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Hermione Vader
Who has ever fallen over during a marching show? I have, though it was only at a home football game, not a competition, but I trip when some stepped on my foot at a comp the next day. Do you have hilarious stories? Embarrassing ones? Come on, share them. They're just secrets between band geeks, right? (*shifty eyes*)
2/1/2006 #1
E. L. Lockhart
I have a good one (I guess). My high school band was coming back from a football game and a percussionist somehow got his head stuck under the bus seat. I have no clue how, but he got /really/ stuck. The band director had to come back and pry his head out. *snicker* Then one time during practice, it was really windy, and every time our color guard would toss their flags up they'd go flying off in one direction about ten to twenty feet. Well, our band director was looking at the chart book and got beaned on the side of the head. He wasn't hurt or anything, which makes it all the more funny.
2/1/2006 #2
The Pirate Illusionist
Hehe....I got a few. I was putting my music on my lyre at a football game. (I play the baritone but at that time I had one made for marching instead of the one I use now.) We were playing the Hey Song or something and it fell apart. I shouted 'My lyre broke!'. The junior in front of me turns around and goes 'Your water broke?!'. I have never lived that down since. One time during practice, our director told us to go into our sections and talk about how we could make the field show better. The trumpets were sitting down on the grass and talking. Soon, the band director told us to go to our sets. All we see is the one trumpet player standing up and hopping to his set. Supposedly, he told another trumpet player to tie his shoes together so he did. The band director came out and put the kid over his shoulder and carried him over to the sidelines. The bell player sat there untying the kid's shoes for about an hour. This year during band camp, we were inside sitting there playing. On of the trumpeters asked for a pencil from the bell player. She said she had one and she told everyone to close their eyes. She chucked the pencil and it hit the light. It bounced off of it and stuck in the ceiling. It's been there since then and now a penny is up on the light right by it when one of the drummers flipped it up there. Ack...sorry that is so long. :-P
2/2/2006 #3
Um... once, at a competition, my brother was running to a set and he fell down and rolled in the mud. It was great. Then, the next year, at the SAME COMPETITION, my friend Raleigh was dancing during a percussion feature and he fell... and it was muddy... like always... Another one: At EAC Band Day (very important... more so than State...) we were marching and my brother dropped his mouthpiece on the field (he plays tenor saxophone) and he had to wait our the whole second movement to go get it during the scatter drill. I was supposed to be by him and I saw him running off in a different direction and I was all "What the hell? Kyle, what are you doing?" This past year, at EAC Band Day, my trumpet friend lost his mouthpiece, too, and he had to wait for the scatter drill to go get it... it seems that every year, no matter what, at EAC Band Day, SOMEONE loses a mouthpiece. At Cienaga, one of the more important pads on my alto sax fell off, and I was all sad... they had to let me borrow another one from the school. Then after we finished, I had to give it back and I didn't want to, since it was so shiny and pretty. Anyways, that's my *counts* nickel...
2/6/2006 #4
Hermione Vader
In my first two years of high school, I would fall asleep in concert band (even when I was first chair trombone) and sometimes the band director would notice and he would tell me to wake up and the whole band would look at me; I always felt embarrassed. Last year, our band won first place at a competition and when everyone got all euphoric and started running towards the drum majors, we ran towards the wrong band's drum majors!
2/6/2006 . Edited 1/23/2007 #5
I think our high school's most embarrassing story was the Drum Captain (he was a snare) had accidentally dropped his stick, well, he was right next to the tenors and the tenors didn't see the stick and tripped over it. The Bass line couln't see them fall and collapsed against the tenors and then the snare line was tropped. Sadly, the whole drumline was right in line with the band and once the snares tripped, it caused a domino reactin with the whole band (They were in a spiral) and can just imagine from there. Then, while we were practicing, I was marching backwards into the closing set of our opening song and I was supposed to go into this curved arch. Well, I kept on undershooting and missing my spot and finally I just got so frustrated that I overshot. Problem was...I went back too fast and by the time I had to stop I lost my balance and fell backwards on my back completely. It was embarrassing because the whole band saw it!
2/6/2006 #6
oh my goodness, there was a time when we were performing our show for all the parents and i fell twice while the tenors were coming toward me and i was so terrified. then someone just pulled me up by who knows what and i got back into it. but it was still embarassing because i knew all the parents saw me fall and must have been thinking what kind of band is this. but after that i never fell again, so here to all the clutzes in the bands!! :]
2/6/2006 #7
Fallen, no. But I have, ah, dropped a shaker and had a gummy bear melt to my xylophone. So much fun!
