Are you starving for something good to read, or just hungry for something to write? Can your fic stand up in the hunger games of authors? two games; monthly one shot challenges and a quarter quell of multichapter fic contest. Are the odds in your favor?
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Rowena of Naxen

Anyway, back to Finnick/Annie...what do you think their son will be like?

9/11/2010 #61
Penelope Wendy Bing

A pretty normal kid.

9/11/2010 #62

I always imagined him the type of person who is everyone's friend. Kind of quiet, but never wants anyone to be left out. Always kind and thoughtful.

9/11/2010 #63
Penelope Wendy Bing

Yeah. That actually sounds just about right/

9/11/2010 #64
Emily Cha

i think he will be just like his father, but maybe a little quieter like annie

9/12/2010 #65
Rowena of Naxen

I want him to look *just like Finnick*. (Although Annie and Finnick look similar anyway, so I guess it could go either way :P)

I think he'll be consciensous (sp :P). Like, if other kids were making jokes about the Games, or people who were a little unstable, he'd be the one to step in and say "You're wrong, and here's why."

9/12/2010 #66

Aww, how cute. XD Yep, I agree with all of you. I kind of imagine him as being quite mature for his age too. :)

9/12/2010 #67
Penelope Wendy Bing

I like him already. Although it would be interesting to see how SuCo would write him.

9/13/2010 #68
Kate of Carlay

It woudd be neat.

9/14/2010 #69
Penelope Wendy Bing

But alas, we will never know. Le sigh.

9/14/2010 #70

Leaves more room for imagination for us fanfic writers though. :)

9/14/2010 #71
Penelope Wendy Bing

Meh. I'm not always a huge fan of going from nothing when it comes to fanfiction.

9/15/2010 #72
Rowena of Naxen

That's the most fun though! Going from nothing is how I end up writing love triangles that, when I tell my friend about them, she calls me insane and says it's strange!

(That happened during French class today *snort*)

9/17/2010 #73
Penelope Wendy Bing

Meh. I don't know. It's just not my thing. Even reading other people's interpretations of characters I just don't like. I'm an either total OC or established canon type of girl, myself.

9/17/2010 #74
Rowena of Naxen

I used to be, too.

...then I joined this other forum where bending canon is pretty much the norm in fic. Like, expanding on minor characters/writing about their motives/having the main characters do AU things or things that aren't quite AU but aren't quite canon. It has a pretty well-developed fanon to work off of :D

(Then again, those universes lends themselves to that more than THG do. There are overlapping series and characters, and dozens more minor characters, and it's third person so you can always go the "it wasn't in the book, that doesn't mean it didn't happen" route, whereas in THG if, say, Katniss had a crush on Haymitch - well one, she wouldn't know, 'cause it's *Kantiss* - but she'd probably but that in her thoughts, since it's stream-of-conciousness and all.)

Just out of curiosity, how far in the future are you setting your epilouges? 5, 10, 15 years after the end of MJ? 100? (Actually, that would be pretty cool.) Any idea how long after it the actual epilouge was?

9/19/2010 #75

There's a good (at least in my opinion) Annie/Finnick story called "Last Candle in the Dark" by Astoria Potter, I think. It jumps around from present to past to even futher past quite a lot, but once you get the hang of it, it's very good.

Has anyone heard the song, 'Just a Dream' by Carrie Underwood? It reminds me of Annie in Mockingjay.

9/19/2010 #76
Penelope Wendy Bing

Rowena- Is it...Chronicles of Chrestomanci? *guesses, probably fails*

Obiwan- Yes indeed. My choir sang that last year. I guess it does kind of fit... I never thought about that.

9/19/2010 #77

*immediately goes to find Last Candle in the Dark* I actually don't think I've read that one yet :O Thanks Obiwan!

Pen - I think Rowena's talking about a Tamora Pierce series? That's my guess. XD Is the Chronicles of Chrestomanci by Dianne Wynne Jones?

9/19/2010 #78
Penelope Wendy Bing

Oh, porbably. And yes, it is. Have you read them/some of them?

9/20/2010 #79
Kate of Carlay

Yeah it tamorea pierce, and that series is perfect for fan fiction. I wrote a three part series off of an oc that was really popular.

Just a dreram was so sad but F/A is perfect shipping for that song.

9/20/2010 #80
Penelope Wendy Bing

Now I'll need to make a mental F/A music video every time I listen to that song...

9/20/2010 #81

Pen - yeah, I read a few books in the Chrestomanci series a while ago. They were quite enjoyable. :)

9/21/2010 #82
Penelope Wendy Bing

I've read the first two, and really must get around to reading the third.

9/21/2010 #83

Well. I just HAD to join book club. Guess who has to read 15 books by the end of October?

This gal.

I realize this had nothing to do with the previous posts. So, no, I have not read the books of which you speak of.

9/21/2010 . Edited 9/21/2010 #84
Penelope Wendy Bing

I remember when I had time to read. It was lovely...

9/21/2010 #85

Twas indeed... D:

9/22/2010 #86
Penelope Wendy Bing

I even had time to reread things. Oh, it was lovely.

9/22/2010 #87

You may think it's weird, but I hate reading because I just get so stressed over it. Hunger Games was one of the only things I could read and actually enjoy. No worrying over whether or not it's well-written enough, no fighting with myself over the morals and motives of the characters (it's pretty black and white in my opinion, though MJ ventures into grey territories), just pure enjoyment. Along with Harry Potter and (when I was younger) Warrior Cats. And FanFiction. And now Hunger Games is over...

9/23/2010 #88
Penelope Wendy Bing

Wow. I'm sorry to hear that. That's too bad. :/

9/23/2010 #89
Kate of Carlay

Oh I know that feeling of turmoil when it comes to reading, but then I love being able to worry someone else's life instead of mine for a while.

By any chance do you read Kate Chopin Obi?

10/7/2010 #90
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