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The most basic of basic-est chats. Talk. About. Anything—as long as it's about Bleach.

I really dunno how to start here actually. I haven't actually seen far but I seem to know quite a bit about the series nonetheless. I'm fond of the Rescue Rukia Arc, as it introduces a lot of the characters—even if it is a bit overwhelming; I'm still having trouble remembering which number each Captain is—and creates a plot by introducing the greater villain.

How 'bout a list of pros and cons? You can agree, disagree, add to them if you wish.


. The animation is quite clear—I'm also fond of the style it is drawn in, both manga and anime. I find it interesting and just fun to look at.

. The character development is fantastic. History is divulged for many of the characters, not just Ichigo and the rest of the group. Furthermore, this development is fun and interesting to learn and watch.

. The Omake's are hilarious, as well as the few fillers I have seen. For example, the day where they go to the beach and Byakuya is making a sand sculpture and Rukia is beside him admiring him… I was giggling.

. Such a diversity of characters keeps it all entertaining—personalities, abilities etc.

. The idea of spirit swords is great. I like how each Zanpakuto have they're own personality and ability.

. The villains are bad-a** but still, somehow—to me at least—great. I just find it fun to read those small comics that involves Gin being mischievous and everyone else being the brunt of the joke.

. The fights are neither short nor long—although, this may differ per person. Furthermore, they are interesting, and while they do tend to end in similar ways, it seems to be how samurai sword fights sometimes finish—with my knowledge at least.

. The plot, the smaller details that can trigger plot bunnies and the like.

. Ichigo doesn't steal the limelight all the frigigin' time.


. Is the amount of blood realistic?

. Ichigo—like several main characters I know—powers up too quickly for my liking.

. The fillers. Apparently the characters gain some new abilities during the filler season but then there's no mention of them (duh) in the real season afterwards. Ain't that… a little silly? On with that… I heard that they placed a filler season in the middle of the Saving Orihime Arc or something…

. I wanna see some people die! -_-

And… I can't actually think of anymore. More will prolly come later on though. Feel free to add to it. :D Also, mention anything else you want as well. Such as what you think of the recent manga?



2/19/2010 . Edited 3/6/2010 #1

Pros: Two main ones, these are what keep me watching Bleach:

I agree with you; zanpakuto and inner world concept is amazing.

Such a wide and diverse cast, some of them very realistic (Komamura and Isane) and some more of a stretch (Kenpachi, Yachiru), but I think its impossible to not be able to find a character you like. Although this goes both ways, you are almost guaranteed to run into a character you don't like, or even hate.


Filler arcs go on forever. Further more, fillers should give minor characters more time, but it almost always ends up with Ichigo one way or another.

Hate to say it, but both the protagonist and the antagonist are dreadfully lame, in my opinion. I really have no tolerance for either Ichigo or Aizen, and they are the ones the story centers around :(

The manga? Well, one thing is bothering me:

Why is it that Toshiro's attack reached Aizen/Hinamori and Soi Fon's didn't?

2/20/2010 . Edited 2/20/2010 #2

I'd like to know why Ichigo didn't say anything...

Like, he's not affected by Kyouka Suigetsu right? He should have seen Hinamori as 'Aizen' all along...because Aizen said something about Absolute Hypnosis being in affect the whole time?

Tite Kubo is definately trying to mess with our heads :D

On the flip side, I really want to see what's happened to Grimmjow :|

2/20/2010 #3

Yeah. Kyoka Suigetsu's ability confuses me the heck outta me. I mean, I know that it does absolute hypnosis, as you say, but that confuses me still... I think it must be because you don't when he activates it.

On that topic. Why isn't Ichigo affected by the ability? I didn't know that. Then again, I haven't been reading in order. *innocent* But yeah, I understand what you're saying. Kubo is messing with us badly! TT.TT

I wonder what happened to him too. He's listed as 'Unknown fate' or something. I hadn't seen the battle, only that he lost because someone else (Nnoitra) had arrived and got rid of him so he could fight or something. I dunno. As I said, I haven't actually read much... yet I still write stories involving the series. *sigh* I'm still hoping that Ulquiorra isn't dead. I'm guessing that Grimmjow is your favourite Espada?