2/14/2006 #8
Goomba Fortress
lol get this... we were just at a home game and we were marching onto the field and someones plume fell OFF their hat... and after the show mr herndon sprints onto the firled to get it before the football team smashed it... it was comical... we have it on tape too ;) Okay, it was spirit week for courtwarming and that day was hat day. I had on a really crazy hat that looked like the dr seuss hat was put through a shredder... my stand partner was like "wear that till he says something" and so he steps on the podium and the first person he sees is me (i sit right dead center of the band) and he smiles and says "that is the best hat ive seen in three years" all me and my stand partner could do at that moment. heres the convo... "you do realize that hat will create problems for the saxes right?" "yes i understand that" "it will be in the way of like the whole band" "yes i know" "sam, take it off" someone, i dont know who it was has a picture of that.... band day at carolton... me and my friend chrystal went to the general store and got a can of silly string and got our band director with it.. he confiscated it needless to say. Our french horns have a bad habit of not oiling their valves... and the band director was talking about the crappy french horns we have and he was like "yeah we have a horn that is so coroded that the slides will NOT come out and we can only see half the valve from up the horn... its a POS" yeah he said that when administrators were in there assessing wether he should come back next year or not... it was bad... freshmen year... dear god. we were in marching season and we were working on our first number and had just learned the sets. I got caught up trying to tell someone where they were supossed to be and a base drum comes up form behind me and whacks me in the shoulder... i havent lived that down yet
2/21/2006 #9
The Pirate Illusionist
One time while we were in the middle of a field show one of the slides on a trumpet fell out and got stuck in the mud. I think the trumpet player marched a lot of the field show without it. Another time, my brother lost his shoe during practice and he marched without it and the drum major started to laugh so hard.
2/21/2006 #10
Goomba Fortress
Lol we were practicing parade marching on the track for the halloween parade and my shoe (high top cons at the time) was comming undone. so i flipped it up between my jacket and my arm and marched the rest of the time without a shoe... i had an orange sock afterwards and i was not a happy camper
2/21/2006 #11
Well, I've got a few or so stories to tell. One time, ON THE NIGHT OF THE HOMECOMING GAME, we had these things called Diamond Cutters in two steps. Apparently, the clarinet that was taking my spot in each two steps thought I wasn't going fast enough, so I GOT RAN OVER. Thankfully, we finished the show without a hitch. This also happened at our last home game. In practice, no one wrote down their drills on their music for about a third of Porgy and Bess(we had an opera show). Our drill instructor yelled at us for not knowing our drills. This year at Homecoming, I was in the Parade with the float, instead of with the band. The band was a half an hour late, which really ticked off everyone. And, this is the best one of all because it's kind of perverted. Someone stuck a condom on the joystick of the cherry picker during Band Camp. We all know who did it, it was someone in Pit. But our drill instructor threatened to have us all run laps around the tennis courts if that happened again. And, to top it all off, my friend, now boyfriend in percussion said he'd pull the same thing next year, only put lotion in it. I threatened to disown him for a day, which made him all sad.
2/24/2006 #12
Goomba Fortress
Oh my word. thats amazing... We have a gum board in our band room, for people that come into class with gum, once its filled up, we can get it laminated. My friend, our freshmen year put chewed up totsie roll on there and everyone thought it was poo. Our section leaders nickname is Hitler Hank, he is a flautist... nuff said
2/24/2006 #13
My disaster is neither as good nor as funny as the ones presented here, but I'll try. I'm in pit and I play the xylophone. We were playing a song that had a percussion feature, and we had to use microphones on the xyl. and the marimba. At one of the contests, my microphone cord was slightly tangled in the wheel of my xylophone. My band director made me move my xylophone, and the cord got hopelessly tangled in the wheel. It took myself and a prop buster to untangle it. And we had to do it while the band was marching on the field...not good!
2/25/2006 #14
Bressa W
you know what, i have one. okay, so i was marching in our show, which was basically entirely back march and sliding, and we had big props. well, one of the props was set wrong, like, really, really, wrong, and i tripped over it. if i didn't have a neckstrap, i would've dropped my instrument. our band director should be ashamed of this, but he probably isn't: at band camp, we had spagetti and really band garlic bread one night (i ate lots of it) and apparently, it wasn't settling well in his stomach. all through the rehearsal, he was belching into the microphone, which projected it across the field, and to us little marching dudes not on the cool platform-thing it felt like god was belching at us. it really didn't help when he would say stuff like, "that one was really garlic-y." i tried not to laugh but i failed miserably.
