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Ok so one of my first rp's was called the Roleplaying Room. There I met someone who was very special to me , but it's died. So now, I'm making a somewhat of a successor! Here you can roleplay from any anime and add the characters together! More on the pl
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This is where you rp. The first place that we shall travel to, is Modern Day Japan in the Relm of blood thirsty creatures and an underground corperation calls the shots. Currently the setting is in a bustling street, people are going about their buisness, merchants are trading and selling, and everything appears to be peaceful.

A rather young boy was walking down the streets, his blue eyes looking around in pure curiosity to the strange sights he saw. "Well it's not too different." he said to himself as he caught sights of the shops, "It seems my world is one of the few that are 'out of the norm', I do believe that's how they say it here." he checked a clock that was tall and standing proud not to far away, "It seems to be getting late. Perhaps I should find an Inn."

2/21/2010 #1

"Aww you're leaving already?"

"Why don't you join us?"

A couple of girls whined as one was dressed up and ready to leave the dressing room. The small room was bright and had the smell of powder and perfume. Girls were undressing and getting into their own clothes after another sucessful performance. Girls were putting away their instruments, dresses, and costumes. THe only girl seemed to be fully dressed was the one leaving.

"It's stuffy in here." The girl replied. Fluffing out her short black hair from her coat. "Also, I'm very tired."

"You barely did anything!" The other girl retorted. "You only sang a couple of lines. You got a good voice, can't you put that to better use."

"Nope!" She happily replied. Her purple eyes looked at the girls bussle through out the dressing room. She looked pretty young compared to the rest of them.

"Really Umeko..." The other girl sighed as she put her hands on her hips. "The best way to earn more money is here in the theater, you can't earn that much by painting and drawing." She waved her arm, shooing away as if it were unimportant.

"As you well know, I love art. Both theater and canvas." The girl, known as Umeko replied again in a happier tone. "Bye!" And just before the other girl could speak, Umeko already left.

She walked down the small stairs and out of the alley to the busy streets. She made her way inside the sidewalk where she could walk by the stores and out of the streets. She adjusted her coat and looked at one of the tall street clocks. It's that late already? She thought in suprise.

7/21/2010 #2

The young boy, named Mortakai as we should know, continued his walk down the street. He was acting Leisure and calm, and every now and then he'd stop by one of the shops and examine it with curiosity, or in turn just gaze by and walk on. "Everything here is so...Different." he'd thought to himself as he continued on his calm way, paying no mind to any passer byers, "And these clothes! Ugh these horrible clothes! There's no proper cloth in this time or something?!" he exclaimed inwardly lightly scratching at his back.

He siged and paid it no mind, "Oh well...It doesn't matter...I've already been here a few days and haven't come into contact with anyone or anything out of the ordinary...That means this time might be one of peace and I don't gotta stay here too long." Mortakai said to himself nodding, "If that happens I'm going to go back home and get me some of that rame..." He thought happily to himself and rubbed his own stomach at the thought.

As he continued along at last something had caught his attention, "Oh come on! I spoke too soon...But...It's aura...Yes it's deffinetly not a proper human..." he siged frusturated, "Please please let it be some technology I know nothing of." he thought as he headed for the source.

7/21/2010 #3

Umeko happily hummed to herself as she walked out of a Starbucks with warm hot chocolate in her hand and a chocolate muffin in the other. She would take a nibble out of her muffin with an occasion sip of her hot chocolate since it was still pretty hot. I haven't contacted Red Shield in a while. She thought to herself. She made a mental note to phone the new leader of Red shield later once she reaches the hotel room where she was staying.

She took more longer sips now it wasn't has hot and took more bites out of her muffin. It wasn't a decent dinner but at least it got food in her stomach. She was far too tired to make dinner and didn't want to stop by at any restaurants because she wanted to get to the hotel. She threw away the wrapper of the muffin in a nearby trash bin and continued to drink her hot chocolate. It was then she felt a rather strange feeling. There was also something else from thos presence that felt vaguely familiar however but she couldn't put her finger on it. She shrugged that off and focused on who was following her. She looked back for a quick second but couldn't pinpoint who exactly was following her due to the crowd of people.

7/21/2010 #4

The crowd of people had ended up being a perfect cover for the young teen as he traveled through it swiftly and smoothly, and like most people of his time and capabilities he kept slightly to the shadows, hiding and looking nonchalant as he'd lean against the wall or start of a sudden conversation with anyone that happen to be near by, at least any time he figured she'd turn back to look for him.

