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Slayers on the Disc Annotations

-Written for #sea-of-chaos's Slayers Cross-over theme challenge. I wouldn't normally think to write a crossover, but I wanted to give it a go. Discworld was my go to choice since I love that series so damn much and it's a huge inspiration on me.

My original plan was to have Xellos and Filia transported to the Discworld and then meet all my favorite characters in their quest to get back to their own world, growing closer all the while ('cause it's one of my fics). That didn't happen because it's a little… dumb. And also I didn't have time to do something like that in a week. So I went with related vignettes.

I'm disappointed I didn't get to bring in Rezo, Sylphiel, Martina, Zangulus, etc. I'm also disappointed I didn't get to bring in Vimes, Moist, Death, Susan, Rincewind, Teatime (I don't care if he's dead), Rob Anybody, etc. etc. etc. But there you go. Just… imagine Rezo and Sylphiel working with Hughnon Ridcully at the temple if you want. They can be cowering from Mrs. Cake okay? I just couldn't make it fit!

"Ah, Miss Seyruun. I apologize for the delay," the man at the desk said, shuffling papers as Amelia entered the room.

-I should probably love Amelia too much to subject her to a meeting with Lord Vetenari. But it made sense, okay?

She squirmed slightly in her chair. She wished she had Mister Zelgadis with her.

-I tried to make some kind of reference in each vignette to the next vignette. In this case, Zelgadis's vignette follows Amelia's.

He was going to have to make sure that this one never came in contact with Captain Ironfoundersson. The resulting upheaval and likely extremely moving speeches would only be amusing to observe from a great distance.


"Why of course, young man," Mister Silverfish said with a keen and slightly sweaty smile.

-It's kinda nuts that Silverfish gets a scene and Vimes doesn't. But I really wanted to do this Alchemist thing!

"The wizards?" Silverfish repeated huffily. "Bunch of frauds if you ask me! Just a lot of silly old men playing around in dresses. No! If you want things done you must go to men of science!"

-And here's the reference to the next vignette because it involves the wizard's big dinners.

"Only natural ingredients," Silverfish said reassuringly. "A bulb of Zigadenus Venenosus, Catha Edulis leaves, spines from Mala Mujer, some White Snakeroot, and a tincture of Henbane."

-Don't trust things just because they're natural. This part is inspired by a book I just finished reading called Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart.

Zigadenus Venenosus is more commonly known as Death Camus. All parts of it art poisonous. Catha Edulis is better known as Khat, a stimulant and part of the bustling drug trade across the world. Mala mujer is a plant with an extremely painful sting. White Snakeroot is a poisonous plant that caused the plagues of Milk Sickness during the early 19th century (which, by the way, killed Lincoln's mother). Henbane is toxic and hallucinogenic.

Zelgadis is right not to drink this mixture. Especially since it contains gunpowder too.

Zelgadis had learned a bit about plants from his ill-advised and accidentally hallucinogenic foray into the art of potion brewing.

-This I would love to see.

"So you smashed the bottle against the bar, and then what happened?" Gourry asked, as he ladled another spoonful of soup into his mouth.

"Ook," the Librarian said significantly.

-'Cause the next vignette takes place in a bar. Also, don't mess with the Librarian.

"We could even give you your very own office," Ridcully promised. "I'm sure the Dean would be perfectly happy to give you his."

-I kinda set these whenever the hell I wanted to. That's why the Dean is still the Dean and the Bursar is not hallucinating that he's sane.

"Butter castles! And they all come crumbling down," the Bursar announced brightly.

-There was something about… I think a model of the university made of butter in Sourcery? I can't really remember, but I was thinking of that.

She'd never expected to find herself in an undead bar. She was not undead. She preferred to think of herself as ethereal.

-A nod at another awesome Terry Pratchett (and Neil Gaiman. What more could you ask for?) book: Good Omens in which Aziraphale claims to be, not occult, but ethereal.

The girls night out scenes in Thud! just… I loved them, okay? I feel like Filia would really fit in with them.

She'd been sitting at the bar next to a woman with long blue-black hair that had been easing her own troubles with a great deal more vigor; so she'd moved to one of the tables in order to avoid the prospect of her best dress becoming soaked with beer.

-First time appearance for Naga in one of my fics!

"I didn't know dragons could take human forms. I thought dragons were only those little exploding things that lived in the swamps," the dwarf said speculatively.

-In some ways I think that Slayers and Discworld are very compatible universes. But in other ways… mythological ways… it's a little hard to make them work together. The dragons/gods/monsters thing is the hard part. I have dealt with the problem mostly by ignoring it! Yay!

"I guess," Filia said. …Wait, what about bats? But Filia was already on another self-pitying track and couldn't be bothered to worry about it. "The thing that really irritates me," she said, an edge entering her voice, "is that in order to transform I have to get naked. But when the transformation to human form is complete I still have my clothes on. There's no reason nudity should be involved at all."

"And you know what else?" Filia asked, really getting pissed off at this point. "Male dragons don't have this problem at all! They don't have to get naked to transform. What sense does that make?"

-I just don't understand the naked thing aside from the anime law that all transformations must have a degree of implied nudity. She has her clothes on when she's fully transformed, so why lose them in between? It'd make sense if they burst off or something when she took her dragon form, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Also, I find it interesting how modest Filia is in her human form. After all, she's naked in her dragon form and it doesn't matter who sees.

And I don't know the thing about males for sure, but it didn't see like any of the transformations we saw with the elders involved any implied nudity (and thank GOD for that).

"I was just wondering…" Filia began uneasily, "if there were ever any… demons in here."

-And of course Filia segways into Xellos's story.

Filia was in Ankh-Morpork and an opportunity like that was not one he'd intended on missing. There were so many sights to show her: the Assassins' Guild, Harry King's 'Recycling' center, The Pork Futures Warehouse, The (cough) Seamstresses' Guild, The Shades… So many magic moments were guaranteed. And by magic moments he meant her accidentally transforming and going on a rampage.

…He'd even found an undead bar he was sure she'd find revolting…

-I guess that's a date with Xellos. Frightening. Truly.

"None of this would've happened if they'd only invited Old Mother Rimode to the birthday party. She so loves parties."

-Mother Rimode is another one of my dumb word association games. I started with Old Mother Hubbard. From hub I got rim (appropriate for the Discworld) and from Bard I got Ode (cause they write odes?). Old Mother Rimode.

Also, I know Terry also did a sleeping beauty kinda thing and it was different, but I just liked it for this segment.

"You… summoned me for something?" Xellos asked, cringing against the old woman's glare despite his better instincts.

-Look for Xellos to once again face the wrath of elderly women in From Now On.

"Sorry," Tiffany mumbled. "Just reminded me of someone." She piled the fallen cheese back on the tray and was about to take it out of the room when Nanny stopped her.

-I thought Xellos's eyes might remind Tiffany of the Wintersmith. I recently re-read that book with Slayers heavily on the brain. Her cameo is just an excuse to point that out. Sorry!

"I don't know, Esme. I thought his cape was rather dashing," Nanny said with an almost criminally coquettish giggle.

-When I set down to write this I knew that Nanny MUST flirt with Xellos.

Gourry awoke from under the tree and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He'd had such strange dreams that it was hard to figure out what was dream and what was real.

-I kinda wanted some explanation for all of this. So I went with a dream. Sue me.

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