3/12/2006 #15
This isn't really a marching band story, but I don't think Bressa was here for this and she needs to know. (If you were, oh well) The other day in band, my section leader was messing around with her flute. The assistant director, as well as the other flutes, were looking at her like "W**?" Well, all of a sudden, she and the flute next to her start laughing. As it turned out, one of her pads fell off. She continued to play and another one fell off! That kind of reminds me of when a girl in our band was directing us while Mc was doing something or another in his office. "Alright flutes," she said. "I want this light... Like a gazelle." The flutes, of course, couldn't play because she kind of lept into the air when she said this. I also remember a clarinet player in the band shouting "Mc wears a black thong!" while we were supposed to be playing. Mc looked at her (again the W**? look) and none of us could play. And who can forget... Ooops... I forgot...
3/12/2006 #16
Alright so it was the last practice before our last show of my sophmore year. In this show, in the third movement the baritones and I (tenor saxplayer) do thiswrap around turn thing (going backwards and then turning the left foot around your body so it makes you go 90 degrees in the other direction). We had practiced the move a thousand times and now it was flawless.The only thing we didn't account for was the mud...the huge 3 foot pile of it right under my next dot. I notice it a hair to late to do anything about and when i wrap my fot around it slids backwards and i fall to the mud. It wasn't too bad only my legs and bottom of my sax got mud on them. Although I did happen to make a miraclus 5 second recovery of hopping back up and getting back in line before it was too late. But it was uber embarrassing to be wiping mud off while marching back in block.
3/13/2006 #17
Attiqah Gensui
Once my band was in this hotel for a competition, when it was time to go, everyone had their uniform and band shoes on and was bringing in their instruments. I was telling my friend how i was walking across this slippery floor and slid and everyone was laughing till this tenor sax gut told us that he was holding his saxophone in the marchig position when he slipped and fell flat on his back with his sax in the air
3/25/2006 #18
I know what you mean. During many of our band classes it seems that the flautist and the clarinetist have to have a giggle fest. Really enough of one to start having asthma attacks. That was priceless. Hmm.. I have a story.. So there I was.. being the innocent little freshman trombonist that I was trying to find my set. Well we couldn't find it and everyone else was waiting on us so our band director got on to us. Of course I didn't take the blame, I couldn't even read the drill chart. But he tried to blame on us (freshmen) so I growled at him. Yup.. I growled at him. Then this other time. One of my friends in the percussion section and I were having this 'conversation' with noises like rawriasdf and gurgaleksal. Basically just randomn noises. Band directors can give some of the weirdest faces. Then during our band trip to the bahamas this year me and that same friend were waving our arms about and pretending to be the water. Yeah.. Again how many wierd looks can you get. Another time during class the flute section leader, who by the way is a senior, put one of those blinky rings in her mouth. This time though the band director took a while to notice. But when he did he looked at her and we all laughed. During lunch we have a habit of sitting with each other and one day we were clapping because the lunch lady gave us free food. It took as a while to notice that we have this habit of clapping in time. Anyway that's all i have for now..
5/3/2006 #19
Frost Hobbit
Here's one of my stories: My section leader and her sister, who's also in our section, picked me up for a sectional at the other section leader's house. As we were driving along, our section leader saw this guy riding a bike who looked like someone in our section. She was like, "Is that (insert name here)?" (I won't use names to protect the innocent.) So anyway, she did this crazy turn in front of a police officer, who gave her a weird look, and started following the guy. Once we had followed him into a resturant parking lot, her sister said, "Wait! That's not him! Let's pretend we were ging to the resturant all along..." So we pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the section leader's house. By this time we were like fifteen muntues late for the sectional, so when we got there, we said it was not our fault, it was the guy who we thought we'd seen's fault. Then once we were at the section leader's house for lunch, and she has a pool. It was like 99 degrees, but none of us had our swimsuits. So we just jumped in the pool with our clothes on. When we got back after lunch this percusionist was like, "Why do you guys look all wet?"
