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Der Kaiser Mikey III


NICKNAME: Donnerstag


APPEARANCE:Christoph Waltz, usually wears Prussian cavalry officers dress uniform


PERSONALITY:Greedy, cold, and rather nasty tempered, he has a love for all things extravagant.

FACTS/IMPORTANT INFO:He is not one to be crossed, and he carries a cane sword with the handle of a charging wolf, much like Gorger's

BACKGROUND:He is the Ringmaster and owner of a traveling circus form Eastern Europe.

8/13/2011 #91

NAME: Alexandreina


AGE: 32

APPEARANCE: Brown shoulder length hair, dark blue eyes. When she is not performing she sticks with simple coloured long dresses, wearing her corset underneath and her hair in ringlets. While on stage she goes with a short dress that is jewelled and a corset over the top to match, stockings with black heeled boots.


PERSONALITY: She's a strong minded woman and is very well respected amongst the other acts in the circus. She can be a tad arrogant at times, but that's only in front of the crowd. Otherwise, she prefers to sit back and profile a lot of the people she meets and takes a very calm attitude towards most things.

FACTS/IMPORTANT INFO: Whilst usually she prefers to stay well away from Auguste and his bad moods, she has her odd moments of attempting to calm him down (barely doing any good at all), she cares a lot about him and will take much of what he throws at her without shouting back. She works as a dancer as well as an assistant to one of the other acts,

BACKGROUND: She has been part of Auguste's travelling circus ever since she was sixteen years old.

8/14/2011 #92
Mana Moitie
Name - Tristess Niniane (Trist-tess Nin-e-ane)

Age - 23

Gender - Male

Occupation - Pirate Captain

Appearance - Tristess is a young man with unkept, rather long, dark brown hair and light grey-blue eyes. His years at sea have made him strong, but despite being under constant and harsh sunlight and wind, his skin remains pale and rather soft. He usually wears a white shirt with either a black vest [ or his black coat that flows to his ankles [ He wears black trousers and lace-up, knee-high black boots, and carries his sword with him wherever he goes for protection he claims. Tristess loves roses and is often seen wearing them which more then often becomes the object of his crew's hatred. He smells of the ocean and roses.

Personality - Despite being a pirate, Tristess is not a heavy drinker, and rarely gets drunk or is drunk. Tristess is very down to earth and very aware of what is going on around him although he can sometimes seem wacky and insane. He likes to hold books like he's reading them, and he can't understand a word written on the pages, but he is by no means dumb. Tristess is very cleaver, witty, and manipulating, once managing to talk his way out of getting mutinied and convincing the crew to throw the master-mind behind the mutiny over board. He is a helpless romantic, and won't even think about touching any of the hookers that try to call him when his ship makes port. He has never had to hit a woman, nor does he plan on hitting one, but he has punched a woman's husband when the man tried to strangle him. Tristess detests violence that requires him to physically hit someone, but has no problem with slashing someone with his sword if needed.

Nationality - English, grew up in France.

Height - 5'5"

Bio - Tristess was born in England, spending two years after his birth there before his mother moved to France to escape her abusive and drunk husband. Tristess grew up in France, learning how to speak English and French, before he turned sixteen and was supposed to get married as his mother had arranged. Finding the idea of being married to a woman he hardly knew a terrible idea, he ran away, managing to get all the way to Whales by stowing away on a pirate ship. When he was discovered by the Captain, Tristess was taken under the Captain's wing, eventually becoming First Mate, then Captain. Soon after becoming Captain, Tristess was almost left on an island, but was able to talk his way out of it, not being so lucky the second time the crew turned on him. Managing to get aboard a ship headed for London, Tristess is currently in London, trying to find a ship.

Facts/Important Info - Tristess often talks about how he's always being accused of being what he's not; having almost been drowned and burnt to death for being a witch on two separate occasions, nearly being exorcized for being a vampire, and having been attacked by a drunk woman who accused him of stealing her husband, but he has never being accused of being a pirate, a murderer, or a thief. Tristess is fluent in English and French, but knows a little Spanish and German from his travels. He is an excellent swordsman.

8/15/2011 #93
Der Kaiser Mikey III

(Perhaps he should talk to Captain Gorger)

8/17/2011 #94

Name: Cassandra Aliona Levine

Age: 21

Nickname: Aliona

Occupation: 'First Mate' Pirate

Nationality: Italian

History: Cassandra was born in Rome, Italy to two pirate parents. Her father was a Captain of his own ship and travelled all around Europe. She grew up on board her father's ship and up until she turned 14 she trained with the son of her father's first mate they were best friends and absolutely inseparable. But he left the ship the second they arrived in Germany to go off and search for a ship of his own, he asked Aliona to come with him but she refused. Just a year later they arrived in France and both of her parents were killed. Cassandra became first mate as the previous first mate took the role as Captain. She has been first mate ever since, but when she turned twenty was blackmailed into becoming engaged to the captain. After seducing one of the pirates to anger her 'fiancé' she was banned off of the ship the second they reached London, and had to watch as her own ship set sail for Paris. She has since then vowed to get revenge on the captain but has decided to wait in London for the German ships passing through, to try and find her old friend.

