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If you've read FruitySkittles' fanfic, Ace Gang meets IM, I came up with the ingenious idea of making a special IM chat room forum, so we can have our own funny banters! Just use your registered characters, and have fun! Tatty bye, Lemony, A.ka Rosie (Or Ali), a.k.a VikingQueen oh ja OH JA!!

2/15/2010 #1
Queen Viserys

IAmAnAwesomeFool - Fay :D

IAmAnAwesomeFool has logged on

IAmAnAwesomeFool: Anyone on?????????????????

5/1/2010 #2

AriBelle - Ari

AriBelle has logged on.

AriBelle: Yup ;D

5/1/2010 #3
Queen Viserys

IAmAnAwesomeFool: Heya :D

5/1/2010 #4

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano has logged on.


ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: Hey guys! How are you?

6/3/2010 . Edited 6/3/2010 #5
Queen Viserys

((Ima change her name O.o too long. IAmNotWeird - Fay XD))

IAmNotWeird: Why, hello there

6/3/2010 #6

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: Ciao, my awsome chumette!

(Is scarletts to long then?)

6/3/2010 #7
Queen Viserys

((Nah, it was just to long for me to write :P XD))

IAmNotweird: Hola mozzerella!

6/3/2010 #8


ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: Yum yum! Er...Tua madre è un criceto, e tuo padre puzza di sambuco!

6/3/2010 #9
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird: O.O I totally know what that says. Je voudrais un pizza de fromage et de tomate

6/3/2010 #10

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: Ah! Mas Oui! But I was speaking Italian! :D! It's a monty python quote.

6/3/2010 #11
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird: I don't know Italian :'[

6/3/2010 #12

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: I lived there for 11 years, so I kinda picked it up :D!!! It means: your mother is a hamster, and your father smells of elderberries! :D

(Hooray for google translate!)

6/3/2010 #13

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: and Scarletto Lo Stallone Italiano means Scarlett the Italian Stallion! Except I'm not a stallion. But Scarlett the Italian Mare doesn't have the same ring to it! :D

6/3/2010 #14
Queen Viserys

IAmNotWeird: My name is totally true :3

6/3/2010 #15

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: Of course. :D!

6/3/2010 #16
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird: Ja.

6/3/2010 #17

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: JA!!! Oh!! JA!!!

6/4/2010 #18
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Jam and potatoes!

6/4/2010 #19

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: Nein! Nein! Jam unt Chips!

6/4/2010 #20
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird: Neeeeeeeeeeein! McDonald chips dipped in vanilla McDonald milkshake!

6/4/2010 #21

ScarlettoLoStalloneItaliano: Choccy milkshake is better.

6/4/2010 #22
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird: Nooooooo! Vanilla FTW!

6/4/2010 #23

ScarlettoLoItalianoStalliano: NEVER!!!!!!!! CHOCOLATE FOREVER!!!!

6/4/2010 #24
Queen Viserys


6/4/2010 #25

ScarlettoLoItalianoStalliano: Fay! Vanilla is GROSS!!!!

6/4/2010 #26
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird: Noo! It is not! Defender of Vanilla!!

6/4/2010 #27

ScarlettoLoItalianoStalliano: I am ze defender of chocolate!!!

6/4/2010 #28
Queen Viserys

Iamnotweird has changed her name to VanillaRulez

VinallaRulez: Vanilla is sehr gut.

6/4/2010 #29

ScarlettoLoItalianoStalliano has changed her name to LaMagiaDelCioccolato

LaMagiaDelCioccolato: Il cioccolato è meglio

6/4/2010 #30
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