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Rp starts here guys! Want to go to school? No, I know, no-one does, but you have to go, so my nub and gist (oo-er) is, GO TO STALAG 14 to for rping in school ^^ park etc. should open later.

Tatty bye your pal,

Lemony ^^ =D

Never eat anything bigger than your head.

2/15/2010 . Edited 2/15/2010 #1

Wednesday 13th October

8:05 am

Oww. Rudey just licked a layer of skin off my face. Eww, now I'm all slobbery. I ran to the mirror, and, yep, slobber face. Darn that adorable puppy. I looked at the clo-

AHHHHHH Stalag 14 I'm later oh buggeration, buggeration!!!! I shoved on some clothes and legged it downstairs. B*** it! Make up bag, back up the stairs. I got it and ran down the stairs, grabbed my bag and jumped out the door.

2/15/2010 #2
Queen Viserys


Cat face... i have a cat on my face... and I CAN'T SEE! I sit up suddenly a yowling cat darting off through my open door.

Spultering I manage to spit cat hair out of my face... ohh... maybe i'm not blind. I let my eyes drift to the clock and groan, fun. Stalag 14. A day of torture.

Oh what have i done to deserve this?!

I m*** and rush to get ready, grabbing my bag I go our to sit on the wall

2/15/2010 #3


Pant, pant pant, run up the hill... oh god my nungas are bouncing about like two bouncy things. B***, here comes the blunder boys... Shut up staring!!!

Oh there she is, uh oh... Fay looks angry...

2/15/2010 #4
Queen Viserys

Sheesh? How late cat you be?Slipping on the wall I roll my eyes.


2/15/2010 #5

"Don't ask. Emergency make-up session in the park tart's wardrobe, ASAP!!!"

2/15/2010 #6
Queen Viserys

"Pip Pip. Ooooo there's hawkeye, she luuuuuuurves you, y'know? Are we meeting the rest of the gang?" No awesome people hanging around the tart's wardrobe... I guess not.

2/15/2010 . Edited 5/1/2010 #7
The Bloodiest Rose


... what... happened to my room? It's all hippie with peace signs all over. Where's my trophy? Oh my gosh... NOOOOOO!!!! My paintings, posters, disks all gone...

And what to you know! A bonsai plant. Ohm.... Ohm my foot! Lilac came barging in with Poppy her 'doll' which was just a string of threads and since she was sick the previous night she barfed in my room.

Gosh... the smell... the SMELL!! It burns!!!

4/30/2010 #8
Queen Viserys

"Ariiiiiiii!" I wave a hand over her dead eyes. "Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?" I bounce up and down/ "Are you dead? Maybe your dead. Not that that would be bad. I mean, seriously..."

5/1/2010 #9

"Yes. I am dead. You are fool"

5/1/2010 #10
Queen Viserys

"I am not a fool!" I sob, and stop jumping. "Where are the rest of the aces?"

5/1/2010 #11

"Hum, I'm guessing Stalag 14 maybe?"

5/1/2010 #12
Queen Viserys

"Okaii." I grabbed her wrist and started dragging her there, nothing like a bit of violence. "Let's go!"

5/1/2010 #13

8.20 (Scarlett)

O.K, I officially hate my hair. Why does it have to be so curly? Some girls get nice, angel-like ringlets. Me? I get crazy corkscrew curls. And I'm going to be late. On my first day at a new school. And the uniform is disgusting. Ew! Kilts an berets. I'm sorry I left you, Pizza-a-go-go-land!!!! Take me back!!!! I miss Siena. Damn.

5/20/2010 #14
Queen Viserys

I leave Ari by the entrance, where she goes in to suck up to someone, probably. Haha. Humming innocently, I walk past Hawkeye, waving cheerfully as I past. She loves me!

5/20/2010 #15
The Bloodiest Rose

"Run, skip, run, skip!" I muttered under my breath as I jogged up to Staglag 14. Passed Hawkeye, she gave me a you-are-so-getting-detention-after-this-and-don't-you-dare-argue-with-me face.

'Love you too Hawkeye' I thought with hints of sarcasm.

Yes, it took me ten seconds to eat, brush my teeth and dress up. But I didn't have time to get ride of the smell. So now I smell like barf. Great.

5/21/2010 #16
Queen Viserys

I walked through the gates, humming. Of course I didn't notice the girl unril after I walked into her. Of course.

"Eh, sorry!" I said blinking before I sniffed. "Is... is that sick?" I ask in bewilderment. Hey! I know big words, despite my self I grinned sheepishly.

5/21/2010 #17


"Crapola!" I murmured to myself, running up the hill. Pant Pant. I finally reached the school gates, and succeeded in getting the evil eye from an..evil looking teacher. Oh yeah. B***. Beret. I jammed it onto my head, where it slowley started to fall off again thanks to the thick-nossity of my hair, and the spring-like-ness of my curls.

5/21/2010 #18
Queen Viserys

I turn, seeing another late arrival, I tilted my beret so it looked french, wishing I had some croissants to complete the look..

5/21/2010 #19

I grinned at the girl who was tilting her beret in an obviously French fashion. I walked up to her. "Bonjour, mon amie! I'm Scarlett, and I'm new. Do you know where I'm supposed to go?"

5/21/2010 #20
Queen Viserys

"Salut!" I said, in my probable only french vocab. "Uhm... you, go... that way a bit." I gestured to half the school. "Eh, a reception somewhere. Do you have some onions?"

5/21/2010 #21

"Sadly, not on me right now." I said, grinning. "And thanks, I'll wander around a bit and see if I can see a desk anywhere."

5/21/2010 #22
Queen Viserys

I grin. "I'm Feather. Or Fay. Or on a good day I respond to 'idiot'. I'll take you if you want. Missing assembly is all good."

5/21/2010 #23

"Thanks! If I wandered off here you may never find me again- only my shrivelled bones one day. My school in Italy was loads smaller!" I said.

5/21/2010 #24
Queen Viserys

"Bones shrivel?" I shrug and grin, brushing some red hair from my face. Grrrrrrr. "Italy? Awesome! Is there like, nice pizza there?"

5/21/2010 #25

"I don't know, I'm not personally antiquated with any. Yep! I love a bit of margarita! Yumyum!!! But now you made me hungry."

5/21/2010 #26
Queen Viserys

"I need onions!" I say, nodding. "Pizza is vair gut." I nod again.

5/21/2010 #27

"Indeed. You are wise in the matters of Pizzanosity." I said, nodding my head in a knowing way.

5/21/2010 #28
Queen Viserys

"Ja." I said still nodding like a nodding dog that nods. "I think..." I tilted my head to the side. "This way!" I exclaimed, beginning to walk in a random direction.

5/21/2010 #29

I shrugged and followed her, pulling off the atrocious beret as I went.

5/21/2010 #30
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