Personality: Cassandra changed a lot from the moment she was forced into an engagement. She no longer trusts men, but prefers to be around them because women tend to take an instant disliking to her. She definitely isn't afraid to use seduction to get what she wants, and prefers that method rather than any sort of love. She is rarely wrong, and hates to be corrected. Cassandra is fluent in Italian and knows very little French. She loves to be in control and often gets in trouble for arguing with somebody much bigger than her. She is excellent in combat and would prefer to kill somebody during torture rather than straight off.

Appearance: Wavy blonde hair that is always pulled up under her black pirate hat, a few loose strands hanging free. Light blue eyes although she often has her hat pulled down, covering them. Small but strong features, she has three tiny scars behind her left ear that are always hidden. She has obvious beauty but that is often shaded by her dark personality. She likes to make her lips look very red. She'll wear grey cargo pants tucked into ankle high black boots and a red fitted blouse, a black belt from her right side cutting across to her left hip with her sword hidden, she has red and purple sword knots. But because she is in London, she is thinking about buying a couple of dresses, as she often gets funny looks after describing herself as a sailor.

Facts/Important Info: She finds herself often speaking in Italian, often switching into English half way through a sentence. She only plans to stay in London for a couple of weeks, then sneak onto a ship to go over to Germany. Cassandra loves dancing and barely ever touches alcohol. She doesn't have very good people skills, and comes across rude without meaning to.

8/18/2011 #95
Mana Moitie
Name - Gwenwyn Grigori

Nickname - Gwen

Age - 18

Gender - Male

Height - 5'5"

Occupation - Tailor, Violinist, Sketch Artist

Nationality - Eurasian

Description - Gwen is rather short for his age, but he is not a person who goes easily unnoticed in a crowd. He has long, light brown hair that flows past his waist and deep chocolate brown eyes. He has pale skin and wears bright clothing which he designed himself. [ Gwen's usual choice in clothing consists of a striped shirt with cut sleeves, a patch-work vest, and a matching patch-work pair of trousers. He wears a small hat occasionally in which he hides his small amount of money. [

Bio - Gwen grew up in a poor family and was raised, along with his sister and three brothers, by his mother who was a seamstress. His mother died when he was eight, leaving him, his brothers, and his sister to continue the business. Having traveled to France, Germany, Spain, Russia, and Italy, he is fluent in six languages, including English. Returning to England, his clothing not becoming successful, he makes his money as an artist and a musician on the streets. He doesn't have a permanent residence, and lives in an old abandoned shop on Fleet Street.

Personality - Gwen is often regarded as a silly and over-the-top person that is constantly jumping around and can't sit still. He has a very childish nature, but despite that, he is very timid and doesn't talk much. He prefers to let his music and art speak for him. Gwen does not like conversations, he believes that if people who have different opinions cannot get along, then there is no point in talking. He lets his actions speak for him, often using hand signals. He can be rather clumsy and he tends to trip over things a lot.

Facts/Important Info - Gwen can distinguish thirty spices with his nose and loves to cook. He wanted to be a chef instead of a tailor, artist, and musician, but he didn't think anyone would actually eat his food. Surprisingly, he is a very good cook. Gwen did attend school, and he loves to read, but he found everything else boring, often skipping school to go to the beach or the docks to throw rocks at fishermen. He said that he was a terrible student, but he can read and write very well, he just can't spell. Gwen hates to swim.

8/19/2011 #96

Name: Jacob Smith

Stage Name: Caleb Jacobi

Age: 17

Nationality: British

Occupation: Circus Performer (magic, gymnastics, illusions) He can sing quite well, and plays piano too.

Personality: Jacob has split personalities. Once on stage, Caleb comes out and is extremely flirtatious, charming, arrogant but very entertaining. Caleb includes the audience as much as he can, and isn't afraid to go out amongst them. Whereas Jacob is a perfectionist. He spends most of his time perfecting his act and attempting new tricks, he isn't overly cocky but does have confidence in himself. He doesn't really think to go up to anybody and speak to them, preferring to work on his physique. Caleb often comes out more than Jacob does, but Jacob is able to hide it well, so nobody catches onto his mental problem.

