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The Karnstein

Since this topic does deal with an OC of mine, I felt the need to add it here.

In my next chapter of Lacrimosa, The Beast and Holly have a conversation in which he tells her of the situation at hand, as well as the history between the vampires and the Hylden. Call me a terrible fan, but for some reason or another, the history between the vampires and the Hylden has always confused me whenever I played the games. So I am unsure of how to write out this conversation. I want to include this scene in the fanfiction so that Holly will have a better understanding of what's at hand and where it all came from. But I will be needing some help.

If anybody could outline or summarize the history between the Hylden and the Vampires for me, I would be SO grateful.

7/29/2010 #1
Clement Rage

Um, I'll give it a try.

Early Nosgoth: Ancients Worship Elder God. Hylden don't. Ancients declare genocidal war on Hylden. Hylden fight back. War lasts 'a thousand years' according to Janos in BO2.

At some point during the war, The Device is built to kill the Ancients. They find out, and imprison the Builder in the Eternal Prison before he can use it. War continues.

Eventually, the Ancients raise the pillars to seal the Hylden in the demon dimension. They succeed, but the Hylden curse them before they are sealed away.

Curse 1: Immortality. The Ancients can't die and return to the Wheel of Fate. Elder God can't feed on their souls, so he abandons them. Many Ancients kill themselves in despair.

Curse 2: Blood thirst. The Ancients now have to drink blood of living beings to survive.

Curse 3: Sterility. No new Ancients can be born. This is a BIG problem, because the Pillar Guardians who maintain the lock that keeps out the Hylden have to be born. The Pillars choose human guardians instead, who are weaker than Ancients. Afraid that the Hylden will find humans easier to manipulate, the Ancients make the new guardians vampires.

The Ancients make the Reaver for Raziel to wield against the Hylden. We don't know what exactly he was intended to do with it. Janos is assigned to guard it until the Vampire Champion arrives.

Meanwhile, the Hylden try to escape their prison, and the Sarafan Lord eventually succeeds.

I think that's all the ancient history. Hope it helps.

7/29/2010 #2
Funky Tanuki

From my knowledge, that sounds accurate.

I've also skimmed the wiki too. legacyofkain.wikia.com

3/2/2011 #3
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