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Magic cats aren't as rare as you or me think. In fact, there are quite a few out there. How rare they are, depends on which type of magical cat they are. There are four main types of magical cat, and the types correspond to their powers and gifts.


This group contains the vast majority of magical cats, about 90% of them in total. There are four subsections to this, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Air –

This is the most common elemental, as air is the basis of all the other elements, but they are also the least powerful. Despite being named after the element of Air, these cats are unable to fly, but are able to mould the air particles around them – making themselves invisible, or transporting from one place to another. These cats are not fighters, and their powers are not strong enough to damage most others, but the other elements do not weaken them.

{eg. Sillibub}


– The most powerful elemental, and the most unpredictable. These cats have no patience, short attention spans, and are more likely to fight rather than think. But they are clever, and sly, and are able to control and create the element of fire. Weakened by water and air, but they can draw energy out of Earth cats, and are the hardest to destroy.

{eg, Macavity, Essa}


– This element is patience. Rather than diving right in, these cats will bide their time, slowly and constantly driving their enemies down. Able to control water, and breathe underwater for long periods of time, they are weakened by air elementals, but feed off the energy of fire. They also usually work in conjunction with Earth, assisting those cats, and getting assistance back.

{eg. Aqua}


– the name of this type of elemental is misleading. Despite saying it controls the earth, in fact, theses cats control the things that live on it. They can make plants and flowers grow at will (the size of them depending on the strength of the cat), and these cats have a higher telepathic ability than any other creature, and are able to communicate with most other creatures. The least common elemental, they are also not fighters unless provoked. They are also the only cats who can communicate with Resisters, and work in conjuction with Water elementals, but they are also the most grounded, and realistic.

{eg. Coricopat}

Electrokinetic Energy (Electricity)

- These magic cats are powerful, able to create and control lightening bolts which are able to injure even the hardest of cats. The most powerful are able to take out resistors, but they only have one shot. In order to do something powerful, these cats need a large recharging section, as all they're energy gets drained in a short burst. But they are able to maintain low level telepathic communications, but not over a long distance. They work in conjunction with water elementals, able to help one another with maintaining their power levels, and the other elements don't effect them. But an electricity cat is very vulrnerable, especially when they are in their coma like revitalising cycle.

{eg. Misto}


Oracles are the most powerful of all magic cats, but not in ways which attack or destroy other living things. There is rarely more than one every millenia. They are powerful, but most of them think it to be a curse. These cats have no limited lifespan, as time means nothing to them. To them, everything that has happened, and everything that will ever happen, takes place at the same time. They are able to see everything single path which might possibly happen, all the time. These cats don't die (unless they take their own life), but usually just descend into madness, constantly at the mercy of the thoughts, feelings, images of things that not only are to come, but things that might be to come. The only way they can hold themselves onto the correct reality is to have an anchor – something to keep them here.

For example, Tantomile is an oracle. She would have fallen into madness when she was only a kitten, if it hadn't been for her brother Coricopat (an earth elemental), who became her anchor, securing her to the earth.


These cats are not actually magical in anyway. In fact, they are the opposite. Their bodies and minds reject any sort of magical energy around them, sucking the powers out of any magic cat the find themselves to be close to. For this reason, these cats are usually appointed as guardians of kittens, or weaker cats, as if they are there, any magic cat who tries to attack will instantly find that his or her powers have gone. Resisters weaken magical cats in other ways as well. They are able to feed off their life energy if they come into physical contact with them, and these cats cannot control their own powers without a lot of effort and energy. Or unless they grew up with a powerfully magical cat. Their minds are constantly shielded, but not by the cats choice. The only other magic cats who can communicate with these cats are Earth Elementals and especially powerful cats. But only Earth Elementals don't get weakened by using their powers on Resisters.

The Rum Tum Tugger is a Resister, and he hates it.

If you've chosen to play a magic cat, such as Misto, Mac, or...uh, Cassandra, or anyone else, feel free to choose one of them to be, just as I've done for my characters XD And if you're making one of your own, do the same. Just to make sure we don't get a load of godlike cats that can never, ever be beaten :D

Got any other magical types you want me to add/create? Just let me know.