Appearance: Jacob has layered mousey blonde hair that reaches just under his nose and hangs loosely but never hides his face. He has dark green eyes, which he is told is always his most striking feature. He is incredibly handsome, even though he never dresses too well. He has a perfectly toned chest and abdomen, since part of his act needs him to take of his shirt. And his legs, upper thighs, upper arms and torso are well muscled. He usually dresses in plain black trousers, black shoes, dark purple shirt and black vest. He doesn't bother dressing up like most of the men in London, his act and because he travels a lot requires him to only wear loose fitted clothing.

Background: He was born in London, England to a German mother and an English father. His father died when he was five, so his mother took him over to Germany and raised him with an 'uncle'. Caleb showed at an early age, always chasing around the young girls and showing off in front of the others, so Jacob was often shunned by his parents. The second he knew that the travelling circus was going to hit in his town, he packed a bag and ran off. He first performed alone for Alexandreina in her tent, she took him to see Auguste and he was accepted from there.

Facts/Info: He is part of Auguste's travelling circus, and has been for four years now. He joined the circus while it was visiting Germany. He performs tricks with swords, fire and dangerous gymnastics. Jacob always includes one member of the audience in his act, usually a woman, and claims something happened to his assistant earlier that day. He is constantly running from Auguste, and ends up in Irina's tent to get away because Caleb will do something back, and allow Jacob to surface to take the punishment.

8/19/2011 #97
Mana Moitie
First name - Sabrenn Samael

Age - 28

Gender - Female

Appearance - [ Sabrenn has a thin frame, a pale complexion, and bright cherry red hair that falls to her shoulder blades. She has dark brown eyes, wears light make-up on around her eyes and on her lips, and she always draws a little heart below her right eye. Her outfit consists of three parts, a long-sleeved half corset that laces up the back, and a heel-length skirt that falls to her upper-thighs in the front. She wears black fishnet stockings on one leg, and on the other wears red and white striped stockings. Sabrenn also wears a pair of heel-high boots with a one inch heel.

Personality - Sabrenn has manic-depressive disorder which causes her to experience sudden and drastic mood swings which can change from euphoric happiness to a major depressive episode in an instant. When she is in a cheerful mood, she can be a rather pleasant person to be around, usually acting much like a child. She becomes hyper with a small attention span, difficult to communicate with as if she were off in her own world, and her thinking process becomes rather jumbled. When experiencing her mania mood, she also becomes paranoid and experiences extreme anxiety which may lead to her becoming irritable, aggressive, and intolerable. As she becomes more temper mental, Sabrenn may experience head-aches which cause her to become angry or agitated to the point of her becoming depressed. Whilst in her depressed state, she experiences random bouts of sadness, anxiety attacks, homicidal intentions, and guilt which can lead to her experiencing morbid thoughts of suicide. She also tends to scream and cry, much like a child's temper tantrum, but much more violent. When in her normal mood, Sabrenn is much like any other woman, but is prone to hallucinations and sudden mood changes.

Nationality - English

Height - 5'4"

Bio - Sabrenn Samael was born to a good, kind family. She had an older brother, a mother, and a father up until she turned eight. In a terrible accident, she witnessed her brother's drowning and almost drowned as well, barely surviving. She made it home to find that the rest of her family was still in tact, but her father, whom had favored her brother, was terribly depressed. Her mother gave her a pet cat which she never let leave her sight. Sabrenn's life was progressing without her brother until her father died of a stroke in his sleep and her mother was forced to remarry. The man she married was a terrible man who beat both Sabrenn and her mother constantly, eventually leading to her mother commuting suicide. The beatings continued to become worse and worse until Sabrenn had enough, some how finding a knife and stabbing him to death. She took her cat and ran away, living on the streets for quite a while, doing nothing to help her mental stability.

Facts/Important Info - Sabrenn is a poetess and loves to sing songs. Her cat died quite a while ago, but she carries around two white mice that she found, she named them Fishy and Kitty. Since killing her step-father, she hasn't killed anyone else, but she believes that she has a pretty good idea of what goes on in Sweeney Todd's barber shop. Of course, no one will believe her.

8/28/2011 #98
Nellie Potter

NAME: Fredrick Downer


AGE: 38

APPEARANCE: Is about six foot one, light brown hair, piercing green eyes, and dresses rather nicely but no fancy clothing


PERSONALITY: Is smart and cunning. Knows how to charm people and manipulate them

FACTS/IMPORTANT INFO: Is a thief though no one knows it. He was almost caught one time but another man was captured in his place, the police convinced that it was Fredrick despite the pleas of the person who was caught. He pawns most of the items he steals and keeps some for himself.

