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Bring your quills, writers, because this is where you ask any questions you desire about writing. Whether it be about grammar or spelling or even if you wanted to get some facts right about either Naruto and Bleach. Maybe you want to ask another author how they thought of their stories and so on. Whatever, ask anything as long as it is to do with writing and something that is answerable. Your questions will be answered by anyone who has the answer and reads your question. :D

Hope this will help. :)


3/4/2010 #1
darkness of the blue moon

Ok, I need facts of Gin's past(just a few GInsaku gears turnin' if ya know wht I mean.), Shuuhei Hisagi's too, if possible.

3/5/2010 #2

I've got a question too: I've always wondered about Zanpakuto spirits. Where do they come from? How are they manifested and stuff? Because if there is a particular reason for why, say Zabimaru is Renji's, then I'd like to know so I can change my current designs if I have to. So, any reasons?

I've found some things for Gin, Moon. There isn't actually that much that may be of use but you can tamper with it. I got it from BleachWiki and the points are not in order.

. We know that he befriended Matsumoto as a child, telling her that she obviously had some spirit energy due to her collapsing from hunger.

. He was Aizen's Lieutenant

. Became a Captain the same time as Byakuya

. He graduated from the Academy after one year

. Has been involved with the alliance with hollows with Aizen for years; helping with the hollowfication process.

There's more but that's just a brief synopsis of what I read from. If you want the detailed stuff of his history, you might just have to breeze through what I just read in BleachWiki. For Hisagi:

. Was attacked when he was a kid but saved by Kensei Mugurama, where he also got the idea for the 69 tattoo.

. Was famous before he graduated.

. Is scared of being on the battlefield.

Again, any problems, I'm sure others may know. I haven't seen that far into the series.

GinSaku gears, eh? Lol. Did I have an affect on that by any chance? Even a little? :3

3/5/2010 #3
darkness of the blue moon

Kinda. See, I was wondering whether I should post Ginsaku. Next thing I know, the crossover page has Ginsaku! I was happy, and Gin's green scarf gave the GinSaku Gears(lolz) some much required oil. So,yeah.... : )

3/6/2010 #4

I fail. But that's old news. So the new news is that I miscounted how many shinobi I'm going to turn into shinigami in my bleach naruto crossover.... And now I have to find another shinobi. I've decided on Hana Inuzuka (Kiba's sis, chunnin med/vet nin)

Unlike her troublesome brother, I have a fully developed zanpakuto for her. However, should I model Kiba's zanpakuto to be 'similar' to Hana's? Specifically, I am considering both of them have scythes.

Hana's blade has slits that lets in blood (the weapon is semi-hollow(not monster hollow, just hollow... Regular definition of hollow. I'm not turning Hana into a vizard. I think.) and it filters through the shaft before gathering at the bottom, which can be unscewed. The blood then acts as a medicine. Slightly morbid, I know.

So should Kiba also have a scythe? I already think I have a name for Kiba - Bloodrunner, I'd fetch the translation but I'm short on time - but powers/appearance are really uncertain... And I am sorry for bothering you peeps, its just that my sis is absolutely no help at all, especially considering she's the one that got me into this mess...

3/8/2010 . Edited 3/8/2010 #5

Hmm. Not sure, Since they are siblings you'd think that their spirit may be similar in some way. I think having at least one, perhaps two, similarities between their Zanpakuto's isn't bad but have their overall 'element' or attacks different. An interesting ability for her, btw. I tried thinking of a way to have a Zanpakuto heal as well but it isn't working out at the moment but I'm still tweaking a few things; otherwise I'm almost finished.

Bloodrunner. Nifty. May I ask, where do you go to translate?

3/8/2010 #6
darkness of the blue moon

Nice. Maybe for Kiba you could give wind/force/strength based attacks and Hana's something else.

You could have a 'Wolf's Fang' hanging fron the hilt.

'Wolf's Fang' could be like a special ability for bankai -releasing Howling Moon- a whirlwind of blades designed to hack and slice?

3/9/2010 #7

Hm, yes, but's just so hard finding the right attacks for people like Kiba. I understand the theme, but... Oh well. It's not like Kiba gets a lot of storytime anyways. The bankai idea is good, but a little to similar to Temari's. I'm not sure if I'm giving Kiba bankai or not... On the otherhand, I have three kunoichi getting bankai, so I guess some of the guys should as well. Eh, it'll work out.