2/13/2010 . Edited 2/25/2010 #1

just saying, none of what Misto can do canonically fit in with your given types....oh, and Grikspittle is a really, really minor Fire Elemental.....really barely any powers at all...... so maybe add a fith element...Electricity!This cats are typically charming, suave, and oh! so clever. They are as fickle as the lightning they control, and cannot be held down by a serious relationship, unless they work incredibly hard at it. They are alluring, as dangerously beautiful as lightning.....they tend to gravitate towards Water Elementals, seeing as they go together in nature, and often have the spark to make a Fire Elemental's temper flare (not that it needs much)

2/14/2010 #2

I might add one for Electricity...Trouble is, each power has to have a weakness, and I can't think of one for that XP

2/14/2010 #3

Now that one is east\y--energy level. Everything for Electricity is based off of brilliant flash, then its, an Electicity Elemental is very likely to use all his energy in one huge burst....if they miss, it is game over......

2/14/2010 #4

Ah, didn't think of that. Yeah, that's cool :D We'll add an Electricity Elemental. But if there energy is used up so quickly, long distance spells are difficult to maintain, even something as simple as telepathy. Their magic is usually the most showy, and the cats are usually small, as all their energy goes into stocking their magic levels, alright? :D

2/14/2010 #5

well, that sounds a lot like Misto, now doesn't it? hence, why he is the ideal Electricity Elemental!

2/14/2010 #6

Yesh it does ;) And cool, we have Electricity Elementals! =D

2/14/2010 #7

Mac is defintaly a fire you stated

2/14/2010 #8


2/15/2010 #9

That would not be an element, but a different genre, electrokinetic Magic. If anything I would go with fire, Because it is heat.

2/25/2010 . Edited 2/25/2010 #10

I guess...

Electricity can also work as an element. It uses energy like the others, just transfers it into something else...

2/25/2010 . Edited 2/25/2010 #11


The four element are really Earth, light, water and air, Not fire, So it would be both.

2/25/2010 #12


I always thought they were earth, air, fire and water, and maybe energy. But energy can be electricity. Light and darkness is something completely different, but oh well. Doesn't matter =P

2/25/2010 #13

Could I make Silli a air element?

2/25/2010 #14

Course you can =D

2/25/2010 #15
One Fujoshi Otaku Among Many

Just a few questions:

1) Would it be possible for you to add another type of magic?

VoidPower- this is much like the more conventional magic, the kind of thing you usually think of when you hear the word magic. VoidMagicians, or just Magician, can shape the power to their wills, and have no need of words to cast their spells. However, they must have a strong will, or the VoidPower will overcome them and either drive them insane or turn them evil. What they can do depends on their level of strength; Wiccan is the most powerful, Witch/Wizard second most powerful, Sorcerer/Sorceress third and Magyker last. Though most try to avoid it, they do sometimes drain themselves of all their power. When this happens, it is as if the Magician has drained themself of all energy. They can do nothing but sleep until their magic has replenished itself some, however long that takes. If a magician is coming close to this point, they start to lose coordination, balance and strength.

2) Is it alright to have more then one power? Please?

10/13/2010 . Edited 10/13/2010 #16
TheScarletteMenace one but me has posted since like......4 months ago....

10/17/2010 #17
One Fujoshi Otaku Among Many this died? *is disappointed*

10/17/2010 #18

sadly yes :'(

10/18/2010 #19
One Fujoshi Otaku Among Many


10/18/2010 #20

*shrugs* Unless you care for it to be resurected.

Due to internet troubles/college/jobs/babysitting...lack of online time has hit me. But hey, if you want, will greatly enjoy returning to Cats RPG :P

11/27/2010 #21
One Fujoshi Otaku Among Many

Hmm...not sure if I can resurrect it...I also suffer from lack of time, due to life....

11/29/2010 #22


2/16/2011 #23
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