BACKGROUND: Had a good childhood with loving parents but eventually, he started feeling ignored and began stealing things to gain attention when he was a teen. The habit never stopped.

9/4/2011 #99
Mana Moitie
Name - Tristram Draven

Nickname - Tris

Age - 18

Gender - Male

Occupation - Pirate; former First Mate, now Captain

Appearance - Tris, much like his former Captain, has pale and soft skin despite the hardships of working at sea. He has a slim frame and is fairly strong, but not completely buff. His hair is charcoal black and kept rather messily, but it is by no means not clean. Tris prefers to wear lighter, less extravagant clothes than the ones which Captain Tristess wore. He wears a black mesh, turtle-necked, long-sleeved shirt with a black velvet vest. He wears black velvet trousers and a pair of lace-up boots. Tris wears a tarnished, golden cross around his neck which once belonged to his twin sister and that he never takes off. He has a slight scar on his forehead which, in scratchy lettering, reads "dix", the French word for ten. In order to see the scar, you'd have to be standing fairly close to him. Tris's eyes are a beautiful shade of almost unnaturally light blue.

Personality - Tris may be a pirate, but he is by no means rude, yet he can be assertive when he needs to be. He takes after Captain Tristess in many ways, having known the Captain since Tris was ten, but he is really rather shy and not quite as brave or as daring as Tristess was. He is an excellent navigator and has a remarkable sense of direction and a memory that allows him to recall almost every detail of maps or other objects after only having briefly seen them once. Tris can't read, but he can write rather well. He is also able to speak English, French, and his native language of Japanese.

Nationality - Eurasian

Height - 5'5"

Bio - Tris does not remember anything from his childhood. All he could remember was how he got the scar when he was nine, and the murder of his twin sister. He was to be killed along with her and was branded with the number ten, "dix", on his forehead. They were to kill ten children to prove their cause, whatever it was, but Tris survived and was shipped from France to England where Captain Tristess rescued him before he could be shipped across the ocean to South America as a gift for one of the Brazilian tribes in exchange for medicine and rare animals. Tris joined Tristess's crew and was chosen as his first mate. After Tristess was killed by Sweeney Todd, Tris became Captain.

Facts/Important Info - Tris, despite being a pirate, has never killed or even threatened a person in his life. He tends to avoid conflict if possible. Tris hates animals.

9/6/2011 #100
Mana Moitie
Whoops, this is supposed to go under Appearance, but I can't edit it: [
9/6/2011 #101

Name: Isaac Casan Donnelly (Or, Guy/Daniel/Matthew Vaile)

Age: 25

Nationality: British, Russian roots.

Personality: As a young boy, he was cheerful and loved practising instruments and painting. He tended to get along with girls better than boys, but nobody better than his brother. He was always running around, climbing tress and causing trouble, but no harm. Now; he has turned bitter, extremely so. Combined with his mother's betrayal, the killings and the lack of a steady home, he is incredibly dangerous. What makes it worse is that he appears to be the perfect gentleman and is a great lover of romance, but deep down inside, he's calculating, manipulative, malicious and has an obsessive need for control. He has absolutely no intimacy issues, but tends to get along with female adults than males. He is great with the teenagers and young children in the orphanage, and works closely with his old love without problems.

Background: He grew up in London, England and left shortly after turning sixteen. Both of his parents died when he was six years old, but up until that time he'd had a fairly standard childhood. He and his ten year old brother Archer were taken to a small orphanage, filled with decent adults and kids that didn't have parents either. He grew up from then onwards being taught to steal and lie to get food and money. He fell in love with an English girl, they were together for two amazing years. But she left him for another man when they both turned sixteen. He admitted his loss and kissed her cheek, leaving London to travel around Europe. While he was away he saw many horrid sights and was forced to take part in terrible acts to keep himself alive. His entire world crashed down around him, realising he had no family and began drinking heavily. He eventually got himself away from booze but even now cannot have a drink. He knew he'd have to do something to make his life worth anything, so he quickly turned himself around.

Appearance: 6'4, 124lb, clear green eyes, dark blonde/brown hair reaching the top of his ears, never covering his face or forehead (that he obsessively checks/re-styles six times a day). He's not particularly pale but not tanned either, and wears a chain with Elena's ring around his neck at all times. He wears loose fitting white shirts, a tight vest underneath and a black waist coat buttoned up half way. He sometimes wears plain black ties. Plain black trousers and boots with a slight heel.