8/6/2006 #20
For my director's birthday (this took place during my junior year), we managed to steal his address book and call his mom. She sent us a few pictures of him. Imagine his suprise when he came into the band room and found pictures of him when he was a baby. His n***-baby-butt pictures as we called them. He was understandably upset when a trombone player wanted to know why his butt wasn't cute like it was 40 years ago. That same year we went to New York City for our band trip. My friends and I ended up getting the room that was right next door to the director and his family. The first night my friend spent the entire night kicking the wall in the bathroom - she was talking on the phone in the tub (I don't know why!). The second night, the other two girls made some very eh... not nice comments about the director. The third night we spent talking about feminine problems. Imagine our suprise when one of the director's two boys began telling everyone what they were learning about at night. Thank goodness the director never figured it out. My senior year we crept over the his house around eleven o'clock one night. It was the night before the biggest game of the year. (We had called the police station before hand so that we wouldn't get in trouble.) Anyways, we played the two fight songs and the hey song on his front lawn. He threatened to turn the sprinklers on us because we were out of tune. I happen to live in the same neighborhood as him. One day I was out walking around when I walked by his house. He was mowing the lawn in bright red swim trunks. I still laugh whenever I picture it. The assistant director was lucky. We never picked on him. ~A
9/13/2006 #21
Hermione Vader
Sunniedaysmiles, those stories are priceless. Freshman year, on a trip when we had to take tour buses, we all got in and the band director who was riding on our bus turned on the bus's microphone. When he began talking, he added "Diddy" to his last name and started talking "gangsta." It was great.
9/14/2006 #22
We did so much to Mr. Folsom. I think the reason he has gray hair is because of my class. We were the smallest class, but we made it our goal to be the most memorable. Mr. F was yelling at us one day about how easy it is to back march. We asked him to show us one last time. (This was the very first practice of my freshman year.) He sighed, turned around, began back marching, and... stepped into a hole and had to flail his arms around in a very comic way to keep his balance. We all began giggling and he had to admit defeat. Golly I miss band. I should go back and visit. My college doesn't have a band yet... ~A
9/14/2006 #23
Captain LeBubbles
I have one! During our 1st game last year, in the first move, I tripped on a shoelace and fell. With a sousaphone. Backwards. In the front line. I still haven't lived -that- one down. Our trombone player of past years ((he's graduated now)) had a bad habit of falling asleep in class, and one day Mr. Mitchell randomly stops conducting and starts looking at him. Eventually he realized the entire class was looking at him and woke up. This ones a little gross... One of our majorettes got sick during practise last year and threw up on the field. The majorette behind her didn't realize it until... well until it was too late. Every one was all, "That's dedication," But she had to go wash her foot off because everyone marched barefooted. During band camp this year, we got into small groups to practise fundamentals, and our drum major had my group. He called out 'right flank hut,' and everybody went off in four different directions. It took us about five minutes to get everyone back. And from the days of our ex-ex-band director... One of our saxophone players was gay. One day while the director was trying to get him to toung fast enough for the song we were playing (in the Mood, I think) he told him he couldn't get his tounge to move fast enough, so the director told him to get a boyfriend. That's all I've got for now.
9/24/2006 #24
Does being run over by the idiot drummers count as falling? in that case...yes...XD the sad part was it was in the middle of the memorial day french horn got all dented :(
11/8/2006 #25
Okay.. so here I am yet again.. with fresh new stories from our final competition.. State Quarterfinals.. So our quarterfinals were last last weekend.. and it had been raining for about a week straight prior to the comp.... it was a muddy field.. the worst i've ever seen in my life.. and it was horrible... i almost fell walking on the field.. anyway.. we had some good some bad moments and some hilarious ones.. the best was my best friend.. the horn player... anyway we were marching backwards just before the biggest hit in the opener and all of the sudden she fell.. and popped back up.. but the best part wasn't until we watched the video.. she fell at the perfect timing right with the first note of the hit... it was so funny we watched over and over in band class.. phew.. anyway lets just say that it was a good show.. we were only .o8 from getting eigth which we need to qualify for semis.. kinda very sad cuz we've worked hard.. but i'll always remember that spectacular fall... pheww.. Cody
11/8/2006 #26
We were at an out of town game once, and it was really windy... It just so happens a color guards' rifle (or flag, I'm not entirely sure) had blown out of it's spot (again, I don't know how something that heavy could have gone 6 feet, but I'm just posting what I know). So anyway, I was taking these huge steps backwards, and my foot caught on just the right spot on the back of that flag. I fell over, and so did the rest of the flutes. The trumpets never let us live that one down... We never let the flags live it down... Hahaha!
11/18/2006 #27
Frost Hobbit
One time it was really windy, and the bass drum in the pit started blowing away! It was really funny.
1/1/2007 #28
I got eaten by a setpiece.
1/23/2007 #29
Hermione Vader
I don't think that's ever happened in our band. Last year, at band camp, one freshman trumpet was wearing really baggy pants with shorts underneath. We were practicing our opener (which we'd just finished learning), and in the middle of it, the kid's pants fell down, but he just kept marching. One of the band dads got it on tape. That kid got an award at the marching band banquet. We still talk about sometimes.
1/23/2007 #30
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