2/20/2010 #4

Why is it that you list Komamura and Isane as realistic? I'm interested now. :) Same with Kenpachi and Yachiru but for more of a stretch. At the moment, there isn't actually a character I hate in Bleach yet... yet.

Yeah. I think we're all a bit confused about certain things with the recent manga; Aizen's katana is just a pain the rear end. (As an after though: if it creates illusions, I wonder how we'll he'd go against Itachi? It was related to the whole illusion thing, otherwise I'd say it in the other thread; perhaps reply there).

I've found both of them quite interesting for some reason, Aizen moreso. I dunno why. I think it's because of his previous standing in Soul Society or something.

Sorry for the double post.

2/20/2010 #5

Komamura and Isane have very realistic and balanced personalities - sort of average people, whereas you are unlikely to meet someone like Kenpachi whose only trait is I want to kill, kill, kill, lets have some fun and fight, and I have yet to meet anyone at all like Yachiru - she certaintly is one of a kind and entertaining, but not a very likely person.

2/20/2010 #6

FBC, now that I think about it, I don't really have a favourite Espada. Grimmjow's definately up there, but I like Stark, Neliel (not that she's really an Espada anymore), Nnoitra and Ulquiorra pretty evenly :D

Also, Ichigo isn't effected by Kyouka Suigetsu cause he's never seen it's shikai (I think that's how it goes, however there are so many plotholes with that...because, shouldn't he see it now? It's in effect? I dunno...).

And Isane and Komamura are definately realistic. Another person like that, Nanao? She's a workaholic who gets assulted by her captain :D Sounds legit, haha!

2/20/2010 #7

I understand what you mean now, Yoshi. I didn't think of that before. Good thinking. :) Nanao isn't bad either actually; as a realistic character I mean.

I don't know anything about Neliel so she isn't on my favourites list... yet. I quite like Syazel for some weird reason; I dunno why. *shrugs*

Okay, that makes a little sense but I agree that he should have seen it then, perhaps. I didn't quite catch everything in the recent chapters but it seems like Aizen has activated his Shikai sometime around then, so wouldn't he have seen it? I'm holding to it that Gin is the mastermind or something because there's a lot more to him than anybody else knows. Then again, I'm bias. Whoops.

Oh! I just have to ask. Have you heard of the Bleach Musical? O.O It's so good!

2/20/2010 #8

Szayel is on your favorites list? That is *mildly* freaky, though I guess I shouldn't be talking... I am a rather rabid mayuri fan :)

Gin being the mastermind isn't that farfetched, although I have to say Aizen was already plotting well before Gin coming into the picture and therefore I, sadly, because Gin is just so awesome, lean towards the belief that this is indeed all Aizen's doing.

Bleach musical? Nope, never heard of it.

2/22/2010 #9

*pouts* It is weird though. I don't really know what he is like to be honest, only that he's a scientist, who has a brother, has pink hair, those glasses (which is apart of his hollow mask or something) and that he loves toying with people... I think; that last one I'm not too sure about but I know that it's got something to do with his experiments! Oh, also that he eats/ate his fraccion? Is that right? Well, I think it might be his pink hair in his brains or something, that I like about him. Hmmm.

Mayuri? You're first one I know. I don't hate him but he isn't at the top. He did move up my list a little though when I saw some more scenes with him. I love how you a rabid fan of his. :D Hence why Nemu is the main character for your story?

That's true. Aizen has been planning for ages so it makes sense.

O.O I suppose it isn't too common. I dunno how I found it but basically some Japanese actors dress up as some Bleach characters and sing songs. I know, sounds a little dorky but it is really well done, and you can tell they're dedicated. There are some subs out... hmmm...

*points up* That's the guy who has the musical posted in subs as well as without subs. Though, I don't think all of them are subbed though. Oh well, there is still a lot, and I don't knwo the order the musicals go in. Well, if you're interested, take a look. :3

2/22/2010 #10

Can't wait until tomorrow and the next manga comes out!!!