Anything Else: Upon returning to London, he returned to the orphanage to see old friends and help with the new children. He loves it there. His Uncle, Thomas Vaile, is one of the most feared pirates around Europe, and although Isaac has never spent a lot of time on board a ship, he'd grown close to a captain over the years of an Italian ship. The captain's name is Lucca. Lucca admitted Thomas and Isaac's mother had an affair all those years ago, and after much searching Isaac found Thomas and was told the pirate was indeed his father. Also, when he was in Russia, he fell in love with a dancer named Elena, but their romance was cut short one month, as he had to leave for another country. Thomas has an estate in Rome, Paris and Wales and has promised to leave Isaac each when he dies… Isaac replied for him to go to hell.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #102

NAME:Violette Chevalier


APPEARANCE: Violette is quite lovely, with black hair that's kept into a bun most of the time with little curls framing her face. She is pale and slender, with bright, unnerving green eyes. Her mother often compared her with her Aunt Lucy. She is a little on the short side and often wears dark blue or green dresses to bring out her eyes. These dresses also tend to be a little provocative because of her career choice.


PERSONALITY:Violette is anything but a lady, but she can act like one if it suits her. She is bitter and sarcastic, and she hates men as a rule. Of course, with her profession she has to act like she likes them. Sometimes there will be a faint light of caring or sweetness, but usually that's if she's drunk or just really tired. She has learned all the manners of a lady but has simply decided not to use them.

FACTS/IMPORTANT INFO:Violette speaks with a slight French accent and is apt to curse you out in French if you make her mad.

BACKGROUND:Violette was the daughter of a French Duke and Duchess, but ran away from home when she was sixteen because she hated it there. The Duchess, in fact, was Lucy's older sister who managed to capture the Duke's attention. She actually did stay with her Aunt Lucy and Uncle Ben (as she called him) when she was about two for a year while her mother and father were terribly sick. They recovered, however, and Violette was forced to move back to France.

She didn't want to marry into another rich family and wanted to make her own living. She stopped in London and found a home on Fleet Street just above a tavern. When she was eighteen, the owner died and since he had no family and he fancied Violette, he let her have the tavern. She now runs it and business is thriving.

9/30/2011 . Edited 10/10/2011 #103

Lila often takes very long breaks from the rp, so just so you aren't waiting weeks, I'll accept you. :)

9/30/2011 #104

Oh thanks! :) So I can start now?

9/30/2011 #105

Sure you can, pick a starting point and I'll bring a character over so you aren't rp'ing alone. :L

9/30/2011 #106

Awesome! :)

9/30/2011 #107

Name: Auguste Chevalier

Age: 26

Appearance: Auguste has a very striking resemblance to he and Violette's father, with broad shoulders and a tall, muscular build. He's a very imposing man and works that to his advantage, especially when dealing with women. He's quite handsome but often frowns, which takes away from that. He has blond hair, but the same green eyes as Violette.

Nationality: French

Personality: Auguste is a very abrasive and argumentative person, much like and unlike his sister. Unlike his sister, he has no use for children and finds them annoying. He also doesn't pity anyone he considers below him. Being the son of a Duke and Duchess gave him that mindset. He believes he is superior to his sister and is disgusted with her.

Facts/Important Info: He speaks with a thicker accent than Violette and has a disgust for Englishmen as a rule.

Background: Auguste is a French diplomat as well as the Commander of the French Navy. He fed his sister some story about Jacques being killed while in the arms of another woman to protect himself. He'd actually shot Jacques when he found out that he and his sister had been together intimately. After returning home, he and his best friend Claude helped convince their families to get Violette and Claude married.

He believes that Violette killed his best friend delibrately in a fit of drunken rage, as he knew Violette's drinking habits well. He made it his mission to find Violette and have her executed for murder.

10/5/2011 #108
Nellie Potter

NAME:Derek Holloway

NICKNAME:Just Derek or sometimes Mr. H if it's professional


APPEARANCE Dark brown short hair with a hint of red to it and blue-green eyes that practically sparkle. Like most Londoners in Sweeney Todd, he has pale skin and is about 5'8" in height. He wears nice suits most of the time, but when not dressed in such a way, he usually just puts on black trousers and a white button up shirt.

NATIONALITY:British with a hint of Irish.

PERSONALITY:Is a really nice guy who is almost always cheerful and hardly ever gets angry. He's just a bloke who likes to laugh and be friends with people.

FACTS/IMPORTANT INFO:He was going to adopt Victoria but his wife changed her mind about wanting a child so the adoption didn't go through. His wife is now deceased after being sick for a few months. Ever since then, he has been thinking over adopting again and went back to the orphanage to adopt Victoria once more, but was thoroughly disappointed to find that she was no longer there. He remarried a few years later, a woman named Lynette, who seems kind at first, but hates children. She never let Derek know this and was unaware of his plans to adopt a child.