Another question - should I be generic with Kakashi and give him a lightning-based zanpakuto, or prod my imagination to find something else, like I did with Gaara (oh my gosh that took forever - but I'm very glad that he doesn't have a sand zanpakuto :) ?

And fbc, I usually use either google translate or, trying to find a translation that works on both cites.

And since you guys are so nice and helpful, I'll tell you Hana's zan name: Meimeijuu, Sacred Beast

3/9/2010 #8
darkness of the blue moon

Mmmmm, ya're right. Kiba themes.... well I guess his attacks are Akamaru based so *crazy idea sign, get ready to sweatdrop* why not use Akamaru as his zanpakuto? Saves a huuuuuge lot of trouble. Ha ha haaa

3/10/2010 #9

I can see Kiba having earth based attacks or even wind, as Moon has half suggested. The problem is Akamaru, and I had the same problem. Unfortunately, you're getting closer to the idea I have for Kiba's Zanpakuto but it's fine. I'm sure they'd end up different nonetheless, and I'm curious on what the end result will be. As for the Akamaru thing... that's where you're getting close because we both needed to think of a way to involve him into Kiba's weaponry abilities. What have you thought of for that? I've thought of an idea for him but... I don't wanna say what it is and you won't find out for a bit what it is in my story anyway, so... yeah. I made no sense just then. I guess my question is: how are you involving Akamaru with Kiba's skills?

Kakashi.... Kakashi... probably. Lightning is his element but even then I didn't really stick with the elements the ninja in mine have. I chose their Zanpakuto abilities based on how they look, fight, personality and former abilities... But, I think lightning suits Kakashi. I can see something with speed for his.

I like. :D Her Zanpakuto name that is. Can't wait to disclose mine too. :P And the rest of yours!

3/11/2010 #10

I'm not quite sure... Unfortunately... I've gotten as far as Kiba being depressed at having a partner closer than Akamaru... Yeah, I'm wonderful... Eh, I'll figure something out. If I can figure out Gaara (and NOT have be sand) I can figure out anyone.

Hmmmm.... After I finish ZAH (heh, who am I kidding, but hey, a kid's allowed to dream) should I write a fic about Konan becoming a shinigami on trying to find Yahiko and Nagato in the rukongai? Or I could try to be sneaky and interweave it into ZAH... Lol, a paper zanpakuto... That'll be interesting, giving konan a zan..

3/11/2010 . Edited 3/11/2010 #11
darkness of the blue moon

Konan's zanpakuto-I think it'd be along the lines of Zabimaru-ya know extendable, detachable and probably named summat like 'Roselia Papiere'. I kinda like the name though.

3/11/2010 #12

You can try to sneak that into RAH if you want, Yoshi, but she wouldn't be a shinigami, would she? Having it as an entirely different story... hmmm... it's possible. I can picture her dying and appearing in Rukongai and she ends up meeting Yahiko, who doesn't remember who she is but she remembers him and... yeah... can't remember where I was going with that. He could be a shinigami already or something.

Konan's Zanpakuto.... Zabimaru-y... hmmm... I can see that too. What language is 'Roselia Papiere', btw?

... and no one's actually answered my previous question yonks ago. *pouts*

3/15/2010 #13
darkness of the blue moon

I dunno. I just made it up randomly.XD

Anyways, which question do 'ya mean, FBC?

3/15/2010 #14

My question was about Zanpakuto spirits. It was the 2nd in this thread, excluding the very first one, and was after yours. It was before I tried answering your question, Moon.

Yoshi, how things going with your story?

3/17/2010 #15
darkness of the blue moon

I got no clue, FBC. If I did, then I'd be a happier person. T.T

3/18/2010 #16

My story! My story... Heheheh.... Um, I have a lot of work to do... Thanks for reminding me! (honestly, arigatou ^_^) And it's a fun chapter and I'm not writing it too... Bleh, I fail. I guess I'll read while I'm "sleeping" and in the morning I'll write. After my horrific sasuke oneshot, I've learned the lesson to always read before writing, to get my mind out of that panel-by-panel train of thought mentality... As it leads to very jagged writing.

Zanpakuto origins? Kubo told us nothing, save what we can garner from Zabimaru and Zangetsu.

