Balinor, Merlin's Father
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Post of what you want to happen in Season Three!


What I WANT to happen in Season Three:

1) Uther dies.

2) At the end of Season 3 the start of Season 4, Arthur becomes King.

3) Arthur finds out about Merlin's gifts.

4) We learn much more about Balinor, Merlin's father and the Dragonlords.

5) Freya returns.

6) Balinor returns.

7) Hunith returns.

8) Kilgharrah returns.

9) We learn more about the Great Purge.

10) We learn more about Arthur's birth.

11) More Kick-Ass chicks! Go Morgana, Morgause and any other chicks! We women are much more then just ladies of the court, wives/daughters etc.

12) Morgana, Morgause, Mordred etc returns.


And much, much more I wish to see! But if I list then ALL. This post would be freakin' long.

4/21/2010 #1

1. Merlin gets HUUUUURRRRRT! XD

2. Uther finds out about Merlins' magic.

3. Merlin gets Excalibur outa da lake!



6. Uther causes Merlin to get hurt, which makes Arthur go "RAWR!!!!" and have lots of "I HATE DADDY!" time XD

7. Merlin/Morgana. Period.

8.Gwen/Lancelot. Period.

9.Arthur/Freya. Period.

10. Merlin dies/goes missing/ect.

Not nessisarily in that order ^?^

4/21/2010 #2

Interesting. I like it. Merlin/Morgana I wouldn't mind. Never thought about Arthur/Freya. Know any fics of that parting?

4/21/2010 #3

I've got one story (For Merlin) with that pairing. But for whatever reason people seem to think that Arthur/Freya is diabolical. I love Areya...And, when explained properly, they can be a believable and rather cute couple. ^?^ (I also ship Lancelot/Nimueh and Gwen/Alvarr)

4/21/2010 #4

Merlin/Morgana I don't mind (they're pretty and I'm shallow. Also, they match and hey, kinky magic sex). The problems I have with Arthur/Freya are pretty much these

1. He killed her. Little hard to get over. And there are very few authors who can write necrophilia (technically what it is) well.

2. Even if she wasn't dead she turns into a giant magical beasty that kills regularly and apparently only likes Merlin. That means that because Arthur wants to be in a relationship with her he's putting his people in danger.

3. The three people who generally get paired with Arthur (Merlin, Morgana and Gwen) have all proven at one time or another to be able to smack Arthur when he's being a prat. Arthur needs that. I don't think Freya could do that.

4. She has a lot of mental/emotional issues and I don't think Arthur is patient enough to deal with all her freakouts. And I think he'd terrify her.

I don't think it's diabolical I just think it's a little nonsensical. Also, you keep mentioning that 'when explained properly' it's good, but never actually explain it.

Lancelot/Nimueh as I've said, I find amusing and also creepy. Although I could see how that might work.

Gwen/Alvarr. Did they even meet? Because I swear it was Morgana he was flirting with.

As for what I want to happen in S3

1. Merlin's magic gets revealed to Arthur (I've got a nice idea for a 3 episode arc for that)

2. Merlin finally, please God, taking a level in badassery now he doesn't have the GSD to go whinge to and to provide him with deus ex machina.

3. Morgana getting her level in badass back after it going missing during S2.

4. Some more decent, or at least semi-complex, villains.

5. Character development for Gwen. STAT.

6. Consistant characterisation.

7. Moral dilemma of the magical type for Uther.

8. Arthur finally figuring out where he stands re magic.

9. More two/three part episodes.

10. Funny humour. Know your audience Beeb.

11. Stop killing my knights of the round table, they're supposed to be alive later on.

12. LEON

13. No more 'magical love spell' things. Seriously. Been there, done that. Three times.

14. Decent supporting characters. Some more Leon's please. Decent guards/knights.

15. Keep on with the slashy subtext.

7/5/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #5

I agree with Tornintopeices here!

8/6/2010 #6

Well you got your slashy subtext when Arthur said something like this in S3 E1 to Merlin!

"Is your little bottom sore?"

9/20/2010 #7
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