Picture of what Derek looks like: (he's the first male picture shown)

BACKGROUND:A upper class bloke who is now a widower. He had always wanted a child but he and his wife found out she was unable to have children so they went to the orphanage and almost adopted Victoria Lovett when she was seven. His wife changed her mind at last minute and died not long after. He grew up in a loving home and believed that whomever they adopted should grow up in the type of home he did; with love and laughter and hardly an anger. This of course never happened. He, however, signed the adoption papers. The only signature needed was his wife's, so in all technicalities, Derek is Victoria's adoptive father.

10/6/2011 . Edited 3/10/2012 #109
Nicholle Phantomhive

May I join

name: Alari Rivers


persinalaty: kind, careing, gentle, warm hearted

aprenece: Long dark brown hair, ice-blue eyes, wears red,black and blue dresses.


history: Alari's family was murdered by Hawk in cold blood. Her sister Clear was one of the only survivors.

Bio: Alari is curently living with her sister in londen and Alari visits Nellie

Name:Clear Rivers


persanalty: Just like Alari

Aperence: Long blonde hair, brown eyes, wears red, blue and black dresses

10/13/2011 #110
Nellie Potter

I don't believe I've been on this long enough to really have authority to say yes or no to being able to join, but I will point out a few things. Alari can no longer visit Nellie at the pie shop because she, Sweeney, Toby, Victoria (Mrs Lovett's daughter and my OC) and Kristian (Victoria's boyfriend) have all moved to seaside.

10/13/2011 #111
Nicholle Phantomhive

DERN IT! oh and Nellie potter if you're still on will you post a reply on my Sweeney Todd forum

10/13/2011 #112
Nicholle Phantomhive

Ok I have a new oc if I can join

Name: Alexis Dean

Nickname(s): Lexie and Alex


Apperence: thick pitch black hair and ice-blue eyes. Is slender. Wears long skirts and dresses

Nationality: British

Personality: kind,pure heart and mind, a bit to edgy, keen, intentive, affectionate

Facts/Important Info: When Alexis was young a pack of savage wolves attacked when her mum dad and sister were walking in the woods. Alexis was the only survivor. People can sometimes catch her saying "pack pack kill kill" because that's what Alexis thought the wolves would say if they could talk. Alexis was tramutized when the attack happened. She ran back to London to a friend of her mum who's name was Robin. Robin took care of Alexis like she was her own.

BackGround: Alexis hates violence. When there is going to be a fight that she can control she helps. Alexis helps stop fights that she can not with violence but with voice and reason instead. Alexis belives good and evil are not as different as they seem to be. She has a saying it goes like this "good or bad you're still a person". Alexis is one of the most pure hearted person one could ever meet. She's always glad to give a helping hand especially to those who need it.

Flaws: can have a short temper, can bee stubborn, easily manipulated, easy to scare and will do anything anyone says if they are forceful.

(sry i was listening to a vid so I acidently typed they earlier one so I edited it)

10/28/2011 . Edited 11/7/2011 #113
Nellie Potter

Okay, I'm going to discuss this with Napo because I think this should be a group decision. I also noticed that there were numerous spelling mistakes and though I'm not picky, we do try to keep good spelling and grammer. I know there's no spell check on forums, but if you don't know how to spell a word, look it up. Like how "afectionent" should be "affectionate" and "controll" should be "control".

10/28/2011 #114

"Mom" should be "Mum" since we are in England in this rp- along with all of the other mistakes that have already been pointed out to you. If these mistakes can be quickly sorted out, then Nell and I will discuss further about making the decision to allow you to join the rp.

That is all, kiddies. :)

10/28/2011 #115

Name: Grayson Edowes

Age: 15

Nationality: British

Nickname: Gray

Appearance: 6"3, 223lbs. Very dark blond hair reaching the middle of his neck, naturally slightly curly. Dark green eyes and a smile that is usually said to be his best feature. He is fairly muscular but isn't built burly despite that. His dress sense usually changes depending on his mood; dark trousers and clean shoes, flannel shirts tucked into his trousers with a belt around his middle. As he doesn't particularly like wearing ties or waistcoats for anything but parties, he chooses to pull on a long trench coat that cuts off when it reaches the knee high black boots he always wears as a rule.

Personality: He suffers from what we now know as Multiple Personality Disorder, most likely schizophrenia, making him quite an odd character a lot of the time. Gray goes from laughing and joking with a grin on his face to making snide or flirtatious comments, then losing his cool completely. Very little things put him into an awful mood but also little phrases make him smile, even if they weren't supposed to. He had no concept of right and wrong and knows he isn't like most young men. Gray is admittedly lonely even though he speaks to new people everyday. He is very stubborn no matter what mood he is in and is loyal to his family, not ever afraid to stand up to anybody older than him. Gray will often act as though he is older, but every so often it is clear he is actually still quite childish, having never properly managed to grow up.

