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Queen Viserys

Create you're character here!! If you want a canon/original character please go to the topic which allows you to do that :D

PLEASE! Don't Rp until you've made youre character AND been accepted!

Have fun :D and follow this format:



Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy):





:D Have fun [:

2/15/2010 #1

Name: Ali Robinson

Age: 15

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): Girly wirly

Family: Normal(ish) parents, an older brother and an older sister

Appearance: Long black hair, quite thin and tall, quite tanned

Personality: Very bonkers indeed. Even more so than Rosie ^^

Other: Luuuurrves de gummy bears.

2/15/2010 #2
Queen Viserys

Accepted!! Ooo I've always wanted to say that 0.o

Here's mine :D

Name: Feather (Or Fay) Flame

Age: 16

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): Gal :D Acegang 0-0

Family: A twin brother who is a damn pain :D Divorced parents.

Appearance: Short, tan, bright red hair and lime green eyes.

Personality: Is often hyper, and can be really crazeeeee. Sometimes she can get annoying and irritated on a bad day. She's often sarcastic and loves annoying/teasing people. She often is the one sneaking alcohol, or elbowing someone. Can be clumsy and has a short attention span. Is a great singer, and intelligent, when she wants to be. (I.e, never.) Is great a maths, for some reason... always seems to be doing Trig or algebra O.O

Other: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

2/15/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #3
The Bloodiest Rose

Name: Lulu Anderson

Age: 16

Gender: a specimen of the female population. ACEGANG!! WOOT!! HORN! (sorry...)

Family: An annoying younger sister and brother, a perverted brother and weird parents.

Appearance: Medium, purplish black hair to her shoulders and icy blue eyes.

Personality: Quiet and shy, but tends to be loud but only when she is high on sugar. The acegang purposely does that so she can join silly pranks on the Wet Lindsay type of girls and other cliques.

Other: ACEGANG!! (sorry! )

3/19/2010 #4
Queen Viserys

Accepted :D Sorry it took a while . Fanfiction isn't sending me emails :S Can you invite, too? Ty ;D And welcome

4/11/2010 #5
The Bloodiest Rose

No no! It's alright~ I'm sooo excited to get Lulu on sugar high~! I'll try to invite my sisters~

4/11/2010 #6
Queen Viserys

Okaii :D Start RPing anytime

4/24/2010 #7

Name: Scarlett Siena Anttonoralli

Age: 15

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): Girl!

Family: Lives with mum and 6 year old sister. Father is Italian, but ran off years ago.

Appearance: Long curly gold hair, golden skin, and blue grey eyes.

Personality: sometimes dreamy, but mostly really hyper and nutty.

Other: Likes to sing, play the guitar and write her own songs. (Why do all my characters have this trait?) Can speak Italian. Very bad at maths.

5/19/2010 #8
Queen Viserys

Accepted :D Welcome :)

5/19/2010 #9

Yay! Well, I wouldn't want to be duffed up by Sven. :D

5/20/2010 #10
Queen Viserys

Everyone fears [:

5/20/2010 #11
Queen Viserys

Name: Mason Greene

Age: 16

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): Guuuuy :D (We has a distinct lack of these O.o)

Family: Mum and dad.

Appearance: Not a sex god type, but handsome with golden eyes like honey, arrogant smirk and tousled dark blonde/light brown hair. Quite pale. Medium height and quite strong.

Personality: Sometimes arrogant or nice. Often flirty. Likes a laugh. Pretty much like DTL, but not as awesome, as that's inhumanly impossible :3

Other: MANAH!

6/5/2010 #12
Queen Viserys

Name: Jay Flame (Fay's twin :D)

Age: 16

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): Guyy :D

Family: Feather an parents

Appearance: Has black shaggy hair, same skin tone as Feather. Quite tall, doesn't really look much like Feayther but they share skin tone and eyecolour.

Personality:Is really nice and kind. Annoying to Fay, though. Teases people often. Can be arrogant, but tends to care about others more than himself.

Other: Purposely annoys his sis :3

6/5/2010 #13

Name: Peaches (Poachie) Greyson

Age: 15

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): Acegang

Family: An older brother, a younger brother, and divorced parents, one of which lives in Cardiff with his other family.

