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We’re in an alternate reality. The Jellicles have lost. Old Deuteronomy is dead. Macavity’s in control. But in the depths of the junkyard, a revolution is starting to stir...
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Background information...

We all know that Macavity left the junkyard, left his brothers, his twin, and his friends. We all know he became bitter, resentful, and full of anger at the cats he used to love. He became the Napoleon of Crime, the arch-enemy of the Jellicle cats. He hurt them, destroyed them, plotted against them. In stories, we see this, but we also see him being beaten again, and again, and we know that good triumphs over evil. But what if it doesn’t?

We’re in an alternate reality. The Jellicles have lost. Old Deuteronomy is dead. Macavity’s in control.

The only cats who have survived are those who are prisoners; those who ran were hunted down and killed. The junkyard has settled back into the new life, or as much as possible. The cats are free to roam, but anyone who tries to leave is hunted down. Never alone, never not being watched, the cats are wary, scared to talk about anything. Toms and queens alike are forced to do Macavity’s minions bidding, as threats hang over the heads of their families – their mates and their kits. Blood is spilled as kits are defended, pain filled screams ring over the sky if a cats disobeys.

But deep in the centre of the junkyard, a revolution is stirring. Wounds are healing, minds are buzzing, and kittens want to join in with the war they’d grown up through. Magical words start being whispered, powers uncovered, visions are seen. Plots start to form to over throw Macavity, and put another cat in his place.

But who is that cat? And will they succeed? And if they do...How many lives will be lost in the process?

Let the game begin!

2/13/2010 #1

Tugger hated magic. He knew he always had done, but now as he sat at the base of the tire he knew even more. Muttering darkly, he looked around, watching as various henchcats prodded around in the piles of junk which had used to be where the kittens would hide. At least they were alowed outside now, that was something. He gets to his feet, deciding to head over to the den the kittens had all grouped together in, keeping to the shadows as he walked.

2/13/2010 #2

Essa-The white and silve rqueen strutted around the junkyard, giving Mac a quick glacne before rolling her eyes. She didnt want to think antihng, cause she knew someone would probally read her mind and tell the ginger. So, instead, she hummed the tune "Macavity the mystery cat" Just in case the hidden paw was listening.

2/13/2010 #3

Aqua-She cowered in a corner, trembling. "I wanna go home...I wanna go home...' Was all she mumbled as she hugged her knees to her chest.

2/13/2010 #4

Teazer kinda liked Mac, when she'd worked for him.

But, now, he was nothing to her.

Macavity glared at the Yard from above.

2/13/2010 #5

Mungojerrie lay down in the shadow's, resting his head tiredly on his paws wanting to keep out of sight as much as he could to avoid being seen by the Mystery Cat, Macavity.

2/14/2010 #6
Tugger pauses as walks through the shadows, catching right of Aqua. "Hey...hey sweetie, whats wrong?" he asks in a soothing voice, but alreay knowing the answer.
2/14/2010 #7

Aqua-"I-i wanna go home....where its safe and my owners let me play....its scary here..." She whimpered

2/14/2010 #8

Tugger sits down beside the small queen, talking softly. "I'm sure we'll be able to leave sooner or later...We're not locked up anymore, at least...And I know it's scary...But it will get better..." Hopefully...

2/14/2010 #9

She nodded "Hopefully...." She murmered "Tugger...I never told anyone this, cause i was afraid he would hurt me..." She said quietly and crawled over to a dish of spoiled water. She held a paw over his and waved her paw. The water turned pure and clean again. She smiled slightly and lifted her paw, the water flowing with her paw. She dropped the water back into the bowl and looked at Tugger

2/14/2010 #10

Essa-She walked to the kittens den, wanting to get out of mac's sight at least. She sighed sitting down and seeing Aqua and Tugger. She nodded a hello before curling her tail around her body.

2/14/2010 #11

Macavity jumped down from a pile of junk, and looked around.

He saw Teazer and waltzed over to her.

Teazer, who saw Mac coming, began walking faster.

Mac caught up to Teazer and grabbed her arm.

"Teazer," he hissed, "I still have your space open."

Teazer glared back at him.

"I'm not working for you," she stated, causing Mac to get angry, and slash her face.

