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Queen Viserys

"Nice to see you dears! I was just having some lovely ben and jerry's, if you'd like to helpyourselves! What's your name dears?"

Fay rolled her eyes and walked into the kitchen

9/7/2010 #481

"Peaches!" I say, looking out of the window. "Oh, I love your house!"

9/7/2010 #482

"Scarlett." I say, grinning. "And I agree your house is awesome."

9/7/2010 #483
Queen Viserys

"Thankyou dears!" My mum chirped, hearing the front door. "OOh, here's Florence's brother!"

Fay nearly choke. "DO NOT CALL ME THAT!"

9/7/2010 #484

I immediately burst into song. "You got the loooove! You got the loooove OOoooh you got the luouuouououuve!!!!"

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #485

I smile. "Florence is a nice name!"

9/7/2010 #486
Queen Viserys

"Gah! No! Ooh, Phish food, yum!"

9/7/2010 #487

"Oh, where?" I cry, the promise of ice cream distracting me from my singing.

9/7/2010 #488
Queen Viserys

"In here, darhlink!"

Mason walked in and ruffled my hair. I slapped him and snatched the pish food before he did.

9/7/2010 #489

"Ice cream!!!" I cry, bounding in and grinning at Fay's brother.

9/7/2010 #490
Queen Viserys

Mason laughed and gently hit my head before walking off.

I scowled.

9/7/2010 #491
Queen Viserys

"Ich hasse dich Bruder." I hiss after him.

"Ach, liebe dich auch, Schwester." He called.

9/7/2010 #492

I walk into the kitchen. "Ich habe ein gross ananas!"

9/7/2010 #493
Queen Viserys

I look at her.

9/7/2010 #494

((Baaack!!! My internet died. :((())

"I wish that you'd all just talk in Italian..."

9/7/2010 #495
Queen Viserys

"I don'tknow Italian."

9/7/2010 #496

"Well I don't know German...."

9/7/2010 #497
Queen Viserys

"Deine Schuld." I shrug

9/7/2010 #498

"Mi piace ananassi!"

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #499
Queen Viserys

"Das verstehe ich nicht."

9/7/2010 #500

"Ho un grosso ananas!"

9/7/2010 #501

"Ugh, Te l'ho detto, non capisco il tedesco!"

9/7/2010 #502


9/7/2010 #503
Queen Viserys

Fay blinked before grabbing a spoon and the ben and jerry's and walking off.

9/7/2010 #504
Queen Viserys

"Deutsch ist besser. Nur weil ich es verstehe. Italienisch ist dumm. Sehr dumm." I mutter.

9/7/2010 #505

"Türk en iyisi!" I say, following them.

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #506

"Come back with the ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!"

9/7/2010 #507
Queen Viserys


9/7/2010 #508


9/7/2010 #509
Queen Viserys

"Nein. Although I don't know what that means."

9/7/2010 #510
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