Granny Riddleton's Puzzle Shack
Hello, my fellow PL fans! Welcome to the place where all you avid puzzlers may exchange many puzzles. Please note that you can gain PICARATS and we now have a TEA SET! Yay!
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Yayfully Free

Hello. I'm Binary/Enzo/Spam King (Binary)/The Yay Co. Shareholder/Enzo, Master of the Programs/any other very long name you can think of. ACK. Shadow and Kelly mean well, but when it come to titles...

Wait, stay on topic. OK. This is a Professor Layton Forum, dedicated to sharing puzzles.


Darkstar Runner - 112!!

Paige Fox - 99

Binary - 66

Pocru - 30

Selena Skye - 15

Evilsingingllama - 0

Kisatchan - 0

Rythymi - 0


1. If you have a puzzle that you want to post, think how much it's worth. Puzzles worth 30 picarats and under must go in the Easy Puzzling topic - if you want to make harder puzzles, you must make a topic for your own puzzles e.g. Railen's Riddles. This is to make sorting through picarats easier.

2. Be repectful of your fellow puzzlers. Just 'cause they solved your 50 million picarat puzzle does NOT mean you can call them a hag. Or anything else, for that matter. Try to keep the forum PG.

3. When in personal puzzle topics, only he/she who made the topic may post puzzles.

4. The General Talk is for random spamming. IT IS NOT FOR PUZZLES.

5. Double posting in the General Talk permitted. More than 2 posts in a row, or double poting in a puzzle topic, is NOT.

Jut follow those rules, and you'll be alright. Please DO introduce yourself! - Enzo

2/27/2010 . Edited 5/7/2010 #1


Introducing time - I'm ME (but Llama is good is well. And Llama-Chan. And Cocopops.).

Rules - Okay! I won't break them :D I'm a good girl.

2/27/2010 . Edited by Yayfully Free, 2/28/2010 #2

Looks like a heaping helping of fun! Sign me up!

As long as we are introducing ourselves, I am Pocru!

Ill probably contribute more puzzles once Im done with my current story, so I dont get puzzle overloaded. @_@

These rules get my approval! Ill be a good boy or girl!


2/28/2010 . Edited 2/28/2010 #3
Darkstar Runner

Well, this place seems like it will be quite fun. And all of my friends are showing up as well. I'm Darkstar. You can all call me Cherry if you want. I love puzzles and riddles obviously. This seems like a fun place, so yay.

2/28/2010 #4
Yayfully Free

Hi, people. I see you got my invitation.

I just added a puzzle to Easy Puzzling. Check it out - it's the first chance to get PICARATS!!!!!!! - Enzo

2/28/2010 #5
Yayfully Free

Why, it appears someone has picarats!

3/1/2010 #6

Greetings, feel free to call me Paige or Paige Fox if you feel like typing all of that (or whatever fits, I really don't mind)!

The rules in general were pretty self-explanatory, though I have two questions:

How do we give answers? Do we use private messaging to avoid spoiling the puzzle for others or do we just post a reply? If it's the former: double posting in the puzzle topic is ok if the "double poster" is posting a new puzzle on their thread?

3/1/2010 #7
per mare ad astra
Hi everyone! I'm Selena Skye but you can call m Selena or Sisi if you want. I love puzzles and riddles.I am SO going to win MILLIONS of picarats... By the way,this forum reminds me of a puzzle...XD
3/2/2010 #8
Yayfully Free

You reply by posting. If you reply by PM, only the person who gets it right learns, see?

3/2/2010 #9

Brilliant! Thanks for the information! Welcome to the puzzle shack, Selena!

3/2/2010 #10

-damn, these time zones are making me lose picarats!!-

I have a question...

I'm just wondering if there's an order for posting puzzles but I guess if there was you would of said it in the rules and now I've just answered my own question.

3/3/2010 #11
per mare ad astra
okay...uh...can anyone tell me what time zone this is? I live in England and it's 15:04 right now.So...if you know please answer,kay?
3/4/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #12

Come suffer with me XD

I think this is an American website, so just add about 5-8 hours and you'll have the proper time.

3/4/2010 #13
Yayfully Free

I'm English as well. To me, I made this post at 18:00. (6 p.m.)

The site says I posted it at 10:00 a.m.

3/4/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #14

If my memory serves correctly, the time zone of this website is the same one that's on the western part of the US mainland (but don't rely too much on it, I must have read that like...what, 4 years ago?)

The smarter way around figuring out the time zone is using one of those maps that have the time zones written on it...

It'll be a snap because if you live in the UK, your time zone is the same as Greenwich, which is used for reference for these time zone business.

10-18=-8, Therefore the time zone of this website is -8 GMT.

It turns out my memory WAS right, go figure.

3/4/2010 #15

(( Hey, just poppin in, but the site's time zone is based on California's. Just letting you people know~)

3/4/2010 #16
Yayfully Free

You're now on the picarat count list, Kisatchan.

3/4/2010 #17


B-but! ;__;

Sighhh, okay. I'm Kisa, nice to meet you. I fail at puzzles. Teehee.

3/5/2010 . Edited 3/5/2010 #18
Yayfully Free

Paige is SOARING up there with picarat count! She has 99. Well done. But be annoyed at Llama-Chan - her 29 picarats instead of 30 is the reason you don't have 100 picarats.

3/5/2010 #19

Welcome Kisa, everyone ends up here. Whether they want it...or not.

Actually, I don't mind all that much the 29 Picarats, seeing that I kinda got that answer with a bit of...luck, to say the least.

3/16/2010 #20

Oh oh oh! I wanna join too 8D

Im rythymAngel (just call me rythymi)

Imma good girl :D lemme in...

4/12/2010 #21
Darkstar Runner

Careful with how you word that last sentence. To Enzo, that's just another welcome of-

Ah, anyways, yeah, you're welcome to join us Rythymi! hopefully you'll have a fine time here.

4/12/2010 #22

Ah, so very nice! Another puzzle solver for our happy little community! Welcome Rythymi!

If this weren't a text-based forum (beats how a non-text-based one would be though) I would ask you how to pronounce that, thank goodness for text!

4/12/2010 #23

So, yes, hello. I'm relatively new to the world of fanfiction. But I'm a big writer and storyweaver in my own space. The first fanfiction I published was my Layton one and I stumbled across this little page for this very reason - I'm including puzzles in my story, and the one's I included probably have holes to boot and are easy as all get out. Therefore, I am in need of puzzling puzzlers to help puzzle other puzzlers.

10/9/2010 #24
Yayfully Free


Personally, I'd suggest you go to the new forum. It has less members at the moment, but more features.

You can find it at puzzleshack. darkbb. com (remove the spaces)

I'm sure we can help you find puzzling puzzles to puzzle puzzlers, fellow puzzling puzzler.

12/15/2010 #25
Chibiterasu is bored
Hiii! This looks totally awesome so I had to join in! I'm Chibi Allen. I LOVE Dimitri Allen and solving puzzles! So ya! This looked so cool :D Chibi Axx
11/29/2011 #26

This forum sounds awesome! Mind if I join? I love puzzles!

8/21/2012 #27
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