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Come here to bash Godric or just to comment on how he's role was blown up in the show like maryann. Bookerreaders are loved nonbookreaders are welcomed too.
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Am I the only one sick of seeing a page of Godric when they first click the True Blood fic link? I mean yes he was Eric's maker but like Lorena is Bills and no one likes her even the Eric fans, now I am a Pam, Sookie, Hadley, Sophie-Anne and Jason fan the others I like but I love them. Godric didn't care for. Maryann well she is hot and a pot head so gotta love that.

2/8/2010 #1

I can see where your coming from. It is quite amazing to see how popular opinon differs from the show, book or something. Sometimes I want to bang my head against the wall when I see it.

I think it is quite obvious that I love Godric. But if I may, Godric has the appeal that Edward Cullen has. He is a tortured soul who has done something terrible and needs tender loving care. And I want to be the one to do it.

At least its not Bill all over the place. Ugh, that would be a deal breaker!! lol

11/3/2010 #2

Don't compare him to Edward Cullen because that is an extreme insult.

4/3/2011 #3

Pretty much, yes, you are the only one. I don't see the appeal of a Lorena fic and you're right no one likes her but Godric is a great character and is important not only as Erics maker but also is needed to show that Eric does and is capable of caring for someone. So his main purpose or use on the show is probably character building for Eric.

4/3/2011 #4
Moonshimmer Shadow-Phoenix

No one should ever compare Godric to Edward. Godric is so much better, his potential is stronger and he's way more awesome

7/29/2011 #5

Why don't you like Godric? You didn't really explain...

Well personally I love Godric. He is definitely my favorite on the show. I think he's an amazing character. He started his existence as a terrible being and slowly became this regretful and loving Vampire. There aren't any other Vampires on the show like that.

I don't really understand how you could compare Lorena to Godric just because they're makers. Lorena was controlling, selfish, and evil. She tried to kill Sookie more than once and she even tried to kill Bill. She doesn't have any redeeming qualities about her to be likeable. Godric was probably as evil, or even more evil, than Lorena at some point in his life but he changed. That's why people like him so much.

10/23/2011 #6

He's not some vampire jesus like people make him out to be. He use to kill babies and yes after so many years he went "hmmm maybe this is wrong" good for him, he's the oldest on the show (nothing like his bookself which i much prefered). I honestly think people love the little gay boys on tv and go "awh cute" and don't go calling me a bloody homophobic cos i'm not a lot of my guy friends are gay (not a faghag either they just happened to be) and I am as well. But really he's not different then Sophie-Anne, over a thousand years and she falls in love with a human so much she turns her to her with her forever. Godric turned Eric out of well not love.

I hardly think he is the first vampire to feel bad about killing innocent people when he didn't need too. Bill has been fighting who he is the enitre show, yes he loses control now and then, but everyone makes mistakes.

I honestly think the fandom around him really killed it. Same thing happens with a lot of things they get so big and the fans are so freakin retarded. I mean yes the show changed him a lot but I don't recall that much fanfair when he died in the book. Normally people go "YOU CHANGED HIS NAME AND HIS ENITRE CHARATCET WTF WE HATE THIS" That's what happened with Sophie-Anne changed her age and well a bucnh of stuff no more then what they changed with Godric and everyone hates her. Love him but not her.

10/23/2011 #7

I don't view the books and tv show as being the same because they are so different. Godric in the book, yes, he's horrible. He killed babies and then he felt guilty. I didn't like Godric in the books at all!! Of course he's a bad Vampire but the Godric in the show isn't that character. The show never explains what Godric did that changed him. It doesn't go into his back story like the book did. The show only shows the remorseful and changed Godric, thats what people like. He CHANGED. Thats what counts. If he was still the monster that was portrayed in the book then NO ONE would like him.

I don't understand what you're trying to say about people like 'the little gay boys' that are on tv.

I have nothing against Bill. I agree with you. He does fight with his past and making mistakes. I think most fans hate Bill because they want Sookie with Eric, not because Bill can be compared to Godric in the way you explained.

I think people didn't care so much that Godric was changed in the show because he wasn't a huge part of the series, he was important but not major. Sophie-Anne was a major part of the series. I liked her in the book and in show, even though she was changed.

10/23/2011 #8

See Godric in the show SLAUGHTERED Eric's men, warriors and friends. When Mississippi did that to his village he went nuts on revenge mission. That little bit of him showing NO BAD feelings towards Godric for doing that seemes unrealstic (for fiction vampires). Even Pam who loves Eric and is loyal to him no matter what still does whatever she can to push his buttons and make his day hell at times. Yet it seems like all Eric did with godric was fuck and be happy.

Thanks for pointing out how minor Godfrey was in the books cos he's sure been made a big ass part in the show! He's a more annoying version of Mary Ann making real fans scream "DIE ALREADY YOU PIEICE OF SHIT"


10/23/2011 #9
Sookies Best

We simply need to keep up the good work here on fan fiction and keep leaving negative reviews for every chapter someone posts re: Godric. They either get the idea or take their crap to another web site.

12/28/2011 #10
Want Good Fan Fiction

and there's always great reviews for anyone's story that leaves a particularly insulting review for Dark Glare.

12/28/2011 #11
Stop Bad FF

oh come on, I'm the only one that's bashed Dark Glare since yesterday.

Dark glare stop him from killing him and bring him back from dead. She deserve bad review lots of them till she stop righting

12/29/2011 #12
Bill's King

darkglare also right bill and sookie stupid

12/29/2011 #13
Master Fan Fiction

keep leaving bad reviews all chapters dark glare

2/28/2012 #14

Hi Everyone,

I'm a Godric fan. There is no Godric in the books. Godfrey is not Godric. Apples and oranges. Similar name, but totally different character.

I view True Blood as Alan Ball's fan fiction story that was lucky enough to be put on the big screen. For whatever reason, he didn't like Appius (Eric's maker in the books) and figured Godfrey was a minor character ... and created Godric instead.

We already know Alan rearranged things from the books to suit his purposes for TB ... case in point = MaryAnn, who was a minor (and I think unnamed character, just referred to the species only) and made her into a huge story arc. BTW - while the actress was awesome, I hated the whole MaryAnn story overall. Blech. =)

I think so many write about Godric because his is a tragic story. Over 2000 years of existence, finally realizing (within the last few hundred years), that Vampires don't need to be the monsters they are. And let's not forget about him potentially never being loved (except by Eric). I know many have created somewhat of a back story for Godric that has been "universally" adopted by many FF writers ... but since there is no real true back story - the sky is the limit. So many possibilities for this character. He's a blank canvas that many of us love to work with because we can make him evil, make him good, have him find true love, and more. Yes, that can be done with most of the other main characters, but we can be constrained by canon back stories. Yes, I know ... this is FF where you can do whatever you want to characters ... but I think you know what I'm getting at overall.

The FF stories I do have a problem with ... whether TB or SVM ... are the all human ones and the ones that are 100% out of character. They are so far removed from their respective universes that the authors should have just written an original story with new characters - you wouldn't have known the difference. But that is just my personal opinion and should in no way prevent authors from doing what they want. There is something for everyone here on FF.

2/29/2012 #15
Sookies Best

not seeing youre neg review for dark glare. did you want good review or not?

3/12/2012 #16

Not sure why there is a campaign to leave negative reviews for "Dark Glare".

It doesn't seem to have any bearing on the topic on hand and it doesn't concern my comment about Godric.


3/12/2012 #17
Sookies Best

enogh gordic - authors want good replies? Leave bad replies on these - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1873942/Darkglare

4/26/2012 #18
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