"I was right." he thought to himself as she'd turned around again for the fifth time in the last fifteen minutes, "She is warry of my presence so she can't possibly be normal...I'm going to have to investigate her...First things first, is she native to this world?" he wondered as he continued on his simple way, avoiding contact with anyone and just following along...Though once the crowd started to thin out, he started to accumulate other means of hiding.

7/23/2010 #5

Turning one more time, she then began to worry what was going to happen next. Exactly who was this person? Of course, she knew that he wasn't from here. Just as she was going to turn, the vibration of her phone outwardly surprised her, though she tried to keep calm under the suspision. This is my chance. She thought to herself as she flipped open her phone and held it to her ear. She didn't bother to see who the caller was since she already knew who was calling. She was expecting the call after she had left the theatre.

"Yes?" She answered. She took as quick glance at the direction where she felt she was being watched from and turned to her right into an alley.

7/23/2010 #6

The teen saw her vanish into the Alley and took it as a chance to benifet himself. He looked about, no one was too close around or even bothering to look at him. So, in a quick motion he vanished, like a shadow, and quickly jumped atop of the roof, landing as quiet a mouse as he looked around. He continued to quietly crawl along the roof as he peeked over the edge, his sensitve ears picking up both ends on the conversation below him.

7/23/2010 #7

But what appeared in the alley was...nothing. All there was were a couple of trash cans and stray cats but no sight of the girl anywhere.

"..." From the top a building away from the valley, Umeko looked at the boy in the crowd peering into the very alley she had entered. She continued to listen to what the caller was saying. The caller was regarding whether or not the girl would rather stay where she is. And was resquesting her to return to headquarters.

She saw no more reason to return, so what was the point? She told the caller that she would think about her decision and call back later. Even though she had the freedom to roam around, she wanted to enjoy it a bit more before returning to her duties. She felt awake and refreshed form her trip, she didn't want to waste her engery on work. She looked at the portable piece of technology she recieved from the caller himself not too long ago and wondered what other things have been invented or improved the last couple of decades. She decided to ponder about that later and began to walk away from area where she "disappeared" from.

7/23/2010 #8

He blinked and looked over it properly, just jumping down and examining the area, "Damn girl..." he muttered shaking his head and sighing, "Well...yeah...Damn girl." he sweat dropped and jumped back onto the roof dashing across closing his eyes trying to get a sense for the aura he'd felt from earlier, "Where did she go?" he grumbled looking about for the source of energy from previously.

7/23/2010 #9

She casually walked on top of the rooftops, she made sure she was in a position where she wouldn't be detected at any angle from the ground below. She then thought to the boy her had stalked her. Sure she still wondered about why he felt different from the rest, but what was his intent of following her? Maybe he knew what she was maybe? She just sighed to herself after she finished her warm beverage. It has definately been a while since she felt that sort of presence but couldn't place a finger of where she felt it before.

7/23/2010 #10

The teen, simply in response to his confusion, sighed to himself and shook his head, "I got no other choice." he muttered and pulled his hands up to chest level, holding them tightly together and in one strange motion he charged a strange surge of energy, five pops of smoke and there stood several versions of the boy, the only difference among them stood their eye color, color of their clothes, and hair color (The colors being Blue, Red, Brown, White and Yellow).

The blue stood in the center of the other foor and glanced at each, "Alright, we already know what we gotta do, so get going!" he'd exclaimed and with that, again seeming to appear only as shadows, the five vanished, dispersing in different directions.

7/23/2010 #11

The girl stopped in mid-stepped, nearly tripping on her own feet as she gained her balanced. She felt the same aura she had felt spread out from the general area she had left and felt them appearing in separate areas of the city. Wait, them? There nwas definitely more than one of the same aura.

"What the-?" She mumbled under her breath as she felt one of the auras heading towards her way. "..." She slightly lifted her light purple scarf over her mouth and disappered in beat, leaving behind a blue afterlight of her figure behind to only disappear in a couple of seconds. The afterlight doesn't exactly help, it give her a disadvantage when against her pursuers, and a couple of seconds is more than enough to give them a clue. She cursed at this particular flaw but it was worth the speed it granted her.

She ran with superhuman speed and with her long strides, it made her seem she was hovering above the floor of the rooftops. Arched blue lights appeared of gaps between buildings before fading away.

7/23/2010 #12
The one to meet up with the blue light, was the alternate Yellow colored version of the boy, "Hoi hoi!" he thought excitedly as he zoomed forward faster then before, wherever he stepped hinted through a small streem of electricity, it growing stronger with every second as his speed increased, following the blue light, "She's a speedy one! I'm gonna have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!" he exclaimed mentally.

