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Okay, I'm just putting this in for stories about new Band Directors coming in during your high school years. Here's mine: I came in to the peak of the Miles Era, as I now call it, where the sophomores gave him h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Needless to say, I hated the guy. Everyone did. Sophomore year came along, and I hated him more, but I began to respect why he yelled a tiny bit. Junior year, and he became absolutely no fun, PIPING IN MUSIC DURING FOOTBALL GAMES and all that. However, I understood at the end of that year how he worked. Now I'm a senior (I first posted on this forum when I was a late-sophomore, I think), and Miles left the band during the first week of band camp. On the first day of school, about four weeks later, we find out that he had "retired", which most kids believed meant "he got sacked". I then met our new director, Mr. Boren, who is MUCH more fun. He let us play in the stands, let us be more active in the band, even encouraged former band members to rejoin band! Now, in the era of the "Boren Supremacy", as my dad named it, I'm enjoying band much more with a new director. Any thoughts?
9/10/2007 #1
Ris Fallon
I've experienced that Not in a school band, but in my marching band It's not affiliated with the school system But yea, we got a new teacher And new major and all that jazz And they started running it like a military facility I mean, yea, sometimes we goof off too much But we're pre-teens to teens, we have a right I think some people don't get That those kinda things are for fun It's not like, our career or something
11/21/2007 #2
i've experienced getting a new band director...actually...we had two...well heres my story... back in 7th grade we had a fairly old band director...then he anounnced he wasnt going to be here next year...but he would return for his last year after that.... during my first band camp (summer of starting 8th grade) we had an awsome band our last football game, however, some band members got into an arguement and then he left half way through the year... after band season...we got another new band director who was very nice...he became our band director till my 2nd year of marching we have our original band director back... thats it for my yea...i went through having an original band director then getting two new ones then getting the old one year i cant wait for though... ~*animemusicdemon*~
1/9/2008 #3
I've experienced like three new band directors, well given that two were during my older sister's years in the unit... the first one...he was great. arranged the music, wrote the drill and practically did everything...he quit the year before i was going to join...the second...he was my eighth grade science and homeroom teacher, he was ok, even lead the unit to win champs, but soon quit afterwards...ah the third...its like safe to say that everyone in my band HATES him, he just isn't like what were used to...granted i've really only been under his direction, but i did see how the first one was, and he is an AWESOME concert/symphonic band director...i'd rather have him back
3/9/2008 #4
Each of my middle school years, I had a different band director. My first is actually my current director (he took a job at the high school), my 2nd director.... left. I think he was having troubles with his wife or some such thing. My 3rd now works at a rival school.... We're better. XD
5/8/2010 #5
genderless-but straight

i've had so many band directors and i've realized which ones are needed to be a good band.

my Freshman year we had three band directors, the head one, the second in command one(i guess) and the new third band one,

they were all good, the first one was usually serious but was a good band director, that year was his last. that same year was the newest ones last year also, he was always fun but sometimes could get really serious. the second one has been the band director there since forever. like seriously there are old band photos from YEARS ago and he's in like almost all of them, and he doesn't even look that old now!!

anyway, my Sophmore year we got only one new band director. i live in texas and the new guy was from way up north, so he had a real thick accent. He was never really fun and mean in a lot of ways. I was in Color Guard in this year and i would get so confused on the feild when ever he said "go ahead" to the drum majors cause it sounded like "guard". any way he didn't stay long, during concert season he stormed out of the school right before the topband went to play in the concert because someone came dressed up as a ninja.

For my Junior and now Senior year we got a new director, he's the biggest nerd i've ever met but he's a bunch of fun. he's made my band so much better since he's been here.

8/5/2010 #6

I feel you all. I had a new director each year of middle school. First onewas awesome. Taught me to play Baritone. Excellent director. Then I moved. My second band director was horrible. (And a perv, but let's not go into that.) yelled at everyone. The entire high school and middle school hated him. He made us lose over half or marching band. From round 80-85 to 30-40 members. Third one is awesome. He got our marching numbers back up slightly. He doesn't yell as often. I'm now in freshman year and loving it.

4/11/2015 #7
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