According my friend, it's entitled "burning infernos"

If she's right than we'll probably get to see Yamomoto actually fight - FINALLY - after all that standing around

So excited...

Yup, that's one of the reasons, amongst others. Although I sometimes have to keep reminding myself to stay in perspective - Nemu's motives aren't quite the norm as most of the other shinigami.

2/24/2010 #11

I just read the new chapter; after waiting for two weeks and checking the site every day just in case they psoted it earlier for some reason. O.O I wonder what's gonna happen to Yamamoto! I mean, I know that he couldn't lose in just a few pages so there's definately going to be more! If not, Tite Kubo may have made a mistake. :(

I don't know much about Nemu. What are her motives? To please her master/father/creator?

2/25/2010 #12

Yup, pretty much. And of course Yamomoto'll be alright. I wouldn't be surprised if he rivals Hacchi in kidou...

Anyways. Choose a number between -10 and 13. And even if you're smart, don't cheat :)

I choose seven, because I can't help cheating...

3/2/2010 #13

So this is where the "choose the number" game was. I had it in my mind for a few days and I couldn't remember where I got the thought from.

Since you said 7, I know that it might have something to do with the 'correct' answer but since I like 9, I'll go 9.

Recent Bleach Chapter 394 - spoiler

Go Yamamoto! Kick Wonderweisses butt so you can kick Aizen's! Ya know, I kinda hope that Ichigo doesn't inflict the 'killing' blow on Aizen in the end. Having a contribution to it, yeah, that isn't too bad, but I just hope that he doesn't kill kill him, ya know?

I just looked at both Naruto and Bleach manga's and it is interesting to see the different in styles. Bleach has so much detail and very smooth and fine lines; Naruto does too but it looks more simpler. Random fact.

3/5/2010 . Edited 3/5/2010 #14
darkness of the blue moon

Does anyone want Aizen to die? Really? That'll finish off the story and leave us pining for him, Gin and Tousen. Speaking of which, thoughts on Tousen? BTW did he die?

3/5/2010 #15


I think Tousen did die... I mean, that scene was epic when Shuuhei released Kazeshini while it was stuck in his face was so freaking cool! ^^' Gruesome but cool!

And YES! I want him to die, but I don't because then that's like...the end of Bleach!

3/5/2010 #16

I have a sneaky suspicion that Gin won't actually die, and I'm not just hoping/saying that cuz he's my favourite character (more-or-less) from Bleach. I dunno yet how his story will conclude but I have a strange feeling he may survive, strike up a deal or something... hmmm, when I type it out it sounds ludicrous. Maybe it is wishful thinking.

Welcome, glaceon! :3

Yes, as Glae said, Tousen was killed by Hisagi (his Lieutenant! XD). I haven't actually seen that part of the manga yet, or even read any further than the Rescue Rukia arc (actually seen) because it uses up a lot of my internet quota. But I still know what happens. Bad FBC for reading the spoilers. :3

Agreed. I don't want him to die cuz it means the end of Bleach (probably; ya never know if Kubo will twist things a bit in the end or something) but then again, he is a pain in the a** to have around. OMG! It's ending soon for two major manga! Naruto and Bleach!

3/5/2010 #17

That's what I think so too...

Also, total mix up, but it's me (Koi) - I got myself another account and I have no way of telling which one is which due to my shotty memory!

Just wanted to clear that up now, and I'll post with Koi no Mega Lover from now on :D

3/5/2010 #18

*blushes* Ya confused me. :3 Maybe it will be better if you stick with Koi, then I know better who you are. Was wondering why you didn't Adopt someone.

3/5/2010 . Edited 3/6/2010 #19
darkness of the blue moon

I like Tousen for some strange reason. Probably because 'the man with the hidden eyes'(I know he's blind though) attracts me so muvh. I agree with FBC, Gin probably won't die(hopefully)....