(An interesting subject, one I wish would be elaborated on more. Not to mention, am I the only one that finds it 'mildly' curious that both Zabimaru and Zangetsu have two 'parts' to them?)

3/19/2010 #17
darkness of the blue moon

Now that 'cha mention it, yeah, they're kinda similar. Opinions on Gluttoneria?

3/20/2010 #18

I think that was spelled as Glotonería...

Personally, i think it looks yucky... When I first saw it, the first thing that came to mind was leech. Yuck! Though the hollow absorption is cool.

3/31/2010 #19
darkness of the blue moon

Mmmm, agreed. opinions on Nnoitra, then?

4/2/2010 #20

Its kinda cool... despite growing another set of arms... =.="That just bothers me.

His zanpak-to's kinda lame though. All it can do is speed up his healing process, and enhance his physical strength.

4/2/2010 #21
darkness of the blue moon

Agreed. The extra arms-kinda creepy. Remember the Arrancar Encyclopedia-where Gin wonders if Nnoitra can produce can openers? Lolz.

4/3/2010 #22

never saw that... But i can imagine Nnoitra using his teeth as can openers. XD

4/4/2010 #23
darkness of the blue moon

Ok, I get a pissed off, short haired chibi Nnoitra with sharp teeth trying to chew off a can's lid. Kinda creepily cute, ne?

4/8/2010 #24

*blows whistle* This is the Author's Cafe; a place to ask questions about the series. Can ya kinda, ya know, direct this (amusing) talk about Nnoitra (and his can-opening teeth XD) to the Bleach section perhaps?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

4/8/2010 #25
darkness of the blue moon

Sorry*rubs back of head sheepishly*

But you gotta admit that's cute(creepily), ne?

Can anyone give me particulars on Kazeshini?

4/11/2010 #26

Sorry here too~

Kazeshini: 1) He is very violent, enjoys slashing up his opponents and being prone to rampages. Loves to kill and hunt down his target until he kills him.

2)Theory from Kira: Kazeshini is the manifestation of Shuuhei's darker feelings.

3)Can be swung by its chains in large circles. Shuuhei usually uses them as projectiles and controls them, making Kazeshini's paths unpredictable.

4)The spirit of Kazeshini takes the form of a thin yet well-toned dark man with long black hair, resembling a shadow, with dark green strips of cloth wrapping around his lower body, arms, neck, and shoulders with matching boots similar to Nnoitra. The red outline around his body is also often seen to flicker.

hope that helps...

p.s: you can actually find loads of info on bleach here

4/11/2010 #27

I'd just like some feedback about ROT. This isn't really about the thing I 'screamed' about in the Scream Room but more that I'm just curious.

. Am I taking things too slowly? - since it's the start, I need to set things up before I time skip. The next chapter should contain a time skip so we're then getting underway.

. There isn't much romance in there at the moment (again because it's the start) and it arrives later on but not entirely for Sakura (a little, I guess, but probably (maybe, as I won't know until I've written it) no major kisses, ya know) but rather the others... because of this, this ROT may not contain as much romance as the other two following. I won't exactly know how much romance will be in this one until I've written it, so... I guess I'm asking whether or not I should change the genre. I think I should. Thoughts still?

. Am I portraying any of the characters incorrectly? Are they in character? Otherwise I'll keep writing them this way and it might be wrong, ya know? Feedback?

I'd really appreciate if you could help. Sorry it's asking a fair bit.

4/11/2010 #28

Well, most stories are usually slow in the beginning so don't worry too much about that. People are just too curious and want to know what'll happen.

Since it is the 1st story for you trilogy, it's natural for the story to be a bit more focused on the characters rather than the romance going on. Though you could throw in sweet/cute moments between pairings here and there. It'll get more drama in the story~

You're portraying the characters perfectly fine. Though you shouldn't really worry about how the character is portrayed since people will mostly like the contents rather than the characters itself.

Well, i guess that's all from me... And you don't need to apologize, you just wanted feedback~ ^.^

4/12/2010 #29
darkness of the blue moon

FBC, everything's fine.

The story rocks, it's just that readers are impatient to find out what's gonna happen.


I loved that little moment with Neji and Sakura, and that bit later with Gin and Sai. Not meaning anything, don't 'cha think Sakura'll go for Gin?

4/12/2010 #30
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