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(okay here's the RP, have fun!)

2/25/2010 #1

*{First of all I would like to welcome all new players and thank you for joining possibly the best Moonlight RP around (maybe) ^.^ Enjoy yourselves!}*

(alright I'm starting out with Mick as a shared charrie)

Mick pulled up to Beth's apartment building in his dark Mercedes. After parking the car and getting out he headed to the elevator and pressed the buttons while he took of his sunglasses. He hadn't had anything to work on and he couldn't sleep. Since it was late in the day he assumed that Beth would be at home. Reaching her floor he went up to her apartment and knocked.

9/10/2010 #2
Agent Aleu
(I'm Beth, right? Does this take place after the last show?) Beth heard a knock. She was wearing jeans and a white shirt. She walked up to the door and peeked in the peek hole. She saw it was Mick. Without a word she open the door and looked at him. She thought was late in the day, why wouldn't he be asleep? A slight smile tugged on the edges of her lips.
9/10/2010 #3

(yeah, and after the last show)

"Hey, I couldn't sleep... I thought you would probably be off work by now so I came by to see if you wanted to do anything." He said, once she answered the door.

9/10/2010 #4
Agent Aleu
(Okay:) "No cases just paper work which I can do later.. What do you want to do?" She said stepping back letting him in. She was still shock from what happen after admitting their true feelings.
9/10/2010 #5

He stepped into her apartment.

"Well I thought first, maybe, we could go out some where. You know a movie, or I could watch you eat..." He said, then made a funny sort of face. "That didn't really sound right."

9/10/2010 #6
Agent Aleu
"Your going to tired of watching me eat..." She looked at him and then said. "A movie would be fine.." She smiled. "You should your not to tired?"
9/10/2010 #7

Mick let out a sigh. "I'm just not tired." Then a smile spread across his lips. "A movie it is."

9/10/2010 #8
Agent Aleu
She smiled. "Yeah but you want a drink before we go?" She didn't have any blod in the freezer for him but other ways she could give him blood.
9/10/2010 #9

Though it was tempting, he thought about his ethics. "Uh.."

9/10/2010 #10
Agent Aleu
He saved her so many time, the least she could do was often a drink. She raised her wraist to him. "It's okay..."
9/10/2010 #11

He walked closer, but was still hesitant.

"Beth, I really don't think..."

9/10/2010 #12
Agent Aleu
Beth lowered her wrist. She it her lip then said. "Okay... Just I wanted to give you someting you would like to have.. Since you do everything for me."
9/10/2010 #13

Mick sighed. "It's just, when I start, it's really hard to stop. Trust me it's not that I don't want to..."

9/12/2010 #14
Agent Aleu

She put her wrist down then said. "Okay... just tell me if you ever want a drink. Let's go to the movies.." She smiles changing the topic so she won't be nagging. She felt like saying turn me but they both know she wasn't ready for that.

9/15/2010 #15

Mick smiled again, "great."

9/15/2010 #16
Agent Aleu

Beth grinned toothy and grabbed her jacket.

9/15/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #17

Mick opened the door wide and gestured out. "Ladies first."

9/20/2010 #18
Agent Aleu

She smiled at him and walked out putting on her jacket.

9/22/2010 #19

Mick followed Beth and pressed the elevator button."Do you have any movies in mind?"

9/29/2010 #20
Agent Aleu
She looked up at him, "Hmm.. A chick flick?" She smirked.
9/29/2010 #21

Mick sighed and gave her pleading eyes.

9/29/2010 #22
Agent Aleu

She smiled, "okay.. what about action or scary movie?"

9/29/2010 #23

Mick's smile spread to match hers. "Scary movie sound like fun."

11/27/2010 #24
Agent Aleu

"Oh okay a scary movie it is,'' she gave a toothy grin.

11/28/2010 #25

"Great,' he said as he pressed the elevator button.

11/30/2010 #26
Agent Aleu

It ding and she walked into the elevator to go to the movies. "Mick?"

11/30/2010 #27

He looked to Beth. "Yeah?"

12/2/2010 #28
Tora Brambles

Kayo ran her fingers through her long hair and let out an exasperated sigh; "What do you mean I can't buy anything here?"

The other witch let out a nervous little titter at the flash of purple in the other witch's eyes, much like vampires; when witches are in dangerous moods their eyes turn purple; "Well... its just... you're not affiliated with any coven."


"Well..." The other witch lowered her eyes; "Since you're not affiliated... you can't prove your linage..."

Kayo shouted something in Latin and the shelves all along the right side of the shop burst; scattering splinters of wood, glass and droplets of potion everywhere; "Does that prove something?" Kayo's voice strangely calm with rage simmering just below the surface.

The other witch let out a terrified shriek, thrust the mirror and small bag of ingredients that Kayo had been trying to purchase into her hands; "Get out! Just get out! PLEASE!!"

Kayo backed out of the store, feeling guilty, she normally didn't go into a fit like that. Once she was outside she looked at the witch, who was starring horror struck at the mess Kayo had left. She let out another sigh and whispered another spell: the shelves repaired themselves. But, when the witch inside the store turned to look at who had cast the magic: Kayo was gone. When Kayo got back to her car she fell into it; her chest tight, breathing shallow. Another bad thing about rage spells; they affected her the worst. With fumbling hands she took an dose form her inhaler and leaned back in the driver's seat; "God I need a drink..."

12/6/2010 #29
Agent Aleu

The elevator dinged and the doors opened, ''you sure you don't want to see a chick flick?" She teased.

12/6/2010 #30
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