Aizen- I love his character, evil, captain and all. He's just so, just so Aizenish. X3

3/6/2010 #20

I agree. There's something about Tousen that is interesting; unfortunately, to me, he isn't quite interesting enough to surpass other characters but he's still cool. The fact that he can fight blind is amazing in itself, as he has to rely on the other senses. Imagine having someone exceptionally loud start yelling in his ear. Ouchies.

A lot of people tend to hate Aizen, and I wonder if it's because he's the bad guy and is causing absolute havoc in the world or if it is something else. I seem to find intelligent people to be quite cool and attractive characters, so I kinda like Aizen; so that means a lot more of the others characters as well. So I don't hate him. As for characters like Grimmjow who don't really think much beforehand... I dunno why yet but I find something about their personalities to be also interesting.

So Aizen-ish. Adding it to the dictionary now. :3

3/6/2010 #21

Yes...Tousen definately annoyed me. I'm guessing it was because of the 'I am going the right path to peace, not let me kill you all'.

Never really made a lot of sense...

And Aizen, er, he's too confident to make me like him T.T

3/6/2010 #22

Oh yeah... I forgot that he's like that with 'justice' and stuff. Kinda like Neji in that aspect with his 'destiny' talks but he grew out of him after he got the snot beat out of him by Naruto. And I don't actually know enough enough about Tousen to grade him entirely but he isn't the worst character, let's just say that. :3 See where you both are coming from.

Yes. That I'll agree with too. His overconfidence is SO annoying.

3/6/2010 #23

Tousen. At first, I thought he was a very interesting character, but... Kubo wasted him. I mean, he's blind, ie immune to Aizen's shikai, and that doesn't result in a single thing? He's a decent character, but a lot of his potential was wasted.

Aizen. He's lame. Totally lame. Roll my eyes lame. But I'll grant he has brains. And ambition, if that's something to grant him anything for.

3/9/2010 #24
darkness of the blue moon

I guess I'm kinda biased cause I can't get over Aizen, Gin and Tousen. : (. Aizen has a lot of ambition and confidence, yes but that makes him even more awesome. Yoshi's right- Kubo wasted Tousen(and not as in 'drunk' 'wasted'). Have you lot thought 'bout it? In a room-drunk-wasted Aizen, Gin and Tousen? I wonder what'd happen. Hmmmmm....Potential for chaos?




I sense another plot-bunny!

3/10/2010 #25

Yeah, you woulda thought that there'd be more to him being blind or something. There is always at least one character in each manga series that's potential hasn't been reached. I think Kubo is doing okay with a number of his characters, just not all.

Lol. I find you're opinion of Aizen amusing. May I ask, how is he lame? I think it's his cunningness (I know it's not a word but we're writer's so we can do that!), intelligence which we both like but otherwise... he is a pain.

Rather sharp change there, Moon. I have read a crack-fic once (one of the few since I'm not a huge fan of them) where Aizen was throwing a sleepover party. He was amusing. But all three drunk? *cackles* Try writing it, then. :D

Bleach Manga Chapter 395 - Spoiler

Oh noes, Yamamoto! I can't actually tell what happened there, only that Aizen was being smart again but ended up getting his words thrown back at him in a way; so he got hurt! Celebrate! Now I'm worried about the inclusion of Ichigo... hmm... *ponders*

3/11/2010 #26
darkness of the blue moon

Bwahahahaha. Aizen throwing a sleepover? *Grabs pillow* are we invited? Gimme the link please? O.O I have to read it.

3/12/2010 #27

I was bored when I found it and not so sure why I clicked on it but something made me did... it was amusing though. You won't be the only one who crashes the party, Moon, as other people crash it too. :D


3/15/2010 #28
darkness of the blue moon

What'd happen if you, me Yoshi, Koi/Glae, and the rest of the BAN crew turned Mary-Sues and crashed a Las Noches sleepover?

*cackles* I call dibs on all of them(don't worry, we'll all share) bwahahahaha.

3/15/2010 #29

Hm, if that happened to me I'd... Blink blink, stare stare... Blink blink, stare stare... Blink blink, stare stare... And then promptly commence to scream my head off.

3/15/2010 #30
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