(Yay electric Mortakai^^)

7/24/2010 #13

It didn't take long for her to realize that one of them had caught up to her. Panicking, she picked up the pace and ran like she never had before in a long time. Crapcrapcrapcrap! She mumbled the word over and over again. She took a quick glance back and see that the boy looked different than he was back in the crowd below.

The chase was going to wear her out definitely afterwords but right now, she felt excitement and adrenaline rush throughout her body. It was the thrill of the chase that she was enjoying at this moment. It was enough to get her to go faster, hoping to never get caught. She took a quick sharp turn, an idea to slow down her pursuer. WIth all that adrenaline, she grinned. With all that excitement, she laughed.

7/26/2010 #14

He laughed mentally as he continued on, "Whooooooooooey! Never have I seen anyone run faster than me!" the golden haired boy thought excitedly continuing the pace. Though he was enjoying himself, the direction they were headed for was similar to another figure. They'd ran for a good fifteen minutes straight, passing through pedestrians who were in shock there after, breaking a few street stands and even barely avoiding speeding cars, shocking the drivers in the process with their after immages.

Though even through all that, eventually they'd arrived to meet another figure. Out stepped infront of the path of the female warrior, was the Aquatic version of the boy who was doing hand signs. Without uttering the technique's name he placed his palm onto the ground, freezing the path before the two oncoming projectiles. The Golden boy sensed the technique before it was even in place and quickly slowed his body down a knotch, though reluctantly.

7/26/2010 #15

She let out a small squeek before manuevering herself to make another sharp turn away from the other figure just before she got to the frozen path. Her foot though stepped onto the icy ground, causing her to slip slightly. Though undignified, she did manage to regain her balance as she turned.

What the!? She managed to get a good look at the other boy and apparantly he looked liked the one who was chasing her and the one in the crowd, only his hair, his clothes, and his eyes were blue. She zipped past through a young couple, yelling out a quick sorry, before making her way towards an alley. There she ran to the wall to her side to hop off to the other wall until she was making her way towards the top of roofs again.

7/26/2010 #16

The blue figure cursed and the yellow one continued on it's way, once again picking up speed to try to keep up, but sadly had fallen a bit behind...Because of that the girl had now entered a different territorial search. Up on the rooftops, above her head, laying on his side in mid air was a grey version of the boy, "Let's get this over with." he muttered and did handsigns at the same time yawning, and like before without uttering a word the technique took.

THe wind started to pick up strong in the surrounding area, so strong that her being on the high roof tops made her an easy target to be picked up by the draft.

7/26/2010 #17

Her speed began to drop slowly as the wind blew strongly against her. As a girl, it was involuntary for her to hold down her coat which was covering her skirt. With all of her determination, she made another turn even though the wind was now blowing to her side until she made it out of that area where there was no more strong wind.

Knowing the staying on the roofs now was a bad idea, she jumped off the edge of the building. She landed on her feet without much effort before she sped away from the crowds and to a more isolated area. So that guy has multiples of himself? She thought to herself as she rushed through an alley and turned to another. No, it's not just's not the same...they're not clones, I know that.

7/26/2010 #18

Once a ways away, yet again another waited her, the yellow figure still on her trail. This one though was different, "Dude let's get this over with..." mumbled a voice underneath as the earth fell from beneath her feet, creating a large pit that'd be impossible to run through in time less she'd known about it coming.

7/27/2010 #19

The girl lost her footing as the replica of the boy created the giant hole. When the ground fully gave way, she felt herself quickly decending. She screamed as she plummeted down. Thinking quickly, she pushed her entire body to the side of her pit and, with her endurance, tried to make grab of the rocky wall. She punched the wall and her descend slowed until she came to a stop. Her forearm was now hurting and she slightly cursed at the one who created the pit.

She looked up to see how far she had fallen in, and saw that the surface was pretty high. The marks she had made when trying to stop herself were clearly visible. Grunting, she placed her foot on a steady rock and her other hand on another. How am I going to do this? She thought to herself until she came up with a rather simple idea. She pulled out her arm from the wall and saw that it looked pretty beat up.

Enduring the pain, place her feet on other sturdy rock slightly more above the ones they were just on and she hunched over. Suddenly she rocketed up until a quarter from where she was just at. She quickly grabbed a sturdy rock and repeated what she just did. She climbed her way up until she saw that the surface was now close enough. She bent her body again and full launched herself out of the pit.