Background: Gray lived with his family until he turned six years old, then he was handed over to a deaf writer and his wife because it was discovered he was mentally unstable. His 'adoptive' mother died two years later, but he had already begun to learn how to play violin, write and read. By the age of ten, he showed incredible talent as a violinist and learned to speak to his 'adoptive' father through writing and drawing. Every six months his actual family would visit and Gray continued to be very close to his older cousin Kristian and his older sister Bella. He writes to Bella all of the time and finds out what is happening in London.

Facts/Important Info: Gray spends a lot of his time in the study of his home, either playing the violin or writing stories. His 'father' owns a bookshop in which he often works, through choice more than much else. He sings excellently but never in English, choosing to pick Italian songs and sing in that language, even though he isn't fluent in Italian. His sister's wishes come first above everyone else's and he finds himself jealous often, resorting to violence.

10/30/2011 #116

Name: Theresa "Tessa" Bamford

Age: 15

Nationality: English

Appearance: Unlike her father, Tessa is very beautiful. Long, auburn hair and full lips with a delightfully curvy body. She's of normal height and has sea-glass colored eyes that seem to pierce right into your soul. She's around 5'5" and 120 pounds, 130.

Personality: Tessa is a very shy, very sweet girl on the outside. Thats what she comes off as anyway. In reality she's actually quite cruel to those she doesn't care about, and refuses to speak to anyone unless she knows them. Her refuge is her poetry, which often takes on a slightly morbid tone, and her books. She also likes playing with fire, thinking that it's pretty and that it matches her hair. She's very much a pyromaniac in this sense, and her temper is somewhat sharp. Don't make her mad, unless you like the idea of being burned alive.

History: The only daughter of Beadle Bamford, she ran away at the age of ten, never to return. She found a home by the seaside and stayed with the family there until she was fourteen and they mysteriously died of a house fire. She doesn't seem to notice what she calls her "accidents," her mind completely unaware of them. For instance, she once burned up the business of a man who made a move on her, but recalls absolutely nothing of that night. Other than her little episodes, which are quite rare, she's a perfectly normal girl.

Total, she's murdered three sets of her "parent"s- but she doesn't remember it. Every time her parents die, she merely tells everyone they moved away without telling her. She actually believes this as well. She also lies about her past, telling everyone her parents died. This, she knows isn't true. She has horrible memories from her time with her mother, who was a whore, and her father. Her father took her in at the age of six- and did horrible things to her until she was ten and ran away.

10/30/2011 . Edited 11/1/2011 #117

(Okay, this is my last character for now. I've just been making them up. But this is the last one! Promise. :)

Name: Adele "Addie" Simms

Age: 18

Nationality: English

Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair and smoky blue eyes. Normally wears pretty simple dresses in colors like blue and grey, due to the profession she's taken up- though it can't be her true profession since it's not fitting to a lady. About 5'3".

Personality: Addie is very assertive and speaks her mind where it's often not needed, especially in the company of men. She'd be today what we call a feminist of sorts, believing that women can be independent, even though she lives with her father. She can be very sweet and kind, and that is her bedside manner, as she works as a nurse for her father, who is a doctor.

History: The daughter of Dr. Elias Simms and Mrs. Beatrix Simms, she is a very bright, very outspoken girl who learned all she needed to know about being a doctor through her father, who often takes him on call with her. She works as a sort of nurse for him, often taking on his job when he's too ill to make it. Her mother died when she was six, and with no motherly figure around she turned into a bit of a tomboy and a bookworm at the same time. She'll gladly take anyone who wants her in a fight and often dresses as a man so that she can get into fights without getting caught. This earns her a pretty steady cashflow, which she's saving up to buy her own little apartment someday.

Being a doctor's daughter helps when it comes to patching up the injuries she gets when she occasionally loses a fight and she once went missing for a space of ten days, having been knocked unconscious and helped by a couple of girls who watch the fight and are in on her little secret. She frequents most bars, normally in women's attire, but also in men's attire as well to conduct arm wrestling matches for extra money as well. She plays poker well and is also a pretty decent shot, but she also knows how to be a lady and can be one when the notion suits her.

