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Is Ashley alive in season 3?!? I've heard rumors about it, does anyone have an answer that they can back up??

Please feel free to post anything related to if Ashley is alive in season 3. Please! Please! Please!

3/10/2011 #1
Surreal Squirrel

I HOPE SO! Well, Amanda Tapping said that they HAD a story-arch to bring her back in this season, but it would've have done Ashley (or Emilie) justice, so they did a second one.

I like the idea of her being in Hollow Earth. (Because after all, Hyde was in Hollow Earth, and --if I remember correctly, it was sort of confusing-- they saved him. Maybe that happened to Ashley, too.)

They might bring her back in Season 4, but unless they totally lied whenever anyone asked, Ashley isn't coming back this season.

However, recently there were spoilers for the next episode released, and apparently someone who we all thought was dead comes back.

It's not: Druitt (he's alive)

Nikola (he's alive)

Nigel (well...maybe....but probably not)

James (because it wouldn't make sense)

or Ashley.

So, it's probably Helen's father, Gregory. (I know, very disappointing.)

3/11/2011 #2

Yes, I guess we'll have to wait and see, do you know when it's coming out?

3/11/2011 #3
Surreal Squirrel

Season four? No, but maybe sometime in the fall? I think it's coming back this season around April...

3/13/2011 #4

Personally, I heard rumors that they were going to bring Ashley back in season 3, and when I read the spoilers on the last episode of season 3 saying that someone they thought was dead was not actually dead, I was counting on Ashley.

Turns out it was Adam Worth.

Man, and I was so hoping that they'd fnd a way to bring Emilie Ullerup back to play Ashley Magnus! I miss her!

That and personally I wish that Helen would forgive John Druitt. They make the perfect couple! I mean come on, he loves her! It was the energy creature inside him making him do all that stuff, and it's not his fault! That and the energy creature makes it so that he doesn't think properly! I wish they'd find a way to get rid of the energy creature and then get him back to normal. I love his character! Plus, Druitt would make an excellent addition to the Sanctuary team, what with his teleporting abilities and all. I think if only they found a way to get rid of the energy creature then Magnus would be able to stand him. Hopefully they'll make it so that she falls back in love with him next season...

I am so glad that Nikola Tesla is back to being a vampire! I loved the days when he was a vampire! That and he got to keep his magnetic abilities which I also love. Yeah! He got the best of both worlds.

Pity, though, that Afina turned him down. She really scorned him. If only she had turned out humble and better then maybe Tesla would stop trying to romantically impress Helen.


We'll see what season 4 holds now that Helen has gone back in time. They have to get her back.

That and they need to bring Ashley back. It will help improve the ratings. The ratings dropped when she left the show. It's easy to understand why. She was such a wonderful character!


6/24/2011 #5
Misery Loves Sarah

I agree with just about everything you said. Ashley needs to come back, Helen needs to forgive Druitt, and they do make the best couple. LOL.

7/5/2011 #6
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