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any captains/ section leaders with sections that whine way too much. I am captain of the flute section and had a freshman go balistic at one of our games and started breathing heavy and screaming that she didn't feel good. She was shaking and our drum major carried her back to the band room. She is mad at me and claims i gave her a panic attack by telling her to fix her horn angle. WOW! She said shes tired of me yelling at her to fix it. I told her if she fixed it i wouldnt have to keep telling her to. We have a huge fight going on in our section and we are pretty much split. Freshman V. vets with the exception of one freshman on my side. Im tired of them whining

11/12/2008 #1

I kind of have a similar problem...well, kind of the opposite.

I am flute section leader (as a freshman) and all of them are freshmen, too, except for one sophomore. Actually, the sophomore is the only one who cares when I say anything. None of them listen. Basically, they will do the opposite of anything I tell them. I say don't forget the visual (which they never do), they omit it on purpose. I say keep your horn up, they droop on purpose.

I know what you mean about a split section. It's usually me, one of my friends, and the sophomore against everybody else.

11/12/2008 #2

We have 7 new freshman and they are all pretty good, except for our freshman tenor sax who always complains that its too hot or that his instrument is too heavy. I want to tell him that its too bad because if you wanted a lighter instrument you should of played the flute!!! No offense to any flute players!!!

9/5/2009 #3
In my experience, it's just Rookies in general, no offense to ALL rookies, but they're mainly the ones who aren't used to anything and THINK they're amazing when they're so not.----- But, I'm a Sophomore we naturally hate Freshmen [:P]
5/8/2010 #4

So agreed!!!!!!!! Sophmore's rock. Not as cool as juniors though. :)

5/9/2010 #5
Juniors start rocking in July :P
5/10/2010 #6

Very true. 16 more days of school........

5/11/2010 #7
Bleh. Haha.
5/12/2010 #8

Can't wait. Summer, a week of relaxing and then the real fun begins. :) Theater rehearsals start on June 6th I think. :)

5/13/2010 #9
What are theater rehearsals?
5/13/2010 #10

I do my counties drama program and we have rehearsals for the summer musical.

5/17/2010 #11
genderless-but straight

i think i have a complete opposite problem, i'm the flute section leader and my flutes listen to me really well i'm just way too scared that i'm gonna mess something up.

i think i'm just paranoid that the three none freshman/new members of my section will feel the need to complain about me being section leader ):

8/5/2010 #12

I'm a Trombone Sophomore and our section leader and I was asked by one of our fish "If we were going to be outside" during marching band practice one morning. Our section leader gave him the funniest look and I slapped him on the back of the neck.

9/1/2013 #13

All of our first years (because lets face it, freshmen are bad, but senior first years suck more) suck, but this last ear we had a senior join who whinned because she didn't get a solo and she should have because she was a senior. I just looked at her and wanted to say 'Remember how you dance like a robot...?' Yup, Im colorguard.

2/21 #14
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