I'll add more as I think of it. :)

11/1/2011 . Edited 11/21/2011 #118
Mana Moitie

Name - Azraella Esmereé (As-ray-ella Ez-mer-rae)Nickname(s) - Ella, ElleAge - 23Appearance - Azraella is a very frail and pale young woman who rarely leaves her dark house in London, having others fetch food and other such things for her. She has rather long black hair that she keeps up off her neck but down by her face. She has unnaturally light blue eyes that developed from the lack of light, she is also very sensitive to light and will often wear sunglasses while inside if too much light is coming into her house. She will also carry around a little parasol which she will also loose to block out the light. She always wears a pair of light blue, coffin-shaped earrings that have a cross on them that her mother had given to her. She pierced her ears herself. Azraella loves to wear blue, loose-fitting dresses with lace on them.[ Nationality - FrenchPersonality - Azraella is always fairly quiet, preferring to not talk to people because she really dislikes being around alot of people. When she does speak, she is very polite and well-mannered. She does not have a temper at all, never really seeing the need to argue or yell at anyone. She believes that people who have different opinions can not get along without yelling, so she will not talk to those who she believes have a different opinion than her.Facts/Important Info - Azraella has known Tristess for several years and finds him to be rather amusing. She is a writer and writes books, poems, and songs.Background - Very little is known about Azraella's background. All that is known about her is that she was once a pirate who sailed with Tristess before she was stabbed. She settled down in London, deciding that a pirates life was no longer a life for her when she turned twenty. Azraella keeps in contact with Tristess, helping him hide from authorities when he was in London. She currently writes books, poems, and songs, several of which have been published.

11/20/2011 #119

Name: William Shakespeare

Nickname: Will

Age: 20

Nationality: British

Personality: Brought up reading the creations of the great William Shakespeare, Will genuinely believes he was born at least two hundred years too late. His biggest passion is writing, his second all things romantic. Will is often very quiet during his writing but will mumble to himself, although whilst directing he shows dominance and is able to achieve the attention he seeks without trying. He loves parties, despite never seeming to be able to get drunk, and admittedly has incredibly high standards when it comes to women. Even though he is not smug nor arrogant, he cannot tolerate women who cannot see the beauty behind the arts. Most of his friends are from the theatre and his advisor, Matthew, is his most trusted companion, acting as a sort of uncle to him.

Personality: Will stands at a height of 6'5" and is fairly slim but well muscled. He has messy light brown hair which is often mistaken to be blonde and deep blue eyes, choosing to wear either white linen shirts while he is working without four of the appropriate buttons leading down from his collar to allow him enough room to breath. While in public he does not wear ties, but wears shirts designed to be buttoned straight up to the neck and fit with a waist coat. Will always wears slim black trousers with knee high black boots. He began to ignore the stubble growing over his jaw and slightly around his lips when he began working on Romeo and Juliet, although it looks fashionable now, by the time he finished the production it will most likely have grown to be a beard, which he plans to immediately shave off. Whichever way anyone chooses to look upon him, it is clear that he is attractive, but his somewhat obsessive nature when it comes to his work puts people off.

Background: Descended from the William Shakespeare, William grew up in Stratford-Upon-Avon until the age of eleven. His mother died in childbirth and his father raised him, dying shortly after his tenth birthday. Due to his unquestionable talent and impressive heritage, William was a rather wanted orphan. He chose to go to London and live with an old couple who treated him as their own, wishing for a somewhat normal upbringing. Will had always known about the plays and poems written by his famous ancestor and definitely had developed the same talent. With a new production of Othello gracing London, thirteen year old William was asked to stage the performance using his knowledge of how it ought to be presented. Othello proved to be a great hit and William began his career as a playwright, along with continuing to direct some of William Shakespeare's famous plays. Recently, Romeo and Juliet is the decided upon play which will make debuts all over England, Will is currently travelling all over to find the perfect cast members and the perfect production of the tragic love story, while looking for inspiration for his own creation.

Other Info: William craves attention when he is not busy working and adores praise from those who have seen the theatre productions he has brought to life, although he understands there are some people who are unable to go to the theatre at all. William plays piano and the harp, finding it most relaxing to write his poems. He has heard about the goings on in Fleet Street and took a 'healthy' interest in the case, he has boasted that he will make the story a production everybody wants to see and whilst busy with Romeo and Juliet, that is just what Will is looking to do. Currently, he and his team of six producers are looking for the right person to play; Juliet Capulet, Count Paris, Tybalt, Rosalind and Mercutio, 'by the sea', and plan to return to Stratford-Upon-Avon after completing their tour of England; hopefully with all cast members. Despite his great knowledge of love and promiscuousness William has never before been in love, although he came quite close to beginning an affair with the young actress playing Beatrice whilst he was staging the play Much Ado About Nothing.

Whilst he looks for his cast members for Romeo and Juliet, William has made it clear to those who believe in his work that he will return to Stratford with a girl to play Nellie Lovett and a young man to play Benjamin/Sweeney Todd; although his version of events so far differs greatly from what really happened.

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