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Queen Viserys

I begin whistling a random turn, tipping my head so the beret fell into my hand.

5/21/2010 #31

"You're the amazing, whistling, beret juggling act!"

5/21/2010 #32
Queen Viserys

I grin. "S'me!" I exclaim, throwing the beret to my other hand and missing. By a few meters. "Oops."

5/21/2010 #33

I laughed, especially as the beret had gone into the face of a wet, weedy looking girl with no forehead and the legs of a stick insect.

5/21/2010 #34
Queen Viserys

I open my mouth, smiling and waving at Wet Lindsay. "Heeeeeeeey! Your hair is lookin' so natural today!" I skipped towards her and neatly plucked my beret from her clenched hand. I skipped back, before blowing her a kiss.

5/21/2010 #35

I giggled at the girls enraged face- she looked like a beetroot with hair extensions. "You...You.." she spluttered furiously.

5/21/2010 #36
Queen Viserys

"Your red ears so totally go with the extensions!" I squeal enthusiastically, the girl taking a threatening step which really was not threatening towards me.

5/21/2010 #37

I finally lost all control and burst out laughing.

"You little...You ought to have more respect for your elders!" sticky girl said, stuttering like a stuttering thing.

5/21/2010 #38
Queen Viserys

"i ought too." I smiled innocently. "Yes, I'm short. Get over it." I blew her another kiss before whirling on my heel and walking off with dignity, before I walked into a wall.

5/21/2010 #39

I grabbed Fay as she fell over. "Watch out, you might walk into a wall if you're not careful."

5/21/2010 . Edited 5/21/2010 #40
Queen Viserys

I grinned. "That would be bad." I blew another kiss at Lindsy. "See ya!" I said perkily, before pointing at a sign. "Receptions this way."

5/21/2010 #41

"Thanks!" I said again, following Fay as she led me into the school.

"No entry into the school before-" the stick girls voice was cut off as the door slammed shut behind us.

5/21/2010 #42
Queen Viserys

I rolled my eyes. "She's such a twit."

5/21/2010 #43

I laughed. "I can tell!"

5/21/2010 #44

(Bye! Din-dins- pizza funnily enough!)

5/21/2010 #45
Queen Viserys

I grinned. "I thought she hid it so well!"

5/22/2010 #46

"Well, it is hard to see anything behind the tacky hair extensions and beneath the titchy forehead." I said, grinning.

5/22/2010 #47
Queen Viserys

"Ah yes. And the knobbly knees. Can't forget them." She grinned.

5/24/2010 #48

"You could play the bongo drums on those knees they're so sticky out!" I said randomly.

5/27/2010 #49
Queen Viserys

I laugh. "Must try that some time."

5/27/2010 #50

I started to dance down the empty corridor. "I like to play my bongo's in the moooooorning! I like to play my bongos in the mooooorning!" I sang.


5/28/2010 #51

(YES!!!! I was you who likes the Hunger Games!!! Well done, you got hooked on them! I remember that I heard about the HG's on someone's profile, and looked them up, thinking they looked really good. I kept looking for them for AGES and finally found them in the library where I'm doing work experience, and I thought they were really good! I have a HG role play forum, do you want to join? It's: :D)

5/28/2010 #52
Queen Viserys

I laugh and join in, shaking my hands like maracas instead though.

((Awesome pip :D I must admit, the Hunger games are my favorite books :3 I haven't read them in a while though D: And, yup, I'll join :)))

5/28/2010 #53

"Dun, dun dundindundundun, dundundundun, MAMBO!" I said, beggining to do the routine from West Side Story.

(YAY!!!!!!!!! You're welcome to start Role Playing any time!)

5/29/2010 #54
Queen Viserys

((Okey dokey [:))

I laugh and join in, accidentally stepping back into the receptionist. I spin round quickly and smile innocently. "This is the new student."

5/30/2010 #55

"Hello!" I said, also smiling innocently. "I'm Scarlett Anttonoralli."

5/30/2010 . Edited 5/30/2010 #56
Queen Viserys

She receptionist beamed happily. "Okay, Charlotte.. this way!" She said with a bubbly tone, walking to the desk and plucking a timetable and map. "Here you go!"

Fay rolled her eyes. "It's Scarlett." She said.

((Just made her up O.o))

5/30/2010 #57


"Thank you." I said, smiling sweetly. "May the PANTS of heaven rain blessings down upon you." with that I grabbed Fays arm and led her away quickly before the receptionist could work out what I'd said.

5/30/2010 #58
Queen Viserys

I bite my lip, trying not to laugh whilst we were in the corridor, which failed and I ended up snorting strangely like a seal. After gaining y composure, I straightened.

5/31/2010 #59

I managed to calm down from my fit of giggles, only to hear Fay make a strange snorting sound which set me off again. I managed to get round the corner before bursting out laughing again.

5/31/2010 #60
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