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Queen Viserys

Her laughing somehow was contagious, and suddenly I couldn't stop my laughing fit. Lucky I wasn't snorting this time...

5/31/2010 #61

I was gasping for breath after laughing so much. "Did. You. See. Her. FACE!" I manage to gasp, and the memory sets me off again.

5/31/2010 #62
Queen Viserys

Before I can answer a new wave of laughter hits me and I end up having to sit against the wall, breathing. "Oh god. Why didn't I have a camera?" I ask, after managing to breath.

5/31/2010 #63

"Shame..." I mange to say. "Oh, now I have a stitch from laughing..."

5/31/2010 #64
Queen Viserys

I grin, "And, we're late for lessons. Pip pip. Who cares?"

5/31/2010 #65

"Well...just say you were looking after the new girl." I said, pulling my wild ringlets back into pony tail.

5/31/2010 #66
Queen Viserys

I grin. "Good idea. What have you got first?"

5/31/2010 #67

"Erm..." I looked at my new homework diary. "Blodge."

5/31/2010 #68
Queen Viserys

"Same!" I said cheerfully, "Lessgoo!" I said, walking in a random direction.

5/31/2010 #69

"Erm.. that's another wall Fay..." I giggled. " I'm not sure but I think it might be this way..."

5/31/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #70
Queen Viserys

"Ouch." I muttered. "Um.. I totally knew that. Lets go!" I said again cheerfully, managing to steer away from another wall.

5/31/2010 #71

"Okey Dokey!" I said, grinning at Fay and following her.

5/31/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #72
Queen Viserys

I manage to find the blodge classroom, un harmed and unattached by runaway beavers. Innocently, I walk in the classroom, glad to see there was only like, 15 minutes left.

5/31/2010 #73

I followed Fay, looking in interest around the classroom. The teacher at the front seemed to be somewhat annoyed that we'd strolled into the classroom 45 minutes late.

5/31/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #74
Queen Viserys

I saluted to the teacher and took one of two spare seats at the back, beaming innocently.

5/31/2010 #75

I slid into the spare seat at the back next to Fay, giving the teacher a sweet smile.

5/31/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #76

(Sorry got to go, Lunch time! I'll probably be back ion about 20 or so minutes though :D)

5/31/2010 #77
Queen Viserys

((Okay [: Seeya then :D))

The teacher glared at them, but apparently became annoyed with their innocent smiles and got back to teaching.

5/31/2010 #78

(I'm baaack!!!)

5/31/2010 #79
Queen Viserys

((Hai [:))

5/31/2010 #80


I looked around the lab, and caught sight of a little pickled vole in a jar. It looked like it was waving at me. I nudged Fay. "Does that vole looks like it's waving to you?"

(The vole returns!!)

5/31/2010 . Edited 6/4/2010 #81
Queen Viserys

((Soorrrrrrry XD My sister started talking to me :P She's a freak xD))

I looked. "Omigosh! It totally does!We should name it!"

5/31/2010 #82

(That's OK! My sisters are a pain... but I'm the freak in the family! :D!)

"How about...Voley?" I suggested in the heights of originality.

5/31/2010 #83
Queen Viserys

"Hamburger mc voley muffins?" I suggested.

((We're a house of freaks :P Literally. XD Tis mad at my house.))

5/31/2010 #84

(:D!!! My mum controls everything at my house. She is a seeing-eye dog!!!)

"I like it..." I said, nodding my head wisely.

5/31/2010 #85
Queen Viserys

I grin. "Decided then."

5/31/2010 #86

"I dub thee, Sir was it again?" I said confused.

5/31/2010 #87
Queen Viserys

"Sir Hamburger Mc Voley muffins." I said with a grin.

5/31/2010 #88

"I dub thee Sir Hamburger Mc Voley Muffins." I said regally, pretending to dub the vole with my ruler.

(Got to go, for reasons mentioned on ze other forum! Bye!!!)

5/31/2010 #89
Queen Viserys

I grin."We should knight him as well."

5/31/2010 #90
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