Appearance: Average height, average size, big blonde hair, fairly pale with hazel eyes.

Personality: Quiet, but verging on abso-bloody-lutely insane, like the March Hare out of Alice and Wonderland.

Other: She has a small fluffy chihuahua called Titbit :D


Name: Teddy ((Theodore)) (the Tank) Harvy

Age: 17

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): BarmyArmy

Family: Has an older sister who is twenty two, and both parents.

Appearance: Tall and tanned, with solid grey eyes and a couple of dark freckles. He is very buff, and has short spiky brown hair.

Personality: Slightly serious, but always fun to be around; he can take and make a joke, and loves his sport.

Other: He can't dance to save his life.

6/24/2010 #14
Queen Viserys

Manamana :D

Noooooooooooooooooo D: I'm he march hare! *Cries*

But accepted XD

6/24/2010 #15


Age: 15

Gender (Acegang or BarmyArmy): Acegang

Family: Lives with her mom, dad, and brother. Little brother, Luke, 10 years old, loves to hide Lola's stuff. Her mom and her dad for the most part leave her alone, and the confrontation usually comes between Lola and her family when her parents never believe her about her missing things.

Appearance: Medium, light brown, wavy hair. Has blue eyes, is 5'5", and fair skinned.

Personality: Somewhat picky, likes to talk, a lot, randomly has bursts of extreme energy, is very flirty, and also very patient.


7/19/2010 #16
Queen Viserys

Ccepted :D

7/19/2010 #17

NAME: Danielle "Daz" Waters

AGE: 15

GENDER: Ace Gang!!

FAMILY: Absoluely BONKERS family! Mental mum, Daft dad and barmy brother!

APPEARANCE: Tall, shoulder length red hair, very pale skin.

PERSONALITY: CRAZY! Enjoys meeting up with friends, having a laugh etc etc

OTHER: Reads alot (too much, most people would say!), loves music, and is very very very CRAZY!

9/17/2010 #18
Queen Viserys

Accepted! Hurrahza! :D

9/17/2010 #19

Can I create a character too ?

NAME: Janielle "Jelly Roll" Rogers

AGE: 16

GENDER: Ace Gang!!

FAMILY: Bonkers: divorced Olds (goes to them to stay a week every other week)--bonkers Mutti,uber-controlling Pater

APPEARANCE: Tallish,5'7",long blonde curly hair,big blue eyes

PERSONALITY: Cazy and hyper--loves to play pranks and be silly.But vaiiir intelligent, and (SECRETLY) luurves math and blodge

OTHER: Reads alot,likes to write poems (but mostly dirty limericks) and swim aLOT.

1/5/2011 #20
Queen Viserys

Yay! Accepted! :DD

1/5/2011 #21

Name: Skylark (Lark) Summers

Age: 15

Gender: Female

(Acegang or BarmyArmy): Barmy Army, even though she is a girl, she is a complete tom boy and can't understand girly stuff.

Family: A completely erattic, eclectic artist mother, a hippie dad, and a totally conservative older sister, who is a complete girly girl and trys to get Lark to go shopping.

Appearance: She has chocolate brown hair that is thick and falled in waves down to her waist until it got too annoying, so she hacked it off with scissors to her chest, so it looks even, but a little choppy. She has bright blue eyes and a few freckles on her face. She has delicate features which annoy the hell out of her, but she is very strong, agile and flexable from all of the time she sepnt climbing trees and doing boyish things when she was little.

Personality: A complete and utter tomboy. She is laidback and totally at ease around guys, and really anyone, but when she gets annoyed, she becomes cold and aloof, and stubborn. She is fun-loving and loves pulling pranks.

Other: she tries to understand the way of true girls, but the call of the wild brings her back to guy land. She is always wearing black, worn combat/military boots and can't take them off. She might develop a crush on one of her guy friends, which she would hate.

1/12/2011 #22
Queen Viserys

Accepted :)

1/12/2011 #23
Lily Nicolson
Name: Taylor Jones Age: 16 Gender: AceGang Family: Dirty older sister, niece, dead father, evil mother and cruel stepfather Appearance: Long blonde curls (not natural), green eyes (blue contact lenses), smooth barbie doll skin Other: Has a baby called Summer
8/2/2013 #24
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