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Nancy Downs has a cynic view of the world because of her bad home life. She is stereotyped as "white trash" as a result of her living in a trailer with her mom and stepfather. Her mother, Grace, is an alcoholic. Her stepfather, Ray, is abusive towards Nancy and her mother. Nancy's real father is never seen, but it is assumed that he either divorced Nancy's mother, or that Grace gave birth to Nancy out of wedlock, and that her father soon left Nancy and Grace after that. Plus, she is also labelled as "the girl Chris Hooker laid and dumped", so I can imagine how humiliated she must've felt deep down inside because of that as well.

What do you think of Nancy Downs?

2/26/2010 . Edited 12/29/2011 #1

I agree on the cynic view on life because of her home life but I also think because of her being the one who lived in a trailer and not having her dad and stuff she was WAY to power hungry and jealous of people.

I mean just look at the scene after Bonnie comes back and looks fantasic she was so jealous of her best and only friends but manly Sarah because she has the power, the family and the boys after her even if she pretended to be her friend she more jealous then anything.

3/20/2010 #2

I agree. Nancy was way too power-hungry.

12/9/2010 #3
Weeping Angel Of Fear

She creeped me out.

12/26/2010 #4

I agree. She creeped me out a little as well.

1/30/2011 . Edited 12/27/2011 #5
Laurie Jupiter

To be honest, I felt kind of sorry for Nancy for what she went through. Her home life was crap, she had a sleazy step dad and a mother who couldn't care less. Plus, there was that whole thing with Chris Hooker, she must have felt humiliated for what he did to her.

She was obviously unstable, and I think the witchcraft and her leading the three girls was her way of gaining control in her chaotic life. I could see the way she reacted whenever the others would fawn over Sarah or whenever Sarah's spells worked. I also agree that she was jealous of her as well (i.e. gaining Chris' attention, being natural at magic), maybe she thought Sarah was trying to take over the group.

I thought Nancy was a sympathetic character in the beginning, but she began to lose it when she immersed herself into the witchcraft thing. That's when she turned scary. I honestly cannot fathom how the other two girls could stand her, she was off her rocker.

7/13/2011 #6

I cannot agree more with you there, my friend. :)

6/26/2012 #7
Doc Ostrow

Laurie Jupiter:

I posted a story called "The Craft 2: Nancy's Journey" on FanFiction. Nancy Down's age is reversed and she re-lives her life, free of scars, both mental an physical.

5/10/2013 #8

I agree.

12/29/2016 #9
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