Deokman & Yushin, Bidam or Alcheon
Hey there Queen Seon duk fans! Feel free to choose which guy is perfect for her! Pick one of the topics of your favorite couple!
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Glittering Turquoise

Hey there guys! If you're a really big fan of this couple, let me know because I'm a huge fan of this couple for real. Even I think Deokman like him more than Yushin. ^_-

2/22/2010 #1

I love Bidam and Deokman together!! :D

They are my fav. couple .. :)

4/12/2010 #2
Bidam's actions are so adorable>< throughout the show, so far, I can't decide whether or not bidam and deokman are the number one couple in the show. Why does he have to act so much like his mother(sometimes).
7/13/2010 #3
Glittering Turquoise

Well...I guess he got the attitude from her. -_-

7/13/2010 #4

my mom and i finally finished the drama and the ending is so sad:( i'm not as mad at bidam any more cause it was all a misunderstanding. thank god! he really loves her and she really loved him:( it's all scarface's fault. he keeps ruining their relationship. i think he might be my least favourite character.

7/16/2010 #5
Glittering Turquoise

Who's Scarface? 0.0

7/21/2010 #6
Glittering Turquoise

Hi! Remember my Queen Seon Deok story "I remember you"? Here is the song I've chosen:

YouTube - Remember You - NM feat. julie

1/24/2011 #7

i think Bidam and Deokman are an OTP. they're both not too bad-looking either. their characters are thought-provoking and very moving. not to mention, their love for each other is what legends are made of...

9/15/2011 #8
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