2/14/2010 #12

Tugger watches Aqua, head tilted to the side, eyes fixed on the water as she moves it. The distance between them was enough for her powers to work, it appeared, but as she showed them to him, he wished it wasn't. He takes a step forward, slowly pulling the dish away from her. "Perhaps...It would be best to keep it secret again..." Magic cats, hew knew, weren't much liked by Macavity. Especially in kittens. She had a lot of control for a cat her age, but that wouldn't stop Macavity. He looks up, catching Essa's eye, nodding once at her.

2/14/2010 #13

Essa-"I also have powers, Mac doesnt know shi* about them though..." She muttered, snapping her fingers, sparks flew and then a full flmae enlighted. She clsoed her fist and the fire died down .Aqua winced. She HATED fire. "Dont worry sweetheart, I've never used my powers to hurt anyone, Ive only used it in training and in sefldefense." She said quietly. Aqua nodded slightly. Essa sighed "It feels like were living in a hellhole...." She said with o expression in her voice

2/14/2010 #14

Tugger shudders slightly, unable to stop himself, at their open display of magic. Magic had always scared him. Part of being a Resister, he had learned early on, but not that he would ever admit to that. He glances between the two queens, before shaking his head. "Magic is what got us into this mess, guys. Without it, Macavity wouldn't be in control." Well, that was partly true, he guessed. He sighs, backing away from the two queens, and settling down in a far corner bitterly. He couldn't go near them, not now he knew they were magic. Not if they wanted to keep their magic, anyway.

2/14/2010 #15

Essa & Aqua-"Tugger? Why are you backing away? I wouldnt hurt anyone!" Essa said confused, Aqua tilting her ehad

2/14/2010 #16

Tugger shrugs, "Me and magic don't mix well." he says simply, resting his head on his paws. His gaze keeps flickering to the doorway, and he was tenses, ready to spring if a unwelcome cat entered.

2/14/2010 #17

OOC-are we allowed to play henchcats?

Essa-She shrugged "If i could choose Id wish no cats had magic.....then none of this crap wouold've ever happened...." She muttered. flicking her fluffy tail irritabley

2/14/2010 #18

{OOC: Yeah, sure =D}

Tugger laughs, "I was wishing that from birth, sugar plum. Everything would have been so much better.."

2/14/2010 #19

Essa-She nodded "Yeah...dumba** over there would never have come into power and everything would be normal..." She said with a sigh. Out of the shadows two pitch black henchcats walked out from behind the talking cats. "So, we have to elemented acts....Mac will enjoy hearing this." One hissed and the other reached foward to grab Aqua while the other went for Essa.

2/14/2010 #20

Tugger hisses, leaping to his feet. "Get your hands off them!" he growls, advancing on the henchcats, tail flicking angrily from side to side.

2/14/2010 #21

Essa & Aqua-Aqua squeeked in fear as the henchcat's cold paws grabbed her. Essa snarled and clawed the black cat in the face causing him to screech in pain. "Dont try that crap on me." She hissed as the bleeding tom writhed on the ground. The other henchcat rgowled and then grabbed Aqua again. Essa hissed "Take me, not her." The black cat narrowed his eyes "Well.....Mac might make good use of your pretty face." He said runnign a claw down her face. Essa hissed and spat in his face. He growled and let go of Aqua, grabbing Essa and then leaving, his fallen companion on the grond still bleeding

2/14/2010 #22

Macavity hit Teazer to the ground.

"Have it your way," He spat at her, clawing her deeply in her thigh, causing her to scream.

Mac sneered and walked off.

Teazer, who was pissed, stalked over by Mungo, and nuzzeled him.

2/14/2010 #23

Mungo lifted his head and smiled, seeing Rumpleteazer. "Hey" He greeted quietly.

2/14/2010 #24

Teazer sighed, relieved to see him.

"Wazzup," she murmured, scooting nearer to himso she wouldn't be seen by Mac.

2/14/2010 #25

"Y'alright" He asked, laying his head back down on his paws tiredly.

2/14/2010 #26

"Just pissed," she said.

Macavity walked nearby, and Teazer tensed, and scooted even closer to Mungo.

2/14/2010 #27

"Why?" Jerrie asked casually, closing his eyes.

2/14/2010 #28

Once Mac left, Teazer sighed.

"Macavity," she hissed, "That it why."

2/14/2010 #29

"What's he done now?" Mungo asked, not at all happy the Mystery Cat had p*ssed her off so much.

2/14/2010 #30
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