.

Bio: Well, not much . . . had almost no trouble with the half-blood world until dad brought her to camp a week before her 13th birthday. Was claimed then, and was, well, welcomed, and then everything was normal . . . yay?

There are my new characters, I'll add them to the role-play soon. Plus, NO ONE ELSE con control what they do because I sent them in. :D HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...):

2/10/2010 #17

Name: Skye Conic


Apperance: Blond Hair, Blue eyes, Freckles, Really hyper.

God parent: Apollo

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): Alive

Powers: I don't really know. She is Apollo. God. Let me go look it up.

Bio: She was raised in California but after a hellhound attacked her, she was put in CHB.

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): Bow and Arrow.

2/12/2010 #18
Mending the Sky

Cool, Alyssa's got a sister now! :P

2/12/2010 #19

Name: Ian Scott


Apperance: Blond hair, kinda curlish. Gray eyes with goldish flecks. HOT

God parent: Athena

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): Dead. He need's Charlie to help him through the pain. =smiles=

Powers: He is really smart. Basic fighting skills

Bio: His dad was killed when he was 5, brought to CHB.

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): He has a necklace of a minature sword. Triple tap it and it turns into a bronze sword. Repeat to make go away.

2/12/2010 #20
Mending the Sky

I have another character . . . probably won't enter the story til later, though.

Name: Natalie Rivers

Age: 13

Appearance: black hair, sort of wavy. Dark blue eyes. Pale skin, skinny.

God parent: Nyx (goddess of night)

Mortal Parent: unknown, possibly dead

Powers: None in particular. Can see clearly in the dark, I guess . . .

Bio: She's a former huntress of Artemis. She's uncomfortable around boys, takes things very seriously. Joined when she was 12, but was kicked out after being caught helping a boy leave the forest. She remembered that she had another option- to go to camp, and found her way there.

Weapon: Used to have a silver bow like all the other huntresses, but now just uses a silver dagger, which she keeps in her belt.

Oh yeah! WOOT! May not come into the story til later, like I said earlier . . .

2/14/2010 #21
Mending the Sky

(Is your new crush . . . I'll PM you.)

2/14/2010 #22


okay... now that i got that out of my characters!!!

Name: Zeke Martin

Appearance: Adam Lambert-ish, but waaayyyy cuter

age: 18

God Parent: Prince of the underworld. Doesnt that explain it?

Mortal 'rent: see bailey martin

Bio: Prince of the Underworld. powers of a minor god

Powers: cant die, doesn't get tired, god stuff

Weapon: Garnet encrusted black sword


Name: Felix Johnson

Age: 16

Appearance: looks exactly like Persperone

God 'rent: Demeter

Mortal 'rent: see anette johnson

powers: animals love her. she can make plants grow and crap like that

Bio: went to CHB with her sis, most is unknown about her

Weapon: NONE (shocking!)

2/14/2010 #23

Number 2 character...

Name: Leeroy Jenkins

Age: 13

Apperance: brown buzz cut hair, tan, brown eyes

God parent: Hermes

Mortal parent(Note, you can just put -alive- or -dead-): -alive-

Powers: Running and fighting with any weapon

Bio: He ran into camp, being chased by 3 minotaurs (Bad luck)

Weapon( If any. example: Bronce sword, spear, ect...): Silver sword that has flames in black. Black hilt


insperation for character is to go on youtube, look up Leeroy Jenkins, and choose the first one.

2/14/2010 #24
Mending the Sky


lol jk. But seriously. Character is OC (open character, for pauly. :D)

Name: Alaina Hixlok (Pronounced Hicks-luck. lol . . . random name)

Age: 13

Appearance: slim, pale, pretty. Wavy golden-brown hair, hazel eyes.

God Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Parent: unknown, supposedly alive.

Powers: Can easily make boys fall for her, uses looks to distract people. She has no real ultra powers, but she can be useful at some times to sidetrack enemies by flirting stupidly with them. Aka, stalling.

Bio: Brought to camp month before she turned 13, but it was obvious who her parent was. Multiple guys have crushes on her, and she finds Dakota slightly interesting, because their personalities are pretty much just alike: confident, flirty . . . But she has some problems with guys. She can't seem to find the right one.

Weapon: small pure white dagger, with "Dove" inscribed in Greek on the hilt. Called Columba (dove in latin)

2/15/2010 #25
Mending the Sky

Dang it, I found a good pic of her on google as inspiration, and I was gonna post the link, but I can't . . . because I'm not allowed to post google links according to the notes at the bottom of the "Forum Post reply"

Crap. :(

2/15/2010 #26


2/15/2010 #27
Mending the Sky

Well, the note is right below the text box, and it tells you that you can't post links to certain websites other than fanfiction, fictionpress, youtube . . . stuff like that. Oh well, doesn't really matter.


2/15/2010 #28

Actually, I think It means that the link wont be blue.

2/15/2010 #29
Mending the Sky

True . . .

2/16/2010 #30
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