7/30/2010 #20

A boy emmerged and seem to materialize from the earth directly infront of where she'd launched herself from, "Dude...This would" she said grinning doing a motion with his hands as a large wall of Boulder appeared infront of the path she'd launched so desperatly for.

7/30/2010 #21

She grunted in fustration and, in desparation, punched her good arm into the rock wall. She let out a yelp as her body was now dangling in the air. She looked around and glared at the creator of the giant pit that gave her trouble and the yellow boy who had pursued her. "Alright!" She yelled out to no one in particular. Her cheeks puffed in annoyance. "What do you want from me?" She yelled again. "I didn't do anything did I!?"

7/31/2010 #22

"Well you keep running away!" The yellow figure said as he appeared a few yards from behind her, "I mean we just wanted to talk!...But I gotta admit this was fun!" he said excitedly landing just before he hit the pit.

"Dude I would much rather be taking a nap." The newest figure said, shaking dirt out of his brown hair and walking up the side of the wall, "Instead of chasing around some chick with a stick up her as-" he was cut off as a gust of wind blew, "Yeah." Said a grey haired figure.

"You keep taking off like that and anyone would think you're up to no good uhn." He said to her crossing his arms.

8/1/2010 #23

"Well I wouldn't I run?" She retorted. "You guys are the ones who have those weird auras!" She huffed. "And that other guy, he was the one who looked awfully suspicious...following me around..." She mumbled the last part. "If you guys needed to talk to you, you could've asked! No need to follow me like a stalker." She refered to when the first boy that had followed her in the crowd.

8/1/2010 #24

"Lady if you've seen the stuff I've seen. You wouldn't want to approach sumone and merely tap them on the shoulder asking: 'Excuse me, are you some sort of dangerous entity to this society bent on destroying it and the fabric of space and time as we know it?', now would you?" The yellow boy said putting his hands behind his head and blowing a strand of hair away from his face with a puff of breath.

"He has a point." the grey figure said and looked to the side, sweat dropping at seeing the brown figure falling fast asleep. But then turned his attention elsewhere as a cool breeze passed by, "That wasn't me." he said confused and the blue figure appeared.

"Well it appears I caught her so I can undo this accursed technique." the blue figure said as he emmerged from a small swirl of water and shaking his head to get rid of the excess drops of water, "Kai." he said putting his hands together and all four figure vanished into puffs of smoke, leaving one boy, the one from before, in usual clothing with his usual hair and the only thing remaining the same as the previous figure were the set of deep blue eyes, "Now about that question." he said looking over at her.

8/1/2010 #25

"Y'know, you could've done the logical way and talked things out." Umeko mumbled. "The stalking and the chasing wasn't necessary. I thought that you looked intelligent, you could've maybe, I don't know, interrogated me in the beginning. But..." She shrugged with her other arm. "I guess I expected to much..."

"Hmph...if I answer your question, will you let me go?" She asked him.

8/1/2010 #26

"Let you go, I don't even have a grasp on you, and don't go insulting my intelligence! You threw a cup of Starbucks at a poor civilian! That's just rude..." he said crossing his arms, "Anyways I just wanted to know if you were dangerous but from what I"ve seen tonight that's an obvious no." he said to her and sighed, "Great but that also means there are other worldly or whatever it is, activity in this area so I can't go home, great...Just great..."

8/1/2010 #27

Umeko stuck her tongue at him. "Liar, one: I threw the cup on one of the roofs. Sure it's bad to litter but hey, coudln't afford to get caught y'know." She pulled her arm out of the wall of rock and began to climb over it until she sat on top of it. "Two: I'm not insulting, I'm questioning your intelligence. What you did was pretty stalkerish, and you could'e at least come up with a tatic for me to come clean or something. You need to plan ahead so your targets won't turn hostile if you plan to question." She eld up three fingers. "And three: what do you mean that you can't get home. I get that you're not from here?"

8/1/2010 #28

"How else do you study you' what's the term in this language...Prey? No that's not it that's rather harsh I would think..." he tapped his chin with his finger and merely waved it off, "ugh it's too late to be thinking." he muttered, "Anyways, of course I'm not from here. Why else would I be studying inhabtants of strange character." he said tapping his foot, "Because I like it? Hell no, I just want to get in, get out, that's all I want." he said to her.

8/1/2010 #29

"'re not from here then." She pondered for a moment, her finger lightly tapping her chin. "Why can't you just leave now? I mean, it's not like you were forced to come here or anything." Umeko looked at the boy and that was when she realized why his aura felt familiar. She opened her mouth but closed it, she decided to ask about it later. Maybe after his interrogation.

8/1/2010 #30
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